Awkward Situations in Summer!! Alisha Marie
You all asked for a new awkward situations video so here you go! Awkward situations in Summer! Want to watch a behind the scenes of filming these awkward moments? Watch my vlog:::
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Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about awkward situations in Summer!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!

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    IT'S BACK!!! Awkward Situations anyone?! This is one of my fav series to film!! Which awkward situation would embarrass you the most?!? xo -Alisha Marie

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      My name is Anisha

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      First one... HEEH

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    I love watching these in Winter!

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    Whatch our there’s a step there -Alisha 2017

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    First-world problems! Wow, these girls really have no problems, do they? Kinda sad.

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    Hewo! If your seeing this..then your not PRETTY! You're...Beautiful,amazing,kind,smart,funny,loyal and most importantly You're you! And..Everyone loves you! You're you in you're own way Everything In you're life I promise you're life it will get better! Love yourself for you..And please,please! REMEMBER YOUR YOU AND DONT CHANGE YOUR BEAUTIFUL From katie Xxx

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  • Aniela and Ariana fun show for family Alvarez
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