5 Gamers vs 1 Fake Gamer
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  • Philip Stilwell
    Philip Stilwell

    Hi everyone thanks for watching the video if you watched it. I directed this episode so if anyone has any questions about how it was made or what I’m doing rn at my desk for work let me know or reply with “hey” if you want to say hi or whatever, bye thank you.

    • Heniningiboi Horn af Rantzien
      Heniningiboi Horn af Rantzien


    • Denise Busuttil
      Denise Busuttil

      Why are there 6 not 7

    • Jakob Fjellanger
      Jakob Fjellanger


    • Subatomic Spectrom
      Subatomic Spectrom


    • Poppy vlogz
      Poppy vlogz


  • SiLvEr2K


  • XxItsMagicalxX

    Just so you know, only true gamers would meme about the carrier getting kicked and not complain saying it was sexism

  • PaulieMoly

    Maplestory... what a legend

  • ram gul
    ram gul

    they are akward and did not know how to deal with a woman and voted her out.

  • GageTheSpartan

    These aren't real gamers, none of them have Recon in Halo 3.

  • Pauli Helsi
    Pauli Helsi

    I guessed the mole by the intro

  • plonkerboy900

    I'm sure Bryce was just basing his knowledge off of watching PewdiePie or something, Games like Slender and Until Dawn you don't need to play to get a good idea of.

  • Thetwistedgod

    have you ever played the slender man game before??? who asks that, i knew it was him from the start

  • Harrison Bannerman
    Harrison Bannerman

    I know everyone is talking about Nola, but wtf about the first girl? She KNEW everything asked about league. How would a non-gamer ever even know what ADC means and the name of league ranks?

  • Brooklyn Blunt
    Brooklyn Blunt

    being on an episode would be so cool

  • Allain Vincent Miranda
    Allain Vincent Miranda

    This video is like being led by (Nola) a super carry then gotten ks by her supports

  • Gino Cheng
    Gino Cheng

    I bet Bryce knew the Slenderman locations from watching Pewdiepie play it

  • Spicycrunchyandrooroll

    Shapes body like a T and it's called T-pose, yes, what a great idea to oust which is the normie

  • Aidan Brown
    Aidan Brown

    cringy af

  • Rho Bidderskag
    Rho Bidderskag

    I hate how every single one of the real gamers plays League.

  • Misty Dreams
    Misty Dreams

    that Bryce guy look like lil huddy.

  • Aaliyah S
    Aaliyah S

    Useless ass guys I bet if that girl wasn't there they wouldve lost

  • Rijcosplay

    Can you guys do one pastel person in a group of goths you just need to blindfold them or have everyone dress up goth

  • Jordash W
    Jordash W

    God the tposes are unbearable

  • Imani Packer
    Imani Packer

    Future Idea: 6 Southerns vs 1 Northerner

  • Claire Allen
    Claire Allen

    5:04 is the best part of this whole thing lol.....

  • Big Sama
    Big Sama

    Gamer is our word, but you can say gama

  • Melissa M
    Melissa M

    This made me so mad, the guys kicked the girl out who obviously wasn't the mole. Probably why they don't have girlfriends.

  • Severn Ninja
    Severn Ninja

    That one guy low key lookin like ed shearan(dunno if thats how you say it)

  • Louis Darling
    Louis Darling

    Never seen so many gimps in my life

  • StarsOfMidnight


  • CapnRequiemツ

    Nola was also wrong

  • Anothoy

    A wendigo

  • Lectura Cyber
    Lectura Cyber

    Gg gamers

  • MKL

    I'm sorry. There is no way Jess is/was ever master tier in League. Just had to point that out.

  • Anon Mouse
    Anon Mouse

    To be fair to these cringy guys: It actually make sense to vote out the person who was trying to out another person the most. Cause a good mole should be trying to turn it against other people to keep it off themselves.

  • Blackoutdmc

    Can we do one where they find out who the true anime fans are?

  • The Ordinary Gamer
    The Ordinary Gamer

    None of these people are gamers. lol.

  • Uvwuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ubwemubwem Ossas
    Uvwuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ubwemubwem Ossas

    You‘re not a gamer just because you know the T pose

  • LoadStar81

    Last word of the video: "Consume." Me, remembering one of the contestants mentioned Slay the Spire: "Blue, 2e: Lose an orb slot. Gain 2 (3) focus."

  • X3Mikey

    I feel proud that I got it first try. True gamer moment bois

  • papasfritas

    Yep I guessed correctly as soon as the non gamer started talking. The other girl did all the work revealing the liar and the 3 quiet dudes get the money? wtf

  • Anime freak
    Anime freak

    Nola if you are reading this girl you rock we love you

  • Anime freak
    Anime freak

    No offense but their actions screamed gamers

  • Sofia Skakalovaw
    Sofia Skakalovaw

    annie is a support or mid? -both .....the adc in me is crying

  • bored of video games
    bored of video games

    no one gonna talk about how the first girl said her rank in league is masters??out of all the playerbase only 0.021% is ranked in masters. damn she must be some gaming prodigy.

  • TheAmazing Gamerzz
    TheAmazing Gamerzz

    "if youre a real gamer" bit** ur a shame to the community when you showed that pose

  • Xephyy

    Whose else cringed when they t posed

  • IanGlennOrdona

    Damn Jessica said she was ranked Master in league she must be pretty flippin’ good

  • ゚BobFredIII

    I cringed at the t posing 😂😂

  • 내팔자야아이고

    Who else cringed every time these “gamers” t posed

  • GreenCat 25
    GreenCat 25

    who plays lol coment and let s play lmao

  • GreenCat 25
    GreenCat 25

    I wanna play League with em all🙃

  • ivoight7

    That was hilarious 😂😂

  • Andrea Salgado
    Andrea Salgado

    That girl was like the annoying girl how thinks she's better for being gamer

  • Devin Wiseman
    Devin Wiseman

    Those gamer guys are the absolute worst

  • Devin Wiseman
    Devin Wiseman

    The black guys hair is a look

  • Swerve1

    Was that tsm solomon

  • Cryptic_Slay

    The one person that is lying I’m a “Gay” Maer Oh I signed up for the wrong thing peace out

  • Andrew Cardenas
    Andrew Cardenas

    I expected cringe and my thirst was satisfied. Or not. Time to watch nickado avocado be, well, who tf even knows what that thing is...

  • Elizabeth Schrader
    Elizabeth Schrader

    Nola helping Jessica out in the first round when she was having a hard time under pressure, sisters support each other, ya know what I"m saying??

  • Elizabeth Schrader
    Elizabeth Schrader

    Dude I was so pissed after the first round, literally everyone knows what the slenderman game is!!! Just because she's not good under pressure doesn't mean she's the mole, ffffffuuuuu

  • SCRWD Alexxz
    SCRWD Alexxz

    This whole thing is a gamer moment

  • Blue in an apron
    Blue in an apron

    Black and green shirt is the non gamer. I was right.

  • Jacob Dovah
    Jacob Dovah

    These are not true gamers

  • Potato BunBun
    Potato BunBun

    Those 3 guys at the end voted out the girl who exposed the mole :/ I feel like she deserves more credit, or cash =/ , then they do...

  • Potato BunBun
    Potato BunBun

    "Veronica" Excuse me? I dont know of this Veronica and I have watched Messyourself play this series at least 3 times XD


    Quested it in like ten seconds

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy

    11:05 Roger from American Dad

  • Kermit ll
    Kermit ll

    7:05 is when I realized I didnt want to live anymore

  • A-GirlsGacha _
    A-GirlsGacha _

    Lol as soon as he started arguing about the names I knew he was the mole

  • EnteHS dUb
    EnteHS dUb

    As a master gamer, I knew from the START it was that person(avoid the spoiling) They tried too hard, 90s? Rly? They did the research beforehand too

  • Cody Shaw
    Cody Shaw

    she said she was master in lol...

  • IAmTamriver

    i feel that there should be a punishment for voting out the wrong people too... maybe like a deduction of winnings or something. Should create more of an incentive to not vote out people to just make more money or because they can