$5 Fried Chicken Sandwich Vs. $20 Fried Chicken Sandwich
“That’s a face wiper for sure.”
The Window at American Beauty
Son of a Gun
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  • nagasakiis

    y’all should do worth it boba

  • Josh K
    Josh K

    ' drastically different price points ' yeah not too sure this applies for this one......

  • rishabh bhardwaj
    rishabh bhardwaj

    0:22 I thought he said "look at that,fresh assholes"

  • Saif Hack
    Saif Hack

    lol 20 dollars in denmark is a normal kfc menu ahhahha

  • louisil13

    we'll be back????????????

  • The_OG_Hated Kangaroo
    The_OG_Hated Kangaroo

    Patiently waiting for the next season to arrive 😬 this show gives me the munchies so bad, but for good foods not the generic Macca's or HJ's (Australian BurgerKing). Can you please hurry also, & thankyou 😎🤣

  • Gabe2

    Not the video we needed or wanted but for some reason we clicked on it

  • Axel Baker
    Axel Baker

    How do i subscribe to worth it but not buzzfeed

    • ben63vw

      Not sure you can, but you can add the Worth It play list to your library. Just search 'worth it', click VIEW FULL PLAYLIST and then click the 3 lines with + that's to the left if the shuffle icon... the + will change to a check mark. You won't get any notifications, but it'll be easier to go straight to the playlist and see what's new.

  • Simon Balbus-Holmquist
    Simon Balbus-Holmquist

    Where’s the new season?

  • KK Kapur
    KK Kapur

    at the five dollar chicken place, you can tell that the quality of the chicken is really good compared to fast food. I mean look the chicken is pretty pink and when you see the video of how mcdonalds makes its mcnuggets, the chicken they use is a disgusting yellow color

  • Good Neighbor
    Good Neighbor

    I can buy a whole pack of chicken breast from the grocery store for $5.

  • Kholdstare

    Yo I just found your videos and love them. But can you stop making the pictures of food in the thumbnails look so delicious? These videos are being recommended to me often now and I just get hungry. It's just not fair.

  • Brijen Ved
    Brijen Ved

    Episode suggestions - Indian lunch buffet in LA/NYC ; Corn on the cob ; Cold pressed juices at different prices

  • Tedd Oscar
    Tedd Oscar

    What is the differences between Burger and Sandwich?

  • ColeTran-JoYuri4Life-

    Is worth it done for good???

    • ben63vw

      No, they said it was the final season of the season at the beginning of video and that they'd be back at the end as well at tell ppl to make suggestions for future videos in the comments and in their instagram.

  • Ian Bettis
    Ian Bettis

    Chick fil a is worth it

  • Raul Fiod
    Raul Fiod

    Buzzfeed if u want the best fried chicken burgers kinda just go to the Chicken n chips £2.50 u got your self a burger and chips and a drink

  • Vapor

    Is it just me or does this Asian seem salty af

  • Chris Farley
    Chris Farley

    Can you guys make Worth It, its own channel, I don't want to bell icon buzzfeed, but Worth It I would. I always miss you new videos.

  • Chris Farley
    Chris Farley

    I love how these guys have become better friends through these episodes.

  • Gamergirl4AyaBrea&Jesus

    I love how Stephen and Andrew's friendship has developed

  • Antoine Mazyck
    Antoine Mazyck

    Adam is so adorable🤗😍

  • FaXe_Legend

    I’m sorry but that $5.50 chicken sandwich looks fricken good.

  • Dad Inside
    Dad Inside

    I would rove me some fwied ticken right naow

  • Koloboque

    Ток не понятно, они 5 бачей заплатили только за бургер, или за комбо в целом? Если за 5 бачей комбо, то это прям ультрагодно, учитывая, что всё свежее и из под ножа.

  • Noah Song
    Noah Song

    How about a $2 jr mchicken

  • anabesque

    Loved it when the 3 of 'em ate the fried chicken inside the car. Super cute + the black gloves really completed the scene haha

  • Gavin Hunter
    Gavin Hunter

    Keith and Chris did it better

  • ActuallyRandomPerson

    damn andrew's rly got it out for ryan and shane lately huh lmao

  • jaypee dulnuan
    jaypee dulnuan

    sana ol

  • Kabir Hirani
    Kabir Hirani

    Adam almost sneezed 3 times 5:55 onwards 😂

  • Amey Desai
    Amey Desai

    Oh sure... It's pronounced "Fuku"

  • Elysium Black
    Elysium Black


  • Sebdcord

    There's already a Peruvian cocktail named "Leche de Tigre". lol

  • T Dog
    T Dog

    I’m sorry but salad doesn’t belong on a sandwich

  • Inspiration Saveur Culinaire
    Inspiration Saveur Culinaire

    Bon appétit bon appétit

  • CDSS

    I just ate my snack!!!!!!! I'm hungry again XD!!!

  • Benjamin Hardstone
    Benjamin Hardstone

    0:00 to 0:04 I was Like “Wtf it’s already ending” but it’s the last episode for 20z9

  • Vivi Kim
    Vivi Kim

    the first time I had the popeyes sandwich they put two patties on accident but like it was so good

  • Ashanti Pantlitz
    Ashanti Pantlitz

    I died when they were dying over the spicy chicken and Adam is just inna back f*ckin it up

  • PrinzVonLangdelberg

    5:55 *"Increase salvation"* They should probably open a store in Las Vegas.

  • Maddy Bouchard
    Maddy Bouchard

    The evolution of their work friendship is the best

  • aloy ganteng
    aloy ganteng

    I want worth it ice cream and chocolate..

  • shave licks
    shave licks

    Chicken sandwich wtf say chicken burger

  • Haiwen Dai
    Haiwen Dai

    is it me, or does it seem like andrew and steven are extra passive aggressive with each other now, like they arn't having as much fun

    • Noor Fatima
      Noor Fatima

      YES. Finally someone said it. Its idk its weird now. Like I still love them. But something's off. especially with steven. Andrew and him seem distant

  • dark light
    dark light

    $5 hookers vs $20 hookers

  • cj

    When Greg from the last place said red rooster was he referring to the chicken place in NY

  • Mickey Yo Picket
    Mickey Yo Picket

    They could make way more money if they just started there own channel like try guys.

  • Kristian Upper
    Kristian Upper

    Man worth it and unsolved are the only good buzzfeed shows 😂😂😂 the rest is just utter trash content 😂😂😂 don’t know why they waste money on all these “writers and producers” when their content is garbage 😂😂

  • Gene Chung
    Gene Chung

    so this is basically reviewbrah with a high budget

  • Frida sofia Beauchamp miranda
    Frida sofia Beauchamp miranda


  • Dabmaster 123
    Dabmaster 123

    That Pikunico person looked like the older version of Rie

  • Sam Mudila
    Sam Mudila

    13:04" It feels like I'm in a little mermaid." Is that what he said!?

  • Figit Gaming
    Figit Gaming

    we sell delicious foods for a horrible price...???

  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim

    One word, risotto

  • Nick Li
    Nick Li

    am I the only one who noticed the chief dude put the saucy spoon into his mouth? 1:23 which he would probably reuse it for scooping the sauce😒

    • Nick Li
      Nick Li

      @ali hassan lol, ok thx

    • ali hassan
      ali hassan

      That's what chef's do. They taste the food when making it. The dont reuse the spoons tho

  • Santa Clausewitz
    Santa Clausewitz

    Adam is the man!

  • giota k
    giota k

    steven saying its delicious in the end is so cute 🥺

  • Sahil Saxena
    Sahil Saxena

    whens new video coming

  • Shining Star
    Shining Star

    Steven is definitely drunk by the end of the video!!

  • japanese anime lover1
    japanese anime lover1

    well butter chicken or maybe just tastes of India?

  • japanese anime lover1
    japanese anime lover1

    funny enough my bar runs a 5.95 menu nachos, beef dip, burgers, chicken tenders, spicy chicken wrap etc

  • Ashley Smurf
    Ashley Smurf

    you should do tamales

  • 727 272
    727 272


  • Victor Gan
    Victor Gan

    I think Adam is too lonely like= Adam should test it together with Andrew and steven

  • Seelion Leo
    Seelion Leo

    but i can't find those different with other one

  • spidey .s
    spidey .s

    You can tell Steven was really dissapointed with that last sandwich.

  • BeeMar

    LoL ... Hey guys maybe you could do "worth it spicy edition" ? Its look fun

  • Philip Hwang
    Philip Hwang

    Adam, Andrew and Steven are carrying buzzfeed by their backs Jesus someone get them a massage. Without his trio, buzzfeed is NOTHING. I hope they negotiate intellectual property of “Worth It” or “Tasty” or revenue percent of videos. 150$K is not worth it, they’re getting fkd over if they don’t

    • ali hassan
      ali hassan

      Steven left

  • Sundae Chii
    Sundae Chii

    did andrew just made an unsolved impression at the end lmfaooo