6 Times Things Got Heated On Joe Rogan Experience
Joe Rogan can talk to almost anyone, but it isn't always smooth sailing.

Joe Rogan Experience #84: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-Frw-IBgu-Qw.html
Joe Rogan Experience #415: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-Slzg6X53xo0.html
Joe Rogan Experience #441: podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/brian-dunning
Joe Rogan Experience #629: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-06olLYiMvM4.html
Joe Rogan Experience #917: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-LKSTg9CgQq8.html
Joe Rogan Experience #948: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-McAGTNINJkE.html
The Fighter And The Kid Podcast: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-RxVgyj-p6N4.html.
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  • Liam Kilpatrick
    Liam Kilpatrick

    First and last video I watch from these guys 🤦‍♀️

  • Didier Ortiz
    Didier Ortiz

    I just want clips, that's it.

  • Carson C
    Carson C

    I know you’ve probably left out a few actually heated episodes to avoid controversy- like Joe Rogan’s Transphobic outburst or literally any conversation that devolved into a political debate.... but what’s left? These arguments aren’t really heated, and the entertainment value is much higher in showing the intensity of the argument than sharing your positive opinion on Joe Rogan. This was a safe video, far too safe.

  • Jamie W
    Jamie W

    The fucking shittest video I’ve seen in weeks, you didn’t show what you are talking about. Proof man!! People need proof. What part of that do you not possibly get??????

    • Jamie W
      Jamie W

      I can say that you said something but I’ve gotta show u doing it right???????

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis

    I was expecting Alex Jones to be number 1

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez


  • Michael J Oria
    Michael J Oria

    no one clicked on this vid to listen to you, man.

  • Fasting Along The Way
    Fasting Along The Way

    1:10 I watched it to verify and the host oversold the Turkish wrestler who whooped the Akido guy. He was a middle aged not so skilled wrestler, not a skilled one.

  • Patricia Durrer
    Patricia Durrer

    Wow this channel is baaaadd

  • Mr Klaneo
    Mr Klaneo

    Why don’t we get to hear anything relevant ..........

  • SK

    Rogan is lame

  • nick machovina
    nick machovina

    Came here to see what he had to see about Crowder. He didn’t even watch the damn video.

  • Jim Elliott
    Jim Elliott

    total garbage

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes

    Dont even waste your time watching this video .

  • Istrate Ioan
    Istrate Ioan

    3.9k likes vs 3.9k dislikes...... you know what I'm gonna say: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  • halisray

    You aren't even going to show the clips? Lol...

  • Gr1ff -_-
    Gr1ff -_-

    Over 1000 episodes each over 1 hour long and they can only find 6 moments😂

  • ClVlC F4N16
    ClVlC F4N16

    No one cares what you think.....we came for rogans discussions

  • eric cisneros
    eric cisneros

    Wtf delete this stupid video

  • Starvic

    A list like this should absolutely have the clips in question. I don't care one bit about what someone's commentary is on it -_-

  • Jason Frye
    Jason Frye

    Why would anyone want to listen to this guy just talking about it, when we can go actually watch them. I never understand why some of these youtube guys take something with real potential, and totally ruin it by blabbing literally the whole time!

  • John Mcniff
    John Mcniff

    Nobody wants to hear you talk. Play the audio.

  • Weathers95

    Please take this video down

  • James Desomma
    James Desomma

    Why dont you show the actual events instead of just telling about them?

  • bby nuck
    bby nuck

    Ya, don't SHOW the clips just tell us about them ( eye roll ) ....THUMBS WAY DOWN

  • Lev P
    Lev P

    The discussion with Candace Owen about climate change was a good debate/argument too. But you wouldn’t have shown that clip either! 😅

  • MJ

    less talkie more watchie

  • Chris N
    Chris N

    Congrats, the like to dislike ratio is the same. What do you think this says about the video?

  • MisterJang0

    Ew, a corporate TR-my channel. Gross.

  • Rob Gilmour
    Rob Gilmour

    You’re an idiot at least get it right that conversation did not happen on Brandon‘s podcast it was on Joe’s

  • Sam C
    Sam C

    what a fucking waste of time this video is.

  • Johnathan Edwards
    Johnathan Edwards

    Alex freaking Jones, Eddie and Joe was great.

  • Jonithan Demello
    Jonithan Demello

    Just show the clips mate, no one wants to hear you talk, it’s all in the title.

  • get rekt
    get rekt

    Why do this ?.... Is this channel getting desperate ? your well forged reputation is on the line here. Watch it with these shitty vids, people, I thought you where a respectable channel.. Sighs

  • Benny Calvert
    Benny Calvert

    this is trash garbage

  • Calvin Duke
    Calvin Duke

    Should have shown the arguments this was boring

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez

    Do not take it personal; no one wants to hear you man.

  • It’s me Guys
    It’s me Guys

    Shut up and show the clips

  • こ こ こ
    こ こ こ


  • Jairo Vargas
    Jairo Vargas

    Fucking talk to much

  • Kim

    You suck!

  • Mahfk Namsayn
    Mahfk Namsayn

    Wow did not expect that twist

  • lealoctavio18


  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman

    I only clicked to see the actual clips!

  • selli69

    Just show the clips, you pinecone! Unbelievable...

  • werdle92

    Whatculture sucks.

  • Jack Kendall
    Jack Kendall

    Let us listen to the arguments.... Garbage video.

  • Alexander X
    Alexander X

    In addition to no audio from JRE podcast, Alex Jones was no where on this list. How is that not the most heated episode and the most funny?

  • The mad king Aerys
    The mad king Aerys

    Dude shut up and play the clips ffs.

  • flap jack
    flap jack

    The host likes like a dollar store wannabe Chris Evans

  • Carolina1

    WHO wants to "HEAR ABOUT" events that were FILMED on VIDEO?

  • HevyDevy101

    30 seconds in ... Bye.

  • Fit Boy Abdul
    Fit Boy Abdul

    I was here to hear them talk Not you , you dork Your video is reported and disliked . Shove your commentary up your behind .

  • Mario Ciani
    Mario Ciani

    What a shit head video

  • Jimmy Jombalo
    Jimmy Jombalo

    Hate when the links says it's one thing but just ends up it's someone talking about it instead..da fak

  • Alex Salinas
    Alex Salinas

    This is how u lose followers. Trash channel

  • OriginalCatfish

    Just show the fcking clip XD

  • Kampf0r

    You are a bum

  • I Never Return Redbox Rentals
    I Never Return Redbox Rentals

    Leave it a British guy in a captain america shirt to make a shitty video of the JRE

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a

    eddie bravo always reminds me of jo koy for some reason

  • Mo Azim
    Mo Azim

    No one cares about your opinion, show the damn clips

  • Scott Gallant
    Scott Gallant

    I remember the Crowder/Rogan debate about marijuana, yikes! I have to side with Rogan on that debate.

  • Drake Ballas
    Drake Ballas

    Jesus Christ superstar is a great movie

  • Biff Malibu
    Biff Malibu

    What a saucy tart

  • Anthony Putnam
    Anthony Putnam

    Fucking stupid went to comment what everyone is already saying

  • Jack F
    Jack F

    Does “lackluster” have a good fit as a sum up for this vid?!

  • jennifer martinez
    jennifer martinez

    Could u not add audio just picture?

  • Mr. James Cagney
    Mr. James Cagney

    Very poorly presented

  • Old World Order
    Old World Order

    Utter shite, play the Clips !

  • TheAdventangel

    Garbage video