A Certain Kind Of Death - Documentary
Unblinking and unsettling, this documentary lays bare a mysterious process that goes on all around us - what happens to people who die with no next of kin.
Dead bodies in various stages of decomposition are seen, but not played for shock factor. Instead, you learn a little about each person, both what they were before death and what will happen to them afterward. They are followed from the discovery of the body to the final disposition of the remains, and each step in between.

  • najgauner

    Am i the only one who finds this funny and hilarious ? Really made my day.

  • kenlaw4


  • Phil V
    Phil V

    Very interesting...thanks to our wondrful state staff.

  • Aestheticx UzUw
    Aestheticx UzUw

    Freak the freak out why is this like interesting?

  • Mrs. Massacre
    Mrs. Massacre

    All the lost souls in one grave...damn😞

  • Holly Tyler
    Holly Tyler

    26:58 *why did she say that so casually???*

  • Holly Tyler
    Holly Tyler

    18:30 Why does the girl remind me of Cali from CSI Miama. Even her voice. WILD.

  • Matt Hardy
    Matt Hardy

    Ronald E. Tanner may have died alone but at least in his life he had James Fuller, his loving companion. It's just sad that he had to refer to James as his "roommate." This documentary breaks my heart.

  • Stef S
    Stef S

    Listening to zydeco music while moving a very decomposed corpse

  • Chloé Watson
    Chloé Watson

    10:52 this is irrelevant but who tf names their kid Gaylord

  • Sarah Peters
    Sarah Peters

    What makes this video even more depressing than it already is, is when you know that that's more than likely your fate. Probably sooner rather than later.

  • Louisa Bailey
    Louisa Bailey

    Fucking hell there gentle @ 5.02 ain't they!!!!!

  • Autumn Marchant
    Autumn Marchant

    This was a very informative documentary and I enjoyed seeing the process from every perspective, but I find some things disgusting. All the unclaimed bodies were piled and treated like garbage. No respect. Those who’s ashes were buried together could have at least had a prayer to them, instead they show someone’s bag just dangling. The dragging of the man in the showers body and her saying look at this blunt force trauma, then answering her phone, zero respect. The laughing and calling people nasty, inappropriate. If this were my family member, there would be hell to pay. I hope now that it is 2020, they dead are treated with more respect. All dead should be treated with the respect you would want for your family.

  • I Am Groot
    I Am Groot

    Let this be a reminder to check up on your lonely friends, relatives and neighbours often

  • jonesjames89

    I am a paramedic so I see this shit at-least 2-4 times a week! Nothing like dying Elvis Style. On the shitter of love

  • Lorend F
    Lorend F

    Looks like his roommate that died of Aids was his love partner.

  • Chester Lone
    Chester Lone

    "Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away." - James 4:14

  • wizzle209

    10:52 Gaylord S Tanner lol wtf

  • sarah gilland
    sarah gilland

    It pissed me off how they drug the bodies across the floor like have some damn respect!!! Lucky I don't call the place

  • Leslie Goins
    Leslie Goins


  • Corinne Lelis
    Corinne Lelis

    This is absolutely amazing. The quality of this video is impressive. Death saddens me, but these folks dying alone with no family makes it unbearable. RIP

  • yph army
    yph army

    i wish these are available for offline

  • yph army
    yph army

    ronald and james 😭

  • Sashaye Brewer
    Sashaye Brewer

    Fucking yikes!!!

  • Shaun Hunter
    Shaun Hunter

    ALL this new technology and still can't find Jimmy hoffer

  • marc spirit seeker fox
    marc spirit seeker fox

    r.i.p so sad.


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  • Stahl_Trabant

    In tis video you can clearly see how the american system is lagging behind the european one. Untrained people, ashes found in aboned funeral homes... What a bunch of cunts!

  • wagner1va

    Who lives in apt 24 now? I wonder if it smells musty from all that smeared poop

  • GoHabsGo

    What a dirty job: the cloud of human dust!! It's sad 😥

  • desertgirl30

    Grossssss...... that one place with the roaches has my OCD in full swing now..... I think I'll deep-clean my un-messy house tomorrow..... lol

  • Louie Watson
    Louie Watson

    I think it goes without saying that Robert Tanner was a homosexual.

    • wagner1va

      Louie Watson he took it up the bum, clearly. Maybe that’s why he bled out from the rear.

  • Don A
    Don A

    This is how all documentaries should be. Even today. We don’t need the suspenseful music.

  • November Day
    November Day

    They need to keep their opinions to themselves about the quality of the decedent's living conditions. It's unprofessional and mean.

  • Labyrinth Arachna
    Labyrinth Arachna

    Healthcare should be an open access human right with no price.

    • Labyrinth Arachna
      Labyrinth Arachna

      And animals.

  • Labyrinth Arachna
    Labyrinth Arachna

    Someone said to me once "You think no one cares if you die? Try missing afew bills" Incredibly sad.... he was all alone :(

  • Katrina Umana
    Katrina Umana

    When my dad died💔😥 in 2017. Since he used a street drug they did an autopsy. We held a service for him after he was cremated.

  • Grant James Hamilton
    Grant James Hamilton

    55:23 what a camera shot... that’s deep

  • Maria Angelini
    Maria Angelini

    Horrible the way the bodies are just piled all next to each other and the way they just dragged that man along the floor I know he’s dead but cmon !!

  • Nyiko Makaringe
    Nyiko Makaringe

    People are having weird job🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️

  • jacob martinelli
    jacob martinelli

    Die on a beach, in a forest or climbing a mountain to be revered as more than a toilet death. That's my misfortune door fortune too.

  • Tony Roberts
    Tony Roberts

    I can’t think of a more depressing job than that of cemetery or funeral parlor manager, which is literally peddling in the business of death and dealing the misery and sadness that goes along with end of life events.

  • Tony Roberts
    Tony Roberts

    Being dead is so fucking undignifying

  • Aravind ps
    Aravind ps

    And we all fight for materialistic things without realising that we all end up in grave

  • Kevin Osborne
    Kevin Osborne

    This freaks me out cause my middle name is Tanner and i go by it

  • leah marie
    leah marie

    I wonder why that guy had an FBI file?

  • Tygr Allure
    Tygr Allure

    😓 RIP

  • breakline

    I rewatch this from time to time and remember it a lot actually

  • KK and sims 4
    KK and sims 4

    I mean Hollywood makes this to beautiful and maybe its more of how it feels for some people but death is ugly but at the same time and be beautiful probably for all cuz of your hurt enough to die your probably wanting to die .

  • Emily Greene
    Emily Greene

    This reaffirms I don’t want to be treated like trash like the poor people who were cremated. Invest in your own DIY coffin and burial - best investment ever.

  • jacob martinelli
    jacob martinelli

    I just loooove the way he (the leutenant) mentioned no getting away from him. There is no god

  • jacob martinelli
    jacob martinelli

    No justice for "paperwork" cases.

  • jacob martinelli
    jacob martinelli

    Psychopaths should be allowed to kill their abusers because the legal system doesn't really account for them.

  • Gerry Wilson
    Gerry Wilson

    Sad to watch

  • Lester Diamond
    Lester Diamond

    Bury me on Peckerwood Hill !

  • FloridaBoi 561
    FloridaBoi 561

    It's a good thing that there are people who can just ignore these terrible death sites and clean up the places where these people are unfortunate enough to die or be killed in. It takes a strong mind to be able to clean up such horrible messes that decomposing bodies must make, I don't think that I would be able to do it.

  • SaturnBear

    i always come back to watch this documentary, somehoe i think i'll die alone too, and i undestand those people who died alone...my time is coming too.

  • vishyswa

    Cell phone rings. Answers and pauses: "Wrappin' up a body. What are you doin'?".

  • Cindi Morgan
    Cindi Morgan

    "For what is your life? It is even a vapour that appeareth for a little time then vanisheth away" James 4:14 BE SURE YOU ARE BORN AGAIN AND WILL REST IN GODS HANDS! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Cindi Morgan
    Cindi Morgan

    So who got the guys 60,000?? The state?????

  • Cindi Morgan
    Cindi Morgan

    I guessed the AIDS before they even said it. Many clues.

  • Quit Seven Six
    Quit Seven Six

    Three months before 11 Sept 2001...

  • LA LA
    LA LA

    Putting a cell phone to her face after touching a bloody dead body. People wearing their shoes uncovered walking in poop & blood. I hope they bleach these items before walking into their own homes and spreading who knows what.

  • Shpetim Berisha
    Shpetim Berisha

    It's tough when you die alone. What can one do but, prepare for the inevitable. We are born, we live our lives, and return to the dust from whence we came. I applaud this documentary for the rawness of it. Death is a natural process. It is what it is. I remember my time doing military funerals when i was in the U.S. Army. There was upwards of i think 80 or more, over a 3 month period. We had to change into our class A's sometimes in the funeral home. Not to mention my time working for Lufthansa airlines. You would be surprised how many dead bodies are transported on planes daily.

  • Pace De La Cruz
    Pace De La Cruz

    Why didn't the producers of this show see it fit to COVER UP the dead bodies of these poor people and allow them some Dignity?? We didn't need to see them naked to realize they were dead! Why didn't the people there least throw a bedsheet over them?? I find this highly disrespectful!!

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    Anyone know the year this came out?

    • Chel Smith
      Chel Smith

      Nick D they filmed it in 2001

  • Reuben Walton
    Reuben Walton

    If Robert Tanner planned so much why did he end up just being found dead?

  • lilianna ortega
    lilianna ortega

    This documentary is so raw and real. It’s sad but I truly appreciate it.

  • Matt Fuller
    Matt Fuller

    Sad to see all those people spread in one place. I feel that could have been a person I spoke to today and didn’t give a smile to. Everyone has a heart and soul, good or bad and everyone does deserve better! *Unless your a killer or harmed other people* Rest In Peace!!!

  • Jaxson Manson
    Jaxson Manson

    Why are they all up in his financial business? They need to contact next of ken and keep their noses out of his personal financial Affairs. Wow so invasive. Rip

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