Awkward Situations in Summer!! Alisha Marie
You all asked for a new awkward situations video so here you go! Awkward situations in Summer! Want to watch a behind the scenes of filming these awkward moments? Watch my vlog:::
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Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about awkward situations in Summer!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!

  • AlishaMarie

    IT'S BACK!!! Awkward Situations anyone?! This is one of my fav series to film!! Which awkward situation would embarrass you the most?!? xo -Alisha Marie

    • Briony Delaney
      Briony Delaney


    • Briony Delaney
      Briony Delaney

      This is how you write sienna in numbers and hastaygas. #83;;@

    • Inderjit Sodhi
      Inderjit Sodhi

      AlishaMarie I love you 🤟 your beautiful

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      Jenny Fay


    • Devanshi Gupta
      Devanshi Gupta

      Very very awkward

  • San Akshu2
    San Akshu2

    IM SO CONFUSED was alisha even wearing ANYTHING when they showed the censored scene???

  • Charles McNabb
    Charles McNabb

    Very very very awkward

  • Bhadra S
    Bhadra S

    Is this tarynes voice?

  • Kayz The gamer
    Kayz The gamer

    Who else say the hydro flask 4:00

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    ìtš čłøūdÿ

    2020 anyone? 😂

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    Camila Loyola

    LOL mmy moms food that she brings is the first one gone

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    Qiyann Lejuez

    OMG i miss these videos soo much 😭😭

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    The thumbnail is a little extreme...l

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    Erica Li

    Oof awkward

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    Queen Trin

    Sadly we can’t do these things in the time of corona

  • Silvana discovers the world
    Silvana discovers the world



    She barbs

  • Viani Gerstein
    Viani Gerstein

    The first one was the worst for me but don’t worry I have done it before

  • Molly Mckibben
    Molly Mckibben

    summer😍 summe😁 summ😄 sum😊 su😌 s🙂 sc🙃 sch🤨 scho🧐 schoo😫 school😭

    • Molly Mckibben
      Molly Mckibben

      i’m sorry i didn’t see your comment i actually saw someone else’s but your right i am sorry

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      Abby Boucher

      Find your own comment and not steal one

    • Abby Boucher
      Abby Boucher


  • Jenevieve Mangold
    Jenevieve Mangold

    1:13, I really don’t want tan lines. Yet she’s still wearing shorts..

    • Nugga Higham
      Nugga Higham

      Haha I was thinking the same thing

  • Inderjit Sodhi
    Inderjit Sodhi

    Who loves Alisha Marie 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽

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    Elsa dhcvbn

    I miss theses

  • iamOrla

    2:00 that looks like Tonks from Harry Potter

  • Nurraissa Laiqa Andika
    Nurraissa Laiqa Andika

    Omg thats awkward

  • cat dance
    cat dance

    A teacher was in one of my old classmates tik told 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brenna Maxwell
    Brenna Maxwell

    I love how the auto voice said what a great day for a barbecue when they didn’t cook anything it was a picnic LOL

  • Ereckaa Oberai
    Ereckaa Oberai

    2020 anyone?? The voice looks so wierd😂😂😂😂

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    Cori Z

    That voiceover-

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  • Crystal Wolfie
    Crystal Wolfie

    I’m rewatching this video for years now, and the one with the teacher is always the freaking best 😂

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    Baby Doll

    thats so akward

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    Natasha Haba

    That’s so awkward

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    Claire -Roblox

    Watch out theres a step there

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    Becky Chapa

    I’m so Alisha

  • Gracie Henderly
    Gracie Henderly

    My second grade teacher was named ms. Wallace

  • Sophia Arellano
    Sophia Arellano

    6:29 there is no sun

  • Bia Caseiras
    Bia Caseiras

    Who else thinks she should bring this series back!!!

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    y4sS w0rk It GurL SlaY.

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    Nysilla Harris

    it hapen to me to

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    Daisylou Buckley

    I’m watching in 2020 and HOW did I JUST realise that Ashley was doing the voice over? 🤣🤣😂

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    Maggie Lauderdale

    Summer😍 Summe❤️ Summ😁 Sum😀 Su😊 S🙂 Sc😐 Sch🤨 Scho🤭 Schoo🥺 School😭

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    leilani jones

    The narroration though 😂😂😂😂

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    Maizy Wendler

    Who else is here during quarantine just me k

  • Victoria Keller
    Victoria Keller

    2020 anyone?

  • Bella Brusco
    Bella Brusco

    Those things were sooo awkward! Great job coming up with ideas Alisha.

  • A Little Bit Of Everything
    A Little Bit Of Everything

    idk why this reminded me of a Troom Troom vid lmao

  • Mireya's World
    Mireya's World

    My mom always makes me bring chips or cookies so it has never happened to me

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    krish6 basnet


  • Pavithra Vaidyanathan
    Pavithra Vaidyanathan

    Lol this is so funny, Alisha personates an awkward girl when she's rn actually so cool and dope

  • S B
    S B

    Anyone here in 2020... no, just me? Ok...

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  • Tatyanna Alvarez
    Tatyanna Alvarez

    This video is so funny I love alishas videos

  • Josh the Thomas fan just dance & super smash bros
    Josh the Thomas fan just dance & super smash bros

    Who is narrating this video?

    • Josh the Thomas fan just dance & super smash bros
      Josh the Thomas fan just dance & super smash bros

      Mya hale I see she’s a really good narrator that she should be narrating cartoons or tv shows that have narrators.

  • Angie's world
    Angie's world

    This summer is gonna be a bust do to the Corona virus because everything is closed so I'm prob just gonna stay here me the whole time

  • Unicorn_Dominic_Ariana !
    Unicorn_Dominic_Ariana !

    Wait if they went to the water how did they come back dry and no towel

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    Muhammad Agus

    Nampakan lah

  • Dania Itani
    Dania Itani

    Can you do more of these videos please 😭🙏

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    mega droid

    At 1:34 i was like Wat da fak is this censored doing here 😢😭😡😠 Actually i am a boy🍌

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    Angel Portillo

    OMG this is TOO awkward omg i couldn't even watch it

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    Jazlyn Crespo

    Oh yeah

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    Your so dramtic

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    Glitter Girl Iman

    2020 Anyone

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    Mini Thankachan

    i think u went over the top but u r the bessssssstttttt

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    i love her 'oH nO'

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    Aesthetic Roblox

    I love your vids I love you ❤️ can you give me a shout out

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