A Certain Kind Of Death - Documentary
Unblinking and unsettling, this documentary lays bare a mysterious process that goes on all around us - what happens to people who die with no next of kin.
Dead bodies in various stages of decomposition are seen, but not played for shock factor. Instead, you learn a little about each person, both what they were before death and what will happen to them afterward. They are followed from the discovery of the body to the final disposition of the remains, and each step in between.

  • Dragon Rex
    Dragon Rex

    26:50 Just as casual as watering the plants!

  • Fatih Kan
    Fatih Kan

    This is one of the stories I remember occasionally. When I really need to think about the life. When we are kids we think every human life means something important and it's not easy to let someone go and die alone. The world wouldn't let this. But now I see people don't even hesitate to deal with their dead bodies without even thinking what am I doing. Our child minds see everything through and clearly. But when we grow up we are fully getting use to ignore it because this is the easiest way to deal the fact of life. When the time is up we mostly die alone and unhappy. There was no way my child mind to accept this. I think this is why children cry because they can't accept this. But we stopped crying because we have accepted.

  • Linda tweety Taylor
    Linda tweety Taylor

    I'm not scared of dead. I do have to say that it's great that they go so far to find next of kin and really investigate with dignity

  • John K
    John K

    Very interesting documentary. Death isn’t something we really think of in our day to day lives, but thankfully by that point all our worries will be over.

  • David Millar
    David Millar

    I didn’t think they cared that much in America. Very surprised. Nice caring people 👍.

  • M Soto
    M Soto

    For every life is a journey and every life have their own story, everyone have a time frame for their life and everyone came here for a reason, a reason which only that soul know, but for every death another life is create, every soul will return back to life some are old souls that reincarnated to Earth while other souls go to a different world, another dimension, every soul become anything & everything at one time or another, Journey of different life and Lessons of every life 🌞🌜💜🌏🌌

  • Bleue Violette
    Bleue Violette

    When it comes to uncertain death, i. e. blunt force trauma, you must have the body examined by a coroner - no guessing!

  • youbg Youbg
    youbg Youbg

    Life changing video man get your affairs in order

  • youbg Youbg
    youbg Youbg

    I’m cleaning my my damn house right now .. my momma is right clean draws clean house clean everything cuz you never know . They handle every body with love and you can see it what love and tenderness I hope that I live my life and show love to others so it means something

  • Clive Chiam
    Clive Chiam

    How does one die whilst shitting??

  • Deena K
    Deena K


  • Sad Sweethearts Club
    Sad Sweethearts Club

    I made a big mistake coming into this eating a bowl of noodles :/

  • Ja O
    Ja O

    Well this has made up my mind. I will be buried as I want to be part of the food chain. Was never at a cremation and sent plan on going either.

  • lorenime. arts
    lorenime. arts

    This is AWESOME. I Love this film.

  • Chris Horry
    Chris Horry

    The scene at the end where they buried all of those lonely people together. At least in death they had some company.

  • Recalcitrantinfidel

    The Earth Laughs!

  • Paula Gallant
    Paula Gallant

    While filming it would have been nice if a person's genital's were covered with a cloth. Other than that, great educational vid.

  • TheGamingVillas

    This seems a little more down to earth than most videos about death usually are. You know...it's not trying to terrify anyone.


    informative on these issues many of the population either shy's away from these things or never thought to educate one's self in regards to these things that must be addressed ... great job thank you

  • Reuben Walton
    Reuben Walton

    48:40 the rent for what?

  • Fr Louie Goad
    Fr Louie Goad

    SAD! $70!

  • Fr Louie Goad
    Fr Louie Goad

    Time after time. Dust of the Ground.

  • Fr Louie Goad
    Fr Louie Goad

    You are nothing but dust of the Ground!

  • Fr Louie Goad
    Fr Louie Goad

    Fr. Goad FREE cremation scattering in the Arizona desert!

  • Cajun-Brat

    Ummm I seen dead people.

  • Lisa Wright
    Lisa Wright

    R.i.p Mr Tanner. There may not have been mourners on your final day but Millions have watched you be laid to rest. God bless

  • Salt Queen
    Salt Queen

    As some one who wants to be a mortician, I feel that I need to see this. I know it’s going to be raw, but I also know that this is something I’ll need.

  • Israel Wolstein
    Israel Wolstein

    The Nazi's had Crematoria's 67X more performant than the best we have today. They were able to cremate bodies 24 hours a day non stop at a rate 67X faster than the best and almost 80X more performant than the N-20SA by B&L Human Crematorias. As far as i know, we don't know how to build Crematoria's like that anymore. We have to obey the laws of physics now so it slows us down a lot. Those gangsters nazi were so evil, they broke the law all the time :)

  • 80s/ Horror fan
    80s/ Horror fan

    If you think about it. After we die we're basically Junk that was thrown away only for the Earth to suck us up. We're recyclables.

  • Cisco Lopez
    Cisco Lopez

    I actually brought a frozen meal.

  • KomaKazi



    So of these employees need not work in this filed. dragging the bodies, asking what is for lunch. totally unprofessional

  • psf1955

    God bless the people who do this work.

  • Mike Richardson
    Mike Richardson

    0:46 I’d break down if I walked in and this was one of my dead relatives left deceased like this. But this is reality at its very core, death isn’t at all pretty but it is inevitable to happen to us all someday. May each of you watching this documentary live a full and prosperous existence, and that you fulfill all of your goals and ambitions. 2019✊🏽✌🏽

  • Paulo Mallorca
    Paulo Mallorca

    They're using polaroids????

  • rss2105

    I worked in healthcare and have seen this first hand. Sad. This documentary was very respectful with how these cases are handled.

  • Courtney Pierce
    Courtney Pierce

    That lady works at a coroner's office but doesn't even know what exsanguination means?

  • aja trifilo
    aja trifilo

    I find the handling of these bodies a bit ruff and a little disrespectful.

    • aja trifilo
      aja trifilo

      @Yusuke Heller dragging the body around on the ground though? Shouldn't they have equipment for that work load?

    • Yusuke Heller
      Yusuke Heller

      Have any idea just how heavy a corpse is? Trying to move a persons dead weight is extremely difficult. Now do it for a full work shift.

  • Trophy Stackin
    Trophy Stackin

    Nigga is dead on the toilet


      Trophy Stackin 😂

  • April Manttari-See
    April Manttari-See

    Wow. Just so matter of fact. I hope that I'm not forgotten & that whatever possessions I may have will be useful to others. I had the task of clearing the belongings (from ID's to stuffed animals, shoes, canes, to an Army Dress uniform) from a VA hospital, of over 250 former patients (both living and deceaced). It was sad, interesting, frustrating when trying to track them down; and exciting and heartwarming when I could get belongings back to those still-living, or the families who'd wondered "what happened to the ___..?" I really hope the lady that spoke ill of Mr Anderson(?) "He's just nasty.." really felt deeply awful when she found out he was giving most of his money to charity.

  • Tomasz Dobbek
    Tomasz Dobbek

    as life for every each living human means something until end comes without any mercy

  • Ebros

    The next tenant that sits on that toilet seat will never know a body decomposed on it with maggots eating the cadaver’s face.

  • eatmybubbles

    Geez have some respect and at least put a sheet over them or something that’s so horrible to be completely exposed and filmed

  • myster8086

    40:29 lol!

  • Tony Branch
    Tony Branch


  • TexaCali Mom
    TexaCali Mom

    3:24 It’s Ron Swanson!

  • Richard Albert Henderson
    Richard Albert Henderson

    Why am I watching this? I have such morbid fascination.

  • Lora Liche
    Lora Liche

    Watching this film I believe the producers could have still provided the shock value and reality if they blurred the faces of the victims. We have faces of death for that gore. As well the honour of just about all the dead was ridiculed by uneducated county workers comments such as hes just nasty, how could he sleep with these bugs crawling over him, and how dirty is his place. Tget could gave omitted these comments and inserted information that oftentimes people who are dying lose cognitive function which can lead to a home in disarray and emphasize that county workers need more education and enforcement on treating each body with dignity no matter what their socioecononmic status or their surroundings. Despicable. People are so unaware that some of the dying with no supports did not always live that way. The ironic thing is we all think we have such a great support network but when the cards are down we may find ourselves just like them. Interesting film minus the exploitative pieces. Edit final scene county workers emptying ashes into mass grave. There are wearing a basic mask and I think safety glasses ? What about lung disease from daily exposure to fine particles. I eld think they wld wear full respirators with oxygen and better protection for eyes....hazmat where are you ?

  • Mark Haymes
    Mark Haymes

    I'm sorry death come to everyone

  • Jose Juarez
    Jose Juarez

    22:34 She calls the men "roommates" when clearly they were lovers. I wonder if the woman is clueless or if her calling them that is just a sign of the times?

  • LEONARD Chong
    LEONARD Chong

    I have a question ..... In the begining of the video there was a guy dead sitting on the toilet ?? Did he died while taking a dump .....would be really really weird to die while still have shit in your ass ..... How did he died ?? They didn't mention in details at all ......

  • Arthur van Essen
    Arthur van Essen

    This documentary seems old, like 1990s old

    • Will T
      Will T

      Arthur van Essen 2001 or so.

  • miguel perez
    miguel perez

    There are so many unnecessary steps to the final Cremation, and why even go through the trouble of opening the hole and waste all that time emptying all those boxes? Such an antiquated process could be made more efficient.

  • alisha Dawn
    alisha Dawn

    Every ones ashes should still be atleast bagged and tagged when buried

  • alisha Dawn
    alisha Dawn

    No protective eye wear nothing even though no one claimed their ashes it should still be atleast bagged and tagged with a name

  • alisha Dawn
    alisha Dawn

    They couldn't use tissues from him because of the thing that caused his death . Yet none of these people when touching bodies is wearing full body gloves and covering even when in the apartment

  • havic f
    havic f

    The poor ashes just blew away in the air when they buried them wth 😡😡

  • April Adare
    April Adare

    Oh wow, I just got to the part they are burying the cremated remains. I was assuming they would leave them in those boxes...nope, just dump all the powder at once. o.O

  • April Adare
    April Adare

    I'd be wearing gloves if I was going through all that paperwork from the guy with the rectal bleed.

  • Sarah MacDonald
    Sarah MacDonald

    I’m disgusted Mr Tanner didn’t get his plot that he had paid for because someone else had been put in it. To say aw the it’s difficult to keep records because it’s an old cemetery doesn’t cut it. Also what happened to the money he had?

  • Michael De La Rosa
    Michael De La Rosa

    I was searching “Pains body examined” from Naruto Shippuden And it brought me to this

  • Unicorn poo
    Unicorn poo

    Why are they always naked ?

  • Todd Donohue
    Todd Donohue

    The people investigating Mr. Tanner's death seemed to be very thorough but my question is since there was no next of kin and he had a bank balance of almost 61,000 dollars, what happens to that cash? He's being cremated which definitely does not cost 60 grand and also there was trustee's looking after Mr, Tanners extended family, not him directly. So where would that money go? The County, or the coroner's office? To these trustees? It would be totally unethical for the county or it's representatives to steal his inheritance from loved ones and his hard-earned money working as some sort of environmentalist in a company. It's sad to think that US government would take it all and claim fee's associated with the removal, ID'ing, investigative work, a cursory family search of which this gentleman had none. They should look at soup kitchens, drop-in, food banks or social clubs but what I can see via this Doc. none of that was examined so again I ask the question where doles his money go, not family so where??? I 'd love an answer for this troubling question. By people qualified Bonifides to give me a straightforward explanation???!!!

  • Tyeme Perkins
    Tyeme Perkins

    Ive never watched anything as educated and informative bare and raw on youtube before

  • hannah davis
    hannah davis

    Looking my mum 2 years ago.Made realise about wills update so people who care get what's due. Plus so you can decide on your funeral etc .

  • TheDragonLordLives

    TheDragonLord left the chat

  • Acer Emachines
    Acer Emachines

    Die naked its natural not freaky we are born that way

  • Moceit? Yes
    Moceit? Yes

    It's 1 am

  • Denise Roe
    Denise Roe

    So sad to die and no one is there to care. I have buried both parents and my father in law along with countless others in my family. So glad they were not alone. Nothing is more sad than to be a "throw away" person.

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