10 Most Age Defying Fighters in MMA History
MMA On Point
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  • Timothy Carruthers
    Timothy Carruthers

    You guys need to get off Bispings dick ! He sucks and gets bullshit decisions

  • salim yeboah
    salim yeboah

    Age does not really effect fighters it the injuries there receive during the career. You can still maintain a high fitness level in your late 30s. Remember that your testosterone levels drop by 1 percent when you turn 40 that not a lot also you can triple your testosterone levels naturally so you can still maintain your fitness level that you had in your 20s.

  • SpongeCock

    Lmao weidman was pissed at vitor

  • Terry Terry
    Terry Terry

    Predictions before watching Anderson Silva George's St Pierre Randy Couture DC

  • Raging River
    Raging River

    The thumbnails so perfect on the left hand you have the most shredded guy above 40 and on the right hand you have a human meatball

  • Afonso Araújo
    Afonso Araújo

    while i watch this a tumor is developing

  • Isaac Stevens-Lee
    Isaac Stevens-Lee

    Cormier is one of the greatest fighters of all and has physical disadvantages and he is over 40

  • Galaxy Vulture
    Galaxy Vulture

    The older you get the lower your balls sag

  • Think Free with UT😉
    Think Free with UT😉

    In a game of young men , be afraid be very afraid of an old man.

  • Collin Pople
    Collin Pople

    I bet Hershell Walker's like "man what I gotta do so get on one of your lists"

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    Could you do the top 10 oldest contestants on the ultimate fighter

  • Left Leg Cemetery
    Left Leg Cemetery

    MMA On Point loves them some Mark Coleman!👌

  • ??????! asado
    ??????! asado

    is all about how good acn u be

  • Thug Thanos
    Thug Thanos

    "I can't let shoe get close" -Yoel Romero to father time

  • josef miljanić
    josef miljanić


  • josef miljanić
    josef miljanić

    im litle disapointed in this list since u didin put a cro cop his last fight was in 2019 he was 45yo ageins roy nelson he have 10 last fights wins so its 10 fights wining streak all this fights from 2014-2019 from age of 40-45.....really !!!!

  • Matthew Lauro
    Matthew Lauro

    I hope Vitor doesn’t start using steroids again just to fight in that league he’s already put so much strain on his heart and other organs from it

  • Mitchell Winkelman
    Mitchell Winkelman

    number one: Jon Jones’ liver

  • checkoutmyballz

    I never understood why Randy fought James Tony.

  • MrAlexTech

    9:16 The Witcher agrees...

  • Loony Jack
    Loony Jack

    Chuck Liddell

  • peter bullimore
    peter bullimore

    I don't even have anything more to say than this. I just love Daniel Cormier so much!!!!!!

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick

    I’m 23 and I sneezed already one time and dam near broke my back XD

  • Devon Inman
    Devon Inman

    how did we not mention his first fight with bisping?

  • Achintya Bajpai
    Achintya Bajpai

    Yoel Romero

  • Hasaan Khan
    Hasaan Khan

    If sultan did it anyone can

  • Ross Geller, PhD
    Ross Geller, PhD

    You left out woodley

  • Malo Perverso
    Malo Perverso


  • Brandon Hewitt
    Brandon Hewitt

    40 isn't old. Physiologically, I don't think there is any real reason a 40-50 year old couldn't be an amazing fighter. That's older, sure, but not so old that one would lack the physical attributes. Everything else is technique and strategy and a fucking 70 year old could have good technique and a working brain. Don't know why anyone would think this is only a young man's game. Just a little bit of thought and basic knowledge debunks that.

  • Ryker Meyers
    Ryker Meyers

    🔥🔥 a tough fight 0:46 💘🔥💃 👇 👇 👇 👇🥊

  • Nikki Mori
    Nikki Mori

    Yoel ain’t fair we all know he’s on the juice

  • Glass Half Full
    Glass Half Full

    #1 Tony Ferguson


    Bisping also won the title w one eye

  • Abel Hagos
    Abel Hagos

    loool "good luck with that" great opening

  • Noah Clark
    Noah Clark

    🔥 much excited as one looks on 0:47 💝🥊 👇👇💜

  • Pandaplutten

    Cro cop, Sakuraba and BJ Penn deserve honourable mention at least

  • matt pe
    matt pe

    really want to see dc fight again

  • Keith

    I would just like to point out that loving McDonalds is not weird. In fact, hating McDonalds is almost exclusively an American thing. If you are lucky enough to catch an employee who actually gives a fuck, and your food is made to order, it is fucking delicious. In fact it is scientifically engineered to be fucking delicious. They didnt get so successful because their food tastes like shit.

  • pyrotechnick

    "...The toughest McDonald's manager in Brazil" I wasn't expecting that it got me lol

  • Iftii Alam
    Iftii Alam

    Mark Coleman looks like buffed up Nicholas Cage.

  • Apex #ADOS
    Apex #ADOS

    I threw out my back sneezing at the age of 20.

  • Ben Bell
    Ben Bell

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 fair fight 1:20 🔥💚 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💜

  • Elliott McMenemy
    Elliott McMenemy

    DC looks like Heisei Godzilla in the thumbnail

  • Muky Makazuki
    Muky Makazuki

    The secret are peds. Case closed.

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres


  • miamimagicians magician miami
    miamimagicians magician miami

    Yoels bald grey hairs looks about 41

  • Comment Connoisseur
    Comment Connoisseur

    Sage Northcutt being in the UFC despite only being 19?

  • Jonathan Carmo
    Jonathan Carmo

    I think you should've kept PED users out of this list, not that i'm a "all fighters must be clean" fan, actually i think MMA would be much better if PEDs were allowed, however when you add PEDs in the mix, being an athlete in your 40's isn't that impressive.

  • ER

    1 Manny PACMAN p

  • Mauricio Benitez
    Mauricio Benitez

    4:49 Dana white is me while my mom is arguing with the waiter for getting my order wrong

  • Zane C
    Zane C

    Where is fedor?

  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
    FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    Dan is best legend

  • Frankie Martinez
    Frankie Martinez

    Tony Ferguson?

  • Deda Rossi
    Deda Rossi

    What about MIRKO CRO COP!!??

  • Big Blue Nation 98
    Big Blue Nation 98

    I don’t even have to watch this to know randy couture is number 1


    Peter Quelly is 49 and still fighting and quite good

  • DankiusWankius

    Where’s robbie lawler???

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan

    It's called steroid use. I mean gimme a break you start going down in capabilities even if you are in an excellent physical condition at age 30.

  • Mr. Birdman
    Mr. Birdman

    10:11 that the best picture of DC ive ever seen!! Lol

  • Mikey G
    Mikey G

    Dan Hendo was a great pick!! And Coutour smashed Ganzagas face!!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    I hate DC, he's such a fatass slob.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop

    You just said izzy vs Anderson was one of the greatest fights of 2019? Lmao. I thought you guys were credible.

  • Tyler Durden.
    Tyler Durden.

    that was the most complex way of saying they were both 45

  • Phenom951

    Pretty sure Yoel is getting some help from science.

  • How zer
    How zer

    How old is Hendo now? He must be in 90s lol.

  • pawan fulsunge
    pawan fulsunge

    What about fedor

  • coolcalmjuan

    Woodley is in Tristar now?

  • Suhaib Hussain
    Suhaib Hussain

    What about fedor

  • Allah is gay - Stop buying Chinese products
    Allah is gay - Stop buying Chinese products

    Trump can beat Bernie and Biden in a UFC fight.

  • Jacob bell
    Jacob bell

    Michael Bisping lost to silva, and dan henderson change my mind.