America's wilderness is for sale
We need more copper. Is it worth destroying this place?
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The Trump administration has opened up America's public lands to mining and fossil fuel companies on an unprecedented scale, lifting decades-long protections from millions of acres of wilderness across the country. In Minnesota, one proposed copper mine is pitting neighbors against each other as they weigh the benefits of new mining jobs against the environmental consequences of new mines. It’s an old American debate that’s been further complicated here by an unforgiving reality: We need copper, and there are not that many places to get it. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • Kallisti Babylon
    Kallisti Babylon

    and yet another problem that capitalism cannot solve. we need new solutions! stop voting for your own demise. stop voting democrats. stop voting republican. stop voting. go on strikes, go to the street. organize yourselves and seize the means of production!

  • R. Wong
    R. Wong

    Copper is natural & sustainable!

  • Bambai ka Babua
    Bambai ka Babua

    Wonderful work

  • Julianne Marie Bejar
    Julianne Marie Bejar

    What does it taste like? "Tastes like water" "Yes, the air tastes like air"

  • tryitout -
    tryitout -

    you clearly have to read up on the bad of the commons.

  • John Altman
    John Altman

    I’ve been camping up there, actually on the Canada side, and that water is clear but we still purified our drinking water with iodine

  • Jackson Banks
    Jackson Banks

    I'm disgusted that the tax payers had to pay for the cleanup, and although it's unfortunate that there are not well paying jobs in that state, mining shouldn't happen

  • Stacy Family
    Stacy Family

    I voting trump out. We could make copper by smashing electrons/proton/neutron into an atom I think or recycle unused electronics.

  • Stacy Family
    Stacy Family

    Trump = 😔

  • Blaise Dobson
    Blaise Dobson

    we are going to have a plot like the lorax in a little if it doesn’t stop

  • BiG V
    BiG V

    Nice finally a president that knows what He's doing.

  • joseph griego
    joseph griego

    PHONes copper telacomunications CoAx. ect...

  • joseph griego
    joseph griego

    what happinz When EARTH Coveed n COPER , magnetic Atomsphire.cut off or?

  • Joseph Owens
    Joseph Owens

    Love the boundary waters. Just there two weekends ago. Proposed to my fiance there. You ruin everything Trump...

  • The Good Shepherd
    The Good Shepherd

    Really Sad state of affairs ...


    man this is why there’s barely anything in west virginia. they mined the coal dry and then the major companies left. resulting in miners getting laid off so that means no job no money. and no money we can’t build our state back up.

  • Tacos X Anime
    Tacos X Anime

    This is gonna be bad if trump go ahead with his plan

  • Luke T
    Luke T

    Humans are a virus to this world.

  • jonas lind
    jonas lind

    Oh, another documentary where you have to squeeze in "Trump is bad".. im out

    • Me

      If they are talking about the US, which they tend to do, you can see how the president would be relevant, right?

  • Minh Quach
    Minh Quach

    That clown has no right to walk this Earth.

  • ab cde
    ab cde

    So, did this mining project happen?

  • The Gergster
    The Gergster

    Sounds like it’s not worth the risk...

  • DivineAegis02

    The background music is annoying while its talking.

  • ollieone051

    All we do is dig up the ground, build stuff and throw it in a landfill. Our current world is completely unsustainable.

  • Carlos Farias
    Carlos Farias

    How does solar and wind get away with calling themselves clean?

  • DRIVER0051

    Location: West Virginia, Kentucky: ask the folks there how the mining industry helped them out after they closed shop?

  • sumit pattnaik
    sumit pattnaik

    It's a loss in long term 😥

  • ira b
    ira b

    They better sell it if they want quickly or china will be there with their "it has been a part of china chingpingsing empire since ancient times"

  • Froggy Weathers
    Froggy Weathers

    Man i wanna live in Minnesota, such a quiet and nice state to be in. Too bad some things won't stay the same because of all of this.

  • Peter Breedveld
    Peter Breedveld

    This video is deceptive. This old guy can drink the water because it does not have much dangerous natural or agricultural related bacteria not because it has little industrial pollution. Most water caused sickness is from natural or agricultural related bacteria in the water not from industrial waste.

  • Clay Johnson
    Clay Johnson

    Sadly, acidic rain will change that water, does not matter how far out in the wilderness it is.

  • robertjos

    Go Trump!!!

  • Gold Tooth #9
    Gold Tooth #9

    Tree hugger

  • Kailee Smith
    Kailee Smith

    Ok I dont know if this is possible (correct me if I'm wrong) but... cant you just put the material waste back into ground where you found it.

  • david ouellette
    david ouellette


  • Thad Napora
    Thad Napora

    It’s simple we have to make Corporations illegal to operate! The derivative of corporation is corpse, a dead entity. Dead entity’s have NO Empathy, Compassion, Sympathy or Emotions. Corporations are void of all Human Characteristics, Hence the problems in the world. No accountability for doing business, you want to business you do under your name personally, eg. the Walton Family China Stores, Warren Buffet Newspapers and Scam Investments, Rubert Murdoch TV mind Control... etc etc

  • Pala Va
    Pala Va

    Trump is selling the future of the americans and the party their predictable "death"

  • Obama care
    Obama care

    Business, corporates and companies they only know how to make money. Greed comes into play once they start gaining. Typical business man.

  • captain Teemo
    captain Teemo

    5:50 why are these companies allowed not to clean up those toxic lakes?.... I dont get it.

  • Dots

    It's not worth it. We're at a catastrophic point right now. We don't need more destruction..

    • Dots

      The thing is that humans are murderers. Sure, earth is as far as we know it not a living breathing thing with consciousness. But we're still killing living things, cause plants, trees, oceans, fish and so on are living things. WE are killing earth, and it needs to stop!

  • Dog lover JB
    Dog lover JB

    Trump doesn't care about the enviroment...but he will win the 2020 election. It's already a done deal. The US will go bankrupt in 2021 and he has more experience in that.

  • Mani Torres
    Mani Torres

    We have leaders associated to Osama Bin Laden . Alah A SNACK BAR RRRRRR .

  • Jeffrey Stanley
    Jeffrey Stanley

    I live near a copper mine and it really ugliness up the mountain

  • Skari monst
    Skari monst

    If you'll notice a little, 😂 the whole idea of America is for sale. A country runs by buisness people, they don't care as long as they getting paid.

  • Juan Ping Del Toro
    Juan Ping Del Toro

    Eh you humans got 30 years at best.

  • __

    i feel bad for these kids

  • One Earth
    One Earth

    Enjoyed watching this video 😃👍

  • shayan gholamreza
    shayan gholamreza

    Well you can have the exact same experience plenty of places in the world, matter of a fact i had the experience last week when i was hikeing

  • μαντω κασπιρη
    μαντω κασπιρη

    But we can restore the forest after mining

    • Batman 1037
      Batman 1037


  • the Wanderer
    the Wanderer

    Vox can make it sound so much worse than it is.

  • TaCo The Loser
    TaCo The Loser

    Came for information not politics

  • Yousuf Ansari
    Yousuf Ansari

    Trump: lets destroy valuable national parks to get copper Theodore Roosevelt: wait thats illegal In 1947



  • Corbin Davies
    Corbin Davies

    What about the longterm gains?

  • maleman julpax
    maleman julpax

    I was born and raised in copper mine. Pits won't last forever. Not worth it.

  • Noer Garra
    Noer Garra

    Teddy build it Obama Protect it trump destroy it, ahhhh perfect synergy....😂

  • Snoremonster

    you gotta love when your president gives zero s**** about the environment

  • rafael mendez
    rafael mendez

    i need 2 go here

  • RainMan

    I'm sure the only minnesotans who supported it were at the rally.. the rest of the state is against the this pillage of natural resources..

  • Zjehat Saadi
    Zjehat Saadi

    When the mines close you can’t count on tourism anymore

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony


  • Nick The Chopper
    Nick The Chopper

    This woman smacks when she talks!!! Couldnt listen anymore

  • Michael Garner
    Michael Garner

    I'd still boil that water

  • mortar03411

    “We couldn’t fly out drone past here” while showing a drone shot?

    • Peace Love
      Peace Love

      Maybe u need to rewatch again.

  • David Bradley
    David Bradley

    Go see Butte, MT. The ground water is so polluted with arsenic that trees don't even grow any more. It is the largest hazard waste area in the world from Butte to Missoula Montana! The mining company will leave the waste for the state to clean up when they say they are broke and have to close the mine!

  • Uzi Panti
    Uzi Panti

    extracts 1B worth of copper... spends 25B in damages. really smart

    • KingintheMountain

      The people turning a profit off of the copper aren't the ones footing the bill for the damages.

  • interloop

    I can drink water from my toilet, but I don’t

  • LibertyStormFast

    Uhh then everyone should stop using phones, putting pipes in their homes? No we won’t stop. And if we don’t get in here in the US, another forest/region in the world will be effected. There’s nothing we can do..unfortunately

  • perez13691

    Its not worth it!!!! Leave those waters as God intended

  • Viral Gamer
    Viral Gamer

    Our wires here is made of Aluminum..