America's wilderness is for sale
We need more copper. Is it worth destroying this place?
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The Trump administration has opened up America's public lands to mining and fossil fuel companies on an unprecedented scale, lifting decades-long protections from millions of acres of wilderness across the country. In Minnesota, one proposed copper mine is pitting neighbors against each other as they weigh the benefits of new mining jobs against the environmental consequences of a new mines. It’s an old American debate that’s been further complicated here by an unforgiving reality: We need copper, and there are not that many places to get it. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • 123jcoolmusic

    What ever happened to the copper vein in Superior AZ. Look it up

  • noah thorpe
    noah thorpe

    " not many places to get it (copper)" RECYCLE OUR ELECTRONICS

  • TheAdekrijger

    It is so special and so unigue and it is still the same because Trump didn't do anything to those areas it is the media who are sponsering the democrats are lying to you. By the way your live is based on industry so look for better solutions. But do not act like you can do without heavy metals. It is in the very device you are watching this with.

  • Bald Spidey
    Bald Spidey

    In survival, we think of the three's: 3 minutes w/o Oxygen, 3 hours in extreme conditions (hot/cold), 3 days w/o water, and 3 weeks w/o food (more for some); and the body breaks down and can cause harm, and/or death. Your life, and your land, without water is worthless. Working 30 + years in the field of Emergency Response, Emergency Management, and in the Environmental Field has allowed me to see the "life span" of these types of operations come, exploit, and leave a dead zone + a useless zone. I have yet to see an industry like this not leave a foot print. Don't think in the now, act for the future. PS not sure i agree with this "i dipped my cup in the water from my canoe and drank it" ... the times of year you can do this w/o impact is minimal.

  • Jeron Fishburn
    Jeron Fishburn

    We're never going to "run out" of copper. We still have the same amount of copper now as we've always had.

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S

    What an epic intro

  • mbassy

    Not worth it. Save the forest

  • Moe Snert
    Moe Snert

    Only when the last plant has died, and the last fish has died will people learn you can't eat money

  • Daniel Ibarra
    Daniel Ibarra

    I'm not from the USA but love the environment this is sad

  • Kyleigh DiGiovanni
    Kyleigh DiGiovanni

    There was a post I saw that I don’t remember who said it but put this the best” I want to skip to the end of the movie about trump to the fade out credits- when we find out how much prison time they each got”. I swear if someone takes him out I will track down that person to give them a fruit basket- it would be poetic if the administrations lax gun policies are what wind up killing them. I can dream, but I get the feeling this is going to get much worse before it gets better, if it ever does get better

  • Prod. Dimension77
    Prod. Dimension77

    Thank you Roosevelt Ily ♥

  • The Things
    The Things

    Time for a biopic about Theodore Roosevelt with Nick Offerman, could save the forests

  • Tori Sylvester
    Tori Sylvester

    This is a new low.

  • R F
    R F

    Maybe copper is in the ground for another reason other than IS to destroy the earth and dig it up

  • C

    So do we want one old dude to be able to fish alone on a massive lake or benefit in billions of dollars in mining. Lol the left

    • Lynn McNeely
      Lynn McNeely

      Ok boomer

  • Tia

    Send all the peeps to the mars let them build their city,bank and rich think and let go the earth for us

  • SS Gaming
    SS Gaming

    In Mongolia 🇲🇳 too

  • Christopher fontenelle
    Christopher fontenelle

    This man is pure Evil


    This is tragic. I visited the Boundary waters for a canoeing trip and I can confirm that the water tastes like Dasani.

  • bball33g

    I think this is a very well made video. Does anyone know where I can find the sources for this video?

  • Davinio

    Without excessive mining, I wouldn't have been able to watch this video and subscribe to your channel.

  • Sam Francis
    Sam Francis

    Is there any way to make Trump leave the white house?

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Why do you want him out?


    If they can afford to pay the locals $90000 to mine, they can afford to find a way to store that waste. It makes me sick seeing all those people cheering at a decision that will waste this beautiful landscape. I sincerely hope they don't pollute the waterways, and when the copper has run out, they clean up properly. Probably not though, the profits will likely go to apathetic shareholders and none will be kept for decomissioning the mine.

  • Juno

    one more year ... yeah ONE MORE YEAR!

    • Nida Khatri
      Nida Khatri


  • Juan Melgar
    Juan Melgar

    Make a hole on the ground....make your profit and then let the taxpayers socialize the clean up of the mess. That's how these companies work.

    • Kathy Franklund
      Kathy Franklund

      Juan Melgar yes they destroy the land and ruin the water.than they want taxpayers to clean up the mess,on our dime,or should I say trillions of dollars,but that can’t fix what is broken and can’t be fixed! Trump only cares about the all Mighty dollar for The people who praising him.

  • Angello! R.
    Angello! R.

    And another state with awesome natural scenery falls down cause of government and people greediness.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      @Alex Siemers ita not like jobs and copper grow in trees

    • TeenageCapitalist

      @Alex Siemers what do you mean? Its not like the mining company's dont recycle. Jobs in the recycling industry dont pay as well as mining. We need mining and at the moment (key word at the moment) instead of recylcing in America.

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers

      TeenageCapitalist jobs can exist without tearing apart the environment. If anything, the effort needed to recycle materials would provide more jobs than getting them fresh from the ground.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Its not greed its jobs

  • Ricky

    Mining asteroids for precious resources is perfect, thanks Trump for the effort with space force

  • tyler maloney
    tyler maloney

    Looks like you need to add insurable values on natural resources such as Fish Tree and Game. Adjust this value so you can afford a modest livelihood.

  • Rabin

    You know what is more toxic than arsenic?? Trump is 😠

    • TeenageCapitalist

      @AWP AWP did you not read what I said. They have a clean up plan. Right now what is good for people is food on the table.

    • AWP AWP
      AWP AWP

      @TeenageCapitalist jobs that also are ruining a beautiful part of America. All we are known for is land of the free at this point.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      @Rabin he is not destroying anything. Mining companies ALWAYS have a clean up plan. Trump is just trying to create jobs for people. Jobs that put food on the table.

    • Rabin

      @TeenageCapitalist Are you nuts? Can't you see....he is destroying the forest that was untouched for centuries

    • TeenageCapitalist

      How is Trump toxic?

  • Athaporn MCorp Review
    Athaporn MCorp Review

    When u look at old literature, armies settlers and nomads all drink 🍹 from rivers. U can’t find Evian or Poland 🇵🇱 springs. It’s juz polluted these days

  • TrolledYouSilly

    Trump really has no regard for wildlife.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      @AWP AWP yes I did and Trump is creating jobs not activley cuting down trees.

    • AWP AWP
      AWP AWP

      @TeenageCapitalist did you not watch the video?

    • TeenageCapitalist

      How do you know?

  • johnyyots

    And yet you (vox) are able to make videos like this due to machines that need copper to function. So if we don't mine for copper here, it will be mined somewhere else. So how is the problem resolved? It's not, out of sight out of mind doesn't mean the Earth is less polluted because we didn't see the manufacturing process. And there is the solution, new way of extraction, and processing for copper. Dangerous heavy metals are in our waters, they have been there since we started mining. Examples are watch any gold panning videos.

  • Jamie Ingels
    Jamie Ingels

    Why don't they just start mining our Landfills for copper....

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Landfills cant be mined for copper. If you want your electronics to be mined for copper recycle them.

    • John Brattan
      John Brattan

      Best comment in history.

  • Bradford Poole
    Bradford Poole

    My grandfather used to be a tour guide in the boundary water, he always tells me about it and I swear if I don’t get to go one day because of copper....

    • Bradford Poole
      Bradford Poole

      Nida Khatri yes!

    • Nida Khatri
      Nida Khatri

      @Bradford Poole wow is it still active now?

    • Bradford Poole
      Bradford Poole

      He ended up making a company called wilderness canoe trips in Wilmington Delaware because he loved it so much

  • SirVlogs

    So money does grow on trees?

  • Lord Askia mohanmend
    Lord Askia mohanmend

    The real owners never benefit anymore from the land

  • Robert Lamacraft
    Robert Lamacraft

    Eventually, we need to replace Earth mining with asteroid mining, but that isn’t going to be possible until it makes economic sense. I’m not saying it should be our first priority, but over the next say 200 years we need it to be more and more difficult to mine the Earth

  • TransHuman

    Behold the end game of capitalism. Everything is for sale.

  • Trevor George
    Trevor George

    Drill baby drill

    • John Brattan
      John Brattan

      Where, baby, where.

  • lalit Sharma
    lalit Sharma

    Not just the company makes profits but gov and all people makes profits and same goes for loss

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron

    Welp time to get rich and buy all those lands.

  • Shvd Blvck Worldwide
    Shvd Blvck Worldwide

    Where’s all the Trump supporters now?

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Right in front of you.


    Is almost like you cannot hear a bad new without hearing one of his political speeches related to it, you know who I'm talking about.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Yes the media loves to blame Trump for everything.

  • jj a
    jj a

    No one asked the wildlife😔,what if it was the other way around😑

  • J'zargo Valyrian
    J'zargo Valyrian

    If America actually took better care of its people, even the miners, Trump would had not been so successful at convincing rural America to vote for him. Trump is not the cause, he is a symptom.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Rural america votes for him because he wants them to succseed. The Democratic Party cares more for the minorities and the city dwellers then the people that make the food for people to eat.

  • Arshh khan
    Arshh khan

    2020 let's all vote!!! Research Learn and Vote...🇺🇲✌🙏

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Trump Train 2020!

  • Crazy White boy
    Crazy White boy

    They better not 💁‍♂️

  • Vojtěch Pithart
    Vojtěch Pithart

    It isnt worth it!

  • Jessica Aguirre
    Jessica Aguirre

    You can't drink money !!!!

  • Julian Thomas
    Julian Thomas

    the answer is no

  • Keegan [GoatLord]
    Keegan [GoatLord]

    3:21 I was waiting for this amazing town, me and my family have went to camp van vac near here for decades every summer. it is a great place and if it were destroyed for mining that would honestly break my heart

  • Bryan Alexis
    Bryan Alexis

    He drink water from River Bacteria hold up

  • The Mountain Sage
    The Mountain Sage

    We are for sure living in satans, end of days beast system. When the last pieces of Gods untouched creation are trampled on, hopefully God gets to the wicked before they get to ruin the last pieces of eden on Earth

    • TeenageCapitalist

      God gifted us the ability to re plant. This is how modern america works. Mining companys will clean up. Lumber company's re plant. Over the past 100 years the amount of trees has actually grown in America. God made this land. He made it to be temporary. God always will love us never punish out of hate. We maintain the land we live in even when we destroy it!

  • Mark TheZealot
    Mark TheZealot

    It’s not Trumps fault, it’s the workers in the community who take advantage of the $90k per year job opportunities and the guy you showed in the video working for the company. Stop blaming governments and systems. There would be no mining without individual efforts.

  • Stephen Fairbanks
    Stephen Fairbanks

    No it’s not.

  • Neto Don Amigable
    Neto Don Amigable

    We need copper for the eco climate changing friendly stuff... 🤔

  • Pitch Black
    Pitch Black

    We will never overcome in the name of development. Period

  • Jamal Al-Uqdah
    Jamal Al-Uqdah

    Europeans ruin Everything Everywhere Y’all Go

  • Always Watching.
    Always Watching.

    Then when they need it, they’ll take it back from you.

  • Dandy Do
    Dandy Do

    Mining should stop.

  • Alex

    The problem stems from too much consumerism. Too much demand for technologies that are relatively marginal improvements over previous generations. In an ideal world there would be a limit to how many products like phones and computers can be produced for consumers.

  • Tadas Puodžiūnas
    Tadas Puodžiūnas

    shame on president Trump and America people to let him do it!

    • TeenageCapitalist

      @Tadas Puodžiūnas no. Trump created these jobs not obama. Trump put policys together to help the economy. This caused record unemployment. Obama had eight years in office. If it was his policys they would have occurred within those eight years.

    • Tadas Puodžiūnas
      Tadas Puodžiūnas

      @TeenageCapitalist he not created! Just using Obama work result, after Trump probably America will be 3rd world country.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Yeah shame on him how he created jobs for people!

    • Jamie Ingels
      Jamie Ingels

      I agree with you that this is not OK though.

    • Jamie Ingels
      Jamie Ingels

      Yeah, we didn't have a choice. Hillary would have done the exact same thing.

  • Gravity Priest
    Gravity Priest

    To all Minnesotans who are not traitors. Please remember the address at the end of this message. The location of the lady who sold out our state works here. Negative reviews are suggested as a means of showing your disappointment. If you eat there you could stop eating there as well. 217 Kennedy Memorial Dr, Hoyt Lakes, MN 55750. at Haven Bar & Grill. Where you will find the traitors celebrating the destruction of our (formerly) protected wilderness.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      @Gravity Priest you think it right to boy cot (not sure if I did that right) somebody for their opinion?

    • Gravity Priest
      Gravity Priest

      @TeenageCapitalist Does it? That is unfortunate for the people that care.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      That seems a bit mean.

    • Gravity Priest
      Gravity Priest

      Oh, and look for Toni Thuringer she actually asked for this to happen specifically and owns the restaurant.

  • lass1234

    7:42 that fading Trump speech is genius! Nice edit.

  • 21 savage
    21 savage

    If you want to actually help the environment: go vegan. It's literally the single biggest thing you can do to help, but it seems no one wants to do it

    • TeenageCapitalist

      Yeah go ahead and leave the cattle and chicken markets in shambles. Going vegan hurts more then it helps. The food that you eat comes from a farmer. Vegan or Meat.

    • V Scarlet
      V Scarlet


  • MadDog

    Just bring the waist somewhere elsr

  • Tk Hannibal
    Tk Hannibal

    Humans reapet the same things and expect a diff result.

  • Jeff Neely
    Jeff Neely

    I wish I can take pictures where I work. I'm a Republican and I admit trump is wrong.

  • Princess D
    Princess D

    90k .. How do you apply ?

  • William Goodlett
    William Goodlett

    So once the company is gone they are not required to fix the problem. How about somehow hardening the poison material back up and putting it under the ground again. Just coming up with solutions. Don't know if it will but my comments are more effort than the companies have attempted.

    • TeenageCapitalist

      The compamy will clean up. Most mining companies do. Nobdy likes deforestation.