24 Hours As a Disney Princess Challenge to Find Rebecca's Missing Memory!
Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo played a giant clue game in real Life Part 2 and did a house takeover to save RZ twin. Matt and Rebecca then tried saving Rebecca's twin from game master escape room & destroying GM lair in 24 hours. The real game master network competed in last to fall asleep wins challenge and finally found our missing memories. Rebecca must get her lost memory back by recreating the Disney princess image she saw. Matt, Rebecca, and Maddie become Disney princesses in real life for 24 hours. To start our 24 hour challenge we use a Disney princess instagram filter to reveal which princess we are. Rebecca and Maddie trick Matt by sliding his bed in the pool and putting him in a princess disguise. The cousins start in the Frozen Anna and Elsa princess outfit and do a viral tiktok dance challenge. Matt is acting suspicious and keeps disappearing outside to talk to Mr. X. The Barbie girls decide to surprise Matt and decorate his tesla like a giant Barbie dream house. Matt has a secret meeting and is acting strange with Mr X. Why does Mr X need Matt's help? In the backyard Rebecca dresses up like Princess Peach and Maddie as Princess toadstool to play giant Mario cart in real life. Maddie Wins but Rebecca doesn't remember her memory. Rebecca decides to do the last to fall in the pool challenge just like she did with Rosanna Pansino and Q from the quadrant. When Rebecca falls in she can't stop singing. What is that song? In a hidden pocket Rebecca and Matt found a key. What does this open and can we trust Matt after what he did? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo

    Subscribe if you're in the ZAMFAM! Do you think my missing memory has something to do with Clue in Real Life part 2? tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-I-rxK4KR-k0.html

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    • Sisca Van Blerk
      Sisca Van Blerk

      Matt is lieing to you

    • Pikaslajm Juscsak
      Pikaslajm Juscsak

      Yeah I guess

    • John Scales
      John Scales

      Mr. X is working with Matt you cannot trust Matt and mr. X is spying on you from outside the window Matt just talk to mr. X he is not taking out the trash

    • Preaty Playz
      Preaty Playz

      Matt is with Mr.X

  • Kylie Moreno
    Kylie Moreno


  • Elina Sadiki
    Elina Sadiki

    Matt did Go Outside bc he went to Talk to Mr.X😯 and then wen he wantdid the dieght Coke and that was for Mr.X😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯EXSPOSED

  • Martha Ibarra
    Martha Ibarra

    My Maite me pintes ocupado

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  • Miya ToyShow
    Miya ToyShow

    I like your name can I get a thing on the game because I never done that before because I don’t have a mean

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    Ziby Chan


  • Lisanna & Priya
    Lisanna & Priya


  • Mumzie Nuthall
    Mumzie Nuthall

    I mean Rebeca

  • Mumzie Nuthall
    Mumzie Nuthall

    Rangers your my favourite

  • Mumzie Nuthall
    Mumzie Nuthall

    Im apart of zamfam

  • Alex Mondragon
    Alex Mondragon

    20 7 11

  • Hailey Maraj
    Hailey Maraj

    No offense Rebecca is a little selfish because Matt does everything to be the perfect husband while she still pranks him

  • Martin Hudson
    Martin Hudson


  • Michelle Kish
    Michelle Kish

    Ting around a rosey

  • Jenn Bernardo
    Jenn Bernardo

    i love you.

  • Caleb Farlow
    Caleb Farlow

    Matt is working with mr x

  • Larry Coulter
    Larry Coulter

    Prank Matt with he is sanding by the pool and push him ni the pool

  • Qaseh Yaya
    Qaseh Yaya

    Speaking of cake today it's my birthday thank you anybody that's it Happy Birthday😄😄😄

  • leah tran
    leah tran

    I love Disney princesses

  • Bettina Bazile
    Bettina Bazile

    That was mean

  • Alex Fogarty
    Alex Fogarty


  • Pyara Singh
    Pyara Singh

    Matt is bad

  • The Bears
    The Bears


  • Kristal smellS
    Kristal smellS

    Mat gave Mr X your wedding dress

  • Emersen Irby
    Emersen Irby

    He gave them away to msx


    I love all

  • Adrianna Azzi
    Adrianna Azzi

    matt is working with Mr. x

  • Lindsay Malady
    Lindsay Malady

    i saw matt with mr x

  • It’s Destiny World
    It’s Destiny World

    Who is the game master. Who is Mr. X

  • Crazy Queen 47
    Crazy Queen 47

    Maybe the queen of gems and mr x get married that is why he wants the wedding dress

  • Ryan Lopez
    Ryan Lopez

    I will pray for you mat 🙏🙏

  • Emily Gutierrez
    Emily Gutierrez

    Matt Stoller dress for someone is why someone I don't know I think it is what it is the phone number to mask I think it's a mask

  • Michelle Kish
    Michelle Kish


  • Ramesh Mehta
    Ramesh Mehta

    I think that song is a creepy doll one

  • maqzeazy08



    You must go home for me please

  • Sharon Lontine
    Sharon Lontine

    matts working with mr x

  • Orin Sarwer
    Orin Sarwer

    Hi Rebecca I’m just giving you a little advice you should be nicer to Matt you gave Matt his Tesla a long time ago you should give him something he always wanted I know he wanted a Tesla for a long time but I know he has something else for a long time so please listen to my advice

  • Thana balasubramaniam
    Thana balasubramaniam

    No oh no oh

  • BRIAN higgins
    BRIAN higgins

    Matt is hiding a big secret away from you!

  • Sisca Wijaya
    Sisca Wijaya


  • Jamilyn San Jose
    Jamilyn San Jose


  • Daleyza Najera
    Daleyza Najera

    I hate your lie no one's only thing you do is just pranked your husband so you better stop talking to me before before you get zero

  • loveshona16

    hi Rebecca zamolo my name is sanaya Houston and I just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan of yours I've been watching you since I was three years old and my mom's account is that how I'm watching you so I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan and that I wish you a lot of love ❤️

  • Lujain Yessine
    Lujain Yessine

    Matt is not tucking the truth

  • Miesha286

    I not a geysers but my cousin is a great geysers

  • milk tea
    milk tea

  • vingealcorn Alolor
    vingealcorn Alolor

    you can use your hair rebecca coz your color hair is white like elsa you dont need a wig

  • Alexandria Griffin
    Alexandria Griffin

    Hey look I’m Alexandria and I love you so you should act like a nail went through your finger

  • Talesha Miners
    Talesha Miners

    Yes Rebbeca

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    Jennifer Laplume


  • Max Burson
    Max Burson

    He’s ling

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  • Lisa Logan
    Lisa Logan

    I’m a gymnast

  • Maddie Queen
    Maddie Queen

    How Maddie Woke Up??????????????

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  • Lilli Michinski
    Lilli Michinski

    Mr. X wasThere

  • Heidi Brown
    Heidi Brown

    I’m a Glynis

  • Love LiveLaugh
    Love LiveLaugh

    Hello I am a big fan and I love it and thank you so much for your help thank you 💻💝📘🖍🥳🌈☀️🇸🇭

  • Jo T
    Jo T

    I'm apart of GMI but still whith ZAM FAN I'm helping to find clues that will help stop the GMI

  • DAT 10
    DAT 10


  • DAT 10
    DAT 10


  • Violet Smith
    Violet Smith

    NO I don’t think you should trust him piz not thx

  • Rossefel Calimbas
    Rossefel Calimbas

    My favorite Disney princess is rapunzel

  • daisy sanchez
    daisy sanchez

    I Love you 🦄🦉🦋.

  • Teresita Clayton
    Teresita Clayton

    My favourite Disney Princess is belle

  • Laila Walid
    Laila Walid

    Rebecca Maddie Matt wasn't taken out the garbage he was meeting Mrx.

  • Craig Whitehead
    Craig Whitehead

    Mate you can have the same