2 Sets of Identical Twins Drive Thru Prank ft. Rybka Twins - Merrell Twins
Things get crazy with 2 Sets of Twins in 2 Different Cars ordering food in the Drive Thru!
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  • محبوبه نوری
    محبوبه نوری

    i love you guys

  • Layad Ninja
    Layad Ninja

    I Think the Merrill twins,the rybka twin and Brooklyn and Bailey should all calad

  • Maggie Fluffy
    Maggie Fluffy

    The first guy was really smart. If you were wondering the blur was, that was there credit card

  • Emma Woods
    Emma Woods

    "Im gettin' a wHoPpEr" (Thats wat i would say if i were there. but i hte whoppers.... It weird how us Australian's say things that Americans cant understand but we understand them?) -Sam 2020 11:54 I have seen that ute like 4 times in this video...... uh-oh spagettio

  • Raelyn O'Malley
    Raelyn O'Malley

    your lieing is so BAD

  • Kim Ashley Arabaca
    Kim Ashley Arabaca

    I'm literally confused right now hahahaha

  • Yordanos Wolday
    Yordanos Wolday

    I wishhh I had an Australian Accent🤩🤩

    • Emma Woods
      Emma Woods

      I dooooo

  • itz dayanara Cruz
    itz dayanara Cruz

    5:08 that guy was smart

  • Patrick Zhou
    Patrick Zhou

    Thanks for letting us see your car license plate.All boys watching when Sam said "Yeah Weiner" I was grossed out.Where you???

  • Gianni Adames
    Gianni Adames

    Why are vanessas hands blerd out

  • Vortex Clan
    Vortex Clan

    I thought that was Addison rae

  • Madeleine Lane
    Madeleine Lane

    Love you guys

  • Lydia McDonald
    Lydia McDonald

    2020 I'm a identical twin

  • Paityn Carpenter
    Paityn Carpenter


  • Rose Sootsman
    Rose Sootsman

    ummmmm......9.20 and then 9.70 for the same order excuse me 𝕋ℍ𝔸𝕋𝕊 𝔹𝕆𝕌𝔾𝕀𝕊𝔼𓆉︎

  • Princess Cute
    Princess Cute

    The only twins i could know are the merrell cause i always look closely at nessa and roni

  • Nitasha Bajaj
    Nitasha Bajaj

    I wonder where all the food go?

  • Kiran Naeem
    Kiran Naeem

    Man the guy looked so so confused

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    Entschuldigen Sie. I am German and it is pronounced viener, not wiener. Other than that you guys did great. Love ya'll. (As I believe you say it)

  • Matilda SHEEN
    Matilda SHEEN

    I never knew the Rybka twins were Australian

  • Jake Colberg
    Jake Colberg

    Anyone else notice that at 21:14 it cost them 9.20, but 5 seconds later the same order cost the other pair 9.70?!?! Maybe it was the Almond milk because one pair forgot it but earlier it was 9.20 for the order also, so what happened?

  • corbusk

    You are making me hungry!!!!🍟🤤🤣😂

  • Cookie Nimb
    Cookie Nimb

    They be showing there license Plat Lol

  • maxene julag-ay Cruz
    maxene julag-ay Cruz

    The boy is wait there drink is so fast....... I think is pass hahahahahaha the food eating is so fast...... I think is pass he said omg

  • Heart Dela cruz
    Heart Dela cruz

    Your colab was so really good🤣🤣

  • linh v
    linh v

    you should have had like different outfits on so it didnt seem like too much of a coincidence (lke veronica wears something different from vanessa)

  • SofiaxCarson

    *Sees Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat* *seaeches for tiktok”

  • SofiaxCarson

    I wanna see if the guy found the video

  • Abby Henderson
    Abby Henderson

    Your guys we outfits are so cute like meh. Moment and there video if u agree

  • willywonkaswife

    why is that girls hand blurred it’s bugging me

    • Borks Playz
      Borks Playz

      so no one could find out their credit card numbers...

  • Layla Barajas (Student)
    Layla Barajas (Student)

    Sam and teagan aren't that simular

  • Angélica Martínez
    Angélica Martínez

    So what do they do with all that food??

  • Leanna Davey
    Leanna Davey

    Toco belk fail

  • Leanna Davey
    Leanna Davey

    Burking suscessful

  • Leanna Davey
    Leanna Davey

    Starbucks fail

  • That Gracey Gal
    That Gracey Gal

    WhoppEEEEEEEER lol

  • Allie Weird
    Allie Weird

    This made me hungry

  • gimme some suga pwease suga plz
    gimme some suga pwease suga plz

    I still can't get over that "woppa"😂😂😂😂

  • Meghann Charles
    Meghann Charles

    I think you broke the guy at McDonald's.

  • host- child
    host- child

    Sam: can I please get a whopper Employee: Sorry Sam: a whopper Employee: can you please repeat that Sam: can i get a whopperrr! LMAO

  • Swayde Follows
    Swayde Follows


  • Wayne Ebden
    Wayne Ebden

    You guys together are literally are the BEST.PERIOD

  • thao vang
    thao vang


  • teenia marygorsd
    teenia marygorsd

    why are vanessas wrists and hands blurred out?

  • Magali381

    why did her hand blere out

    • Magali381


  • I don't trust Anyone
    I don't trust Anyone

    16:55 My brain: wait wut did she say? Wiener or winner or we know???

  • Emily Yap
    Emily Yap

    Did the employee (Starbucks) watch this video

  • Ruby Bourke
    Ruby Bourke

    3:52 *when your parents say all the chocolate is missing and you know it was you*

  • Gracie Hadlich
    Gracie Hadlich

    They should do this with Brooklyn and Bailey. Like triplet prank!!!

  • Katie Lynn
    Katie Lynn

    At 21:12 the order was the same and yet for Roni and Sam the cost was 9.20. But for Teagan and Nessa the cost was 9.70. Like what?

  • meroomar sobl
    meroomar sobl

    it will work

  • Mahra Alrahbi
    Mahra Alrahbi

    Next time they should do twins with twin

  • ice chen
    ice chen

    Me laughing so hard while eat food.

  • Brin B
    Brin B

    They didn’t blur out the car number ☹️pray fo. Them

  • Hanna Hicks
    Hanna Hicks

    Why does it matter if it’s a girl

  • Katie S
    Katie S

    Tegan killed me when she said “LOoK AT mE!! REmEMbeR mY fAcE!!!” 😂

  • cat dance
    cat dance

    9:41 People walking around like:🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨

  • bubbamwhjr24

    Anyone watching this during the Corona

  • Jovi snowden
    Jovi snowden

    What does Sam say at 8:26? Is she saying a bad word?

  • Liddle Puppies
    Liddle Puppies

    Australians: whoppa Americans: whoppppeeeeeeeeer

  • deanna ekeh
    deanna ekeh

    6:34 im cryingggggggggg!!!

  • Willow Grace
    Willow Grace

    They got 10 million views!

  • 1K subscribers with out any videos !
    1K subscribers with out any videos !


  • Brooklyn windley
    Brooklyn windley

    I love how when they went to Starbucks it was just this akawerdness of silence for like 10 seconds and then he's like your got to identical twins and then he's like where can I find this video I'm laughing so hard right now

  • The GC Channel
    The GC Channel

    Why does hour blur out her hand

  • Sadie Makena
    Sadie Makena


  • Postboy

    So funny

  • Ray Castillo
    Ray Castillo

    I feel like they scared the McDonald's guy 😂

  • Julie Than
    Julie Than

    I feel like it would have been better if they wore different clothes.

  • Yazmine

    15:38 awwweeee his reaction was so cute 🥺😭