'Anyone Outside Fox Is the Enemy' Ep. 3 Official Clip | The Loudest Voice | SHOWTIME
Brian (Seth MacFarlane) confronts Marty (Andy Kelso) about the leak. Starring Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, and Sienna Miller.
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This seven-part limited series based on a bestselling book is about Roger Ailes, the founder of Fox News. To understand the events that led to the rise of the modern Republican party, one must understand Ailes. Focusing primarily on the past decade in which Ailes arguably became the party’s de facto leader, the series also touches on defining events in Ailes’ life, including his experiences with world leaders that gave birth to his political career, and the sexual harassment accusations and settlements that brought his Fox News reign to an end.

  • David K
    David K

    whys he wearing a wig that looks exactly like his real hair?

  • Dan Garcia
    Dan Garcia

    Good scene. Seth McFarlane is a versatile actor.

  • Tyler Tilwick
    Tyler Tilwick

    Why is Seth MacFarlane doing an impression of Brian?

  • Sam195

    I love Fox News and love this show lol. Ailes was a sexual predator but also clearly a genius in his trade of broadcast news and opposition research

  • Milkyway2099

    Seth MacFarlane's character's name in this is Brian. Real original.

    • Kayla B
      Kayla B

      I'm still laughing at this.... "Damn you vile woman, you name that infant Brian, or you will regret it!".... LOL.

    • fightsports66

      Pondering what? Brian Lewis was a real FOX executive. Do you think Seth used Stewie's time machine to go back before the guy was born and somehow convince his mother to name her baby Brian?

    • Milkyway2099

      Ok I understand but the fact that he's specifically attached to the role who shares the same name as his most well-loved character still has me pondering.

    • Mk Zamel
      Mk Zamel

      he is playing a real character called brain

    • Jamal Mustafayev
      Jamal Mustafayev

      That’s a real guy he is playing lol

  • Howdy Doody
    Howdy Doody


  • Jag Garcia
    Jag Garcia

    Yeap...that is a Stark reality in the USA today... Anyone outside of FUCS is the enemy.

  • catalinacurio

    Ya all leak....... and ya all jerk off in the shower.... Fox...