7 Hidden Gem Skyrim Mods That Will Improve Your Skyrim In Ways You've Never Imagined
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  • Timothy jensen
    Timothy jensen

    Anyone else see Paarthurnax’s nose as a face?

  • KrUnKL

    what is that mod of the deadric sword called? 9:15

  • AGMaZa

    gj now the mod has 8k downloads

  • Jabatied mang
    Jabatied mang

    I didn’t even know Karthwasten existed, nine years huh?

  • Nephi Henry
    Nephi Henry

    what is the retexture for the deadric sword at 9:16?

  • Brian Uzzell
    Brian Uzzell

    I literally Just realized that the woman in the outro is Jeannie

  • Murilo Corrêa
    Murilo Corrêa

    4:12 lmao that was priceless

  • Zayna Branham
    Zayna Branham

    Your voice, you sound like you're getting tired of this lol Not as animated as you were before... you alright???

  • Thomas Lambert
    Thomas Lambert

    I don’t why but I laughed so hard at the preachers face censoring the male parts

  • ImCrow

    0:42 the only reason this made me DIE of laughter was because of the pain and seriousness in his voice XD

  • Mav TV
    Mav TV

    What mod did you use for that armor

  • nicolas Blackburn
    nicolas Blackburn

    after all these years...you still cant pronounce even 1/4 of skyrim's location name..and that is more amazing than the mods you showcase XD

  • Waylork Skudz
    Waylork Skudz

    whats the chest piece at 1:56?

    • Waylork Skudz
      Waylork Skudz

      not the dx druid but the one overlayed?

  • SouLG97

    Oi MxR there is also a Enigma AIO that replaces I think all of the dragon voices. Alduin for example now really sounds truly terrifying and epicly evil !

  • Unhallowed

    "I'd rather choke on a big fat dick"

  • Jochum

    Thanks for the video, am I missing the mod list?

  • Devon Glueck
    Devon Glueck

    Amazing 23 Endorsements xD bahagah been here since skyrim mods episode 12 from whatever 2016 and u still crack me up.

  • Esteban Singh
    Esteban Singh

    Does anyone know what the ENB and lighting mods are here?

  • Sam

    Most of these mods are cool and shit but fuck no, I am NOT removing the beautiful voice of Charles Martinet from this game! and neither should you! jk do whatever you want but Charles Martinet is cool af

  • Justin Baughman
    Justin Baughman

    link the mods in the description ffs

  • The Darkness Cries
    The Darkness Cries

    "But seems like a great spot to sell dru-" *ad begins* RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    • ImCrow

      The Darkness Cries This comment section is a FUCKING MEME I’m dying from reading this shit

  • o BlackHippy
    o BlackHippy

    Brah the dovahkin part was hilarious 😂😊

  • Wild Era
    Wild Era

    which mods do you use for your game?

  • Kage Scion Gaming
    Kage Scion Gaming

    Gotta comment on this lol, turn on Captions while listening to him speak, I find it Amusing Like Paarthurnax = Apart the Necks...

  • dragon nest2
    dragon nest2

    skyrim in 2020 modding never get old

  • Jades Corner
    Jades Corner

    once youre finished all over that pic hahhaha

  • elise cote
    elise cote

    I nearly snorted my drink out through my nose there....

  • WillVP

    what enb is that?

  • Tx240

    9:48 is there a pic of Belle Delphine in an ahegao shirt?

  • TheChrisp6

    so funny

  • Perrin Septer
    Perrin Septer

    AIDHEBSNSN okay R E L A X Serana it’s not that big of a deal

  • donteatcacti

    **cries in console**

  • Azren

    No one gonna talk about the missing smelter textures at the beginning?

  • Marcus Seyfang
    Marcus Seyfang

    I wonder if he has permission for that elven archeress image, wonder if Kato gave him permission to use it.

  • CJ Copeland
    CJ Copeland

    3:40 I was dying I was like WOAH... WOAH...WOAH OK😂😂

  • EX0stasis

    Thank you MxR for continuing to make videos highlighting Skyrim mods. I'm confident that we wouldn't have the Skyrim modding community that we do if it weren't for the few TR-my channels that exist that show off new mods.

  • KnightForlorn

    foul mouthed yahoo just show us the mods

  • EdgelordGaming

    What mod are you using for Serana

  • Devon Taylor
    Devon Taylor

    “I’d rather choke on a big fat dick then seeing more generic farm houses in Skyrim.”😂😂

  • Arthur Hill
    Arthur Hill

    I too would prefer to suck a big fat dick than do various things mentioned in this video, but that's because I'm super gay, not because I have anything against vanilla Skyrim.

  • Stream Sniper
    Stream Sniper

    the usb disconnect got me heckin troll

  • Farmer

    I think Paarthunax enigma just sounds way more retarded the the Vanilla Voice

  • Qwerzq

    3:47 I'm dying edit: 5:20 is even better :'D

  • Anthox.

    Someone knows what ENB he uses ?

  • An Aldmeri Dominion Enforcer
    An Aldmeri Dominion Enforcer

    3 buildings is not a town...lookin at you Dawnstar -_- I don't like the courier he always tries to molest me :C

  • Tushnik Chakraborty
    Tushnik Chakraborty

    I believe immersive citizens makes the carriage driver set up a tent at times, read a book while sittin on a rock etc, probably why that animation was added.

  • Christoph Schoppe
    Christoph Schoppe

    What's that "armor" mod? 👀 Asking for a friend. 1:48

  • Real Lil Toad
    Real Lil Toad

    Paarthanax sounds like grave mind with the filter

  • Meatwad 420
    Meatwad 420

    When did you come back??

  • Jer Berus
    Jer Berus

    Nice job with the Empress Jaguar shirt from Shadow of the Tomb Raider...

  • Noah Sax
    Noah Sax

    You seem so upset in this video, MxR. Hope you're okay.

  • MeshP0tat0

    4:11 serana ready to kill😂

  • Name4544

    Lmao I don't even have skyrim but I enjoy these videos

  • Smooth smoothie 68 419
    Smooth smoothie 68 419

    Me: you know what ima do a modless play through to experience the game normally Me in some time: FUCK THAT

  • Utopia sounds
    Utopia sounds

    Hello, I am new to your channel and I was wondering if all the mods you review are compatible (except the enb's and most graphic mods), I am asking because I have made an extensive (not too extensive) list of all of the mods that you reviewed and that could (or could not) work for me. So to save me some time I thought I'd just ask you, Thank you for your attention and great content.

  • Lord Midmight
    Lord Midmight

    Hhahahahahahahaaha subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe Like Like Like Like Like Like Like oh my god I almost pee. Is not just funny I always come here first to see what mod I'm going to install.

  • David

    Serana: "Bitch, get up and let the dragnoborn kneel before I shank you."

  • Pinguin

    for a second I thought in the intro you were halfway in the ground

  • JJ Yi
    JJ Yi

    0:42 , spit my drink

  • Justanotherguy Here
    Justanotherguy Here


  • Jm Esg
    Jm Esg

    what enb is he using

  • FennixFire

    where do i go to download these mods also can someone give me a listen of mods to download to make my skyrim look updated but keep the characters looking good too

  • Faf Dus
    Faf Dus

    if they kill elderscrolls it will suck but i found kenshi and i wish that some skyrim quest modders would go to town in kensh

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz

    Ahh my game keeps crashing mid game help!!!

  • Dino Francis
    Dino Francis

    keep it up MXR MODS lovin da mods

  • Icaro

    Your content has only improved since I started watching. Both in comedy and serious commentary.

  • darkdiashi

    Great video!

  • GianB

    The USB disconnected sound broke me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bibo

    Karthwasten looks god damn beautiful

  • Pewn Teddy
    Pewn Teddy

    Dovakin can what Nintendon't.