13 micro-songs to boost your mood
Daniel Thrasher
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  • Jaque Martins
    Jaque Martins

    I'm going through a terrible time, and you really make me laugh. Thank you Daniel

  • Candelaria Migliaro
    Candelaria Migliaro

    I need this video to start my day

  • Denis Mandrysz
    Denis Mandrysz

    This is what I needed.

  • Jonas Price
    Jonas Price

    We need a full version of the last song

  • Ethan Walter
    Ethan Walter

    The one about the dark and the rainbow was actually really pretty for a start

  • TwiS73DShad0wZ

    Big man goes Pee Pee Pee, the nurse needs PPE

  • Immo Hoogerwerf
    Immo Hoogerwerf

    Spotify link? xD

  • Brok Weston
    Brok Weston

    1:57 that’s closer-the chainsmokers

  • Lps CatLover Animates
    Lps CatLover Animates

    All his neighbors be like: Excuse-?

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    Tiger Studios

    2:44 Yay one like oh wait that was me...

  • Blake Dawson
    Blake Dawson

    I would love these to be made into full songs

  • Ducky McDuckface
    Ducky McDuckface

    that was so incredibly profound. please Daniel, I need more of these

  • Jackson Twyford
    Jackson Twyford

    I love this video and I definitely want more plz and thank you!

  • Elizabeth White
    Elizabeth White

    This was so wonderful 😭😭

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Is anybody getting tobuscus flashbacks

  • Adam O'Rourke
    Adam O'Rourke

    This was hilarious, I loved it

  • Port Manteau
    Port Manteau

    Daniel we need more of this!!!!!

  • podgy713

    Ok a lot of these, especially the Banana one, give off a Tobuscus vibe

  • Harriet Cartw
    Harriet Cartw

    could I have permission to make an animatic of this

  • Drasov Nightling
    Drasov Nightling

    Did you ever figure out which one you met?

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha

    I want to hear full versions of these songs

  • The Dinolorian
    The Dinolorian

    Bro that last song killed me XD And no I’ve actually not thought about that

  • Ben Paper
    Ben Paper

    Please keep doing these!!!

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    chams battache

    Is that a guitar st the background??

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    HEJSAN s

    This made my day

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    Marc Martinez

    This is great!!

  • Daxtro

    Am i a weirdo, or am i floridian? Is there a difference?

  • chronal cactus
    chronal cactus

    Major bo burnham vibes

  • Kurowoha Takuoji
    Kurowoha Takuoji

    We need a second one ;;

  • Marco Sutton
    Marco Sutton

    1:57 does anyone else hear abit of the twenty one pilots song 'taxi cab'? The part just before the rap, "So the hers ran out of gas, a passenger person grabbed a map and the driver inside contrived a new route to save the past, he checked his watch and grabbed a cab a beautifully plain taxi cab, a cab, had a cleared out back and two men started to unpack, driving once again but now this time there were three men and then i heard one of them say" etc i know it all its just long to type all of it

  • Unwelcome Happiness
    Unwelcome Happiness

    More please, thank you :)

  • Filip Stolfa
    Filip Stolfa

    this is great

  • Amanda Westberg
    Amanda Westberg

    When I have anxiety and don’t feel well than I watch this video and feel awesome again. Just me?

  • Lamb God
    Lamb God

    the Banana one made me die laughing😂 I love Daniel, he's got such a great voice and sense of humour. This really boosted my mood👍👍

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  • Ruben Tongiani
    Ruben Tongiani

    Yes i like it :D

  • KING

    Tobuscus vibes on banana song

  • James Rees
    James Rees

    I just watched the 'leaves from the vine but if I cry I start over' video and this was the first recommendation. Good one youtube

  • Cnel. Valentina
    Cnel. Valentina

    i'm obssesed with: "CAAAAAN A DOOOG SEEE A RAINBOOOOOW..." that part, with his voice is *so beautiful* it's too damn soft, i love it💙

  • Shazam Humphrey
    Shazam Humphrey

    that banana song reminds me of old tobuscus

  • Joy_Matters Isabel ayule
    Joy_Matters Isabel ayule

    No one: Daniel: is this a fart?

  • Poison Bang
    Poison Bang

    Man, almost all of these hit home but you just had to sing about Florida.

  • Cole Delong
    Cole Delong

    Jeez really had to get political with this one

  • Andre Viollaz
    Andre Viollaz

    I need the tabs for the banana song rn

  • tyr

    I lost my mind at "Have you ever thought about that?" This was the best thing I've laid my ears on in... ever.

  • Gabriel Moore
    Gabriel Moore

    Please make this a series! this is absolutely amazing.

  • Kat Lemon
    Kat Lemon

    I am so in love with this man

  • Noriaki Kakyoin
    Noriaki Kakyoin

    1:17 James vietch has entered the chat

  • Ben Cummings
    Ben Cummings

    This is the best video you have ever made.

  • Zoe Yoong
    Zoe Yoong

    This is like an out of context video

  • LeSalmonPleb

    After 5 times of watching this, can I have the sheet music for my recital and next school talent

  • Jamie X blonde
    Jamie X blonde

    His laugh is so cute 😂

  • K Burgess
    K Burgess

    Let’s be honest this is not the first time you have watched this

  • Edwin Llaramoore
    Edwin Llaramoore

    This is beautiful

  • Consistently Ginger
    Consistently Ginger

    More of these! I dunno how many time's i watched this video today, just to hear the "Can a dog see a rainbow?" riff, but please! More videos like this! (or maybe extend these micro songs :Y)

  • Pancake Platypus
    Pancake Platypus

    Every night I look out my window and see white spots floating, drifting. Some are menacing, and I can feel the stares of the cows. They want to come in. They want me for eating their cheese.

  • Gabe Perez
    Gabe Perez

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE DO THIS AGAIN. And I would like to see the one put into a full length song.

  • Sean Worthmann
    Sean Worthmann

    getting lots of tobuscus vibes from this

  • Jammy Dodger
    Jammy Dodger

    I'm just realising now that that its big man goes pee pee pee, i used to think it was big MANGOS

  • Alex Griffin
    Alex Griffin

    1:28 gave me toby turner vibes

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson

    I love the anima part because all my friends talk abt it and it looks so weird so fr when did it become cool to like it🤦‍♂️

  • GreatUsername

    This was great!

  • Probably procrastinating
    Probably procrastinating

    This is the third time this week that I've watched this video...

  • Triple Demz
    Triple Demz

    there's two kinds of people who really like trees. environmentalists and snoop dog *crash*

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    Timothy Prajogo

    I, Beanpaste Giovanna, have a dream.

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    Sally Lisa

    0:14 yes

  • Just a random guy
    Just a random guy

    make a extended version for all of them