Bead "Pixel Art" Challenge - The Worst-Best Fun I've Ever Had!
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  • Spag00t Boi
    Spag00t Boi

    what is this, BEADdsm

    • ShyKitkat2k


    • Quag


    • Dexeryn The Animator
      Dexeryn The Animator

      Spag00t Boi The bead pun person

    • GTA5_YT

      @Rickutterr ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

    • GTA5_YT

      My favourite religion

  • Galactia Ruiz
    Galactia Ruiz

    use your fingers!

  • The Gaming Siblings 360
    The Gaming Siblings 360

    Ever heard of tweezers, Jazza? 😒

  • Sile Neshoba
    Sile Neshoba

    How about doing a large diamond art? Maybe even one you made from scratch?

  • Gry Krog
    Gry Krog

    Anyone else wants to see him make something with mini-beads, You now the one half the size og what he's doing now😆

  • Sable Kelevra
    Sable Kelevra

    There's a BEADazzled joke/pun thing in here somewhere I'm just too sleep deprived to brain it

  • DragonDreamer

    Mqn, I loved these and all the things I could make with these. But One day someone knocked a nearly finished piece off the table and the beads went everywhere And I never did anything with them again


    I remember doing this as a child with my small hands... this is why I could wait forever for something.

  • Mallory Knox
    Mallory Knox

    The worst thing about these is when you spill a box of them in a long shaggy rug and for months you are constantly getting them stuck on your feet every time you walk on it

  • Mallory Knox
    Mallory Knox

    Its unreal how many Hamma beads I've chewed because I never read the instructions

  • Lithia Plays
    Lithia Plays

    Omg... I can't stop laughing.. I do these for a living and I love watching others do them as well. I can't tell if you are just faking it or had a hard time lol, but thank you for the smile!

  • Larissa Clark
    Larissa Clark

    There melty beads

  • Dan Stoisor
    Dan Stoisor

    0:00 my girlfriend whenever i tell her my parents are home so don't make too much noise

  • Lazycookie 713
    Lazycookie 713

    I’m guessing the start is jazzas audition for link

    • Loe the Fox
      Loe the Fox

      Hi Remus

  • The Rainbow Fox
    The Rainbow Fox

    If you want me to like And subscribe you have to tell me how to kill myself

  • Dax Bishop
    Dax Bishop

    That shirt sums up me in a nutshell

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker

    How about those other beads one Picture beads???? That was great .

  • Manuelslayor

    I feel like the tweezers make it harder

  • Sharklord04


  • Pro Studios
    Pro Studios

    Close your eyes then watch the first 20 seconds -_-

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    came for the art, left cuz the commentary

  • JJ's animations
    JJ's animations

    I feel you

  • Wise Hamster
    Wise Hamster

    I feel like some one can make a song with the sounds at the start

  • Soba

    Perfect way to start the video

  • Erin Sawrey
    Erin Sawrey

    I made a cat

  • Angel Tuti
    Angel Tuti

    The beginning of video: chicken and duck farm.

  • Idk OoF
    Idk OoF

    That intro tho...

  • Animal Lady
    Animal Lady

    Shirt: I’m an adult Jazza: I will prove you wrong

  • family blanx
    family blanx

    Hey Jazza I dare you to make a Bob Ross painting out of beads! 😏

  • pinkpeppers55

    Now imagine not having tweasers and also being 9 and uncoordinated 🤣

  • Itachi Approves
    Itachi Approves

    These are called perler and I make big ones like that

  • Christine Sroka-Williams
    Christine Sroka-Williams

    I can really do without all of the noises he makes.

  • AMFangirl1

    I had dozed off before Autoplay started this video and all I was waking up to was Jazza's many weird noises. My brain was like "do I really want to open my eyes to find out what he's doing?"🤣

  • James Farquharson
    James Farquharson

    I like how his t shirt says I'm an adult and the instructions were ment for kids not to eat them yet he still did

  • Roma Maroms
    Roma Maroms

    2:58 Jazza: STOP BITING YOUR NAILS Me: (biting my nails) oh, shoot

  • Flea Christenson
    Flea Christenson

    That would be too cute on a kid’s wall!

  • Shabby Cat
    Shabby Cat

    I like watching your art. The only thing that drives me mad is you acting like a 2 year old man. I guess I don’t care for kids.

  • riolu lover 08
    riolu lover 08

    Beedhold that's one beed ready there's another one beed prepared another one

  • Sapphire X2
    Sapphire X2

    6:12 anything else but not this edit: is it a Bob Ross painting at the end?

  • paker haque
    paker haque

    _jazza you're a genius!!_

  • Mr Pancake9001
    Mr Pancake9001

    While i was watching he said "stop biting your nails"so I just stopped

  • Rose Tucker
    Rose Tucker

    This is nothing when u do it ever year for EDC😂 and we do like big ones but not landscapes😂

  • Megan Garcia
    Megan Garcia

    So when's "The Calming Sounds of Jazza" soundtrack coming out??? Hello! Merch!! ;)

  • Nazgul Studios
    Nazgul Studios

    Jazza: Ok guys, i have never done this before! Also Jazza: Alright! I had 2 minutes of practice! Let's make the Mona Lisa from memory!

  • zero Headless
    zero Headless

    1:02 what that thing

  • SonicXNinja Yi
    SonicXNinja Yi

    I liked and subbed. I liked the pun!😎

  • Victoria Todman
    Victoria Todman

    He really should use tweezers though

  • Igknight Lord
    Igknight Lord

    Ah yes, when a teenage BOI is taller than a fully grown italian plumber.

  • Elizabeth Meyer
    Elizabeth Meyer

    Fffffffffffff...amly friendly

  • Peyton Barriage
    Peyton Barriage

    Me: * Binging jazza and just listening to his videos trying to fall asleep* Jazza:ahhhh, ouhhhhhhh, ehhhhhh, haaaaaaaa............... do I have to say more😳😳

  • Wolfefan86 AK
    Wolfefan86 AK

    Haha ok I will give a like because of "bead it" and for everyone that knows me you know why!

  • mia _says hi
    mia _says hi

    Shirt:I'm an adult Jazza:this is totally what adult do

  • Rachel Freeman
    Rachel Freeman

    Diamond painting

  • FlareD

    hEEEyyy he’s a MArIo! Jazza, please change your shirt

  • VIPme

    I've been wearing the same shirt for 3 days

  • leah machinski
    leah machinski

    It looks like a Minecraft Painting!!

  • Potatoe God
    Potatoe God

    You’re so IRONic. They are BEADiful.

  • Eva Ranska
    Eva Ranska

    This is called Perler art is it not?

  • •-•

    Jazza: FFFFffffff... AMILY FRIENDLY That is oddly relatable

  • Alice Luciano
    Alice Luciano

    I used to make these as a coping mechanism, I completely forgot about how much I enjoyed making these!

  • Jenson Joseph
    Jenson Joseph

    Jazza after he realises he doesn't need to torture himself for getting subs and views : What the _family friendly_ have I been doing??!?!?!!?

  • Random Cuddles
    Random Cuddles

    Well excuuuuuuuuuuse bead princess ....(no?...okay...)

  • Drelld

    Aghh, Agh, AAAA!! Sounds like your straining for something? 😅

  • Lina Gustafsson
    Lina Gustafsson

    Good job! You need to check out "pappas pärlor" on instagram, and then make som bended beading, make a box or something fun 3D! :)

  • Michelle

    One time I was at some summer camp at my school they had the beards and what not and I decided to make my school logo with them and that took straight up FOREVER and it wasn’t quite done but it was RRRRREEESAAAALLLY close to being done and one of the staff dropped it and decided NOT to tell me my friend had to tell me my heart was broken 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • Maya Naumov
    Maya Naumov

    Is it lame I only make flags with beads

  • Maya Naumov
    Maya Naumov

    When you finish a bead painting you fell Good about yourself

  • Team 3
    Team 3

    The worm

  • Ginger MacDaniel
    Ginger MacDaniel

    That’s silly short song of yours Earned at least one duodecillion subscribers and one duodecillion likes

  • Rose Bischoff
    Rose Bischoff

    Didn't you do this as a child???? It was my favorit part of childhood