13 Types of Students on Exam Day
JianHao Tan
It's that time of the year again. How will everyone do for this year's exam?
EXAM RESULTS ARE OUT: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-BrHUhVM3rp0.html
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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan

    Why is Denise crying?

    • Lachi Molala
      Lachi Molala

      She didn’t finish the exam

    • The panda King
      The panda King

      JianHao Tan ok

    • The panda King
      The panda King

      JianHao Tan ok

    • Cheryloneꪶꪮꪜ ꫀ
      Cheryloneꪶꪮꪜ ꫀ

      JianHao Tan beacuse she got 99

    • Charlie Cowley
      Charlie Cowley

      This will be one of the last comments oof

  • Angelina Munoz
    Angelina Munoz

    Beacause she didn’t finish her paper

  • Angelina Munoz
    Angelina Munoz

    Denise why did you say yes you should said no

  • Jeric Sumayao
    Jeric Sumayao

    Denise is like a ghost hehehehe

  • Danielle Gonzales
    Danielle Gonzales

    Im nicole with the hole in my paper

  • CrinklyPotato Chip
    CrinklyPotato Chip

    8:26 me in class: also I live when they all do the hand thing

  • Yaman Özel Eğitim
    Yaman Özel Eğitim

    The hopless student is so funny.

  • Rhea Ocular
    Rhea Ocular

    that blue hat gay know say eng?!?!

  • Geeta Varma
    Geeta Varma

    I am the last minute one 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • SugasugarJ-hopesSunshine

    Vincent: Brings a TV remote to a test Me: Relatable...

  • Nikoya Love
    Nikoya Love

    What the hell did JianHao and Vincent drink ?

  • Shenthamil Selvi
    Shenthamil Selvi

    Is Denise a left handy ?

  • Rahm Lige
    Rahm Lige

    Is Nicole and jianhao siblings in real life?

  • Aftab Hashuri
    Aftab Hashuri

    in reality teachers love students like Denise

  • Angel Liu
    Angel Liu

    Sign language be like: 7:11

  • Kris Playz
    Kris Playz

    what an unlucky dude, his birthday is on exam day :/

  • JJ King
    JJ King

    Poor trev :(

  • Tisya saufi
    Tisya saufi

    I hate trev

  • Gacha world hamani 1
    Gacha world hamani 1


  • Prespete

    11:46 that’s the same guy who did flinch! And didn’t flinch for the whole episode?

  • WillowChip QwQ
    WillowChip QwQ

    6:45 We all have that one person in the exam

  • Maria Manuela Chacra
    Maria Manuela Chacra

    I should one of these but quarantine edition

  • Kas Malik
    Kas Malik


  • Pug Gamer980
    Pug Gamer980

    So they take away the lucky charm but not the gambling machine?

  • Liam Plays 09
    Liam Plays 09

    Vinsnt had a calculator

  • Bunsry Phoneshop
    Bunsry Phoneshop

    I very hate vicent

  • Makayla

    2020 Anyone ????

  • Anelia Jankie
    Anelia Jankie

    I hate Vincent.👎

  • STROM striker
    STROM striker

    Nicole is always in my dreams.🥰

  • Addison Crawford
    Addison Crawford

    I’m the student who studies for a week and then almost cries in the exam thinking I’ll fail what type of student are u guys?

  • 0taku 01
    0taku 01

    Why am I able to relate with everyone except for Denise

  • Zandrianne Rola
    Zandrianne Rola


  • Shulamis Nagar
    Shulamis Nagar

    Love it

  • Marco’s World Map
    Marco’s World Map

    Jasmine:Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Few Moments Later Jasmine:Oh Look I’m Done Already Jasmine:Banging The Students Tables Jasmine:Ripping Julyns Paper

  • Angelina Munoz
    Angelina Munoz

    Why did You give him the Calculator

  • DK_ Gamingtwitch
    DK_ Gamingtwitch

    From GOOD VS BAD Teachers Did madam soot beng really go? she is kinda good career

  • ShimmerglitterPower Milli
    ShimmerglitterPower Milli

    Wait just me or did you guys just now saw that there’s a subscribe thing in the back

  • Malik Mushtaq
    Malik Mushtaq

    lol love your videos bro

  • vinulka oneli
    vinulka oneli

    8:36 this is basically everyone in my class😂

  • SaiYue Liu
    SaiYue Liu

    Because she didn’t pass her test

  • Shiloh Hinds
    Shiloh Hinds

    Lol from vincent with the remote

  • Alexis Playz
    Alexis Playz

    I finally found out why it’s called class t1t5

  • TK gaming08.
    TK gaming08.


  • byakuya boy
    byakuya boy

    Rip for sundeep

  • BankBoss



    Loife happens

  • Dr Hackerkid
    Dr Hackerkid

    poor sundeep i liked him


    Your channel is so best ilove it


    Have malaysian people on this channel

  • Francis Gabriel L Abordo
    Francis Gabriel L Abordo

    cmon, it is his bday

  • ツkaiz

    *they should make these as tv shows lol*


    8:20 hopeless sutudent

  • shah alam
    shah alam

    Famous line "I don't get enough paid for this"😂😂😂😂

  • Isabela Braganza
    Isabela Braganza

    I like Denise

  • Studio Airs
    Studio Airs

    8:36 =)))

  • Unlimited Gaming
    Unlimited Gaming

    who else is from 2020? I watch all his vids 10 times

  • Billy Liang
    Billy Liang

    Why is Vincent such an asshole to Denise? Like you better back off my favorite character

  • Ulrick Ranstle Paulite
    Ulrick Ranstle Paulite

    Im not going to beg for like but who else hates Vincent?

  • Jessica Francis
    Jessica Francis

    Miss sherly is very pretty

  • Ma. Elena Buso
    Ma. Elena Buso

    Are you guys from Singapore?? ☺☺

  • itz_ moonlight
    itz_ moonlight

    Who's watching this in 2020 or is it just me 😂😂😂

  • Cindy Yu
    Cindy Yu


  • itz_ moonlight
    itz_ moonlight

    It Is What it is Kevin poor Kevin

  • Leart Zhegrova
    Leart Zhegrova


  • XxLily BlondeXx
    XxLily BlondeXx

    Hey Jian hao... I found. a channel who does exact the same thing you do.... The channel name is : Charles The French. Thank you! Btw love you!!!!

  • Hussein Smaqa
    Hussein Smaqa

    And Denise is so cute beautiful kind

  • Hussein Smaqa
    Hussein Smaqa

    Because she didn’t have the calculator

  • Choco -Gacha-
    Choco -Gacha-

    Im the last min student......but i still come in class top 5 toppers, without cheating...,memory girlllsss

  • Nate The Drummer
    Nate The Drummer


  • Nate The Drummer
    Nate The Drummer

    Hei am nate the drummer in indonesia how are you

    • Natalia Gacha
      Natalia Gacha

      Am finneee