Adults React To Commercials That Make No Sense (Guessing The Product)
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Adults React To Commercials That Make No Sense (Guessing Game). Watch to see their reactions!
Content Featured:
Awesome Japanese Commercials #1 January 2019
IKEA - Let's Relax
Two-Minute Brazilian Subway Commercial
Cadbury's Gorilla Advert Aug 31st 2007
Reuveni Pridan IPG - Kibbutzim College
The Best Sushi Commercials - Gin No Sara Funny Ads From Japan
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Adults React To Commercials That Make No Sense
(Guessing The Product)

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    • S1ug Trail
      S1ug Trail

      It's because in the show the straw hat Pirates are always recruiting new Pirates. Really the language barrier and cultural difference that makes it hard to understand.

    • Pit Rat T.V
      Pit Rat T.V

      Mikaela you got this [ Michelle we all make mistakes GOrgeous

    • _Gaming Artz_
      _Gaming Artz_

      FBE omg I just got a indeed ad, now they watched a indeed ad?!

    • Lilach

      I love hearing Hebrew in the episodes! Thank yo so much!

    • Juan Cortez Muro
      Juan Cortez Muro

      This NFL Video🤣

  • madison olivia
    madison olivia

    AYEEEEE im eating a cadberry milk chocolate and almond bar rn

  • pawat since 2009
    pawat since 2009

    Ohhhhhhhhh you mean sooubway

  • sewing thread gem
    sewing thread gem

    That first commercial for subway wtf I thought it was a dove soap commercial you know takes a strong woman to be a mom that sort of thing

  • Don Korte
    Don Korte

    We do the same thing. In 1984 apple brought out their first computer during the Super Bowl without ever showing the product...

  • Dean Bean
    Dean Bean

    You can’t turn into a sushi it’s called a fish

  • taegi ships
    taegi ships

    I guessed the Cadbury for the gorilla I'm surprised I remembered it

  • Jess Headley
    Jess Headley

    The Cadbury commercial was literally the most talked about commercial in the UK that year, it was plastered all over the news at the time and the extended cut was 90 seconds long. It was iconic!

  • trans Joseph
    trans Joseph

    4:57 i too want to be a pirate

    • Harris

      sadly we can't be😭😭

  • Siân

    chocolate cadbury's one of the best ads period

  • Luna TaeBae
    Luna TaeBae

    I see anything related to Anime I'm here.

  • TokiseChi

    5:30 it's in hebrew lolll I live in Israel and never saw it, I didn't know we also that weird


    I love how they randomly say and its correct

  • PK Banana
    PK Banana

    Ngl, Clicked because of One Piece

    • Muhsin Mohamed
      Muhsin Mohamed


  • syed fahad
    syed fahad

    2:51 😂😂

  • nibban90

    Is anybody else a bit dissapointed they didn't play any of the Panda Cheese commercials?

  • aguadelparaiso

    One Piece x Indeed

  • TheCraftyGamer

    I clicked cuz i saw ONE PEICE...

    • TheCraftyGamer

      Damn.. i spelled peice wrong..

  • Stubz702

    I would have the most random answers to these

  • kakek legend
    kakek legend

    Most of us here for the One Piece

  • Nathanial Trivette
    Nathanial Trivette

    One piece mf that anime the bomb!!

  • Lone_Ronin_

    Hahaha the Japanese commercials are the best. I loved just watching them in my spare time in Japan

  • Epix Playz1365
    Epix Playz1365

    I was expecting them to watch that one homeless man security cam commercial or somethin because it is very sad when you find out the plot twist

  • Ameed

    When Adam gets frustrated he sounds like Rick lmao

  • [ P A T C H N O T E ] 0 0 0 0
    [ P A T C H N O T E ] 0 0 0 0


    • AshuriChan24

      He not kamen rider but he is captain Yamato

  • A Trash Gamer
    A Trash Gamer

    I’m a simple person, I see luffy, I click

    • Hikma Ahmed
      Hikma Ahmed

      same 😂

    • Yassine 001
      Yassine 001

      same with me 😂😂😂

  • Allen Brown
    Allen Brown

    Imagine if there was a live action one piece movie I would love to watch that

    • Sushi Wushi
      Sushi Wushi

      Please god no no live action versions they all suck

    • Riza Perdana
      Riza Perdana

      I think there will be a live action one piece from netflix, cek the article from google.

    • Roz Zaidi Rozhan
      Roz Zaidi Rozhan

      well, given if the Japanese could pull the formula off, in making great live actions.... dont get me wrong, Attack on Titan bombed eventhough it was promising?

  • Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson

    If you non-sarcastically thought, "Oh, yeah, that makes perfect sense," when you found out the One Piece crew was in a commercial for an employment website... you might be a weeb.

    • atrv Bear
      atrv Bear

      tbh "indeed" commercials never made any sense. the only common thing in their commercials is the song.

  • In The Mood
    In The Mood

    I see One Piece I click. Yohohohoho

  • Jen Stein
    Jen Stein


  • tocopherly

    red shirt guy gives the most random answers. zero thinking zero brain usage.

  • incognito Harper
    incognito Harper

    Yes 42!!!! My spirit human!!!!

    • Zombie Hunter
      Zombie Hunter

      incognito Harper AN ENEMY STAND!!!

  • Bruno Chavez
    Bruno Chavez

    I only came for the one piece cover

    • MAC

      Bruno Chavez me too

  • 西園テトラポット


  • N frame sprites
    N frame sprites

    Hi Mikaela!

  • Christal _
    Christal _

    A sandwich is not gonna make your girl come back bro. She belong to the streets 😐🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Tom Robertson
    Tom Robertson

    Holy shit don was on 60 days in wtf?

  • Joel Mejia
    Joel Mejia

    My friends do 1-4

  • Joel Mejia
    Joel Mejia

    I used to take a marketing class in Dominican Republic and we did something like this it was dope

  • Andrew Dorren
    Andrew Dorren

    Okay I have to admit, the Subway commercial was really weird

  • Mihlali Potwana
    Mihlali Potwana

    How is one lady being in a car yelling drive lead her into then saying insurance 😂😭????

  • karim sayed
    karim sayed

    great video as always, i watched like 100 hour on FBE

  • milkey way
    milkey way

    Why would no one get that indeed one, they're literally singing it. I mean, i would, they probably think it's just some japanese word 😂

    • milkey way
      milkey way

      @Zombie Hunter one of them is weeb. And yes i stated that they probably think "indeedo" just some japanese word

    • Zombie Hunter
      Zombie Hunter

      milkey way that’s why there’s SUB because not everyone can understand Japanese. Also One Piece?!?!

  • LegoTom

    i remember seeing the cadbury ad when i was like 5 and thinking it was a music ad

    • Jose Toledo
      Jose Toledo

      Hi LegoTom

  • Keven Martinez
    Keven Martinez

    nobdy this comment: useless

  • Abraham Kaloh / 01
    Abraham Kaloh / 01

    I literally got the ikea ad from the text font.

  • Kim Hyonie
    Kim Hyonie

    "how... How did that a Subway Commercial?" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ivy Ally
    Ivy Ally

    The gorilla got me ^_^

  • Del Cortehh
    Del Cortehh

    Is Don a Wayans brother

  • Del Cortehh
    Del Cortehh

    😂😂😂"he Britney Spearin it" I'm actually in love with Michelle

  • Patrik Svensson
    Patrik Svensson

    You guys need to check out the old Ipren commercial and/or the If... insurance commercial with a gremlin sitting inside a washing machine, eating clothes made for Swedish audiences. Those were bonkers, yet not too far fetched.

  • /RETRO /
    /RETRO /

    Well,it wasn't your fault guys the ads require higher level of ad intellect to understand them only a few can understand the complexity of content they contaion

    • therewasadisaster

      Hmmm. Please explain!

  • Catacomb daily life
    Catacomb daily life

    Quote: " idk.. yoghurt?"

  • Jerry D. Metz
    Jerry D. Metz

    Adam's vibe.. That be me xD

  • Sock Muffin
    Sock Muffin

    Why does the headgehog go in and out of the little slot?

  • Halfblood20

    You guys should try watching 'Kwentong Jollibee', they're commercials from the Philippines

  • rohit maharjan
    rohit maharjan

    how can you be bad at this huh?!

  • Myrkr Ormr
    Myrkr Ormr

    While the commercials dont make sense, the thought process behind them does... What are you gonna remember? take the business school commercial for example: *guy showing you around the school, seeing students learning, teachers teaching* VS A bunch of animal people talking about their animal traits and how it helps them in the business world. The goal is not for the commercial to make sense. the goal is for you to remember the commercial and what it was connected to. you have a better chance of remember the commercial if its weird and nonsensical VS normal and generic.

  • captain fear
    captain fear

    I want their job what do they do..... Well they're pirates.

  • Jacen Justice
    Jacen Justice

    "It's like an old school commercial. Like back in George Washington days." 🤔😑🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Rwaa Saad
    Rwaa Saad

    I love how michelle is just guessing yogurt when she's lost 😂😂😂😂

  • Rwaa Saad
    Rwaa Saad

    Watching old fbe Videos in quarantine time 👍

  • Elaina Wi
    Elaina Wi

    I just clicked cause I saw best boi zoro

    • Just some boi who watch YouTube more than you
      Just some boi who watch YouTube more than you

      You thought it was zoro but it was me *DIO*

    • Syrex- Sama
      Syrex- Sama

      Elaina Wi yesss boo~😍

  • MaximusAlcarinque

    Bat deduction and Insane troll logic works best here

  • John Kelly
    John Kelly

    Superfam, golden member what is that trash? Did some idiots pay so they can have a say over nothing that matters?. Go donate to a worthy cause and help actual people rather than line the pockets of entertainers.

    • winter

      Who died and made you the boss, john?

    • Rwaa Saad
      Rwaa Saad

      It's free 😂😂😂😂

    • Adam Taurus
      Adam Taurus

      Ok boomer

  • Furybanana

    lol they dont have a job ... they pirate... they do wtf they want dude

  • Joshua Da Man Khawkhlawk
    Joshua Da Man Khawkhlawk

    Press Read more

    • Adam Taurus
      Adam Taurus

      Got me

  • TheRealDude

    5:13 יאי בעברית

    • noga ben ahron
      noga ben ahron

      זה בדיוק איך שהגבתי שהבנתי שזה בעברית

  • ידידיה פרידלנדר
    ידידיה פרידלנדר

    How church Mikaela?they are from israel


    I could tell by the font it was an IKEA commercial lol