Australia Vs. Singapore Snack Swap
"This is ginger, like actual ginger!"
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  • Millz

    As an Australian WTF is a yowie?

  • Loki's Lil girl
    Loki's Lil girl


  • Sarah M
    Sarah M

    What? Singapore has corn chips man.

  • Hanna Maria
    Hanna Maria

    Ok ima say something nice lol im happy they enjoyed most of the Singaporean snacks. I still wouldve loved to see them try kuih/murukku over the candied ginger my parents eat 😂

  • anonymous

    Kola kids is not a thing in Singapore. I call fraud. Shoulda replace it with Hello Panda or Yan Yan. That's way more legit.

  • anonymous

    Corn snack is a thing and has always been a thing in Singapore. Which includes corn chips too... just that we don't have a habit of dipping them in sauces since our corn chips have already doused in tons of msgs.

  • GL YT
    GL YT

    wtf is koala kids u mean hello panda

  • Clifton Aurelius
    Clifton Aurelius

    Cmon buzzfeedoz, what the fuck is this crap

  • PasijPlays

    Nz minties are better. Aussie minties taste like toothpaste

  • CT Smace
    CT Smace

    I would give super ring over a fish Skin salted Egg. And as a Singaporean, I feel its LUXURY food, coz I think I ate once in my life since it was release. So super ring is the better player

  • Cheryl Koh
    Cheryl Koh

    What’s up with the Singaporean girl’s fake accent??

  • clouds8D

    hard to represent singapore snacks bc most of our snacks are imported lol

  • Miniz Lee
    Miniz Lee

    I don't really eat candy ginger as snack, being a singapore home grown. Feels weird

  • PlayFood

    As a Singaporean myself, I'm a little confused: 1. Why the Singaporeans speak with an ang moh accent? 2. Why did they choose to feature these Singaporean snacks? I think there are more representative and tastier ones.

    • Hanna Maria
      Hanna Maria

      For number 1 im assuming the guy has been living there a while, his accent was pretty natural

  • Rxchel Unicorns
    Rxchel Unicorns

    I’m from Singapore n I wanna try the burger chips

  • Towkeeyoh

    I keep hearing Yaoi. I'm sure a weeaboo.

  • Towkeeyoh

    Hacks are classic. Like something your aunt would give ya. Something at the doctors. From that friend that's always coughing. That sweet passed around during lecture.

  • elainexoxo

    even i don't eat Regular Hacks...

  • luv seoks
    luv seoks

    y’all should’ve done kinderjoy

  • ct jx
    ct jx

    im a singaporean living in singapore but dont even eat or seen people eat those snacks

    • hurul narshira
      hurul narshira


  • TheOne

    As a singaporean, I believe I speak for a majority of Singaporean’s here. Wtf is this Crusty’s brand??????

    • Towkeeyoh

      I've seen it before, but super rare. not your top 5, but when u don't have the go-to ones, might be last resort option cos it technically from SG? Kind of...? 🤔 Also cos its Mala, not that many Mala options back then..

    • zenden phua
      zenden phua

      @Phenoxity or even Irvins... What is Crusty's lmao?

    • Phenoxity

      Yeah they could’ve chosen Golden Duck...

    • PlayFood

      YA ikr, never even seen them at NTUC lol

  • Artsy_Eclipzes

    Australia Singapore ----------------

  • Monster Kid Animations
    Monster Kid Animations

    My mom is from Singapore

  • Volts

    I have no fricking clue what this are I live in the us

  • cherylyeo25

    Kola kids???? did they get a fake version?? COS the REAL ones is KOALA kids. or Hello panda. WHO the heck eats candied ginger ... even old grandma dont eat them.... well, maybe pregnant women!!!! yes, crusty brand - honestly, not well known (yet!) and i agree, salted egg fish / mala flavours are recent craze so THEY are NOT normal snacks especially as snacks to represent Singapore, childhood snacks! gosh, pls get Singapore Singaporeans who yes grow up in SG and speak NOT ozzie english to represent. REALLY BAD representation! What a shame! What a BAD video! the ONLY saving grace is hack. pls do your research right! where is the fancy gem biscuits, kaka corn snack, haw flakes, fruit tella, double decker chips, apollo, monsters.... the list goes on.

  • Raihana Hrss
    Raihana Hrss

    y have i nv seen those snacks before as a singaporean

  • Nikolai

    I love how Ryan appreciates foreign snacks. He's so respectful and seems to enjoy the different flavors. I want to bring him to Puerto Rico.

  • joyoftessa

    Err i have never seen kola kids in singapore. And those snacks are like so mismatched and random

  • Gail Tay
    Gail Tay

    The "Singaporean snacks" are such a bad representation.

    • VII

  • Camille Johnson
    Camille Johnson

    Who else thought that the apricot was cheese when they first saw it?😂

  • Camille Johnson
    Camille Johnson

    Who else thought that the apricot was cheese when they first saw it?😂

  • Fatt Boyyy
    Fatt Boyyy

    I tot Singapore has the corn thingy

    • cherylyeo25

      we have the oldie - chicken thin plastic packets kaka corn snack

  • dean.ab

    Hi Daddy Ken

  • Alexis Low
    Alexis Low

    those are pretty much the singaporean snacks that very few singaporeans actually eat...

  • MrPokkaTea

    What a disgrace to Singapore snacks sigh

  • hehe haha
    hehe haha

    None of the Singaporeans sound Singaporean

    • hurul narshira
      hurul narshira

      ikr , i was lil confused

  • Azrul Akashah
    Azrul Akashah

    Hacks yes but wtf is the rest tho. The mala and the salted egg is more of a trending snacks rather than a everyday snacks tho. Yall couldve brought in Iced gems, muruku, kuih bahulu, hello panda, coffee biscuits, haw flakes, monster candy, wheel, animal and want want rice crakers. Ugh apollo wafers too also i just-

    • PlayFood

      Ok lah depends, haha I think the salted egg fish skin is very trendy among millennials lol

    • seanjavu


    • Azrul Akashah
      Azrul Akashah

      Candied ginger is a yes but not the rest HAHAHA

  • Jason Tung
    Jason Tung

    Why is the Singaporean speaking with an Aussie accent??

    • Aaron K
      Aaron K

      When you're living at a foreign country for a long time, you tend to subconsciously adapt to their way of talking. Its not them trying hard to have an aussie accent but its more of like a human nature thing

    • helli

      he said he lives there now

  • Targaryen Girl
    Targaryen Girl

    1:15 gurl who you lying to? people waste food all the time

  • 321 321
    321 321

    Why not hello panda

  • Susan Ananda
    Susan Ananda

    Chilli flavoured Kettle chips

  • GreekAndEgyptian

    Ken is fiiiiine

  • mandy_suraj

    how long have the singaporeans been living in australia? i feel like some of the items aren't actually new to them.

  • Diena dania Carissa
    Diena dania Carissa

    I thought kola kids is from malaysia

  • kokoro

    these 'singaporean snacks' r barely eaten

  • Qairul Afzan
    Qairul Afzan

    Kola kids?! Is it a copy version of hello panda?

  • sunflower ploof
    sunflower ploof

    Can i just ask australians this?? Are smiths lays? Because istg the packaging are so similar? Besides that the colour for each flavour are also almost the same? Like i only found out hungry jack is burger king

  • Daisy

    3:30 I actually hate apricots but I love apricot delight anyone like to explain

    • studiousgirl71

      I’m guessing you like Sugar, plus dried apricots taste heaps different to a fresh one.

    • yestoday

      The sugar?

  • mixueer

    Ken is SO HOT 🔥🔥🔥

  • songbird989

    Thanks for bringing back the always adorable Ryan! :) Plus those Burger Rings look really good!

  • K P
    K P

    11:22 im singaporean and me too... Like wtf is Kola Kids? I always read it as Koala Kids...

    • jtolify

      A Mandela Effect.

  • King Sam
    King Sam

    Burger rings a New Zealand's snacks

  • Sheereen Teo
    Sheereen Teo

    lol am i the only singaporean that doesn't know about kola kids

    • Sheereen Teo
      Sheereen Teo

      blueraineee ahhh i see, is it still available then??

    • blueraineee

      If you're from the younger generation, it's likely you haven't really seen it since it's not commonly eaten anymore. Hello Panda is from Japan so it's not a true representation of Singaporean snacks. But yes, it is similar to hello panda, although Hello panda's chocolate taste better.

    • Janelle Ong
      Janelle Ong

      Anime Thon yes it’s similar to it

    • Sheereen Teo
      Sheereen Teo

      Anime Thon exactly!! don’t understand why this appeared instead of hello panda

    • Anime Thon
      Anime Thon

      Sheereen Teo like I’ve never seen kola kids before

  • _elijxh.gacha_

    Holy shit when I heard that Mintys can like, rip your fillings I felt mine and it’s gone xD

    • Otaku Girl
      Otaku Girl

      I have to stop eating them now

  • Seneca Crouse
    Seneca Crouse

    Honestly I think fish skin is gross when it’s soggy and chewy and wet lol I really love it when it’s crispy tho, it’s the best and I always eat mine and whoever doesn’t want it.

  • Midget Gang Official
    Midget Gang Official

    Did anyone else put a burger ring on each finger when eating them or just me?

    • restlessly12

      Midget Gang Official me. But when I eat Cheezels or cheese rings (Singaporean here). I’m not a big fan of burger rings.

  • ZepZoSo Rox
    ZepZoSo Rox

    Ken was a bit of a jerk. I get the feeling Zeta knows that as well... she just had too much class to say anything. Although, I was sure she was about to at this point 10:27

  • Julie C
    Julie C

    You know you can buy Hacks in like any Asian shop. Definitely any Chinese shop. At least in Perth you can.

  • Rachael Gomes
    Rachael Gomes

    Love the snack swap videos!!

  • Sarah Kaddour
    Sarah Kaddour

    I was laughing at that guy when he experienced a revelation about the Kola kits lol.

  • Nicholas Toi
    Nicholas Toi

    Nice, we have Singaporean at BuzzFeed! Singapore here :)!

  • Luuuc

    I (aussie) love those fish skins. The Mala and the Tom Yum flavours are the absolute bomb. So good!

  • SnickersAveect

    KEN is a snack from Singapore.. yummy AF 😋

    • devilundercover

      SnickersAveect reminds me of Daniel Dae Kim

  • Chung Hang Liu
    Chung Hang Liu

    So sad only 146 likes on this video

  • dorothy banks
    dorothy banks

    Mintys so bad for braces

  • Alexandra Dourado
    Alexandra Dourado

    Singapore guy is cocky

  • Zoe Esther
    Zoe Esther

    original smith chips are NOT the hero of the party, they are the ones that get left behind.. the disappointments. minties are also the most pathetic, boring lollies. fantales are the champions and SO much better. this is 10/10 disappointing please use better snacks next time. sincerely, a disappointed australian smh

    • Lachlan Smith
      Lachlan Smith

      Yeah. Putting original, plain salted chips against chips with spices and actual flavour. At least make it fair, Buzzfeed. Seriously.

    • Julie Ngo
      Julie Ngo

      jasmine villiers sadddddddddddddddddd :€

    • jasmine villiers
      jasmine villiers

      I can’t eat minties or fantales anymore since I have a wire behind my teeth to keep them straight

    • Julie Ngo
      Julie Ngo

      Bish WTF smiths and minties are the BEST we’ll only if you don’t like mint you won’t like minties

    • Zoe Esther
      Zoe Esther

      agirlwithnoname the way i just recoiled... i know twisties and cheezles are absolute classics but they’ve been outsold by every newer, better flavour! light and tangy, samboy BBQ, chicken crimpy shapes, mexicana doritos crackers.. you can’t argue with those right?

  • Jacqui Rose
    Jacqui Rose

    I love these videos so much they make me so happy and i love all the people together there personalities are amazing lol

  • xero_ theory
    xero_ theory

    Hacks with cigarette 👍

  • Jerald Evans
    Jerald Evans

    I’m singaporean. And I LOVE fish skin.