A Different Kind Of Cringe (Supreme Patty)
Danny Gonzalez
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Alright fam today we're gonna cringe. I'm reacting to Instagram comedian Supreme Patty and let me tell you what sis, this right here is the tea.
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If you're actually reading this description comment "What a great role model"
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  • Jiggerjaw

    "almost 3 million followers on Vine" You did it Danny. You beat past Danny.

  • planetlexicon

    Asleep for a week and a half. Lmao

  • Kłōvęr Ćhåñ
    Kłōvęr Ćhåñ

    What a great role model!

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose


  • Majestic potatos
    Majestic potatos

    Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg. Greg Greg Greg. Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg. Greg Greg. Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg

  • The enderman
    The enderman

    your like the best youtuber ever

  • Booldt

    7:29 *tries to do WACKY DOOPER SPIN trick on scooter* *hits ankle with said scooter*

  • Jade TheGem
    Jade TheGem

    If you look at his videos now they're still very weird, not as many lemon juice ones now, one though is of him squirting limes into his girlfriends eyes and she's like it's too much and he's 'no go thru with it!', the most recent one as of now is a picture of him in his boxers with a shirt that says *I EAT ASS* and has like a wig on his crotch as his girlfriend holds a razor with a face like 😦 lol

  • maiLbox _xobLiam
    maiLbox _xobLiam

    This guy should invest in an eye wash station.

  • Ibrahem Usman
    Ibrahem Usman


  • StormChasingNinja

    9:04 ok, we all have seen those videos of armed robbers trying to rob gas stations and then getting shot by customers or cashiers. This idiot is gonna get shot one day.

  • The_Tangled Cowgirl
    The_Tangled Cowgirl

    I think I know why he uses LEMON juice. As you can tell from his position of CEO of *that* and the video in the truck.

  • No Last Name
    No Last Name

    So patty just turned 22 at the end of Last Year And in this video he’s in the back of that truck with Corona, a alcohol. Now according to what I just learned on Instagram, Patty’s birthday is on December 18th. He would’ve only been 20 when shotgunning what looked like a bud light and probably drinking the Corona he poured in his eyes. Also the open alcohol in the back of the truck as well as riding in the back of the truck. So yeah, that one just in whole was illegal.

  • Caroline Recinos
    Caroline Recinos

    What a great role model

  • Tomisin Fijabi
    Tomisin Fijabi

    Aw, this is like one of his only videos that still has the Mr. Sandman theme at the end!☺️

  • Andrew jine
    Andrew jine


  • Leprechaun Biscuit
    Leprechaun Biscuit

    I think he emptied or juiced the lemons or something like that and filled them with water... just a theory don’t sue me

  • harry parkes
    harry parkes

    Young idiot found blind on sidewalk wither broken legs after squirting lemon juice in his eyes an jumping off building

  • Cherise Viljoen
    Cherise Viljoen

    Older Danny: FUCK YOU! Younger Danny: FRIK YOU!

  • Kenzie PlaysSims
    Kenzie PlaysSims

    what a great role model


    Help lemme go

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    Rollerblading off the roof into a pool after hot sauce in your eye is not comedy to me but is kinda impressive.

  • Gabbie Downey
    Gabbie Downey

    when I watched this video you know have 3.29M subscribers

  • Gabbie Downey
    Gabbie Downey

    LOL I didn't know who supreme patty was

  • Memerzoid 11
    Memerzoid 11

    Hey, it's not as bad as people who do urine drops. They pour urine in their eyes.


    yaaaay! li'l nutcracker guy is in the background of this video!!!

  • Crazy_Llama_ Lover
    Crazy_Llama_ Lover

    I'm scrolling through your videos trying to find one that I haven't watched and basically memorized ... I havent had much luck I've pretty much watched them all hundreds of times

  • Quinlan Turrall
    Quinlan Turrall


  • OscR

    I'm sorry but, how the fuck did you watch every single video of this "Supreme Patty"

  • rehana salim
    rehana salim

    *G* *R* *E* *G*

  • Miranda Terra
    Miranda Terra

    I full body cringed for every one of these

  • It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
    It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo

    I've seen men who get off on having their balls stomped on.. So honestly, I'm not unnerved...

  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Weird'o ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Weird'o ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    3:18 the nutcracker is in the back round

  • BlackWACat

    "yeah well.. i have almost over 3 million followers on vine" >now has over 3 million subs on youtube PERFECTLY BALANCED

  • Sabrina Mitchell
    Sabrina Mitchell

    This guy definitely has like no pain receptors left in his eyes he like doesnt even react pouring fucking hot sauce in his eyes. I feel like any normal person should be screaming

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    Watching this made me legit cry.

  • Lily Cortes
    Lily Cortes

    okay well now danny has a little over 3 mil like back on vine, *hell yeah*

  • Franciely Dutra
    Franciely Dutra

    i'm watching this in 2020 and now supreme patty is squirting lemons into his girlfriend's eyes 😍 romantic

  • Pastel Gore ASMR
    Pastel Gore ASMR

    Nutcracker is demon

  • Zanele Valverde
    Zanele Valverde

    3 mil now :,)

  • Yung_Demon YT
    Yung_Demon YT

    8:48 7 year old me on the little tikes hoops

  • gabriella schmitt
    gabriella schmitt

    Huh... I mean, I know alcoholics with severe liver damage desperately resort to pouring booze in their eyes in order to get alcohol in their blood stream. Of course it burns but addiction is addiction... it usually doesn’t take them long before realizing booze enemas r the better way to go since even having a sip will be pretty instantly terrible. they gotta do what they gotta do 🙄😕 🤷🏻‍♀️ Soooo, maybe it’s an attention/pain/adrenaline addiction for this guy. That’s the best I can do at giving him the benefit of the doubt

  • Miamicra

    Where is Honey getting the money?

  • Parobird ;-;
    Parobird ;-;

    Little nutcracker guy 💂‍♂️

  • Izzy

    ✨2018: 1M✨ ❤️2020: 3M❤️

  • BlueJ4ys 27
    BlueJ4ys 27

    "Never seen a video that's so charitable, yet flexed on me so hard" Have you never seen like any Mr.Beast video, Danny?

  • The Naturalist: Eloiiise
    The Naturalist: Eloiiise

    He is now past his vine self in subscribers congratulations Greg’s we did it bois

  • Blandy McBlanderson
    Blandy McBlanderson

    1 question: Why.

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith

    Anyone in 2019 when he has 3.17 million

  • Boredom Ack
    Boredom Ack

    I farted

    • Blandy McBlanderson
      Blandy McBlanderson


  • Lynne Smith
    Lynne Smith

    Danny, please comb your eyebrows

  • Obviously Yudai
    Obviously Yudai

    I'm watching this when he has 3M lmao

  • Heather Fryler
    Heather Fryler

    I've watched this video like 4 times and I just now realised he pulled that cake out of his dishwasher.

  • Just Some Random Artist
    Just Some Random Artist

    Guy: *Squirts Lemon Juice In Eyes* My Eyes: Hey need some tears?!

  • shiedaura

    i'm watching this video again and I just realized he took the cake out of the dishwasher i-

  • Monokuma

    Congrats on finally beating Vine Danny

  • Ally


  • Kazaneさゆり

    Now u hit 3M

  • Mattie Hall
    Mattie Hall

    7:28 😰😰😰

  • SirPickle toasters
    SirPickle toasters


  • Physikal Gaming
    Physikal Gaming

    Ya hit 3M

  • Cas Gustafsson
    Cas Gustafsson

    Now he has over 3 million, just like vine

  • _Taehyung_ BTS
    _Taehyung_ BTS


  • chase ruel
    chase ruel

    4:36 is highly enjoyable

  • Gacha_weirdo

    I actually got a drop of hot sauce in my eye once when I was 8 I screamed and my mom ran up to me, said what's wrong?? And my cousin (who was with me when it happened) said I got hot sauce in my eye, we went to the bathroom and put water in my eye to get it out... But my eye is ok😁

  • Anoosha R
    Anoosha R

    He's that one kid at primary who eats grass so people think he's cool

  • PH4N70MHP4R4D0X _____
    PH4N70MHP4R4D0X _____

    The Nutcracker is a great role model and mood

  • Husk

    multiple times i've been cutting up Carolina Reapers, forgotten to wash my hands, and gotten basically just pure reaper juice in my eyes. 10/10 painful will probably accidentally do again. Also done the same with Ghost peppers, Habaneros, and ground cayenne pepper. I just get a lot of pepper in my eye...

  • Dawar Munawar
    Dawar Munawar

    If you are Greg sub to my cannal Please just do it

  • Sumayya Bulbulia
    Sumayya Bulbulia