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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


#coryxkenshin #2020

  • Christy Cain
    Christy Cain

    3:12 Haha!

  • MemesterGamer3225

    Good Vibe Check: I started working out harder and started losing some weight

  • Makai Howard
    Makai Howard

    Good vibe check: finally got to play skyrim

  • Juggaa J
    Juggaa J

    Love the garden, dude. Glad to see you making videos. Even 2020 is been a bad year, during the rest of this year is going to get better. Trust me. I don't want you to give up on your success, man. I believe in you. My good vibe check is that there are better games coming out & I know you are going to play them on your channel. Another of my good vibe check is that I starting my channel soon. God bless you, Cory

  • Jocelyn Castillo
    Jocelyn Castillo

    I guess the good thing that happened to me is that i started excerisis with my friends. And we are working towards confidence😣

  • Khloe B.
    Khloe B.


  • Khloe B.
    Khloe B.

    2:12 😂😂

  • Leo Acosta
    Leo Acosta

    Oh and another good thing that happened was that my bulldog is okay!! *For now bc now he went to the vet and has heart problems but I belive in miracles!

  • Leo Acosta
    Leo Acosta

    A lot of good things happended to me *I dont wanna say a lot cause only a couple* I got to spend time with my family while staying home!! And I made some new friends while self quarantining myself! And just sitting in my room playing video games! And waiting for Cory to maybe get some new merch during December so I can get some for Christmas!!

  • No name
    No name


  • シskyx

    1:40 I can’t

  • Christian J
    Christian J

    im just waiting for that pc build tho

  • Aiden Fikes
    Aiden Fikes

    Choose the difficulty: -easy -normal -hard -2020

    • Abel Mendoza-Logan
      Abel Mendoza-Logan


  • Zahmihya Nelson
    Zahmihya Nelson

    Im the year 2020 and im here for the cheeks

  • mystery of missing
    mystery of missing

    I built a good castle in Minecraft :P

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia

    I have been losing weight

  • reese pair
    reese pair


  • Nigel Tube
    Nigel Tube

    I found out about a new PlayStation Edit:a couple months ago

  • Lui Daguman
    Lui Daguman

    Making this late: Got a new phone. Starting drawing again. Got a plan for college. Trying cardboard vr a bit. Finally got into fairy tail. Got into lots of manga. Ngl a lot of nsfw also happened.

  • Gavin Quaglia
    Gavin Quaglia

    I met my soulmate this year after all the pain and suffering i met her and shes amazing

  • mp 616
    mp 616

    Good Vibe Check: - Got my ps4 fixed - watching Cory's old videos - finally getting a dog

  • Marshall McNamee
    Marshall McNamee

    I love update vids like this; I just love hearing about people’s days 😊

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat

    2020 be like sonic

  • CGVR

    Day 2 of trying to make cory playckindergarden 2 ps plz like and go copt paste this comment! Spread the word!

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker

    GUD VIBE CHEK I built my Minecraft house. Yep. Definitely nothing else happened. Well I mean I did find some diamonds doe.🤑

  • Julian Boykin
    Julian Boykin

    Ummmmmmm no ummm no

  • daniel johnson
    daniel johnson

    I’ve gotten closer to my dad Man you always cheer me up when I watch your vids 🙏🏾 much love and keep doing what makes you feel good

  • Gamer_NatøXii

    Good vibe check: - I have a bigger family now - I'm exercising daily - my dog is starting to cooperate - Cory is still around🥳 - I'm sharing my room with my sister - we watch movies almost everyday late at night eating brownies together with my sister, stepsister, and 2 stepbrothers - I'm still around and healthy ✨ - And I'm betting 2020 can still be a year of luck when I go back to school 🏫

  • NullFace

    Good vibe check: - I’m back at it with content creation - Currently in the process of making music - Getting in my Drivers Ed studies - Getting in my financial studies - Getting parts of capstone done

  • Michael Spritzer
    Michael Spritzer

    doesn't have covid

  • The unicornAna M
    The unicornAna M

    Good vibe check: I finally got to meet my uncle and we had dinner together. It was so fun

  • Melissa Clark
    Melissa Clark

    i finally got to stay at my brothers house :)

  • fredbear productions 83
    fredbear productions 83

    I got my first job

  • Eric Woodfeild
    Eric Woodfeild

    spiders in grounded be like 2:02

  • I’m TRASHBtW Help me
    I’m TRASHBtW Help me


  • noob kid
    noob kid

    Good vibe check: Cory uploaded


    Your pc is dope as fuck

  • Legofangamer653 YT
    Legofangamer653 YT

    1:47 Top 10 saddest anime deaths 10: JIraiya 9:Minato 8:My hairline 7:Scorpion 6-2: random people 1:Me

  • Mr. Pig
    Mr. Pig

    Good Vibe Check! My girlfriend and I will be getting each a Momo Hat and sticker packs after they ship.

  • Ayinha Xinon
    Ayinha Xinon

    2020 has been mostly bad vibes but one thing that made me cry tears of joy was when my friend came out to me as pansexual, she said that she didn't tell her PARENTS yet. I legit cried for like 20 minutes

  • Dondo Golden Rose
    Dondo Golden Rose

    Im just now asking myself why this man have a sonic suit. I know he didn't buy it just for this bit

  • Sydnye Edwards
    Sydnye Edwards

    i almost died and God let me live PRAISE THE LORD

  • •_cosmicxpiink_•

    Good vibe check -Welcoming a new niece into the world!

  • Fear_ Novex
    Fear_ Novex

    People in the comments I'm here for the cheeks

  • Mzwakhe LaSean
    Mzwakhe LaSean

    My crush is finally now my girlfriend

  • Cayden Vlogs
    Cayden Vlogs

    Does anyone know the song at 5:15

  • young.wetback

    What's the song at 5:07

  • insertjessi

    it's been almost six most since my bone marrow transplant.

  • airam nunez
    airam nunez

    Cory is back on the grind, and I can dab.

  • Janaya Tulip
    Janaya Tulip

    Good vibe check: I finally started therapy :)

  • Salad_ AsXx
    Salad_ AsXx

    I don't have corona

  • Joseph Esparza
    Joseph Esparza

    My cat had 3 babies.

  • ꧁DeliverArt࿐

    Seeing my grandma alive and well like always... just you know safe from all the danger of the virus and such g o o d v i b e c h e c k

  • Zed Giovanna
    Zed Giovanna

    hi cory I'm back hehe

  • R u b y P r o d u c t i o n s
    R u b y P r o d u c t i o n s

    Food :)

  • dylan_tofu

    bruh i lost everything.

  • 너 몰라?!내가 다시
    너 몰라?!내가 다시

    My mom finally got rid of her very toxic boyfriend, got a job and a new car :) and uhh tbh nothing has been really good just found out who’s fake and not :)

  • _iioblivi0n_

    Positive? Bet eh uhhuh wow well eh uhhm wow im from a Cristian family I don't go to church cause corona virus but I watch sw the rise of Skywalker I made 10 $ by playing games and uh yeah if you want more let's get 5 likes

  • Clxudy Stär
    Clxudy Stär

    A good thing that happened to me is I finally found love, have an amazing day Cory!

  • Bonby Rain Manalo
    Bonby Rain Manalo

    When you throw your netherite armor in lava and it burned 0:54

  • Ducky Fluff
    Ducky Fluff

    “that boy that boy that boy sus 👁👅👁

  • Goose Queen
    Goose Queen

    Good vibe check -My relationship with god is stronger and unbreakable. -Left a toxic relationship at the beginning of the year so life feels brighter. -I’m rediscovering and building a stronger relationship with myself. -Thanks to everything that’s been happening in the world, a veil has been lifted and I’ve been able to kick deadweight “friends” out of my life. -Been trying to do my part in this world and trying help to make it better. -MORE BLESSINGS TO COME Honestly, I think this has been a year of truth and rebirth/redemption for a lot of people. I see so many more people taking a minute to breathe and learning more about themselves and what they want. It’s really uplifting to see everyone get their blessings. 😊 I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Especially you, Cory! Your comeback is one of the best things to happen this year, no cap.

  • Links Sward
    Links Sward

    I'm alive

  • Donut Demon
    Donut Demon

    I got another rabbit to keep my rabbit company because he seemed lonely and now they're both happy

  • MatthewHLad

    1:52 when you're uncle barges in your room

  • alien&kitty Gacha
    alien&kitty Gacha

    good vibe check! -im going to my favourite waterpark on my birthday -im going to see my dad for 2 weeks (my parents divorced) -im waiting for my coryxkenshin merch to start shipping (its the up down white hoodie) -im getting better at sketching -cory is uploading -i can just sit down and watch coryxkenshin with no worries at all and its the best feeling -im not single -im getting over experiences -i got some new friends *2020 is a... complicated year..*

  • Dawn Thompson
    Dawn Thompson


  • Alex Aerni
    Alex Aerni

    😇😇🙏 coryxkenshin we are sick of the games we we want hope in peace in this world but the world has give us is madness so everyone pray with me that the world will change one day pray to God that everyday will be a good day for you bye

  • Confused Samurai
    Confused Samurai

    I want to be a developer, wish me luck 👍

  • Dylan Henry
    Dylan Henry

    i found the love of my life