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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

  • charlize watson
    charlize watson

    I don’t know why everyone it’s spreading so much hate for this trailer, everyone who worked on this show would have put so much time and effort into the show and to have people hating on it would be horrible, it is fine to not like the show but some of the things people have been commenting are unbelievable

    • Me Me
      Me Me

      lol the internet isn't know for it's subtlety.

    • Juicy Smellit
      Juicy Smellit

      The people who worked on this show are professionals (allegedly). They will hopefully learn from the mistakes they've made and do better the next series they work on. That in turn should be more favourably received.

  • Syanna Blizzardstorm
    Syanna Blizzardstorm

    okay so i loved the original batwoman idea, but this is just terrible

  • Classic Ford
    Classic Ford


  • Classic Ford
    Classic Ford

    Could you please change the name of your company to sjw I think it would be more fitting

  • Mukuka Chilalika
    Mukuka Chilalika

    I never thought I'd see it, but I have finally seen a video with more dislikes than likes.

    • Mukuka Chilalika
      Mukuka Chilalika

      @Me Me No I haven't, is it as bad as this?

    • Me Me
      Me Me

      I guess you haven't seen the trailer for Ghostbusters 2016.

  • could u not
    could u not

    Did they reupload this or something cause my dislike is gone?

  • Bobo Kicik
    Bobo Kicik

    Social justice woman

  • Sacky Kai
    Sacky Kai

    The things that truly worries me tho is the amount of likes It's too much for this trash

  • the emily
    the emily

    we need a Gay superhero.. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  • Marko Krstić
    Marko Krstić

    No one: LITTERALY NO ONE: Background song: *I'M A WOMAAAAAAAAAAAAN*

  • Weeb degenerate
    Weeb degenerate

    Kate: I’m not about to let a man take credit for a women’s work Also kate: literally steals his Identity, suit, house, Alfred, reputation, and gadgets. I am confusion.

  • The Mighty Mulqueeny
    The Mighty Mulqueeny

    Well that was just tragic.

  • Michal Murray
    Michal Murray

    Only watching cause Ruby Ross is in it.

    • Me Me
      Me Me

      who's Ruby Ross?

  • Aya Jab
    Aya Jab

    They did Batman dirty on this one. At least they won't remake a feminist dark night, right ? Right ???

  • The HawkGuy
    The HawkGuy

    Cw we get women and men are equal but you're taking women to a next level.

  • pandastratton


  • ProgramThis!



    I want Arrow & Swamp Thing back

  • patrick williams
    patrick williams

    This crap looks downright ridiculous!!!!


    Sonic the hedgehog: I have the most hated trailer on TR-my! Batwoman: Hold my strapon!

    • ProgramThis!


  • Juicy Smellit
    Juicy Smellit

    I'm expressing my delight at how many down votes this bowel guacamole is getting.

  • The legend_jlz
    The legend_jlz

    Batwoman: you're my cousin Bruce Batman: we are not related Batwoman: fine I lied

  • Aaron Cherry
    Aaron Cherry

    Those dislikes!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Annalise Selby
    Annalise Selby

    Thanks, I hate it


    Hot topic must be creaming they selves right now


    They stole the beginning pf stranger things theme just another thing to trigger me REEEEEEEE.

  • Lawliet the Panda
    Lawliet the Panda

    ImMa WoMaAaAaN

  • Owen B.
    Owen B.

    This actually looks like one of the worst things ever made.

  • Azaria Hawthorne
    Azaria Hawthorne

    This feminist empowerment propaganda is already giving this series a rough start.

  • Brenda Margareth
    Brenda Margareth

    I’m a *W* *O* *M* *A* *N*

  • Leftnut TF
    Leftnut TF

    Enough with the lesbos your not making a point

  • noe bra
    noe bra

    Sonic: i have the most hated trailer of 2019 Batwoman: hold my strap-on!

  • obi-wan kenobi
    obi-wan kenobi

    Hello the- BY THE COUNCIL

  • FRONT:MAN:242

    What the f**k is this trash ? Good luck with this piece of s**t CW morons ....

  • PotatoGirl 0012
    PotatoGirl 0012

    nobody: not a soul: absolutely no one: buttwoman trailer: I'M A WOMANNNNNNNNN

  • macario hernandez
    macario hernandez

    Looks like the people working in DC won't rest until they turned every superhero and supervillain gay or lesbian

  • Alex Wendy
    Alex Wendy

    Am I the only one who found it weird when she bit her lip and raised her eyebrows seductively after saying “handsome” in front of her DAD 2:23

  • piranha plant
    piranha plant

    Idk why, but this hyped me up even more for the 2020 black widow movie.

    • piranha plant
      piranha plant

      @Slap shot Studios1708 let's put it this way; Would you rather watch this crap, or Black Widow?

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708

      piranha plant how

  • Andrew Sroczynski
    Andrew Sroczynski

    The worst part of all the SJW pandering is at 2:46 where she says "I'm not going to let a man take credit for a womans work." She says this as she is taking all the gadgets and suits from the batcave ALSO that is not whats happening it is the opposit is a woman is taking credit for a mans work, but NO they can't say that because women are strong and can do no wrong in the world, DEFENITLY NOT breaking and entering and theft.

  • Its Salma
    Its Salma

    Im A *w o M E n*

  • Joo Yelleyw
    Joo Yelleyw

    남자들 특징: 돈 안되는 일은 젤 잘함

  • Joue-la comme Lodoss
    Joue-la comme Lodoss

    This is the womanest woman I've ever seen.

    • number 39
      number 39

      It whamen not woman Get it right

  • Prince Pauncey
    Prince Pauncey

    i CAn'T lET A maN TaKE cRedIT fOR a wOManS wORK. (As she's stealing Batman's identity)

  • 고기왕

    으 사내새끼들 부랄발광하는게 종특이노;;

  • femalegirlzz

    This ain’t it

  • samad

    Commissioner Gordon: "i never thanked you" Batman: "and you'll never have to" Batwoman: "im not gonna let a man take credit for a woman's work"

  • ALiX

    It's saying "from the creators of the flash, supergirls, arrow, ect... " as if it's something that you can be proud of!

  • Pabel


  • ALiX

    Yiah... That's not how you do that BatWoman thing... Ew Bad!

  • S B
    S B

    응원합니다!! 사랑해요!!!☺️❤️

  • iura313


  • McToast1337

    Who's the little boy who plays Batman in this show?

  • Lamarr Stratton
    Lamarr Stratton

    I mean maybe just maybe if you made your own outfit and suit and came up with your own inventions then maybe just maybe ppl wouldn't call you Batman

  • isaac cushman
    isaac cushman

    Nobody: Writers: IM A WOMAN

  • "So I have this thing with roles" That was... almost subtle?

  • AzwraithPL

    Way to reduce one of the coolest female characters in comics to a lame stereotype.

  • never mind
    never mind

    내가 현시대의 서양 영웅물 시리즈와 한국 영화를 극혐하는 이유가 뭔지 이 영화가 알고있다 여성들의 서사가 없기 때문임 그래서 절대 안봤음 근데 이렇게 만든다? 무조건 봐야지^^ '여자가 감히?'라는 생각으로 싫어요 누른 남자들, 여성 분들께서는 현실에서 너를 싫어요👎

  • Viking Gamer
    Viking Gamer

    This is how bad the avengers think of thanos

  • Jonathan Crow
    Jonathan Crow

    DC, The house that Batman Built and SJW Batwoman demolished.

  • Max S
    Max S

    They could have easily started a cat woman tv series but they decided to go with this 🤦‍♂️

  • Isaac Crawford
    Isaac Crawford

    If the only defining trait about your character is your gender and sexuality, stop existing please

  • Ore Sama
    Ore Sama

    Sonic: I had the worst trailer from 2k19 Batwoman: Hold my strap-on gotta keep this comment alive

    • Laurence Pinney
      Laurence Pinney

      Ha... Ha-ha... Hahahaha!

  • Yeet Deet
    Yeet Deet


  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus

    Cringe and disrespectful narrative. Will NOT watch.

  • Leopold Sanchez
    Leopold Sanchez

    A repost of a deleted comment, it is not really mind but it went like: CW: We have the most hated trailer in 2k19 Batwoman: Hold my strap on As I said, I won't take credit for the dude that wrote the comment.

  • Miloš Obilić
    Miloš Obilić

    Seriously who greenlit this? It's unfortunately comical

  • Juicy Smellit
    Juicy Smellit

    CW better lube up their cornhole, this dumpster trailer is taking it up the a🇸🇸, Deliverance style.

  • Brittany Dupont
    Brittany Dupont

    NOOO! I I'm a male and no I'm not sexist but what the hell! What's next Terminator or sheminator! Just wait till they make popular apps like shetube,shetify

  • Joe's Caribbean Van
    Joe's Caribbean Van


  • 사랑스러운지니