6 Minimum Wage Workers vs 1 Secret Millionaire
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  • Vincent Tran
    Vincent Tran

    Should have done a more unknown millionaire the ads of the millionaire are everywhere 😂

  • Dead Fox
    Dead Fox

    Hang em, drain his bank.

  • Jorge Garrido
    Jorge Garrido

    for minimum wage workers they sure look pretty well... they should come to mexico

  • spook

    Why kyla look like lord far quad

  • Kid Krona
    Kid Krona

    I was told it’s gay to shave your legs

  • katherine

    where does jubilee find the “rude ones” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • James Charles
    James Charles

    Ryan higa

  • Tazeyman

    nobody gonna talk about how kevin is from those amazon fba pyramid scheme ads>

  • Aakanksha Srivastava
    Aakanksha Srivastava

    I'm feeling bad for that guy in red. Those girls are irritating me even without talking with them

  • J o n a t h a n
    J o n a t h a n

    i liked kevin till he was the millionaire then he become smug.

  • PATRIOT 27
    PATRIOT 27

    Lol, it's a bunch of broke ass people making fun of eachother for being broke asses. This is gold

  • smasher #37
    smasher #37

    Those two girls were literally teaming up near the end. This was poorly structured.

  • Finnche

    "it's not anyone I'd expect that's why I think it's one of the girls" my guy. I want to know his thought process of that. I probably came out wrong I cracked up when he said that

  • Antonio Mendieta
    Antonio Mendieta

    Honestly, this game was a mess. No strategy whatsoever. They didn't talk about the background and they judged hard on the smallest of things. Poor online business girl.

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez

    You could automatically tell none of those girls were millionaires just by the way they talked..

  • Lisset Castillo
    Lisset Castillo

    Kevin, imma need that business card

  • Michael Groves
    Michael Groves

    Courtney pissed me off that whole time what a cow

  • Owen Mccord
    Owen Mccord

    Cobra Kai never dies

  • Mayumi Queano
    Mayumi Queano

    This just felt like the girls just worked together and based their decision on nothing 💀

  • f1rebreather123

    This just shows that not everybody that has a ton of money acts entitled.

  • Part Toon
    Part Toon

    If Glenn Stearns played this, he would automatically win.

  • Joshua125r


  • AshenShards1 _
    AshenShards1 _

    Why are a bunch of 30-somethings and a 40-year-old settling for minimum wage? Oh... they all live in California.

  • Ivar The Boneless
    Ivar The Boneless

    I would vote for the blonde sweet girl. Because who can trust that pretty girl is not a richie easily. Come on guys, that is the rich gene. They are usually weirdly beatiful.

  • Juan Lumbreras
    Juan Lumbreras

    Guy- “Im not broke, I’m $20k in debt” Girl- “that’s the same thing” She’s clearly broke.

  • H.I.K.W.Y.A.

    in the suburbs faking broke for the clout 😂

  • Marius Laneyrie
    Marius Laneyrie

    I knew from The start who The millionaire was, I know his TR-my channel

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    Minimum wage is designed for minimum intelligence and minimum effort. Live with it or better yourself.

  • Colton White
    Colton White

    they voted out the last guy just because they wanted to have more money for themselves

  • kortex gaming
    kortex gaming

    0:50 they said she wins the whole prize they gave it out lmao

  • Get Raided
    Get Raided

    Like bro how do you even work a min wage job as an adult. Like bro Every retail is above min wage

  • 1

    Imagine if the millionare won all the money

  • Larry Henery
    Larry Henery

    Those two girls cheated

  • Shae Black
    Shae Black

    The mole was so obvious from the questions he was asking ...only successful people ask those questions

  • HariniVardini Rajesh
    HariniVardini Rajesh

    Damnnn that's minimum wage? If they wore those clothes around where I live they'd be considered posh or something. This should be interesting!

  • cristie

    6 moles vs a no mole Lets see who can pretend better

  • Seldanas

    Love the two hookers that won

  • Anon BM8r8
    Anon BM8r8

    I literally see this guys ads on almost every financial video, if you didn't Know who the mole was immediately your not tryna get your life right 😂

  • yo kai
    yo kai

    That blondie keeps on changing the topic everytime

  • richard escueta
    richard escueta

    So the millionaire would get the whole prize? Like he would need it.

  • Darkness Valor
    Darkness Valor

    I wear dirty clothes just like a poor person!

  • Thomas Boomer
    Thomas Boomer

    I knew who it was from the start lol I have seen that guy make videos on Amazon FBA and Shopify dropshipping.

  • Vadoom 335
    Vadoom 335

    How does jubilee find 7 annoying people every single video

  • Soulfire

    Literally, we heard nothing about the background of the two girls who won except that they have health insurance.

  • John Hartshorne
    John Hartshorne

    The two girls at the end were annoying and seem like the people I try to avoid in life. Just the scummy kind of people.

  • Justin Sanchez
    Justin Sanchez

    I hate how in most of these the women always group together and vote the men out

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson

    It was funny watching this since I already know who Kevin is lmfao. Guess the rest of them have never been on Facebook or TR-my, because I see his ads all the time on there

  • Edited Yt
    Edited Yt

    No one gonna talk about seeing Kevin in ads?

  • Furios_Playz

    “I’m not broke I’m 20k in debt”

  • Rory Worthington
    Rory Worthington

    6 theatre kids and 1 non-theatre kid.

  • Pasta Master
    Pasta Master

    How does being in debt make you broke? That is stupidly illogical

  • J, The Filthy Casual
    J, The Filthy Casual

    42 seconds in, it's Kevin, he sucks at lying. no one blinks when they say they are minimum workers, he did twice. lying. Try harder next time. Update: was a good episode though.

  • SMGG 4life
    SMGG 4life

    Yooo I have seen Kevin David before so I know he isn’t a minimum wage worker idkz

    • SMGG 4life
      SMGG 4life

      I was right:)

  • Crunchy game
    Crunchy game

    “Do YoU sHaVe YoUr LeGs”

  • stanley KB
    stanley KB

    Bruh they mad selfish GiRl PoWeR

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma

    God bless you Kevin for making everyone’s day!!

  • Jake Warren
    Jake Warren

    Honestly the two girls are so bitchy and deserve to have minimum wage

  • Lori Plumb
    Lori Plumb

    Minimum wage here is 5.75, even though the national average is higher. Once weed became legal in certain states people have been trying to push the minimum wage in their states.

  • Dark Castro
    Dark Castro

    I knew it was kevin immediately

  • Monkey The Bin
    Monkey The Bin

    1000 a year is literally nothing ._.

  • eleder

    I’m pretty sure the ones that won the money are also the ones that don’t deserve it

  • Lesz Paul Mendiola
    Lesz Paul Mendiola

    Blonde girl : just making other people look suspicious. *voted most of the people out* Blonde Girl seeing the mil guy : i KnEw Ittt!!! Me : Gurl u desperate....

  • ur stank
    ur stank

    They went down to 2 people of course they won

  • Dutch_99

    "How do you know im Asian?"

  • TemP TWIXT
    TemP TWIXT

    Those two girls at the end are so rude and annoying

  • Toby Vander Molen
    Toby Vander Molen

    I like how the people who didn’t contribute to finding the mole at all won

  • Maryn Shrout
    Maryn Shrout

    Courtney and the other girl were sooooo annoying

  • essentiahoe

    That millionaire fine as hell 😩 he said he in LA right ?

  • Floral Koala
    Floral Koala

    guys at the begining it says “SHE gets all the cash” thats big hint

  • swifty snail
    swifty snail

    Why would the millionaire need the prize money