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Anxiety (Intro) · Juice WRLD
Legends Never Die
℗ 2020 Grade A Productions, LLC, under exclusive license to Interscope
Released on: 2020-07-10
Associated Performer, Rap Vocalist: Juice WRLD
Associated Performer, Strings: Hylton Mowday
Associated Performer, Recording Arranger: Khaled “KhaledBeats” Rohaim
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Bibby
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Tatsuya Sato
Composer Lyricist: Jarad Higgins
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  • toxic 676
    toxic 676

    Rip juice 999😇🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu

    This man just saved us and we couldn’t even save him 😭

  • ArmanHz

    bruh nobody cared about this dude before he died

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    This man just saved us and we couldn’t even save him 😭

  • dpl4yz

    LLJW 💕

    • dpl4yz

      soinhu foitu lol sameee

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu

      My Brother loves this

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug

    you're joking it frankly makes you look basic 😐 like wow- hot take.

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      Who else got anxiety 💔. Hate it. Wish ya have a nice day 💙

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    The bar from the video “lucky charms breakfast bar is trying to destroy me” gave me anxiety. Look it up

  • Noah Robles
    Noah Robles

    how do u dislike this. Thank u juice for everything u did LLJW 999

  • 50K sub with out posting challenge help me out
    50K sub with out posting challenge help me out

    We will never forget juice wrld 😔🥺 rest in piece 😫😢

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      isn't he dead?


    So sad

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      I love u juice wrld ik u watch over alot of people including me and so is god love u juice wrld

  • flo so hobo bro
    flo so hobo bro

    How could some animal dislike this?

  • Cj Collett
    Cj Collett

    Hey every one

  • Joshua Flores
    Joshua Flores

    Love will keep up together through these tough times

  • Blake DeMaria
    Blake DeMaria

    I'm in Spain without the s

  • E & A Productions
    E & A Productions

    This is it... Everyone by liking this we will virtually hold hands as we go through this final journey without Juice. R.I.P Jarad Higgins! We love you! LLJWRLD🕊!❤💯

  • The boys
    The boys

    “I’m not dead until I’m forgotten”juice WRLD😭R.I.P

  • Yurtra


  • Sara Pruitt
    Sara Pruitt

    RIP to a true legend 🖤💔

  • BestAustin Player
    BestAustin Player

    I do too

  • BestAustin Player
    BestAustin Player

    My Brother loves this

  • Tired

    I dont listen to juice wrld anymore not because I don't like his music, it's because I don't wanna cry


    Who else got anxiety 💔. Hate it. Wish ya have a nice day 💙

  • phz Ambush
    phz Ambush

    Wow hes not dead

  • your mom
    your mom

    isn't he dead?

    • your mom
      your mom

      @Omar Cerros is he in quba

    • Omar Cerros
      Omar Cerros

      He is q

  • Darrian Robinson
    Darrian Robinson

    I love u juice wrld ik u watch over alot of people including me and so is god love u juice wrld

    • Darrian Robinson
      Darrian Robinson

      Yes he did😭😭

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      Didn't Juice WRLD pass?

  • Bamboozler ‘
    Bamboozler ‘

    He said hentai. It’s good

  • H B
    H B

    Crying 😭

  • Hong Nguyen
    Hong Nguyen

    HOLY S

  • Uwulingly Robloxs
    Uwulingly Robloxs

    Chicken wings chicken wings hot dogs and baloney chicken and macaroni chillen with my homie RIP juice u loved u so much🙏🏽😇Fly high

  • Alli Sun
    Alli Sun

    On to another universe

  • Raymond He
    Raymond He

    I know someone will make a TikTok dance because they can't respect Juice WRLD last 21 songs and not made a dance out of it

  • FUCK QD!
    FUCK QD!

    damn bro 🤕❤️

  • SemiautomaticYT


  • xCHEX

    Who disliked?????

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      Rip king

  • exploring with maddie
    exploring with maddie

    This song speaks to me alot. Its very relatable since I have many issues with my mental health and just hearing this "song" makes me happy and try to tell myself that i shouldnt let people say what I can and can not do. and that I wont accomplish my dreams. Even though hes not here to see this comment I will pray and tell him (juice wrld) thankyou so much for making my mental health some what better because of you I may be gone from this world and your words reminded me to remeber to not let any body get in my way of my dreams. I love you brother and I'll see you someday. RIP THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND, THE MAN WE CALL OUR BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER. WE LOVE YOU JUICE WRLD. FLY HIGH

    • exploring with maddie
      exploring with maddie

      @Pra Kash if so yep its all true I have major mental issues and I never try to gain likes. I dont care about likes I just want whats on my mind about his music to be heard. Cus without him there would be no more me

    • exploring with maddie
      exploring with maddie

      @Pra Kash did u mean "u dont say that to gain likes" just wondering

    • Pra Kash
      Pra Kash

      I believe bro y dont say that do gain likes🤍

  • David.Dr. Mon
    David.Dr. Mon

    Juice didn't get home safe :(

  • Skarlett Dasiy
    Skarlett Dasiy

    But how did he post when he died oh air maybe he like manger upload something like that

  • Xommi Savage
    Xommi Savage

    There Should Only Be 1 Album Of This

  • Ellie K
    Ellie K

    Didn't Juice WRLD pass?

  • Lil Sule
    Lil Sule

    The auto tune type sound when he says “way god made me” gives me the absolute *chills*

  • Tasneem Ifkheideh
    Tasneem Ifkheideh

    The intro gave me chills🥺

  • A. Swald A
    A. Swald A


  • A. Swald A
    A. Swald A

    He’s in a better place😭😭😭😭

  • lol warrior
    lol warrior

    Man I got no words.

  • Lauren VanderDoes
    Lauren VanderDoes

    This song is awesome, his new album is amazing. I am so glad they dropped it. Even though he is not with us anymore his legacy and music lives among us.

  • WeekendGUY

    I miss him🙏🙏🙏

  • ẞlïxy

    Would juice wrlds music j wouldn't be the same person

  • Bot Yeetis
    Bot Yeetis

    0:40 hits in such a inspirational way

  • kaushiko

    Rip legend

  • XDVortex

    Rip king

  • Jeanie&Jeff Kunce
    Jeanie&Jeff Kunce

    RIP Juice WRLD

    • Cassie


  • Jeanie&Jeff Kunce
    Jeanie&Jeff Kunce

    Think about the peace juice is in now, instead of the hell he was in here #LLJW

  • justin hagel
    justin hagel

    It hurt sooo much I found out he had passed 😥

  • Giovani S.A
    Giovani S.A

    I'm balling rn

  • Chase Miller
    Chase Miller

    Cried when I heard this Not afraid to admit it either. Rest in peace Juice

  • PainfulVids

    sound cloud made everything go😐

  • 777 Heaven
    777 Heaven

    Yes he did it With the help of His God SATAN...

    • zepp.

      Shut the fuck up

  • crazielos

    I can’t wait for the reincarnation of juice

  • Tyrone Thomas
    Tyrone Thomas

    RIP JUICE🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Ayo Step bro
    Ayo Step bro

    Rip juice dawg my man since 2017. we missing you down here dawg I have so much to say but Idk how to say it💔

  • Morgan Hyland
    Morgan Hyland


  • Ester Mendez
    Ester Mendez

    U still alive?

  • Alexander Beebe
    Alexander Beebe

    He's not dead he's on juice wrld

  • Delia

    Thank God he created me to listen your music. Be blessed!

  • phangquoc1234

    rip juice

  • butti fdft
    butti fdft


  • Evan Meier
    Evan Meier

    I never really listened to this his music. But it’s sad to hear his voice and listening to this. RIP TO HIM

  • Edp654

    1. Juice wrld sucks 2. His songs suck 3. He sucks

    • Edp654

      Jeanie&Jeff Kunce nigga stfu juice wrld fucking ass

    • Jeanie&Jeff Kunce
      Jeanie&Jeff Kunce

      1 You suck 2 You suck 3 Go fuck yourself 😡

  • Rap Kaution!
    Rap Kaution!

    You can do anything you put yo mind to PERIOD!🖤

    • butti fdft
      butti fdft


  • Ariah4 Life
    Ariah4 Life

    I swear to God if these Fortnite players use this album for their videos and intro imma sue💀