$10 Date VS $10,000 Date... **romantic**
FaZe Rug
If you want to take your date out and only spend $10, I show you a cool & easy romantic way to do it! Also, we went on our very own $10,000 date and it was CRAZY!!

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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • arshiyas intersting world
    arshiyas intersting world


  • Goat-lil-Mike 2
    Goat-lil-Mike 2

    Wait I have a gf but I Kid big fan I am a TR-my to I will be like you

  • LifeIsShørt

    What’s the Asian girls Instagram @? The one that “Anthony had a crush on”

  • AestheticallyAM

    You can tell she is in love with him by the way she looks at him 🥺 she da best

  • Itz jordan Leaf
    Itz jordan Leaf


  • Itz jordan Leaf
    Itz jordan Leaf


  • Luis V
    Luis V

    Shes so nice and she loves him molly was a way different story

  • Jasmine Emanuel
    Jasmine Emanuel

    $10,000 Dollar date is how much my location was

  • Aliyah Bernal
    Aliyah Bernal

    Ok but y'all are cute😣💘

  • Grayson lynch
    Grayson lynch

    i have gas golf cart

  • Kaydee Harper
    Kaydee Harper

    19:09 the way she looked at brian aweeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    sf sf fonite boii

    Yes sir

  • Derek Ramirez
    Derek Ramirez

    How come your super RICH

  • Noah Zarb
    Noah Zarb

    At 3:58 u hear mama rug screaming

  • Dj Gaming
    Dj Gaming

    How to do you get back with your ex girlfriend

  • Rosa Vera
    Rosa Vera

    Awwwwww so cute Brian

  • Willis Vlogs
    Willis Vlogs

    The song at 11:56 is called “Caymen”

  • Willis Vlogs
    Willis Vlogs

    What’s the song playing at 11:56

    • LifeIsShørt


  • Oscar Ortiz
    Oscar Ortiz

    I have a girl and spend 200 bucks on her

  • Stephanie Reyes-Guerrero
    Stephanie Reyes-Guerrero

    This video is so funny I laughed to many times

  • Alpha Khizar17
    Alpha Khizar17

    Mrbeast that’s worth a penny

  • Kyllie Alcantara
    Kyllie Alcantara

    The part that rug take off his suit was so funny🤣🤣

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    Danielle Playz Roblox

    I have a boy lol

  • Electric Matomt
    Electric Matomt

    Cameraman be like I need to get a girlfriend

  • StrainDairex- pubg mobile
    StrainDairex- pubg mobile

    What's the song use in 11:55 pls tell I want to know

  • Melissa Torres
    Melissa Torres

    Anthony I been eating it 😁

  • Sherine Saboo
    Sherine Saboo

    She's uglyest

    • StrainDairex- pubg mobile
      StrainDairex- pubg mobile

      Ur the ugliest dawg

  • Ralph Dietch
    Ralph Dietch

    3 2 he eats the desert where is 1

  • juan hernandez
    juan hernandez


  • a777ubii 109000
    a777ubii 109000

    At 13:31 I’m crying of laughter 😂

  • Lesile Ledezma
    Lesile Ledezma

    It's faze rug my favorite TR-myr she really apriciatated the 10 date

  • Sabina Fernandez
    Sabina Fernandez

    The limo looks like the video that piper rockelle made the 24-hours in a limo

  • BabyKakesLea

    Faze rug: Litty like a candle😭

  • Gis Gomez
    Gis Gomez

    FaZe rug plays never break up with Caitlin and Caleb. Never with break up with FaZe rug

  • Elie Azar
    Elie Azar

    The slacks with no long socks is triggering

  • Michael OMalley
    Michael OMalley

    Yo I love Noah 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dexter Burley
    Dexter Burley

    ( Six feet away ) NEW carona virus safe restaurant *stay in don’t take-out* get ur reservations NOW!!! at 678-521-50**

  • Kaushal Shah
    Kaushal Shah

    What about in copying my gf for a day where rug says he doesn’t drink 🍸 when he had champagne 🍾here

  • Sub To Tiko
    Sub To Tiko

    Who remembers when Kaylen did not really like him

  • JuSt_Nise

    yes 100%

  • viraj wable
    viraj wable

    I need a girlfreind so I was looking this vid

  • Giselle Rodriguez
    Giselle Rodriguez

    The $10 date could of been a$8 date

  • Nicholas Lee
    Nicholas Lee

    you should to this challage last to live the bubble wins

  • Isho Mikhaeil
    Isho Mikhaeil

    Yo this is how many bananas faze rug has 👇🏻

  • Isho Mikhaeil
    Isho Mikhaeil

    I have a bunchhhhhhh of money!

  • Isho Mikhaeil
    Isho Mikhaeil


  • Why_You_Salty_07

    What if my girl is 11 and I'm 12 LOL help me Faze rug

  • Ethan Gavriel
    Ethan Gavriel


  • Ethan Gavriel
    Ethan Gavriel

    (Read the fact if you want to know a fact) The music that brian said to quiet down in 1:12, my father danced that music its an umd music umd stands for universal motion dancers and my dads in umd.

  • fdsfsd dsfdsfsd
    fdsfsd dsfdsfsd

    Kaelyn grateful she actually has loyalty

  • Elijah King
    Elijah King

    When your mom gives you vegetables for your birthday 18:23

  • aleah Ramoutar
    aleah Ramoutar


  • Noel Herrera
    Noel Herrera


  • Jr gaming channel
    Jr gaming channel

    This is why Anthony don’t have a girlfriend

  • Lili 710
    Lili 710

    She has my wholeass outfit on wowww 😙

  • Anjel Torres
    Anjel Torres

    LOL 13:31 I SEE U NOAH

  • Reishawn Samuel
    Reishawn Samuel

    The old lady in the back, is this how kids nowadays act # wierd

  • Brady Wellington
    Brady Wellington

    Have you ever wanted to ask a girl out but your to scared

  • Trenton Williams
    Trenton Williams

    Imagine how awkward it was for noah😂😂😂

  • King h1sky2
    King h1sky2

    She is only with you because of your money

  • Braelynn Ferrante
    Braelynn Ferrante

    Hey you guy's couple name is braelynn and my name is braelynn


    Katelyn is actually the sweetest 😭🥺 i swear they better get married or im sueing.

  • AlbinoGœt _
    AlbinoGœt _

    I read the description and I literally thought that he was the staff from 5-Minute crafts

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    Hera Naz

    On women's day which is March 8 its my birthday

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    Tania Sanyal


  • Wyatt Catlin
    Wyatt Catlin

    10 doler dad or 10 doler condom

  • Jinaan Deeb
    Jinaan Deeb

    It’s so romantic how Brian slept on his date 😂😂😂

  • Fuck Love
    Fuck Love

    She loves him so much 😂

  • spccke

    I did the cheap and she left me and fucked a man in front of me

  • Henry Rojas
    Henry Rojas

    Bro you should really redo this date just you two