Ali Wong Needs More Than 5 Baby Diapers In an Emergency
The Late Late Show with James Corden
Late Late Show guest host Alicia Keys congratulates Ali Wong on her book, and asks her about what happened on a drive down to San Diego with her mother and daughter, and nature came calling while they were in traffic.
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  • efren chavez
    efren chavez

    What a shit show

  • Luv1234

    Ali is so tiny, like me. Nice to see a petite woman with big personality.

  • NY 7
    NY 7

    Looking at Alicia Keys is very nice, but listening to her talk is like listening to your bro talk to you about random bro shit. SUPER LEZBO!

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

    S r b ...o.k./ o.k./ the moisture lock / // holy smoke/ // it's not so much that it was hard to keep them away // ya'll were playing with em/ but...right piss poking // and Manhattan was always in Tennessee 🎶🎶🎶because 🎶you🎶had🎶his🎶tory🎶class🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

    S r b Thanx// .... so in one peice / see you later

  • I’m Here
    I’m Here

    No one catches the fact that Billie interrupted Ali’s delivery on that joke at 1:25

  • Cartoon Kingdom
    Cartoon Kingdom

    Ali Wong's head is too big for her body

  • Patayan Knight
    Patayan Knight


  • lipsohlips97

    When I read the title, my conclusion was her baby must have had a major crisis down there... was not expecting this lol

  • Wendy Ngo
    Wendy Ngo

    The fact that Ali’s mom passed her the diapers tho..very cool mom move

  • Maura Espinoza
    Maura Espinoza

    I honestly like this better than Lilly! People say people don’t like Lilly because she is a woman but it’s not that, Alicia Keyes is brown and she killed it!

  • Glenn Radford
    Glenn Radford

    Ali is so gross and sexy at the same time.Very conflicted.

  • Milly A
    Milly A

    “you got your kegels down i can tell” LMAOOOOO

  • Milly A
    Milly A

    “touring is not glamorous” billie: 🤑🤑

  • KaZoua Thao
    KaZoua Thao

    My three fav people in a room together

  • Cari111111

    Not gonna lie, that was a dope plug.

  • Nico MirandaYT
    Nico MirandaYT

    This is so embarrassing 😂😂😂 😂

  • Brianna Wunderlin
    Brianna Wunderlin

    Love this All Women Show!!!!! YES! And Alicia Keys is an amazing host!

  • Telika Howard
    Telika Howard

    i know that pee stank up her car. and billie too young to know about kegels

  • annieee

    I don’t know why but to me Ali kinda looks like J-Hope

  • M S
    M S

    Man Ali is so funny lol

  • Blkpoca28

    Note to self: have an adult diaper stash in your car at all times.

  • Jordina Pi Grau
    Jordina Pi Grau

    Give Alicia her damn show

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown

    Ali should keep putting out real stuff She should be on SNL or have a TV show

  • Taylor Hall
    Taylor Hall

    wait she looks like halsey its not just me right

    • Kelli L
      Kelli L

      YES! I 100% see it.


    Pooonaaaniii. LMAO!

  • Vicky Zeng.mp3
    Vicky Zeng.mp3

    I am living for this 😂😂😂😂

  • Cool Beans
    Cool Beans

    Billie acting like the whole peeing in a closet thing didn’t happen 😂

  • Akimaj

    Hmmm....makes me want to store a pack of Depends in my car in case of an emergency...

  • ugh, your mind
    ugh, your mind

    i stg all mom’s are like ali wong, my mom does this all the time if we’re stuck in the middle of traffic and she has to use the bathroom she’ll literally use any pee-able(??) object LMAO

  • EmEliza

    I love that Billie brought up kegels because I thought the same thing!

  • J R
    J R

    The things women talk about when they’re together... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elizabeth Culver Edwards
    Elizabeth Culver Edwards

    Ali: "In my Rav 4." Alicia: "Yeah girl." You know that series Red Table Talk? I want Alicia to start a series like that where she talks to people. She's so good at it!

  • Ge Oh Get That Work!
    Ge Oh Get That Work!

    "Dru Down's Pimp of the year started playing on Kday" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Stanton thorne
    Stanton thorne

    Hell yes I suck toes 😰

  • Ella -Marina Wong
    Ella -Marina Wong

    billies face hahahaha

  • Dani The Human
    Dani The Human

    I love Alicia Keys' voice

  • random cat
    random cat

    thought its halsey on the thumbnail

  • G. Andrea
    G. Andrea

    im confused on how there was pee on the floor but she peed in the diaper?? 5 diapers wasted and still pee on the floor¿

  • Selena selena selena selena Perez
    Selena selena selena selena Perez

    yooo alicia and Billie were so shocked. Bils face when she said p*nani😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adam

    I think Billie eilish might have a fine body underneath the garbage bags she wears.

    • Aly

      Wtf, she's only 17 perv.

    • Alex

      You're the reason she wears what she wears.

  • Alejandra Chavarria
    Alejandra Chavarria

    This shit had me DYING 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Jenna Baily
    Jenna Baily

    1:31 Billie: That’s impressive. Me: That’s dangerous.

  • W Oo
    W Oo


  • Kelli L
    Kelli L

    Billie should've told them the doctor's office story. Giving Ali her moment was cool though!

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong


    • rusyaidi irfan
      rusyaidi irfan

      ikr 😂😂😂

    • Asuka777

      Sydney Kong lol

  • أمان 09
    أمان 09

    I don’t know how ppl think this is funny i mean it’s gross wtf

  • K C
    K C

    Ali’s book was phenomenal. It was a great audiobook that had me laughing hysterically in LA traffic while looking like a mad woman to other drivers. 😌



  • Ji Hye Choi
    Ji Hye Choi

    Punani 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kat

    These three women are amazing

  • Art Vandelay, Jr.
    Art Vandelay, Jr.

    Billie and Wong looking like dental assistants.

    • anniebi


    • Vierka Vojcikova
      Vierka Vojcikova

      You killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

    • Elchante Colbert
      Elchante Colbert


    • Elizabeth Culver Edwards
      Elizabeth Culver Edwards

      Right? I thought Ali was wearing scrubs too!

    • Regina George
      Regina George

      LORDDYYY hahahaha

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird

    I really didnt want to get any informations about her "punani". Like... girl, behave like a woman

    • Floppy Bird
      Floppy Bird

      Do I have a penis? Yes, I do. Should I talk about my penis on a TV show? No, I shouldnt. Why? Because its not polite. Should this """"woman"""" talk about her vaginal issues on a TV show? No, she shouldt. Why? Because its not polite but I do understand that her "fans" are on the same boat as her #CulturalDecadency

    • TheCyramDLC

      Wait, women don't have genitalia?!

    • Andrew Johnson
      Andrew Johnson

      You clicked a video with a title about needing diapers, genius.

  • kirin

    wait till you hear Billie's story about peeing...

    • Nishal Ragoo
      Nishal Ragoo

      She peed Inna cup .. hilarious

  • Elodie S
    Elodie S


  • Sebastian's World
    Sebastian's World

    She looks like she came quick from the shift at the it

    • Stefanie with an F
      Stefanie with an F

      Sebastian's World 💀

  • Eilish

    wtf is kegels billie💀

    • Mika Yariv
      Mika Yariv

      Eilish pelvis exercises

  • Eilish

    billie's face when ali said PUNANI💀

    • Carl Ruiz
      Carl Ruiz

      POOnani is a good name considering how stinky vaginas are.

  • Eilish

    we're getting so much billie content yes

  • Amore SDMN
    Amore SDMN

    Imagine the scenes if Billie talked about the closet incident LOOOL

    • rusyaidi irfan
      rusyaidi irfan

      Amore SDMN Damn Hahaha That Moment Was Epic 😂😂😂

    • Selena selena selena selena Perez
      Selena selena selena selena Perez

      Amore SDMN yoOooo. I was jus at the fUcking DoCtors

    • Ashlyn Castillo
      Ashlyn Castillo

      Lol ikr

    • Julian Good
      Julian Good

      lmao you know she was thinking it XD

  • Whereismyname ?
    Whereismyname ?

    Cup covered pee covered cup

  • Rainbow Unicorn Empress
    Rainbow Unicorn Empress

    They should’ve had Ali host the show, not Alicia. More appropriate to sub a comedian with a comedian, am I right?

    • Rainbow Unicorn Empress
      Rainbow Unicorn Empress

      Aly Understood. No need for a sorry, you’re entitled to your preferences and opinions 👍🏽 I’m co-signing her hosting aptitude based on her full comedic/entertainment resume, not specifically the pee story. Looking more at the history of her comedic talent and her overall energy/stage presence here. It’s all way better than Alicia’s.

    • Aly

      @Rainbow Unicorn EmpressI didn't find her peeing in diapers funny or entertaining🤷🏽‍♀️Sorry.

    • Rainbow Unicorn Empress
      Rainbow Unicorn Empress

      Aly Why nah? Ali was exponentially more entertaining and engaging in this segment alone than Alicia was as host of the entire show. Late night talk show host isn’t Alicia’s niche.

    • Aly


  • Livi Krumme
    Livi Krumme

    i love the way billie is impressed by this

  • unconventionaldust

    We Billie stans know our girl has an equally hilarious story about peeing in strange places.

    • Angelito

    • unconventionaldust

      @Julian Good She told the fart story on Jimmy Fallon, maybe She thought that would be enough to share on national tv and didn't feel the need to also talk about her peeing habits/weird episodes involving her peeing😂

    • Julian Good
      Julian Good

      i was hoping she would tell it after Ali Wongs story lmao

    • unconventionaldust

      @Hippopotalust I mean, the amount of times She has peed in a cup AND THE EPITOME OF ANY PEEING STORY, THE ONE AND ONLY, THE INFAMOUS "I peed in a closet"

    • Olivia Lloyd
      Olivia Lloyd


  • Don't Know
    Don't Know

    This story is hilarious 🤣🤣

  • khevin imanuel
    khevin imanuel

    Billie:Your the next level😂

    • Hannah Naing
      Hannah Naing

      Lmaoo also bil: peeing in a closet at the doctor's in a cup

  • arvs santy
    arvs santy


  • Shal Fahrenheit
    Shal Fahrenheit


  • Sharon Scott
    Sharon Scott


  • iftlatlw

    love this collab