a productive af vlog + getting the new iphone 11 pro max
welcome to a productive af vlog and watch me get the new iphone 11 pro max from apple..AHH i can't believe they gave it to me wow!! hope you enjoy! xo -alisha marie
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  • Bree Layden
    Bree Layden

    Why did Alisha spend probably 2 or 3 whole minutes talking about eggs?😂

  • joby Mailadumparael
    joby Mailadumparael


  • Ignacio Hernando
    Ignacio Hernando

    Beautiful iPhone 11📱

  • It's me Julienne
    It's me Julienne

    The way that she takes off the calendar was so reletable 😂

  • Octavia J Via J
    Octavia J Via J

    I ♡ your vlog videos Alisha ❤❤❤ ( in one day I can watch 20 videos lol*

  • Rose Chatter
    Rose Chatter

    Is it just me or does Cal kinda look like Charlie Puth.. no... just me..? Ok. 😂 not but like seriously 😂

  • The daily life of Kynasia
    The daily life of Kynasia

    where did you get that case from

  • Jahziah Gamagag
    Jahziah Gamagag

    2020 anyone

  • Jahziah Gamagag
    Jahziah Gamagag

    my favorite vlog evvvvvvvvver

  • Denisha B
    Denisha B

    the fact that she was so casually opening up an iPhone 11 pro max... hehehe

  • Amreta Umraw
    Amreta Umraw

    Anyone else is just watching over vlogs during quarantine?

  • TK 19
    TK 19

    I saw maddie and kenzie ziegler !!!


    Can I be in the gas you up segment

  • this girl purple you
    this girl purple you

    that surprise for tk was soo good!

  • Lila Robertson
    Lila Robertson

    Back then corona wasn’t even a thing 🤯

  • Madison Ashworth
    Madison Ashworth

    Alisha:I am trying not to eat out as much Me:But the next week you have a salad from sweet green No hate to Alisha I have loved her for years and she has helped me through so many things

  • Lillian Clayton
    Lillian Clayton

    does anyone wonder do you have to be asked to go to the RED CARPET?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Stella Kapak
    Stella Kapak

    Who else is too broken for an IPhone 11?[ME]

    • Lillian Clayton
      Lillian Clayton


  • Leila Tran
    Leila Tran

    Who else is getting the iPhone 11 Pro Max soon

  • Miranda Angeles Collard
    Miranda Angeles Collard

    you went to the premiere of charlie's angels

  • Zee Moura
    Zee Moura

    because again 7am.......

  • Marilyn Anyegah
    Marilyn Anyegah

    At Least you got it for FREE!I can't even afford it!!:(

  • Amalin Najaa
    Amalin Najaa

    Omg where did you buy thos phone case

  • Lainey Starkey
    Lainey Starkey

    I’m a hardcore fan. I new your nickname was lida

  • madison williams
    madison williams

    Plz can u do a what I eat in a day?

  • Mia R.
    Mia R.

    We know where lida came from, but where did loushe (probably spelled wrong) come from.

  • Mazey Smith
    Mazey Smith

    anyone else watching this on April 15th 2020 . No just me oh love you Alisha xxxx

  • Jace Brown
    Jace Brown

    please tell me where you got thoses cases there’s my email>> jacebrown817@yahoo.com ;) please

  • Yanet Guerrero
    Yanet Guerrero

    Thank god! I was looking for this video because I’ve been wanting a casetify case for so long and saw yours and I’ve been obsessed ever since I saw this video!

  • Sarai Roman
    Sarai Roman

    She is the best blogger and TR-my person ever wow she is looks so good with makeup’s you amazing

  • Sarai Roman
    Sarai Roman

    Alisha is one of the best persons on earth that I have ever watched

  • Jayde Thompson
    Jayde Thompson

    She is my fav TR-myr

  • Alyssa Howard-Smith
    Alyssa Howard-Smith

    me watching this in 2020 and being complete shock. You don't have your nespresso or your drawer organizers ahhhhhh

  • Kara Schwitters
    Kara Schwitters

    I love how tk was not taking the gift and Alisha was like take it

  • Elliot Matzke
    Elliot Matzke

    Such a good video I love Tks reaction

  • Addison davis
    Addison davis

    2:07 same girl ughhh

  • Andy Hooligan
    Andy Hooligan

    Official so extra

  • S K
    S K

    Alisha you NEED to have like a song or a rap for when you don’t end the vlogs ilysm

  • Melody

    Alisha is just a great friend! She’s always gifting things to them and thinking about them. When she gave the palette to TK I was so happy for her and I almost cried too.

  • Krishna Pathak
    Krishna Pathak

    Congratulations for your iPhone I and my mom has the same one

  • about theresa
    about theresa

    omg could u do a what i eat on a cheat day???

  • Olivia Gallo
    Olivia Gallo

    What is the case called the one with lida on it I love it I want to get it what is it called 💕💕💕

  • 2306aaa lll
    2306aaa lll

    who's just bingewatching alisha's amazing vlogs ? :)

  • Sándor Komiszár
    Sándor Komiszár


  • Dancer_R28

    I love u Alisha u inspire me so much I love ur vlogs and mane Chanel ur the BEST

  • Κλαιλια TV 2016
    Κλαιλια TV 2016

    2:38 when she said that she didn't know that it would be so much more satisfying in the future with the dividers she bought 😂❤️

  • maya

    TK is so cute 😂💘💘💘💘

  • Tiana Siena
    Tiana Siena

    hey Alisha!! this is legit my favourite vlog you have ever put up!!!! I love your vlogs and vids keep the work up!

  • Erin Lisle
    Erin Lisle

    Plz do a what I eat in a day video I loved the last one

  • Leila Tran
    Leila Tran

    Should I get the green or the white iPhone 11?

  • Océ Forever
    Océ Forever

    Your the best youtuber EVER!💖

  • Sukey Chen
    Sukey Chen

    Literally November 15 is my birthday!!!!!!

  • Alyssa Rash
    Alyssa Rash

    i honestly don’t mind when she finds old vlogs cause they are all fun to watch 💓

  • Rachel Evelyn
    Rachel Evelyn

    I REMEMBER your channel being Lidalou11, been watching you for the longest time girlll 🙌🏽🙌🏽💓

  • Leah’s World
    Leah’s World

    The way she said Christmas is coming up😂

  • Samantha A.
    Samantha A.

    “I’m crying, why am I crying” -TK 2019

  • Emilia Tsvetanova
    Emilia Tsvetanova

    What do u do with all the phones u don't use

  • Leila Tran
    Leila Tran


  • Sarah Edge
    Sarah Edge


  • Ginger Eva
    Ginger Eva

    how do you get your screen saver Alisha?

  • Lindsay Stratton
    Lindsay Stratton

    She said sweat stain

  • Leslie Deyanara
    Leslie Deyanara

    I remember watching remi and whishing that Alisha and remi would like become bffs. And look at them now❤️🤗

  • Kristina

    18:54 maddie and kenzie in the back tho

  • Sophia Gachalife
    Sophia Gachalife


  • Viksia V
    Viksia V

    TK's reaction was so wholesome😂

  • Nya Peoples
    Nya Peoples

    why are you all soooo pretty, i actully dont understand


    Love you lida ❤️

  • Genesis Cruz
    Genesis Cruz

    tk has the cutest reactions to gifts

  • Layla Diaz
    Layla Diaz

    I want her wallpaper but I can’t find it

  • Kristine Basangan
    Kristine Basangan

    Love your routines