5 Backswing Tips to Fix Your Golf Game
MrShortGame Golf
Looking for a more consistent golf game? Using these backswing tips will help you hit better shots and gain more confidence.
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  • Art 'Dutch' Willemse
    Art 'Dutch' Willemse

    Cool! I just practiced that in front of the mirror and opened up more than I realized. Thanks! Now gotta practice the correct takeaway 👍

  • Steven Faulkner
    Steven Faulkner

    Love the teaching style, simple and fun, just how golf should be. Good job!!

  • Mark Gay
    Mark Gay

    Great video again Matt. 2nd tip is Gold. So much instruction about each part: Start from the ground, then the hips, then the shoulders , then the arms, etc... never thought about moving everything at once. This tip totally frees up the backswing.

  • Neil McKenny
    Neil McKenny

    Hey Buddy This is the first time I have ever commented on TR-my. I have watched your videos for a couple months now and have enjoyed them very much. You sound like an average guy that I would golf with, except you have a lot of knowledge and a “blue collar” way of delivering your message. Trackman etc is good to refine someone’s numbers I think, but first you have to have the basics. Your instruction is perfect for this. I have golfed for about 30 years... don’t keep an official handicap, but 83-95 on most courses is me. My point: your talk of keeping the right hand looking down on the backswing is GOLD. Just a subtle down feeling... I am in Ontario cooped up with this virus thing, so I went to the garage, started a fire, hung up tarps etc and started chipping based on some of your other videos. It has turned into full iron shots. Right hand down feeling is gold. What a feeling of compression. Thanks again.

    • MrShortGame Golf
      MrShortGame Golf

      Neil McKenny thanks a lot glad you like the vids

  • L Henderson
    L Henderson

    great tips... I have made all of those mistakes trying to find my swing... thank you! thank you!

  • Jonathan Nyberg
    Jonathan Nyberg

    Dude, i just found you.. you’re amazing! 🤘

  • Martin Moore
    Martin Moore

    Thanks Matt, that was a great video which is so easy to emulate. Just proves that keeping it simple is usually best. Cheers and look forward to many more.

  • Patrick Holland
    Patrick Holland

    You are so correct!! I love how simple you make golf. Fantastic!!! Thank you!! Love you too man!!

  • troy winn
    troy winn

    I practiced your tips and increased my driver club head speed by 10 from 90 to 100. Fantastic and hit with more accuracy. My question is this. I've watched the teachers expound on the swing made popular by Now Norman, and the hands are way way away from the body. Any comments would be appreciated

  • Kenny Waters
    Kenny Waters

    Matt, you have a fan base. Keep bringing it.

  • John Moline
    John Moline

    This video really helped my game yesterday. Great info. thanks

  • Chris Estopinal
    Chris Estopinal

    Can you please make a video on topping the ball? Thanks

  • Dawson Collins
    Dawson Collins

    Hey Matt I’m new to the channel and I’m also fairly to golfing (8 months). I’m looking to take my game to the next level and I’m really liking the lessons so far I’ve seen from you. Can I send you a video of myself and have you give me some pointers please ? It would mean a lot thanks Matt .

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis

    Thanks Matt, your videos are often a confirmation to me as to what I am doing right :)

  • Bob Mansfield
    Bob Mansfield

    One of the best instructional videos I have ever seen. Combined with brilliant humour this video has been stored for future reference on my computer whenever need to find answers when things go wrong.Thanks a bundle.

  • Corek BleedingHollow
    Corek BleedingHollow

    You got Raymond Floyd on one end and Matthew Wolff on the other. It doesn't matter what you do in the backswing.

  • Metalheads Golf
    Metalheads Golf

    Nice ... having a trigger is very interesting. Be completely still doesn't work for me. In my vids I trample tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-BykjUse9HNk.html and your example to tennis is what is called the split step. That is why I so far ignored all the well intended tips I received with standing completely still. Pls check my vid ... what do you think? Stay metal, Eric.

  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett

    I like the trigger thing. It reminds me of Matthew Wolff

  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett

    Great video, just subbed

  • Jeff Lamontagne
    Jeff Lamontagne

    Have you ever covered the pros and cons of using a yardage book for course management? I sell the golf yardage book do it yourself template on eBay for $2.99 and have been selling a few.

  • JL Law
    JL Law

    narrower misses is better than wider misses any day... wait, are we still talking golf?

  • Christopher Chamberlain
    Christopher Chamberlain

    I feel like you made this for me.

  • Ghost Netnanny
    Ghost Netnanny

    Stay connected... !!!

  • David Libby
    David Libby

    Loving your Channel Matt, is it always Sunny in SOCAL ? You wouldn’t believe the rain we get in Europe, it’s biblical ....

  • Daniel Atherton
    Daniel Atherton

    Great tips.

  • James Saunders
    James Saunders

    What belt you wearing? I've been looking something similar.

  • Terry Holloway
    Terry Holloway

    Great tips Matt thanks

  • Kirk Whitehurst
    Kirk Whitehurst

    I just finished 2 drills you showed that helped me so much. The first one was holding your elbow down and swinging a 1000 times with a pitching wedge. the second one was chipping a 1000 times with the driver. I actu ally used my 5 wood which is my favorite club. awesome Sir....What part of the golf ball do YOU actually look at when you strike all of your clubs.


    am i right or not that i sometimes thin my wedge shots say 40/50 yards by taking my club back low and return it at impact low and catch the ball middle i then realize what i'm doing and change my take away

  • Alan Mackie
    Alan Mackie

    I have a question about breathing in the backswing. Does one breathe in on the backswing and hold your breathe on your downswing?

  • Mike L60
    Mike L60

    thanks Mr short game easy to understand back swig advise

  • Gerry Waneck
    Gerry Waneck

    My trigger is: After I get set up, I relax my body, take a deep breath, exhale, and then start my backswing.

  • T-Rump

    No! Please tell me you didn’t swap out those beautiful Ben Hogan ptx pros for mizunos!

  • e james
    e james

    whipping it out in my youth definitely messed up my life.....

  • Bob Joswick
    Bob Joswick

    Great ideas.

  • Euge55 7
    Euge55 7

    Matt just played a round and at the same time filmed tips for us. Awesome!! 👍🏻

  • Christopher Roland
    Christopher Roland

    I take it back low in the backswing when hitting the wedges only like you said and it works.

  • Bo_Bo SlicE
    Bo_Bo SlicE

    Thanks SG, your videos alone have helped me take 30 strokes out of my game in two months of consistent golfing, thank you keep up the good work. I feel like i should be paying you btw lol

  • RazoRock

    Love it 👌

  • Sam King
    Sam King

    A1 as usual!

  • bobber

    Thanks man for the great tips, sweet!

  • ali nazir
    ali nazir

    Best 5 tips ever! Specially the trigger and stay connected.

  • T K
    T K

    Lmao @ "Destroy your life."

  • johnny b
    johnny b

    Thanks for the video, I am taking lessons but needed this help right now for just the basics.

  • Johnnie Warren
    Johnnie Warren

    Matt, I luv yah man! You are so funny and make learning to golf fun. God bless you.

  • Serge Allard
    Serge Allard

    Hey Budy, out of context from this Vid. I watched your vid on changing grip and I did it my self last week. Save a few bucks. Tks

  • Ray M
    Ray M

    Hands close to the body. Great tip. Great video!

  • SuperVillain Golf
    SuperVillain Golf

    Trigger. Never had one, do now. Thanks MATT!

  • Jare Roken
    Jare Roken

    I normally look to the heavens and mutter "please lord" 😂

    • GST1974

      Careful you might get abducted by some ufo in the area. 😜

  • Porsche911luv

    Switch to decaf dude

  • GST1974

    tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-hM67kVL9IJ8.html Top 5 golf swings of all time! Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and others. All had full body rotation.

  • Scott Manthey
    Scott Manthey

    Some great tips there. The trigger is something I've been playing around with lately and like it. Mathew Wolf is the most extreme case and it really works for him. Just wanted to be sure I understand your 5 stroke challenge, that video is from 2018, is that the one?

  • GST1974

    I have a tendency of taking the club inside because I don't rotate properly because I am afraid of swaying. That means I use too much arms and upper body rotation instead of full body rotation from the feet up like the old timers did. If you don't rotate enough it's only a matter of time before the club gets thrown off plane up and inside. That is why a 1 plane swing seems so uncommon with modern day golf and people are told to shallow the club in the transition stage. The club should rotate freely in the hands with a neutral grip at setup. Having a strong grip is another reason people start the back swing on the wrong plane(up and inside) instead of based on the lie angle of the club and it's length. Yes a one piece takeaway and staying connected throughout the swing. Basically the arms go up and down as the body turns. You don't force a weight shift to happen. You allow it to happen as a result of rotation. It took me a long time to figure this out, hence why I had a sway problem and was hitting the ground about half a foot behind the ball.

  • Brian

    100 % agree with staying connected...nothing more important....use the towel drill/towel under armpits

  • Rob Small
    Rob Small

    Hands close to the body in the back swing is one of the best tips ever I'd say

  • Day Lily Gardener
    Day Lily Gardener

    Trigger a must even with the putting stroke.

  • John Fiorvento
    John Fiorvento

    I’ve been taught and follow the mantra of “lose control in order to gain control.” Stay loose and let the club follow where your body takes it.

  • Golfholics

    Great vid!! Rematch soon, Matt?

    • matt smith
      matt smith

      Wow, how many Matts are there on YT Golf Channels?

    • SuperVillain Golf
      SuperVillain Golf

      @MrShortGame Golf I vote YES! on this one! Crossovers FTW

    • MrShortGame Golf
      MrShortGame Golf

      Let's do it.

  • Roger Trottier
    Roger Trottier

    Who's the moron with the thumbs down???

  • David Bozic
    David Bozic

    I like your videos, especially the 'ballet exercise' of hitting a fairway metal. I'd like to hear your comments on the Moe Norman single axis swing.🐈

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson

    The more technique videos I watch, the more aware I am of how some of the advice might be misconstrued by people like me. Today, tip 5 jumped out at me. I've been thinking "shallow" lately. But if it's disrupting my body's natural motion, I'm probably erring too far on the opposite end of what the "shallow swing" advice is intended to address. I'm thinking back to "don't hit down" - advice that is necessary because maybe someone took a good concept and misstated it. It's true you want to keep the low point of an iron swing from bottoming out before the ball, but that might get exaggerated.

  • Minch

    Great advice. I've dropped three strokes after watching your videos for two weeks. Thank you. Can you tell the viewers which course you happen to be playing on given videos? The courses all look inviting.

  • Gav Oz
    Gav Oz

    Wasn't trigger a horse

  • Manny Talavera
    Manny Talavera

    TOP 6 comment

  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith

    You playing the JPX 919 tour's? They are money.

    • MrShortGame Golf
      MrShortGame Golf

      They are pretty sweet

  • Winnie 2609
    Winnie 2609

    My trigger is take a deep breath.

    • Winnie 2609
      Winnie 2609

      @Brian it helps me relax and clears my thoughts....gives me a smoother swing. Most of the time.

    • Brian

      I like that...start backswing on exhale

  • Sports & Sorts
    Sports & Sorts

    Another great video that makes it's way into my "golf practice/drill" playlist! Thanks!

  • MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez
    MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez

    Is a slight forward press a trigger?

    • MrShortGame Golf
      MrShortGame Golf


  • barry black
    barry black

    As always a great video, thanks.