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Today, pewdiepie minecraft monday, creeper aww man memes & dog and the dad, mike wazowski memes plus when aliens see u raid area 51 meme

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  • Clumsy

    what do you guys expect to find at area 51?

    • poocher 09
      poocher 09



      Mmmmmm some thicc alien cheeks or idk

    • Donovan Evans
      Donovan Evans

      Literally nothing because it's just a military base(oh boy here come the wooshes)

    • Dcwest 0616
      Dcwest 0616


  • what ?
    what ?

    The guy at 3:16 is a genuine retard. My dad is in the army and he's literally a genius. Those "dumb" people only fought to save everyone including that idiot. These people, yo...

  • Marcus Oliver
    Marcus Oliver

    ...does anyone else see that the views are 666k

  • 1000 subs without doing anything lol
    1000 subs without doing anything lol

    Yeet see channel name

  • Roman Adomitis
    Roman Adomitis


  • Legendary Commenter
    Legendary Commenter

    Soilder Doggo

  • Fusion_Rex YT
    Fusion_Rex YT


  • Basketball Gød
    Basketball Gød

    If you raid us ur gay Me wearing a no homo shirt:

  • Lolzkun0

    That UwU elevator got me.

  • Aisha Autumn
    Aisha Autumn

    4:44 that's my dad when my sister got her first boyfriend.

  • Carter Stevenson
    Carter Stevenson

    8:28 This is advanced. Someone is going to get r/whoooooshed.

  • Some guy that you found!!!
    Some guy that you found!!!

    10:10 when some one makes a pvz meme Me: *happy flower noises*

  • Some guy that you found!!!
    Some guy that you found!!!

    7:29 *now remember the the sub count has 666 in it*

  • Night Beast
    Night Beast

    Nobody: me: i dont neeeeeeed it i dont neeeeeed soldier doggo me again: I NEEEEEEEED IT

  • A friendly fander
    A friendly fander

    *surprised noises*

  • Carl

    7:03 I already knew it and I'm bad at math

  • Black Pearljo
    Black Pearljo

    Please make like 5 vids a day pls cus you don’t upload faster than my boredom

  • Lianna Pfister
    Lianna Pfister

    7:02 ...please help me

  • 2004 Popsiclepop
    2004 Popsiclepop


  • Mom

    2:00 I understand, Im from Louisiana, but instead, i choped off 13 crawfish's heads off at once, might seem brutal, but its an easy way of eating em

  • Mom

    0:54 just scream out "NO HOMO"

  • wishinqcat

    Some of my sister’s classmates were absent on September 20th *wait a minute-*

  • commmandy Yt
    commmandy Yt

    3:12: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-9JBCQu4BHa8.html

  • Møcha the bunny
    Møcha the bunny

    Dang the raid didnt even happen

  • LittleBill_YT

    What if hand sanitizer that kills 100% germs are in area 51.

  • SAg3 :0
    SAg3 :0

    Whats the dang music

  • Beyond-the -galaxy
    Beyond-the -galaxy

    I like how towards the end it turned to regular memes😂

  • Owen S
    Owen S

    2:15 true... very true

  • Sineko

    Friend: why aren't you coming to raid area 51 Me: I make a big brain move and live longer

  • Ashkasha Hija
    Ashkasha Hija

    When your friend asks you why you can't read Area 51 with him your response cause i don't want to get shot

    • Ashkasha Hija
      Ashkasha Hija

      @Fatal Suicides sorry dude i ment to say raid but auto correct hates me

    • Fatal Suicides
      Fatal Suicides

      Ashkasha Hija ya I can’t read Area 51 ether

  • fishy fish
    fishy fish

    The person who said people "just join the military because there to dumb to go to college" when find her I'm going to make her wish she was never born military personnel put there lives down for us and this how you repay them

  • Idontknowyou

    Were did you find that German throwing a grenade at furries?

  • Christian Grigsby
    Christian Grigsby


  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Guys, make sure and bring us back some Emerald armor.

  • Mark Metevier
    Mark Metevier

    The background music sounds so familiar...anyone know what it is?

  • Aldo L
    Aldo L

    I only subscribed for the dog yes the dog with the gun

  • Hunter Campbell
    Hunter Campbell

    7:23 more like christ the Monika

  • Tea

    What god said to my bf when he was picking my bf and my bfs brothers dick size : *you have the little one*

  • Stephanie Rodriguez
    Stephanie Rodriguez

    #DDM artist draws a male dad: ARE YOU WATCHING BOYS !?!?!?!?!?!

  • I Will Deport Your memes
    I Will Deport Your memes

    Grandpa’s ashes, its finger licking good

  • Eli Palso
    Eli Palso

    When mom puts you in friend zone #DDM

  • Clints channel
    Clints channel

    The meams have become advanced

  • Kaden Baird
    Kaden Baird

    9:07 lol my brother sent me that meme earlier today XD

  • Sawyer Griffis
    Sawyer Griffis

    6:57 nice

  • CT Tributes
    CT Tributes

    The raid was much disappointing

  • faze gamer kid
    faze gamer kid

    6:00 this is the realest meme I have ever seen gbh

  • Totally Toy TV
    Totally Toy TV

    The place is called Area 51 and the number of likes on this vid is 51k

  • The Unknown key
    The Unknown key

    4:59 I play on weekends for like 11 HOURS : /

  • Lone Ranger
    Lone Ranger

    When your teacher takes you on a field trip to Area 51 😐😃😟😨

  • [Deleted]


  • Peppa-And-George Gacha because im weird
    Peppa-And-George Gacha because im weird

    When the whole class is at school on 9/20 Me: *Somethings wrong, I can feel it*

  • Salty Pretzels
    Salty Pretzels

    Twenty-Four Four-Twenty... COINCIDENCE?

  • mr like i give a damn
    mr like i give a damn

    That dogo tired

  • Vendetta

    3:24 technically

  • ty johnson
    ty johnson

    4:55 my brothers

  • MAXmemez

    I live in area 52 next to it I hear crazy things every night !!!

  • Potato Chip Gaming
    Potato Chip Gaming

    #DDM (I know he doesn't do it anymore) Me finding Joergen at area 69: You're as beautiful as the day I lost you

  • Blazingnic Xx
    Blazingnic Xx


  • Adriana Serna
    Adriana Serna

    2:24 sec so true

  • ThatDogBear


  • The Fire Breathing Gummy Bears
    The Fire Breathing Gummy Bears

    Wait wasn’t the storm yesterday 0-0

  • Pie 4life
    Pie 4life

    No one is raiding Area 51 y’all stupid kids who don’t even have money or a car

  • RainbowVideoFX

    (Soldier dog comes to my room even though I didn't like and subscribe) Is it even possible to learn this power?

  • Dragon Seedz
    Dragon Seedz

    Lol I would be on the boys side with Russian history 😂

  • Kemal Kaan Yilmaz
    Kemal Kaan Yilmaz


  • Cursed Piston
    Cursed Piston

    soldier doggo

  • Koopicoolest Marshall
    Koopicoolest Marshall

    There is only 2 minutes of area 51 memes

  • mash potato boy
    mash potato boy

    Plz sub to me I will back just reply to this comment telling if you did

  • Hannah RBLX
    Hannah RBLX

    Me playing the new Area 51 game for 32 hours

  • Serkan Okur
    Serkan Okur

    Answer to 7:35 esay gat them pregnant then wait 9 months and then HAHAHAHAHAHAHSHSHAHAHHA