3 Real Date Night Horror Stories
Mr. Nightmare
First dates are never exactly looked forward to given that you don't always know who you're really meeting. These are 3 creepy experiences had by different viewers on their first dates.
Story 1: Neil J. Marshall
Story 3: Geoff Giso
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.

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  • OWO

    I did not press charges Me:simp I think so

  • BlakeSTI93

    When guys slip pills in your wine it's for date rape When girls slip pills in your wine it's for getting murdered in your sleep

  • Gemma James
    Gemma James

    Thats why u have a dog

  • Станислава Янакиева
    Станислава Янакиева


  • Slumped Seagull
    Slumped Seagull

    During this video, I learned that cups are pretty stationary objects.

  • The Blazin Braixen
    The Blazin Braixen

    You know I use to feel like nobody liked me but now I'm starting to appreciate that I'm single 😂😂

  • Completely Maruchan
    Completely Maruchan

    Why?! WHY!!!?!??! Why would the guy Not press charges against a woman who tried to kill him not once but TWICE!?!?! What has the word come to???? IM SOO CONFUSED!!

  • OlympianSGKim91

    Third story, why didn't you press charges? I would be scared shitless. At least trespassing!

  • Danny Czesak
    Danny Czesak

    I love how ppl never press charges against strangers... SERIOUSLY!!! Fck em!!!

  • Aroob Khan
    Aroob Khan

    That's why I don't talk to any stranger on social media, no matter how good looking they are or how many followers they have... People can't be trusted these days and there can be anyone behind those accounts...

  • Nina Ali
    Nina Ali

    No pity for the last one. You literally invite someone you have never met directly to your personal address because you're in a hurry to get laid and are surprised that it goes back? smh

  • Joe

    Lesson for people who want to try online dating: do not invite people to your house they could be psychos or try to kill you, do not go to people's house you could get jumped by a bunch of tyrones or eugene's. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO is go to a grab coffee or breakfast or lunch in the DAY in someplace populated don't give anyone your location and after a date go do something like go to a mall or something so they can't track you home

  • Hockey_4_life 57
    Hockey_4_life 57

    On the first story when the old man’s phone vibrated I got a notification and it scared the crap out of me 😂

  • Michael Maughan
    Michael Maughan

    I would laugh if instead of going through the girls window he went in the parents window

  • • ღ ToonzVerse ღ •
    • ღ ToonzVerse ღ •

    It wasn't the stories that freaked me out, nah it was that noise at the beginning (seriously tho that is what scared me XD)

  • Nikola Bo55
    Nikola Bo55

    i need a gf

    • Nick

      Nikola Bo55 you’re probably 12

  • Fernando Gallegos
    Fernando Gallegos

    Amelia’s are fcking crazy

  • It'sMeAgain NDJDHDB
    It'sMeAgain NDJDHDB

    That girl in the second story is on drugs

  • Aayush Srivastava
    Aayush Srivastava

    Just a question why do Americans don't cross check their doors and windows before going to bed, It'll make sense to shut at least those ones where intruders can enter from.

  • Aayush Srivastava
    Aayush Srivastava

    Never go on a date with a person who's much older or younger !!

  • Devin

    funny how feminazis say that men should stop killing when in 2 of 3 of these stories the woman is the psyco

  • Amira Playz
    Amira Playz

    my plans for going on a date is officially cancelled permanently

  • ·

    I’m literally not scared of humans anymore because I know my number one weapon. Not a gun, Not a knife, Not a missile, no no no, ZIMBZALABIM ZIM ZIM ZALABIM ZIM ZIMZALABIM ZIM ZIM

  • abc def
    abc def

    Also Start A Discord I Can Do It For You

  • abc def
    abc def

    Hey MRN Yall Got Kids

  • NineGang 50
    NineGang 50

    Honestly if you break into my house wich is my domain. Your no longer the killer.

  • Amanda Ciesla
    Amanda Ciesla

    5:10 Omg I thought he said 7 years old 😳


    Poo is tasty

  • Sehresh Shah
    Sehresh Shah

    4:16 Me: "Oh no it's going darker and inside the room" *squirting my eyes if anything scary happens* *Waiting* ... *waiting* ... ... *picture changes to a sunny police department photo* Me: " oh well it could have been worse"

  • Zachary Zachary
    Zachary Zachary

    What's with these people in not pressing charges I would want them to be locked up

  • LilyoftheLake

    My name is Kate, so that ending when you find out that the crazy bitch from the 2nd story wasn't actually named Kate, well, it made me very happy lol.

  • Ariel A Villanueva
    Ariel A Villanueva

    How’d I know I was gonna see tinder during this

  • Elle Starrchild
    Elle Starrchild

    Does anyone else just lay in bed and listen to these lol 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Jad Shoker
    Jad Shoker

    Doesn’t press charges? SIMP Jkjk....unless?

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie

    Remember if someone tried to kill you and u survive, send your story to Mr.Nightmare

  • Amethyst Gacha
    Amethyst Gacha

    And this is why I’m single

  • Giovanni Herrera
    Giovanni Herrera

    #1 me finding out my tinder “date” isn’t the pictured weight her images portrayed

  • Maria Delgado
    Maria Delgado

    Why would she open the window?

  • Lola Burns
    Lola Burns

    I found that Pamela Castillo girl lmao I looked her up

  • Eevee Q
    Eevee Q

    Yeah, this is why I stay to myself lol

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G

    "I went back to the glass of wine and smelt it." Aye bruh why you melting your glass?

  • yeet bootgang
    yeet bootgang

    soon we gon have "3 Covid-19 horror stories' I CAN SEE: i went to the store and i found people getting stabed or tp and stuff

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G

    Aye bruh can you take out the *FREAKING* sound effects

  • Mr Jojo Red Cat
    Mr Jojo Red Cat

    Like or reply to this comment if you like the combo of penne alla vodka with garlic bread and wine.

  • nodevoutt

    mostly likely the last one she was trying to rob you and then murder you if you interrupted her. send her to jail before she does it again, shes crazy

  • Great Big Mouth 137
    Great Big Mouth 137

    Shit I’m back in the dating scene and now i have to make sure I’m not followed and stay strapped or get clapped.

  • Xiral

    I'm watching this with some extra comfort because I know this situation could never happen to me. xD

  • Crispy Children
    Crispy Children

    7:08 that's called a duplex

  • LaurLoVideo

    Story 2: “She pulled up in an old beater Honda, I actually felt a sense of disappointment when I saw it was her getting out” damn ok @ me next time. I came here to listen to spooky stories and now I’m feeling attACKED

  • Frostfire40

    Stories like these are the reason I’m glad I’ve developed into the kind of person who will make someone I meet online wait a long time before actually meeting up. I’ve done it a few times shortly after but decided to stop doing that just to be on the safe side. Because most people who want to hurt, rape, kill you, etc, probably won’t be patient enough to wait too long for their victim. And I’m not talking about waiting a few months. Or not even a year. I mean wait at least a couple of years before meeting to have the chance to really develop a good friendship beforehand. Let’s just say it’s a form of test I give people. It requires them plenty of patience and understanding without pushing against it that while I am a pretty open book of a person that doesn’t mean I trust somebody fully enough to meet up for awhile. After all. You never know who you might meet online. I don’t think my method is foolproof. But I think it helps to weed out probably a lot of the bad people since I’m not a victim that will play into things as quickly as they probably want. Of course even if/when I agree to meet despite not looking it I’ll still be rather guarded at the first meet up.

  • caren234

    On story one why didn't she ask the Bartender for help?🤨

  • Star Bird
    Star Bird

    0:38 *Paddy's Pub real?!*

  • Magz Plan
    Magz Plan

    Why are these people not pressing charges? Wtf

    • Vic292

      It can be expensive and time consuming..

  • TigerDude401 Vlogs
    TigerDude401 Vlogs

    I'm just a little worried about MY love interest. She said she'd been spying on me, and I believed it. She may have said she was "joking", but how did that explain my dog barking at "nothing"? He couldn't have seen any wild animals because I don't have a lot of woods for too many animals to pass through. It also usually only happens at night, and no one walks around that late. For those reasons, I'm beginning to think that my love interest was telling the truth.

  • Quinn Rose
    Quinn Rose

    PPL PLEASE READ My dad always gave me cash before a date saying "CASH IS KING. And keep it a secret, if u ever need to call a ride or taxi or even buss money when u feel in danger, uncomfortable or his just being a dumbass. You don't have to stay and fuck his feelings, You get the hell away!" Hed always let me know i can call him and hed be there but to get away as soon as possible. I knew i couldn't use that money for anything else. Just solely for this purpose needless to say i had to use atleast four time in my dating lifetime and am now happily married

  • Elliott Boomsluiter
    Elliott Boomsluiter

    Sorry, but a 911 operator would never, ever, in a million years, advise someone to 'find something to use as a weapon'. At that moment the most obvious, actual, advise, would be to barricade yourself in your room. Or the bathroom. That's like the operator saying, 'Is your friend still breathing?' 'I think so, but very lightly' 'Ok, what you need to do is firmly clasp your hand over their mouth. And with the other hand, you're going to pinch the nose closed. Then, just keep doing that until the poli.... sorry i mean ambulance workers arrive'


    Is it DrDisRespect in the thumbnail following the girl?

  • Imperator

    The last one sounds like part of the movie "Misery"

  • Andrea Simon
    Andrea Simon

    What a dick The guy who judged the girl by her car Yea yea she was nuts but still not cool to judge

  • Skys

    Corpse Husband and Mr.Nightmare need to collab and make a 1 hour video.

  • Rizzle

    Man, people are so shiesty ‼️

  • get your shit together
    get your shit together

    Mr. Nightmare's kid: Dad I can't sleep Mr. Nightmare: Do you want to hear a story? Kid: sure Mr. Nightmare: So it all started when this guy- The kid: *ah shit here we go again*

  • Strawberry Watermelon
    Strawberry Watermelon

    thank you for these! you are helping make this quarantine nonsense bearable!

  • Arjun Awesome
    Arjun Awesome

    Story 2: yay bit of a gap 7 years older

  • Just Kaylen
    Just Kaylen

    Me: *Watches third one* Also me: *Has a GF named Amelia* Me: O_O

  • Tara Briggs
    Tara Briggs

    @13:33 I may have pee’d a little! I’m not to ashamed to admit it!!! Creepy!!!

  • Ange Browne
    Ange Browne

    The moral of the stories is; DON'T talk to strangers. Meet people through family, friends, work, clubs where people congregate in person. This applies to any age.

    • Vic292

      This is 2020. tinder and dating apps are a big thing.

  • mar macias
    mar macias

    I love these stories. Thanks for posting.

  • Lee Love
    Lee Love

    Yeah I'm sweet, I'm never going on a date.

  • Alvina Davis
    Alvina Davis

    Amelia was stalking you