2019 American Football Highlights - Houston at Tulane
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  • GlassCannon

    Everyone always talks about power 5 games for the greatest calls of all time, but "FLAGS ARE DOWN, WHO CARES?" will always have a place in my heart

  • Nicholas Esposito
    Nicholas Esposito

    ok 4 things 1.UH blew a 28-7 2nd quarter lead 2.Fake kneel down amazing call 3.Jalen McCleskey 53 yard game winning touchdown 4.Also Houstons kicked went 1/3 so Tulane really could have lost this game and should have either way great game

  • Teff Shakti Chaos 2
    Teff Shakti Chaos 2

    Green wave.. powder Blue uniforms🤔

  • Caleb Mayo
    Caleb Mayo

    Great game calling

  • Anzell Ford
    Anzell Ford

    This team was better under Major Applewhite and Kendal briles

  • Nicholas Babin
    Nicholas Babin

    Me and my dad almost went to this game. But we had already attended the week before and my dad was getting up early the next day since this was a Thursday game, and the final play happened right in front our usual section. Bruh we missed a game and moment of a lifetime. Still got to watch on TV but not gonna lie it still hurt some.

  • Nicholas Babin
    Nicholas Babin

    Years of terrible coaches and athletic directors. Years of still going to games Tulane is expected to lose by two scores or more, years of watching the small crowds in the superdome getting smaller and smaller. And then suddenly this new coach comes in, we build a stadium and start winning those aforementioned games. It feels like its all led up to this game, and as someone who has painstakingly invested their emotions into this team since the age of 10 its beautiful seeing this program finally heading in the right direction. I hope they wisen up and offer coach fritz a monster contract to keep him here.

  • Phuture Sports
    Phuture Sports

    terrible coaching. Great win tulane!

  • ikeepmovingTV

    I love how his team sails over him when he lowers his head. lol @2:16

  • DeadlyViper211

    Holgorsen is a terrible coach.

  • Jonathan Harp
    Jonathan Harp

    Goal line defense Big Bodies on Big bodies.....::

  • Branded McGowan
    Branded McGowan

    If only the Saints can get these breaks and by the way new orleans sweeps Houston LA takes another game from TEXAS next up Saints vs Cowboys hopefully they met in the nfc championship game✌

  • Lamar Bray
    Lamar Bray

    tulane should be in the top 25

  • Doug Cohen
    Doug Cohen

    One of the best games I’ve ever seen

  • ed0985587

    Epic ending to this game. Spilled my beer standing up like “no wayyyyy!”

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    Just say Football, it's obvious it's American. Y'all can say soccer or Fútbol for the stupid game.

    • o o
      o o

      Brandon Johnson look at the bottom of the screen

    • o o
      o o

      Brandon Johnson it says American because that’s the name of the conference lmao

  • al estopinal
    al estopinal

    Tulane was an original member of the SEC. They won the first Sugar Bowl!!!

  • jai BELL
    jai BELL

    Yes indeed

  • Firebolt Prime
    Firebolt Prime

    Houston has gone dark for the 4th time this month

  • BigG LilWayne
    BigG LilWayne

    Is that McAfee?

    • BENGOESforGold

      Yup hes doing Thursday night games on ESPN with his old friend Matt Hasselbeck

  • Creole Cajun
    Creole Cajun

    Looks like the Minosota miracle 😆 #GeauxGreenWave

  • Travis Resor
    Travis Resor

    Roll Wave!

  • McBleachDrinker Official
    McBleachDrinker Official

    Now McCleskey wants to try... -OkSt fan

  • Harlan Yoder
    Harlan Yoder

    When Houston falls off...they FALLLLLLLL OFFFFF! 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 2high2gaf G
    2high2gaf G

    Flags are Down, Who Cares!!😂 Well done Tulane......Well Done. Football is ❤ Baby!! Share Some.

  • Apple Daily
    Apple Daily

    Thank you comments section for spoiling the game once again

  • Tristan Blue
    Tristan Blue

    Where is the fake

  • canderia

    Ah man! I regret turning this game off now....

  • Thot Slayer #TheSupremeGentleman
    Thot Slayer #TheSupremeGentleman

    Ah, Dana Holgorsen losing in the most Dana Holgorsen way possible. You hate to see it.

  • Javy C
    Javy C

    on the game winning TD pass, poor tackling by the Houston secondary. none of them attempted to wrap around the WR. they just tried to "bump him down" with a shoulder. WEAK. why have a secondary when those guys are terrified of tackling?

  • Morty Tashman
    Morty Tashman

    This is what Houston deserves for running off Major Applewhite. Dana Holgerson couldn't win a middle school conference championship.

  • Greg Adams
    Greg Adams

    LOL @ Dana

  • MrBradley

    Love to see Dana lose after disrespecting wvu

  • Brandon Zurvalec
    Brandon Zurvalec

    60 minutes

  • Shawn Bullard
    Shawn Bullard

    Tulane is becoming a true power 5 team

  • Yupppppppp

    Go 🌊

  • Doug Coffin
    Doug Coffin


  • Ryan League
    Ryan League

    How about that Houston DB just gives up and lets the WR score. A simple dive tackle would've put that game in OT

    • o o
      o o

      Ryan League Tulane has a timeout left so I think there was a chance there if he did tackle him for a 35-40 yard field goal with like 7 seconds left

  • Don Da Drill
    Don Da Drill


  • Matthew Ganibi
    Matthew Ganibi

    Shout out to sir Patrick McAfee on the call. A national treasure!

  • Justin Floyd
    Justin Floyd

    Very entertaining game. Tulane's Defense was fairly solid in the second half and the Tulane QB very lucky to pull off a win (7-20, 35% completion rate). But a W is a W. Good luck with the rest of the season Tulane.

  • Redshirt Freshman
    Redshirt Freshman

    Dana Haha

  • LSU 19
    LSU 19

    Roll Effing Wave

  • God Son
    God Son

    Tulane football been showing up these last two years

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis

    the team who wanted it more, won.

  • Sammy Lantz
    Sammy Lantz

    I remember when Houston was decent lol now they are loosing to tulane

  • James Alaska
    James Alaska

    How did the ball get in Jones' hands? I don't see a handoff, nor do I see the ball in the QB's hands.

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis

    I lost a bet on this game and Houston deserved to lose I’m not saying anything. Wasn’t Bs or anything. But it put me in a really bad position 🤦‍♂️

  • Pat Fitzpatrick
    Pat Fitzpatrick

    Tulane actually has some talent. Some of those runs and passes are pure athleticism.


    Roll Wave! Strong set up for back to back bowl game years. Would be first time since 79 and 80.

  • Aaron Gates
    Aaron Gates

    Makes me angry I watched the NFL last night.

  • redjalapeno

    0:51 ....husky voice: "big bodies on big bodies"

  • Fish Hawk
    Fish Hawk

    hahahahaha Holgorsen

  • GlassCannon

    Never. Let. Up. #TulaneIsInsane

  • Mardizone Nuth
    Mardizone Nuth

    💯 Unbelievable

  • 2r3notgoodas1

    I Love Tulane!!!

    • One Punch Pelican
      One Punch Pelican

      Me too it's my city college. One day we will be ranked in top ten and winning consistently. ONE DAY 🙏🙏🙏

  • jerry robinson
    jerry robinson

    Nice Uni Tulane...keep wearing it and win more games.

  • Jude Lloyd
    Jude Lloyd

    Which ending was better Saints vs Texans , Wave vs Cougars,or LSU vs Texas?

    • Branded McGowan
      Branded McGowan

      @Jude Lloyd you know come Sunday night the Dome will be lit for the next to last LA vs TEX ball and I'll be tuning in (dal vs NOLA nfc championship)

    • Jude Lloyd
      Jude Lloyd

      @Overton Croomes well come turn up, have fun, and get your eat on then.

    • Overton Croomes
      Overton Croomes

      fuck new orleans but ill be there to turn up soon but that texans game hurt alot more them sorry ass u of h

    • One Punch Pelican
      One Punch Pelican

      My Wave hands down. Roll Wave!!!

  • William Harris
    William Harris

    People forgetting Tulane QB was originally at LSU the kid is legit in the right offense

    • JMonique Gambles
      JMonique Gambles


    • Joseph Armstrong
      Joseph Armstrong

      Given how well every LSU quarterback that is not named Joe Burrow has done in this decade, that's not saying much.

  • 2Timone7

    If Tulane are the "Green Wave", why are they wearing powder blue? (serious question)

    • 2Timone7

      GRAMNOLA Thanks for the history lesson, Gramnola. I was thinking I should have asked if they were still called the Green Wave back then.


      While known today as The Green Wave, from 1893 to 1919 Tulane Athletics teams were known as “The Olive and Blue.” The eye-catching colors of olive green and sky blue have long been and continue to be a staple at Tulane.

    • 2Timone7

      10-4. Thanks, Seth!

    • Seth Justice
      Seth Justice

      2Timone7 throwback uni’s

  • HoodRich NiteNite
    HoodRich NiteNite

    3:05 New Orleans Vs. Minnesota all over again lol

  • Neil

    Pat McAfee for president


    Lol I turned this game off before half time thinking it was over 😂

  • Andrew

    Great win Tulane!! -Navy Fan

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson

    Dana Holgersen can now go back to the van he lives in down by the river. Scruffiest coach in college football. Too bad you left West Virginia, Dana.

    • Mitch D.
      Mitch D.

      "Too bad you left West Virginia, Dana." No it isn't.

  • scott magee
    scott magee

    Wow....what a game.

  • Thatguy Kye
    Thatguy Kye

    Tulanes QB has one hell of an arm.

    • JMonique Gambles
      JMonique Gambles

      He really does! He doesn't get enough credit!

    • William Harris
      William Harris

      He was a high rated dual threat QB out of high school who was originally at LSU

  • johnmarston16

    Good for them, they earned that.

  • Jank Paul
    Jank Paul

    I’m a Mountain Best guy, but the American truly is P6 😔

    • Chris Potts
      Chris Potts

      Thanks man. Right back at you, MW is looking very strong. (Maybe that's just by comparison to Pac12 which isn't saying much, but the MW plays some entertaining quality football, too.)

  • Jacob Riesser
    Jacob Riesser

    Typical Dana Holgorsen game. Winning at the half, then cruise to the lose. Houston better get used to it. (WVU fan)

    • sao6785

      Typical Holgerson choke fest...

    • Randy Ayo
      Randy Ayo

      That hair though!! 😩

    • CJ Ferrell
      CJ Ferrell