Amerie - I'm Coming Out
Music video by Amerie performing I'm Coming Out. (C) 2002 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

  • Leanne Hough
    Leanne Hough

    Damn right I am coming out to the world 🗺 I'm going to show who I really am and to be myself ❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟😉😊🦋🦋🦋🦋👀

  • mimi luanah
    mimi luanah

    Ahhhhj 😘😍😍😍

  • Vaneide Vaneide
    Vaneide Vaneide

    Estou aqui pelo filme 😊



  • mariages mélancolae
    mariages mélancolae

  • Dave

    She was beautiful but ruined herself with this dumb nose surgery

    • Dave

      @Wesley Brown chill, its just my opinion, I dont think that it's good to do something like this

    • Wesley Brown
      Wesley Brown

      Dave Dumb comment. And clearly you’re blind, as she still looks the absolute same without make up. Still beautiful.

  • Tayfur Toprak
    Tayfur Toprak


  • Ms girl Haha
    Ms girl Haha

    Amerie where are you?

  • Kan Tep Channarith
    Kan Tep Channarith

    Where is she now ??? :( I miss this talented woman, so powerful

  • Stacie Stacie
    Stacie Stacie

    Amelie has an online/TR-my book club in 2019. She’s so versatile. I admire her beauty and intelligence



  • eneesss s
    eneesss s

    Harikaaaasin ameriaaa🐣

  • Jessica Dodd
    Jessica Dodd

    Ghost dancers lol I'm not paranoid not me though

  • dArKcRAk22


  • Akasha Andrea’s
    Akasha Andrea’s


  • Marv_elous

    How could this girl destroy this good old song? 200.000 clicks to mich

  • S K Y M O O N 9 9
    S K Y M O O N 9 9

    If artist made music like this again I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be any Cardi, Lil Nas, and other artists that are in the top charts today. Music from the 90's and early 00's was the thing. All we have to do to bring these type of music again to the charts again is support this kind of music. Artists now days don't know what really music is. Sad tho.....

  • jaguar 41
    jaguar 41

    In this era she didn't have a nose job yet. Lol... 🤣

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson

    This video should have done higher numbers and eff that you have a DC connection ,Doing shows with Mya will end your music career quickly .

  • roggie’s car
    roggie’s car

    this is so 2000’s 😂🥰

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac

    Just seeing this 2019😱😳😘

  • Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves
    Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

    She's so pretty. Had no idea this was picked for a soundtrack single for the "Maid In Manhattan" movie starring J.Lo. With controversy, wish they both had collab'd if the labels weren't trying to start somethin' with 'em like they did to Jen and Mariah. Would have been one dope collab and bangin' vid in my book.

  • Ben Haynes
    Ben Haynes

    First minute in and I'm having auditory flashbacks to The Notorious B.I.G. "Mo Money Mo Problems".... Anyone?

  • Nirajan Pradhan
    Nirajan Pradhan

    Jennifer n amerie both my fav

  • Tide

    Come Back Baby We've been Waiting and Craving you 😍😍❤

  • Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves

    AAAAAAAA Mano, que mina linda...

  • Devyani Account
    Devyani Account

    Did jlo steal this as well? Because I'd totally believe that.

  • Genisa Paul
    Genisa Paul

    She come in the first daughter as princess Samantha roommate*❤

  • reek ro
    reek ro

    Am coming out 💃💃

  • H T
    H T

    Amerie is full of secrets. Maid in manhattan sound track, didn’t know this x

  • Ayesha Karim
    Ayesha Karim

    I like this song.

  • Qussai

    It's weird to see her sing for the actress/singer that tried to steal her song.

  • Hurts Publishing
    Hurts Publishing

    Amerie did that

  • D'Audree Baker
    D'Audree Baker

    2019 anyone. ️ ❤️

  • Ria Johnson
    Ria Johnson

    I thought this was gay like im coming out u know ps i am bi 🌈

  • Flaturtha the Numidian
    Flaturtha the Numidian

    The beat is totally nonexistent :( It needs to be totally redone with a proper beat.

  • Ľuboš Búžik
    Ľuboš Búžik

    Lookin' now at this video is a bit awkward! Just realized that she basicaly promoted movie Jennifer Lopez was in, and just few months later Jennifer wanted Amerie's song "1 Thing" for herself what made Amerie to leak the song....smh

  • Indyia Xoxo
    Indyia Xoxo

    Perfect voice for this track💋

  • Indyia Xoxo
    Indyia Xoxo

    I was like how did I miss this one 👀👁👁

  • C Ganta
    C Ganta

    Notorious BIG have a very high voice in this clip

  • Rafaela Oliveira
    Rafaela Oliveira


  • haleigh

    i love you Amerie!!

  • Clinton Renfrow
    Clinton Renfrow

    To me..... Beyonce has always tried to meet Amerie's Level!!!!

  • Alexander Amaya
    Alexander Amaya

    Beatiful girl

  • DontHaveAName ;-P
    DontHaveAName ;-P

    It better be a strategic way for amerie yo have a come back after this download if not y'all fucked up n missing out

  • Leotique

    She's a blasian Queen

  • Polly Punani
    Polly Punani

    I wish you came back!

  • Chubi Del Rosario
    Chubi Del Rosario

    Maid in Manhattan brought me here

  • Eric Iverson
    Eric Iverson

    that movie was horrible lol

  • zosesayle zosesayle
    zosesayle zosesayle

    So much better than Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, but Diana is the queen.

  • Nina Luxè Peterson
    Nina Luxè Peterson

    WTF has Music become? I wanted to pump this in my car this morning on the way to the office and this shit almost made me fall asleep! How you gonna make a lazy remix with weak vocals? What an insult to the classic! Siri please play the fucking original because I’m Coming Out of the ear coma this whack track put me in!

  • bernzy Garcia
    bernzy Garcia


  • bert long
    bert long

    Heyyy..where the party is?!

  • silkygirlable


  • Rejane Paz
    Rejane Paz

    Faz parte da trilha sonora do filme: "Encontro de amor" com Jennifer Lopez, ótimo filme. 🇧🇷 23/Setembro/2018

    • Gisele Soares
      Gisele Soares


  • Jenny C.
    Jenny C.

    This is such a random upload. And btw, i hear this song in sanitary pads advertisements here in my country and just knew Amerie sang it lol.

  • bert long
    bert long

    listen closely how she sings...amazing

  • Simone 1234
    Simone 1234

    Wtf.... uploaded 8 months ago but the movie in the clip came out many Millenniums ago?!

  • Thomas Rae Riekki
    Thomas Rae Riekki

    thought this was new...fuck :(

  • LaDon Gibbs
    LaDon Gibbs

    She is the original Beyonce

  • ; amariii
    ; amariii

    subliminal messages? 🤭

  • Lady T
    Lady T

    Yes hun T 💕

  • Giorgio D
    Giorgio D

    I saw Amerie for the first time in this video in 2005 on the italian tv... and, instantly, I can't help but become her fan! :)

  • Wild Enemy
    Wild Enemy

    Those legs though...

  • King Malone Marcel
    King Malone Marcel

    Okay but when are you marking a comeback

  • Tatakaten Moon
    Tatakaten Moon

    I was obsessed with this song when I was like 6 😂😂😂 was she the original singer or is this a rendition? Never knew who sung this til today

  • Wallison Souza
    Wallison Souza

    JLo 😍 I love your voice Amerie

  • Jessica Julius
    Jessica Julius

    Love Maid In Manhattan 😘🙌

  • Deundrez May
    Deundrez May

    It looks old because I thoughts Diana Ross made this song cause she a song like that and she performed it on November 2017 this is in 2018 unless she got it from her?????

  • Angel Tulli
    Angel Tulli