5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will MESS YOU UP BRO !
Nuke's Top 5
Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera! …BRO ;-) Some very scary, creepy, and strange videos.
In this video, we cover everything from scary abandoned buildings, to a haunted apartment, a creepy shadow figure, and a scary little girl ghost found in a paranormal investigation.
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  • Micah Williams
    Micah Williams

    12:05 That sounds demonic 😰

  • David Atkinson
    David Atkinson

    What happened to Franko’s dog? It was there in the first clip then he has a bunch of cats

    • Mikey

      I wondered that too. Nuke even pointed out that the dog had no reaction in the one clip. Where was the dog during the knocking?

  • Derp

    If I was with Freyo I would just punch it I have anger issues and that thing would help me relieve it while it's dying

  • JustaGamer

    I'm not your bro, buddy

  • The player Yt Regien
    The player Yt Regien

    Nuke : the watcher . Marvel fans : [he said it !]

  • Franco Sanchez
    Franco Sanchez

    if you think about it, the number 2 (17:31)would make sense that that was a ghost following them. He said that a hiker found the body of a homeless man nearby that house, so i don't think anyone would go near the place, cause i know i wouldnt

  • Omizzy Lizardi
    Omizzy Lizardi

    “I’m not going to run” says Ricky. So she comes out like she’s asked to. Then, that foo runs. 😂

  • Antoine Joaquim Sarraga
    Antoine Joaquim Sarraga


  • Sam. R Lewerk
    Sam. R Lewerk

    Investigate an existable ghost women name Felehuhuni, location, Tonga.

  • Thaddeus Ibarra
    Thaddeus Ibarra

    I absolutely LOVE the Fourman Brothers!!! They travel the states helping people with hauntings and saving peoples lives.... they also help people find lost loved ones. Missing people....they’re the only team that I know of that does this. Josh is a man of the cloth with stick removed. 😂 they’re really good guys and I admire what they’re doing. Oh The evidence they capture is insane!! Check them out on their TR-my channel Paranormal Nightmare 😂 I can’t believe I’m advertising them but they are the real deal.

  • Baba Booey
    Baba Booey

    NUKE: I think I just saw a Shadow. Ghost: did you? Or was I just a Hoax, You decide. 👻 😂

  • Baba Booey
    Baba Booey

    3 days later.? Wow! Now that's what I call getting some shut-eye. 😪 😴 😂

  • ClarkCulver

    0:36 When your dancing to CaramellDansen while having a mental breakdown

  • Mr McDonald
    Mr McDonald

    12:30 The moment the average American shows their balls of steel lol Besides they are so slow that if there was anything dangerous or after them they would have been caught in about three seconds lol

  • Mr McDonald
    Mr McDonald

    6:44 Ok once i saw that i knew this one was fake.

  • Aleah Caspel
    Aleah Caspel

    This is nuke's favourite words "Did you see it?" And "or it's a labor hoax you decide."

    • Mikey

      A labor hoax? You mean elaborate?

  • somosgenel

    Red was murdered by Rusty... Red was killed Rusty... What an IRONIC METALURGIC TRAGEDY... " Yeah, so :O* " (Trademark Ja 1997)..


    Soon as the girl was looking around the corner I knew it was faked

  • suri Eisden
    suri Eisden

    how can he sleep

  • Boondoggled News
    Boondoggled News

    Paranormal Nightmare.....THANK YOU for asking them if they can see US!?!?!?!

  • Jason Sapigao
    Jason Sapigao

    ah yes depression reliever

  • emanuel vids life vlogs
    emanuel vids life vlogs

    The girl in the thumbnail looks more like a ghost than the shadow behind her

  • Tek

    I know your Reading comments cause your scared of nightmares

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz

    Could just be mr but doesn’t that look like a guy on the left of my man? 16:08

  • Lise K-this
    Lise K-this

    If you see a picture/video with a "ghost" peeking out and its eyes are shining, it's fake. Ghost cannot and do not have eye shine. You literally have to be alive for your eyes to do that oh and ghost don't blink. lol


    Na it isn’t haunted Franco good try

  • kalifah

    The ghost are very good at hiding.

  • Estefani Bonilla
    Estefani Bonilla

    Who else is hiding in the comments ?

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi

    People go out looking for crazy crap and they think they see crazy crap and then they.... Run. Don't go looking if you don't want to know

  • Kay Deep
    Kay Deep

    Franco’s ghost isn’t really because she blinked. Didn’t know ghost needed to lubricate their eyes while their haunting

  • La Nina Azul
    La Nina Azul

    Hey Nuke? The Forman brothers were at a prison investigating.. One of them asks a long dead inmate.."Let us know if your in here?" They received a reply at 1:42. Someone or something says "Nooo.."

  • hopz

    7:17 the best part of these videos.. "motherfcker" lol

  • Osheen

    why is it so hot in there, who asked u to burn up ?

  • Quiet Star
    Quiet Star

    Frankos commenter who said to talk to it made it worse you NEVER try to contact something that's trying to harm

  • LegitScoper

    I would insult this spirit to make it _really_ upset. I'm pretty suicidal, so what will it do ? Kill me ?

  • Aimee Leanne
    Aimee Leanne

    honestly if i saw a girls face like that popping round the side of my wall/stairs you can bet your ass id be moving out the next day not recording it for more evidence wtf

  • Sham Brain
    Sham Brain

    I just noticed, it's always a little girl that would show up on a Mexican haunting. I wonder why '.

  • Storm

    Yo this messed me up bro!

  • Nicholas Bourcier
    Nicholas Bourcier

    Yo, if im not scarred for life im suing you

  • Brandon Storey
    Brandon Storey

    Funny video🤣

  • Osakis Boy
    Osakis Boy

    4:57 Oh that just could be a spider

  • Michael Paul Tucker
    Michael Paul Tucker


  • the gamers
    the gamers

    im from poland i i love to watch polish paranormal tv

  • K M
    K M

    Me: Talks to a young girl spirit via EVP, "do you know where you are?" Her: "Cemetery" Me: Alright, Imma head out. I used to be a STAUNCH Nonbeliever in my early youth, I thought it was all BulS'hait. Then it happened to me. There is so much more I can tell you, my experiences, It took years to get spirit free. It was like an attachment. The crying woman, for years I would say "this place is haunted" everyone would laugh... then one day. I had a witness, standing right next to me. What did I say, did I not tell you!!

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C

    With all the inherent racism and corruption in the police and justice system in the USA, it is no wonder there are restless spirits of innocent wrongfully convicted people lurking in their old prisons unable to move on.

  • Marie Joyce Liscano
    Marie Joyce Liscano

    Is so huanted nuke don't say that it will catch

  • noah zez
    noah zez

    Theres Something called selling you house

    • Mikey

      Sure because everyone is always in a financial position to move at anytime right? You’ll learn more about life when you grow up

  • herminio fisco jr
    herminio fisco jr

    the second vid was fake, the third one is not a ghost but a man with mental illness.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez


  • Annette V
    Annette V

    I don't want to be in prison!

  • Me Too
    Me Too

    People are so insensitive when it comes to mental illness it's all about you being scared right

  • Me Too
    Me Too

    Why does it have to be a deranged person or something supernatural for that guy to be pacing that lady's Church across the street From what I see that's clearly a schizophrenic man my brother is exactly the same way and he paces back-and-forth back and forth back-and-forth they doesn't like people so he'll avoid them

  • Me Too
    Me Too

    First 1 so boring I could die Become a ghost and make a pity Video better

  • Me Too
    Me Too

    Top 5 fake ghost videos made for youtube

  • Clarifuz Clap
    Clarifuz Clap

    The part where the girl showed her face gave me goosebumps

  • Light Angel
    Light Angel

    The owner of this TR-my am crying because that white thing in the video is evil when I was nine years old that same white thing in the video is scarying but now it's stop because someone party for me so that whit thing is not coming after me


    This will scare you mummyyyyyyyyyy lol

  • gene carlo
    gene carlo

    I'm already messed up. Bro........

  • Tommy Wiseau
    Tommy Wiseau

    6:40 sexy ghost 😏😏

  • bangsdagong

    when you see eye shine, it called retinal reflex, its a living person.

  • Lazy JX Ranch
    Lazy JX Ranch

    I love the foreman bros

  • ComedyChris

    Why should i watch the video when it will "MESS ME UP BRO !"?

  • Spongeman Hill
    Spongeman Hill

    I just hate it when the ghosthunters run, when they see the ghosts. Like, aren’t they supposed to “hunt” the ghosts?

  • harper sanchez
    harper sanchez

    Ghost pops out of corner to see him sleep in his room: Hehehe.. Me: "Oh, hey ghost how you doing wanna be friends?" Ghost: ~*Shuts door*~ "YOU DIDN'T SEE ME.."

  • harper sanchez
    harper sanchez

    Me not scared of the ghost in the prison: "Hey! I like your shadow!"

  • Eyeless Bahar
    Eyeless Bahar

    3:48 it's clearly his friends shadow

  • FortniteSucks Nibba
    FortniteSucks Nibba

    15:54 when they noticed th.. *ad*..is. BRUH THE BEST MOMENT

  • IceWarrior101

    Something bit my ankle last night... prob a spider but I may as well start recording myself at night to see...

  • Stefan m
    Stefan m

    the amount of adds is killing me omfg

  • TheMsGamer1987Show

    Jesus Christ haven't these people heard of Demons also sounding like children? Got to be careful!