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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

  • Dion Johnson
    Dion Johnson

    Arrow is thanking the superhero gods his show was cancelled before they made him do a crossover episode

  • Chronic_Breakdown

    I looked up "cringe" and this pulled up. Not even joking. I can't wait to see this show crash and burn.

  • feighan 007
    feighan 007

    Why do I get this and not the new joker movie

  • Christian rudloff
    Christian rudloff

    no, thanks, but no

  • Tdasilva

    The CW: How mu- Writers : Yes.

  • marisa zulkarnain
    marisa zulkarnain

    Just make a sandwich WOMEN!

  • 김덕배

    돈 안드는 짓 잘하는 건 위아더월드네 남자들 ㅎㅎ 그 성별 죽어 ww

  • Nabuchodonozord

    Is it just me... or is she literally fighting with a freaking FRYING PAN at 1:08? It's clearly low-effort production. They use the very same whip sound effect for eeeverything. Frying pan being thrown? Yeah, whip sound effect. That means they are already lazy and not even trying. Or do they think they don't HAVE TO try with the "plot" and "characters" being far more important for the target audience? :)

  • Venom

    just another shitty show,what a surprise

  • Ondřej

    This is no joke the worst thing I've ever seen in my life

  • Hellvis

    Ok, I will try to pretend I haven't see that

  • JDoggy1997

    One of the most cringe videos I've watched

  • Franco Coetzee
    Franco Coetzee

    This pollution seriously needs to stop

  • Suad Memo
    Suad Memo

    Batwoman, please eat something. I am concerned about your health. You are too skinny and weak to wear the Batsuit and the heavy Batweapons...

  • Michał Dudek
    Michał Dudek


  • Charles

    im disgusted

  • Coman The Dragon
    Coman The Dragon

    CW stands for Cringe Woman’s

  • Diederik H.
    Diederik H.

    This looks like it's gonna be an amazing cringe-comedy.

  • Retroid84

    You can tell a story about Bat Woman without the in your face, cringe, social lecturing ya know CW. DC comics have been doing it well for many years now. in fact if this was produced by DC like the other recent shows (Titans, Swamp Thing etc), it would actually be liked and not disliked!

  • kamryn Lynn
    kamryn Lynn

    Geez get some light in the studio

  • riselikethephoenix1

    0:09 i dont blame him

  • RUdigitized


  • Pablo Toledo
    Pablo Toledo

    Ojalá que le vaya como el repico

  • sylenceexposed

    Apparently when it comes to any form of super hero comic movie in the world we live in now days feels there needs to be either a female version or a black version of every character

  • Sean

    Can’t you just do Batgirl please? Batwoman is terrible in general. ANY version of Batgirl is better than EVERY version of Batwoman

  • shane upham
    shane upham

    looks like a giant waste of time to me looks like crap

  • Sammy boy
    Sammy boy

    She was awesome in John wick 2

    • Mysikrysa

      She got killed awesomely (is it a word?) . :)

  • pro logan
    pro logan

    and whenever you watch this trailer you got a little closer how this actress moves how she defend herself against the bad guys and she did it all wrong this s*** look like a fan-made trailer

  • S D
    S D

    *300,000+ people dont want your feminist sjw garbage show, what do you have to say to that?* CW: Oh they're all Misogynist sexist pigs who cant handle a woman being powerful. *Even the women who hate it?* CW:.............

  • Jacob Grenängen
    Jacob Grenängen

    lots of memes were born this day

  • Eobard Thawne
    Eobard Thawne

    Sonic trailer looking great next to this

  • Masque

    I always feared the WW3 between nations. But it is already at the doorstep. SJW people against common-sense people. Instead of nuclear missiles the sexual propagandas would fly over our heads.

  • Marzia Sahebzada
    Marzia Sahebzada

    I walk into the room. Music:🎶I'm a womannnnn!!🎶

  • M. KI
    M. KI


  • nan

    Ya know I think this has potential. It just needs to stop acting like man = bad, woman = good. After all she's stealing Bruce's things and even his hero identity. And when you choose to be a hero, your gender should be completely irrelevant. I'm saying this as a woman.

  • KenpachiDar

    i honestly though the dislikes was fake, but lmao

  • Zay Much
    Zay Much

    So why is Batman gone?

  • Lucas


  • Kasey Eva
    Kasey Eva

    Nobody can be this woke. It's all a big con to gain viewers from being as controversial as possible.

  • HCblueblue

    Can’t wait for 1st episode. How exiting?! Big support and love from Korea💕💕💕


    Good God ! Sony at it again?!

  • Kryptonian GL
    Kryptonian GL

    Is anyone else anxious for this lame SJW fad to come to its end? Thankfully, with CW's help and cringe-worthy, try-too-hard garbage like this, it may be over sooner rather than later!

  • 지영

    여자가 세상을 바꾼다 ❤️

  • Ayla Stewart Wife With A Purpose
    Ayla Stewart Wife With A Purpose

    Before feminism: Queen Elizabeth, Amelia Earheart, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra. After Feminism: This 😐

  • Oberyn Martell
    Oberyn Martell

    And what does CW learn from this aficionado?

  • Ó Brolcháin
    Ó Brolcháin

    The cringe was so bad that I went to urgent care because I thought it was permanent.

  • Matt Ripley
    Matt Ripley

    These agenda pushing movies are garbage

  • Music Man Grant
    Music Man Grant

    This is awful. How could someone think this is a good idea😂

  • 멀쩡한취객

    내 동년배들 다 뱃우먼 본다

  • David Mullins
    David Mullins

    What's the song they were playing? I can't find it

  • khaavren3

    "I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work." Says the wowan taking everything she is from a man.

  • David Yorkshire
    David Yorkshire

    How progressive, how current year, how - in spite of all the oestrogen - utterly bollocks!

  • M H
    M H

    If only everyone in America had been an angry teenage girl with daddy issues...this show might have been well received.

  • Logan Wheeler
    Logan Wheeler

    Wait I'm confused what gender is batwoman? Is she female or not? Trailer didn't really make that clear

  • 통고구마

    자들대는 건 국적불문!!😊

  • Bunny

    Well I hate it, thanks CW.

  • viki journal
    viki journal

    I came as straight and left as a gay :)

  • John MacTavish
    John MacTavish


  • Sanket Kudalkar
    Sanket Kudalkar

    This is bad...

  • Patry Atry
    Patry Atry

    TIL the world really did end in 2012 and we are now in the 5th circle of hell

  • Bass Red
    Bass Red

    "Im not goin let a man take credit for a womans work!"... Bit*h, the man started it... Its more like you taking credit for his work..

  • Zaynoun Sunna'a
    Zaynoun Sunna'a

    for god's sake .. couldnt this just be catwoman??

  • Mikhaila Shetler
    Mikhaila Shetler

    Screw the haters I'm excited for this. Being a fan of Kate Kane myself makes me happy she's getting the spotlight now. Go Ruby!!!!!!! Yeessss Batwoman

    • Another Human
      Another Human

      I am the only right human on earth Yeah nice

    • suckonthis u2be
      suckonthis u2be

      Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Narravance ™️

  • jak and his stupid videos
    jak and his stupid videos

    Lmao type in cringey woman this will come up

  • Ur mom xD
    Ur mom xD

    Why does batwoman look like batman? Or rather a 12 year old batboy.

  • Goji Hime
    Goji Hime

    Well, this won't make it passed one season.

    • Goji Hime
      Goji Hime

      @Kyle Gmerek Yeah, how is that even possible? Who's paying for Supergirl to still be on the air? Yeesh.

    • Kyle Gmerek
      Kyle Gmerek

      We can hope, but Supergirl's crappy show is still going on despite no one liking it.

  • 통통한두꺼비


  • Welcome To Watch Mo
    Welcome To Watch Mo

    There are porn parodies better than this.

    • Joshua Tica
      Joshua Tica

      Welcome To Watch Mo and I rather those than this show.

  • Teo Al
    Teo Al

    I didn't know Miley Cyrus was the Batwoman.

  • Bully Boy
    Bully Boy


  • Tyson Boschee
    Tyson Boschee

    Looks kinda gay.

    • Joshua Tica
      Joshua Tica

      Tyson Boschee exactly. I seen better lesbian characters that aren’t feminist cringe than she is.

  • heintz256

    Whoever liked this is an idiot

  • Chaosbringer

    "I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work." So that gives you the liberty to mix the looks of Batman AND Fury from Darksiders 3, minus the armor? I don't think that works sweetheart.

  • Eman the Heartbreak
    Eman the Heartbreak


  • Unknown_ Puff
    Unknown_ Puff

    I just hope she’s not in any other crossovers.

  • David Robson
    David Robson

    Seems a little low budget.

  • EOP Studios
    EOP Studios

    Just came to dislike this trash

    • Joshua Tica
      Joshua Tica

      EOP Studios same here!

  • Rainman Slim
    Rainman Slim

    As someone who works security. If someone breaks into a place and says "it's ok my cousin owns this" they'd either be in cuffs and arrested or shot if they resist.

  • carkeyss

    "When it fits a women" - 2019.

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black

    They have gone batshit crazy with this trailer..

  • The Pious Guy
    The Pious Guy

    391K dislikes to only 79K likes. The people have spoken

  • Andres b
    Andres b

    holy mother of cringe

  • ratonball

    she looks like a man ( rude, short hair, she likes women) = trash wonderwoman, shes sexy and badass = i love it, thats the way for me


    I initially thought this was a bad spoof but then to my horror realised it was a real trailer!

  • OwO


  • Mr Az
    Mr Az

    This trailer just proves hollywood is not the greatest movie industry

  • the dude
    the dude

    Die in a fire

  • rreed12

    Man...woman. There’s nothing glorious about an inflated ego.

  • wrath231


  • BlueBoyScout42

    Yep, I will probably not watch this show.

  • Timothy Neumann
    Timothy Neumann

    Shouldn't it be BatShe/Her ?????? No wait it should be BatPerson it's supposed to be gender neutral.

  • Michael Bing
    Michael Bing

    T H I S - I S - U T T E R - S H I T E

  • Mr Az
    Mr Az

    Captain Amerika -> captain Marvel. Superman -> super girl. Batman -> batwoman creative names + bad story + hatedable Main characters this is Hollywood these days not a single creativity in a single movie except for John wick infinitu war

  • Steve Rutter
    Steve Rutter

    SJW Bullshit

  • Yohannes K
    Yohannes K

    What pisses me off the most about this show, is not the fact that they're making Batwoman, it's the fact that instead of using her actual comic origin (where she's inspired by Batman after he saves her from muggers), they outright disrespect Batman's legacy and use it to prop her up as female Bruce Wayne which is ridiculous. She earned absolutely nothing on her own and just takes an established hero's mantle then claims fEmALe EmPOwErmEnt. It's NOT because she's a lesbian, and it's NOT because she's a woman, it's the blatantly obvious agenda pushing that will end up causing this show to fail. #respectthecomics

  • john jacobs
    john jacobs

    Utter dogshit

  • Mar Jon
    Mar Jon

    wait a minute, "Im not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work" but she steals all Batmats tech, identity, suit, and workshop? She's arrogant and radical feminist. Absolutely awful trailer to watch.

  • Politically Incorrect
    Politically Incorrect

    Wont let a man take credit for a woman's work.......LMFAO woman proceeds to steal and uses all of batman's stuff made by a man........pause.........pause.........lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol........... take a breath.............lolololoolololoololoolololoolololololololoololloloololololololololololoolloololloolloloollolololololoollololoolololloloolollololololol.........I pass out....................

  • ubastich

    Don’t forget to dislike 👎 this trailer. Let the good people of The CW know how much you care 👌 let’s take this to a million plus dislikes ladies and gentlemen 😎

  • ubastich

    Wokewoman: The dark virtue signaler.