100 NEW JOKES - Not for Kids (#10)
Yo Mama
100 NEW Yo Mama Jokes #9
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Yo Mama jokes by Animeme Studios
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  • Tricia Eastman
    Tricia Eastman

    Not for kids does that mean kids can watch

  • Calixo Fan
    Calixo Fan

    I am I kid

  • Monika Karmo
    Monika Karmo

    Yo mama is so rich she joind to discord evrybody says to hem wow

  • Lacey Braune
    Lacey Braune

    You need to do. your mama so hairy she needs a lawnmower to shave

  • Laverna Delgado
    Laverna Delgado

    Look yo mama so fat she has to ware toilet papper for cloths cuz she ripped her regular cloths

  • Kidgamer 2671
    Kidgamer 2671

    Yo, mama so smart. She knows the cure for corrivirus.

  • TVL Toys
    TVL Toys

    The thing is I’m a kid but it says “

  • Kellie Cousin
    Kellie Cousin

    3:54 did anyone notice when short mama slapped her strong mama appeared

    • Kellie Cousin
      Kellie Cousin


  • Madison Woods
    Madison Woods

    Yo mama so ugly when she goes to the store the Employees had to kick her out pls use this

  • Barden Family
    Barden Family

    Crying diamonds is a real disease

  • Thomas Devine
    Thomas Devine

    yo mama so EVIL she managed to kill chucky

  • Karen Kough
    Karen Kough

    Why does he sound like joe from family guy

  • Yadira Amador
    Yadira Amador

    Yo mama is so rich her tears come out as gold

  • TNT Gamer
    TNT Gamer


  • Sunset Smoothie!
    Sunset Smoothie!

    Yo mamá so fat, when she was pregnant everybody thought she gained weight.

  • Baby Benz
    Baby Benz

    the slimy mama is very beautiful,i love the color

  • the pugster
    the pugster

    Rody sounds like Joe Swanson from famliy guy

  • thalita emerald dwisantoso
    thalita emerald dwisantoso

    I ma Kids? :/

  • Stephen Layne
    Stephen Layne

    Yo mama so rich Jake paul got his first lambo from her

  • Levidyen -
    Levidyen -

    They never talk in the old version

  • Stephen Layne
    Stephen Layne

    I like the one with the pole

  • Gamemodehardboy Gaming
    Gamemodehardboy Gaming

    Im a Kid

  • prestongaming1o lol
    prestongaming1o lol

    Your mama so lazy her blood type is cloud

  • The olden days lady
    The olden days lady


  • lil_toga

    slimy mama kinda cute tho 😏😏😏

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos

    Dude: Its a beatiful day in the neighboorhoo- AAAH me: Daniel tiger's neighboorhood refrence?

  • Madison Tsang
    Madison Tsang

    No worries I’m a dirty kid. ( I am basically saying that I know a lot of weird things.)

    • Madison Tsang
      Madison Tsang

      Kami Draws bad I never said anyone needed to care.

    • Kami Draws bad
      Kami Draws bad

      Nobody cares

    • Kami Draws bad
      Kami Draws bad


  • Joseph Famular
    Joseph Famular

    Yo mama so short when it raind the floor was a swimming pool

  • Shikzy FN
    Shikzy FN

    Yo mama so STRONG if she poutches somthing, IT BREAKS

  • 『 Elon Tusk Act 4 』
    『 Elon Tusk Act 4 』

    Why ahegao at the thumbnail?

  • Martin Orcsity
    Martin Orcsity

    Jo mama is so ugly she plays monopoly shes instanatly in jail

  • Wes Mah
    Wes Mah

    Wanna hear a joke?

  • wolf lea 103 Herrera
    wolf lea 103 Herrera

    I love my mom

  • Chae Scarborough
    Chae Scarborough

    I💜 my mom

  • Melissa Moore Buck
    Melissa Moore Buck

    yo mama so stupid she watches this

  • TheMaskKid

    Yo mama is so hot she melted her clothes off

  • Fable Melon
    Fable Melon

    Yo Mama So Fat when ever she go to the store she can’t FIT IN IT!!

  • Joel Cartagena
    Joel Cartagena

    Iron Man's suit looks like the Ultimate comic version of Iron Man.

  • Joel Cartagena
    Joel Cartagena

    Yo Mama so hot she burns on the Flying Scotsman's fire box just by dipping her bare feet in the lumps of coal.

  • Tonya Brown
    Tonya Brown

    Yo mama so skinny the tall one used her as a pick lock

  • Filip sarić
    Filip sarić

    If she is lazy she wouldn't go to Heaven.

  • Josh RBLX
    Josh RBLX

    What the F

  • Elaine Pankas
    Elaine Pankas

    im a kid

  • TheRealDion02 Nani
    TheRealDion02 Nani

    Yo Mama is so so so Hot she make you godda marry her

  • Daniel Swaab
    Daniel Swaab

    Haha im a kid

  • gamer dab
    gamer dab

    Yo mama so hot she started all the fire in hell

  • VReaperMC

    Stop talking about mom jokes you bad jokester

  • Elppu

    You mama so skinny Zelda used her as a sword

  • Call Me josh
    Call Me josh

    Baby yoda is yoda as a baby it’s yodas son

  • Debbie t
    Debbie t

    Yo mamma so old the only way she passed her history test is she was actually there

  • Elf on the shelf XD
    Elf on the shelf XD

    I am a kid and I am watching this......

  • Araya in with The Cute Cookie Cat Squad #13
    Araya in with The Cute Cookie Cat Squad #13

    The stupid one sounds like G0Z the roblox clown myth.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅 Well on the first one. Lol

  • Keksicek Fortnite
    Keksicek Fortnite

    Yo mama so ugly, when she plays fnaf she scared the monsters

  • lpsfamousgardner Pacific
    lpsfamousgardner Pacific

    Yo mamma so hot that she can survive a nuclear bomb.

  • Meisje Elise
    Meisje Elise

    ShE tRuStEd PeNnYwIsE cAuSe He WaS wHiTe. Me: thats just racist and but i can always count on mah friend pennywise

  • GypsyXD

    yo mama so smart she made rape lyrics out of numbers

  • Aironas Vesfeldas
    Aironas Vesfeldas

    Yo mama is so hot that winter melted instantly

  • RedFireGamerHD

    10 years old

  • RedFireGamerHD

    I'm a kid

  • Maraya Funches
    Maraya Funches

    Get in the car haha

  • bartek gaming x
    bartek gaming x

    like the vides because there super long

  • Aubrianna Rivera
    Aubrianna Rivera

    Guess what I’m a kid and I’m watching

  • Mruwcool

    Click baited once again 😔

  • Jennifer Baker
    Jennifer Baker

    You are the best youtowr🎮

  • Darrel Torrey
    Darrel Torrey

    Your mama jokes

  • Laresa Will
    Laresa Will

    Ur mom so ugly she made hello kitty say goodbye

  • Carlos Melendez
    Carlos Melendez

    Yo moma so HOT that people used her to get a SUN TAN ON THE BEACHHHHHHH.

  • Czedric Balaccua
    Czedric Balaccua

    Yo mama is so 👿 her husband was The devil

  • H Roberts
    H Roberts

    She is so evil her favorite game is Russian rolet

  • H Roberts
    H Roberts

    Is it just me or does the first ugly one with chucky the woman looks like a titan