a productive af vlog + getting the new iphone 11 pro max
welcome to a productive af vlog and watch me get the new iphone 11 pro max from apple..AHH i can't believe they gave it to me wow!! hope you enjoy! xo -alisha marie
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  • Nadirah Mohammed
    Nadirah Mohammed

    Where did you buy or get those cases

  • SunsetSummer101 SunsetSummer101
    SunsetSummer101 SunsetSummer101

    Question: I have had this question for a very long time, what do you use to edit on your Mac, and which Mac do you have??? Can I get it on mine?

  • Carsyn Hoekstra
    Carsyn Hoekstra

    What coffee maker do you have?

  • Jenny Petri
    Jenny Petri

    Hello its Me Jennifer And i Just Want To Saying Hi To You Alisha Marie Vlogs :) And How Are You Doing To You Alisha Marie Vlogs :) And i Just Like Watching :) This Video About :) a productive af vlog + getting the new iphone 11 pro max :) And i Give Your Video About :) a productive af vlog + getting the new iphone 11 prom max :) A Thumbs Up :) And i Comment :) To Your Video About a productive af vlog + getting the new iphone 11 pro max And i Been Subscribe To Your Channel is Alisha Marie Vlogs :) And Much Love From Me Jennifer To You Alisha Marie Vlogs :) Has Your Fan Me Jennifer :) And Me Jennifer i Am From San Diego :) Bye For Now From Me Jennifer To You Alisha Marie Vlogs

  • ItsMe Mo
    ItsMe Mo

    Does anyone what to see how she edits like the whole thing start to finish on both channels or is it just me. Like to agree

  • Layla Rose
    Layla Rose

    Guys get this liked up enough so I can have her old phone pleaseeeee

  • sadie mcnulty
    sadie mcnulty

    Is that sweat on her purple sports bra?

  • XCisLife1210

    Apple loves Alisha. That’s the second free phone she got I wish I was Alisha now

  • XCisLife1210

    Me wishing I was rich to get a free iPhone sent to me 🙃

  • Brooklynn Anthony
    Brooklynn Anthony

    plz do a what’s on ur iphone 11 pro max ❤️❤️

  • Maryam Muneer
    Maryam Muneer

    Yo Alisha one day I'm actually gonna start eating salad for lunch everyday and if I get obsessed with it, it's gonna be bcz of u😂

  • Bernadette Severson
    Bernadette Severson

    no one: literally no one: Alisha: SALAD IS LIFE🥗

  • kendra boykoff
    kendra boykoff

    u should do a what's on my phone vid !

  • jana DIY
    jana DIY

    Im the fan tnx im crying I love you toooo

  • Anna Neufeld
    Anna Neufeld

    Has she talked about that coffee machine cause I feel like she has and it looks really cool if anyone knows plz comment it thx 😊😁

  • a e s t h e t i c ツ
    a e s t h e t i c ツ

    *omg I cant wait till Christmas lol* *FREAKING VLOGMAS IS SOON!!! like if ur excited ツ*

  • Lauren Alexander
    Lauren Alexander

    hey Alishaaaa :)

  • Briana Pedroza
    Briana Pedroza

    when she was putting gas in the car i was like "is she really not gonna do a gas you up" then shes like "so imma do a gas you up segment"

  • Salomé


  • Poppy Baldwin
    Poppy Baldwin

    I'm literally just waiting for her to upload. lmao. love you gurrrrl!

  • Jendeukie

    I love how Alisha being a third wheel to Remi and her bf. I can totally relate HAHAHAHA

  • emy tatiana
    emy tatiana

    These vlogs make me wanna be so much more productive . lol thanks Alisha!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    AF VLOG!!!!

  • JungieN4

    are they still friends wtih jonmari

  • Audrey Jayasekera
    Audrey Jayasekera

    please do a holiday roommate wars!

  • Dennise Uy
    Dennise Uy

    I’m curious if you still use your old phone or what do you do with it😅🇵🇭

  • Bee3

    I actually LOVE the narration!

  • Breanna Reese
    Breanna Reese

    When she started singing “right back to where we started from” I was blessed

  • Global Way, Inc.
    Global Way, Inc.

    alisha what do you edit on and what laptop do you use?

  • So Very Solena
    So Very Solena

    2:02 omg girl saaame!

  • sum mer
    sum mer

    where is ur sweater at 0:14 from??

  • DD Gang
    DD Gang


  • Sarah Moe
    Sarah Moe

    Can anyone tell me where she got her calendar ?!?? @alisha Marie or anyone???

  • Aine Hussey
    Aine Hussey

    Have Adelaine moron do your makeup!!!

  • Jorja Nicolson
    Jorja Nicolson

    can i have your old phone and phone cases????

  • Laura Rojas
    Laura Rojas

    8:20 ❤️

  • Nicole Estrada
    Nicole Estrada

    Imagine being Alisha and having Apple send you a new iPhone

  • madelyn crabb
    madelyn crabb

    5:50 that one girl at lunch

  • maryannabannana

    thank you for inspiring me to drink water 😂

  • Shivani Gogar
    Shivani Gogar


  • Olivia Goodwin
    Olivia Goodwin

    Omg I love the way she said “christmas is coming😉😉”

  • Arbana Podvorica
    Arbana Podvorica

    I Love you you are the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • celeste saborio
    celeste saborio

    your vlogs are my fav thing ever dudeee

  • Adrienne Lee
    Adrienne Lee

    Does anyone know where her grey zip up hoodie is from?

  • Noelle Calara
    Noelle Calara

    ngl alisha’s vlogs motivate me to be productive ahhh

  • Noelle Calara
    Noelle Calara

    3:55 love how alisha was just casually singing yung gravy hahaha

  • Victoria,s Random Corner Were I do Random Things
    Victoria,s Random Corner Were I do Random Things

    4:20 mtWTFss. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sa Ba
    Sa Ba

    You are the best person the world i love you so much you are to my everything you are just perfect vloger

  • Cristina Díaz
    Cristina Díaz

    Alisha, I feel you. I'm a freaking tomatoe when I work out

  • BeyBlade Burst Turbo
    BeyBlade Burst Turbo


  • BeyBlade Burst Turbo
    BeyBlade Burst Turbo


  • Amber Z
    Amber Z


  • Zahra Hammoud
    Zahra Hammoud

    please do a whats on my iphone🤞🏼📱 btw love you soooo MUCHHHHH LIDAAAA ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Savanna Sousa
    Savanna Sousa

    Omg yasssss

  • Jaden Streepy
    Jaden Streepy

    does anyone know where her glasses are from?

  • Abby Khalil
    Abby Khalil

    Back to watching again, took a break from TR-my and now I'm back, so excited for vlogmas

  • Alivia Boyd
    Alivia Boyd

    Can I have your iPhone X lol I literally have to use my lil brothers iPad to watch your vids lmao

  • Sarah Christine
    Sarah Christine

    my mom got an email for the vlogmas sweatshirt its so cute ahh!!

  • Camryn Baker
    Camryn Baker

    her singing "gravy train" at 3:55 ahahahah

  • Keara-valentine O’brien
    Keara-valentine O’brien

    I’m sorry but she doesn’t pay to get a new phone ?!! What a lifee lol

  • Abbey Auberson
    Abbey Auberson

    Love long vlogs!! *snaps*

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart

    Love you Lisa

  • Bekka Dowland
    Bekka Dowland

    We love a good glow up ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Zainub Faisal
    Zainub Faisal

    at 19:14 did anyone see maddie zeigler in her blue suit and kenzie along with her in her silver mini dress?..or is it just me?


    Untung seorang alisha

  • Sophie T
    Sophie T

    Super random question but how do you set up or have your ipad on display with the time 24/7? +AlishaMarieVlogs

  • kenziie

    u motivate me sis 👀

  • Dreams Ways
    Dreams Ways

    ♡we stan a consistent af queen!😍🤤🎁

  • Jade Ooi
    Jade Ooi

    Glistening girls and I’m just here like mrawt

  • Annie

    Honestly, I use to watch Alisha but seeing her obsessively consume carbon (Greece, new phones, shopping hauls) has made me dislike her. Please be contentious of your choices towards the environment.