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  • Gemma Diaz
    Gemma Diaz

    The 2nd day outfit emmaaaaaa yessss✨

  • anthony trinidad
    anthony trinidad

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  • Robbie Wallace
    Robbie Wallace

    Your so high

  • Liza Lobzova
    Liza Lobzova

    After the first day when you kept pretending to fall asleep. You act exactly like my dad when he’s drunk🤣🤣

  • NJFB2188

    Coachella is vapid and dumb. If you’re over 23 at these events I question whether you’re a child predator. Adults with full time work can’t do these festivals. What is it about? Hearing The Weeknd (who already plays on the radio)? Why??? To be seen with the Hadid sisters who aren’t that pretty or like models. Their dad is a super millionaire and we believe they became models on their own...yeah right.

  • Davon Rodriguez
    Davon Rodriguez

    Me realizing she missed Playboi Carti on day 3

  • Sophie Mccann
    Sophie Mccann

    13:45 and that’s how u mix granola

  • AlyssaQ420

    I always wanted to go to Coachella. By the way, Emma Chamberlain looks a tad bit like Eliza Dushku.

  • Jillian weaver
    Jillian weaver

    Eggs are not vegan just FYI

  • Zoe Ellingson
    Zoe Ellingson

    im just seeing this now but this video is so awesomely chaotic and i love it

  • Ania Czerwińska
    Ania Czerwińska

    Subtitles are offffffffff.

  • Kyrie Johns
    Kyrie Johns

    lemme jusst say emma slayed her outfits..and everyone else

  • Courtney Rockmore
    Courtney Rockmore

    I jUsT FaRtEd

  • Bethany Rose
    Bethany Rose

    Who u kidding emma u high girl 🤣🙄

  • Maddymaee

    K but like she was def drunk tho. How do u not drink at these events

  • Sarah A.
    Sarah A.

    It’s boring cause y’all were sober

  • India Smith
    India Smith

    This whole video is emma wondering if she is having a good time

  • Aoife Temple
    Aoife Temple

    It blows my mind that in the US someone who's like 20 can't buy drink

    • Kez

      But can buy a shotgun and a redbull at 18

    • Jupiter El
      Jupiter El

      Aoife Temple me too...

  • just another girl named emily
    just another girl named emily

    all of her friends are so pretty

  • Summer Does It
    Summer Does It

    for pants i have these shoes EMMA I DARE YOU TO PIN THIS

  • Sherryn Bennett
    Sherryn Bennett

    omg what filter do you use for those photos???? xx

  • Sophie Murrie
    Sophie Murrie

    I love the change at 12:10 from hyped up on coffee to half dead😂😂😂

  • Jake Lavalley
    Jake Lavalley

    So dumb..,

  • aleeza ali
    aleeza ali

    amanda’s first outfit went so fucking hard

  • Vijeta Khan
    Vijeta Khan


  • #12 sakura متنوعه
    #12 sakura متنوعه

    لن ارد على احد نهائيا . لا تحلمي . عدمكم و وجودكم نفس الشيء .

  • F G
    F G

    I’ve watched this vlog SO many times

  • Lucia Ayala
    Lucia Ayala

    This is how many people wants to go to Coachella 👇🏼

  • Jake Rothbard
    Jake Rothbard

    Is it accurate if u don’t show the drinking and the drugs tbh

  • k i t t y c a t
    k i t t y c a t

    This is my boredness medication

  • Amber Adams
    Amber Adams

    in la there is coachella in kentucky there is the derby

    • Jupiter El
      Jupiter El

      Amber Adams and the governors ball

    • Jupiter El
      Jupiter El

      Amber Adams in New York theres rolling loud

  • Draco Maughn
    Draco Maughn

    The fact that u questioned having fun is a sign u really don’t wanna go

  • Camryn-Adrianna LOCKMAN
    Camryn-Adrianna LOCKMAN

    4:38 i-

  • Miriam Zahed
    Miriam Zahed

    Ngl the day that you guys didn’t go to coachella looked like the most fun

  • QueenofLV

    When the blanket touched the egg I lost it 💀💀💀

  • hey girlies
    hey girlies

    they’re all brunette. just saying

  • Aaron Gonzales
    Aaron Gonzales

    Haley's cousin that's who you are?

  • Laureen

    13:42 I know how you're feeling based of this

  • Laureen

    I think the reason we want to go to Coachella is because we can be extra (While it is socially acceptable)

  • Laureen

    "I'm just a really confusing person. I like to spice things up. C - Emma Chamberlain

  • Davy Anilhaq
    Davy Anilhaq

    I started crying when you coughed. *NO CAP*

  • Karen Prendergast
    Karen Prendergast

    Emma looks like Charlie Damilo from Tik tok on the 2nd day ngl

  • Mr Sid
    Mr Sid

    Why are the captions so trash?

  • Aleena Javed
    Aleena Javed

    Day 1- Emma is wearing black everyone else colourful Day 2- Emma is colourful everyone else wearing black Day 3- they don't go but everyone is colourful

  • Paolo Planas
    Paolo Planas

    2:05 that's a fking mood

  • Kamilah Marchena
    Kamilah Marchena

    k but does their 4th friend just not talk orrrro

  • Jp Vlogs
    Jp Vlogs

    ok when emma is showing off her day 2 out fit when she says “my earrings are from” he captions say my (n-word) is dog k!lls

  • Alicia B
    Alicia B

    Using garnier shampoo and conditioner always gave me bacne and forehead acne so i started using tresemme and its all gone it was weird

  • Kimberly Stinnett
    Kimberly Stinnett

    were are her shoes from in the first fit????


    my favorite part is 13:42 - 13:58 just a solid 16 seconds of emma *miXiNG soMe yoGurT and gRANoLa*

  • jo o
    jo o

    I just realized emma was eating of brand takis

  • Izzy Inglis
    Izzy Inglis

    What other festivals are there In the USA apart from cochlea cos we have SO MANY in the UK but I never hear abt any others in the USA Xxx

  • Weird shit With clea
    Weird shit With clea

    Tame impala is from Australia

  • Maggiezalc⭐️

    okay but like amandas day 2 fit hit Dif

  • Garett W
    Garett W

    Can’t believe people watch this bullshit. Gave it one minute with these annoying useless bitches

  • Macey Arrowsmith
    Macey Arrowsmith

    my teacher told us that she went to coachella and i saw her tf 💀🤣

  • John Pappadopoulos
    John Pappadopoulos

    Coachella is too American

  • Addyson Barnett
    Addyson Barnett

    So you didn’t see Billie Eilish

  • Erin Dibley
    Erin Dibley

    stop walking into my *VLOOoG*

  • Gacha Daisy .-.
    Gacha Daisy .-.

    "I'm not HIGH " Me :.......;-;

  • Sarah McKnight
    Sarah McKnight

    Amanda looks at back “ Ur EyEs ArE sO rEd”

  • Heyy Heyy
    Heyy Heyy

    Josie being ignored by the camera for 17mins and 27secs straight

  • Adalina .B.
    Adalina .B.

    Coachella Oachella Achella Chella Hella Hellap Hellapo Hellapoo HELLAPOOR

  • Natalia Caraballo
    Natalia Caraballo

    What do you use to edit your intro and videos? Please reply! 💗

  • Ayla Gemmell
    Ayla Gemmell

    Those muscles 1:19

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G

    They def remind me of me and my friends in hs, minus all the money and recording. I like her.

  • Laila Raslan
    Laila Raslan

    9:06 can someone psychologically explain this Shit cuz it happens to me too all the damn time like I keep fucking wondering if I'm having a good time w my friends and all so hElp PLEASE?

  • Mr Sid
    Mr Sid

    1:05 Emma says Butterknives hurt not God that hurts (The sub titles)

  • xxkenzy .archerxx
    xxkenzy .archerxx

    Bruhh lowkey i bought the choker that emma has in the second outfit bc i loved it so much😂❤️

  • Catbug 850
    Catbug 850

    for PANTS I have these SHOES