Being LaurDIY 's Personal Assistant for the Day! *i failed miserably
So today I'm being Laurdiy's aka Lauren's assistant for the day and guys i kinda failed miserably. Who's assistant should I be next?! xo -alisha marie
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**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "i'd hire you"

  • AlishaMarie

    Yo!! So i didn't totally fail..haha Who would you hire me or lauren?

    • Ava Spence
      Ava Spence

      hi idk

    • Prashanth Mallya
      Prashanth Mallya

      None JK both

    • Lxarella


    • Pups Place
      Pups Place

      Love you girl but Lauren

    • Gamer Amy
      Gamer Amy

      I would hire you only if you wont be late 😅😁 AND NO SLEEPING

  • kambhatti2k

    I'd hire you

  • Mythix

    I would hire laurdiy to be my assistant

  • Marwa Wahid
    Marwa Wahid

    I would hire Alisha Marie for SURE yap

  • Brilee Pitcock
    Brilee Pitcock

    Whenever she said “hey siri” she turned my siri! I have it on voice commands

  • Jenel Ybanez
    Jenel Ybanez

    I feel like Lauren’s side was way busier bc she had shoots and she was very busy

  • Thea al Masri - EIS Grade 4
    Thea al Masri - EIS Grade 4

    Lourndiy is better

  • allyson gray
    allyson gray

    i’d hire you

  • Kami McGinn
    Kami McGinn

    New drinking game take a shot every time Alisha would be fired!

  • Gabriele Navagruckaite
    Gabriele Navagruckaite

    I think I would like Alisha as my assistant💕

  • Karen From Sooubway
    Karen From Sooubway

    omg i just realized tk is an assistant who is helping alisha who has an assistant, and is now laurens assistant for they day, who temporarily has an assistant, but she also has a different assistant that alisha the assistant is helping out. and then on laurens channel she is an assistant for alisha, who has an assistant, but she has another assistant because lauren is being an assistant for the day.

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller

    who is watching this in 2020?

  • Yvette Rosario
    Yvette Rosario

    please do more laurisha collabs soon! this is one of my fav collabs you guys did!

  • katie bailey
    katie bailey

    when you said hey Siri my phone literally went to Siri

  • Kayden Davis
    Kayden Davis


  • Nur Zahirah
    Nur Zahirah

    You guys should do switching you guys assistance 😂 like seriously 😂

  • Eleftheria Ria Kotsou
    Eleftheria Ria Kotsou

    Better luck next time giiirl!!! Slay queen !!!


    Ashley should be your assistant for a day then you should be her assistant

  • Licha Kh
    Licha Kh

    yaass, I would definitely choose Alisha to be my assistant😆💝

  • Noa Zylbershlag
    Noa Zylbershlag

    Imagine going to a store without a mask and social distancing.

  • kylie brooke
    kylie brooke

    be remis assistant

  • Dayana Azali
    Dayana Azali


  • Magnolia Mornings
    Magnolia Mornings

    It's kind of funny that Alisha Is LaurDIY's assistant, Even though Alisha makes twice the amount LaurDIY makes in a year

    • Chaengfoodie

      This comment was kinda unnecessary

  • Mya Billman
    Mya Billman

    i would hire lauren

  • jose Bonifasi
    jose Bonifasi


  • Nar Tab
    Nar Tab

    Alesha you don't suck

  • Alisha James
    Alisha James

    ALISHA: people are gonna be like ''U SUCK'' ME (ALISHA) : u did ur best

  • Quan Nguyen
    Quan Nguyen

    I love you

  • Clay Hopper
    Clay Hopper

    Definitely Lauren

  • salma salma
    salma salma

    i would hire lauren lol

  • Ortiz girlz
    Ortiz girlz

    she started her channel when i was 1 im suprised also i would hire lauren no hate i love u alisha

  • Geraldine Catano
    Geraldine Catano

    Your next video should be a not being healthy for 24 hours because y’all so healthy and I wanna see if you guys can LIVE Without salads😂

  • Hannah Messser
    Hannah Messser

    I hirer Lauren

  • Lauren Clarke
    Lauren Clarke

    Lauren hands down I would hire Lauren lol sorry Alisha

  • Emily Horsman
    Emily Horsman

    Can you do the merrell twins

  • Ya Boi Mayo
    Ya Boi Mayo

    you know you're in a boujee neighborhood when Prada billboards are normal

  • Grace Wolfenbarger
    Grace Wolfenbarger

    I’d hire you

  • kelly alonzo
    kelly alonzo


  • Ava Fortuna
    Ava Fortuna

    "I'd hire you" Actually, I would hire her but I commented this because of the description

  • Madison Luckett
    Madison Luckett

    You should make a video where you and Lauren switch videographers so you get Matt and Lauren gets TK.

  • Lucia PW
    Lucia PW

    What was Lauren Filming?

  • Spano family !
    Spano family !

    Pls reply I love you 🤟 Alisha

  • Sahiba Singh
    Sahiba Singh

    I’d hire you

  • Irelin Reynolds
    Irelin Reynolds


  • Jewel Beakley
    Jewel Beakley

    Lauren is better

  • Isabella Romillo
    Isabella Romillo

    Any one 2020 in quarantine

  • M,B,B Productions Hughes
    M,B,B Productions Hughes

    I'd hire you

  • Mercy Benz
    Mercy Benz

    As requested, "Alisha...You suck."

  • thegolden unicorn
    thegolden unicorn

    I would hire Lauren

  • The Woodvillians
    The Woodvillians

    Both they are so good

  • Ariana Yoder
    Ariana Yoder

    I would probably hire Lauren 😁

  • Lorraine Zavala
    Lorraine Zavala

    i will pick alisha as my assistant

  • Liza Rocks
    Liza Rocks

    Alisha you don’t suck I love your videos

  • daily life in quarintine
    daily life in quarintine

    When she sayas Hey siri my phone went off! :p

  • Mia Carroll
    Mia Carroll

    You and Remi should do this video together on each other’s channel

  • shriyaa anand
    shriyaa anand

    she should be rem's assistant!!

  • Jocelyn 25
    Jocelyn 25

    When your like is that one like that changes the number from 52k to 53k

  • Nahiyan Zaman
    Nahiyan Zaman

    "i'd hire you"

  • Mathilde Brunet-Mercier
    Mathilde Brunet-Mercier

    lowkey wanna becomes an assistant now

  • Paul Joy
    Paul Joy


  • Beatrice Vermeulen
    Beatrice Vermeulen

    I'd hire you

  • Waffle

    I was watching this, re-freshed my page... and saw Lauren’s video.. I-

  • Leah Riegel
    Leah Riegel

    I would totally hire laurdiy

  • Lysette Wanatee
    Lysette Wanatee

    I love how she’s treating her coffee like it’s her baby 👶

  • Madison Mitra
    Madison Mitra

    I would want Lauren to be my assistant for a week!!!

  • Cherry Heart
    Cherry Heart

    Fired 11 times where can I get a assistant like this

  • Sarah Hairgrove
    Sarah Hairgrove

    I’d hire you

  • Sarah & Sophia
    Sarah & Sophia

    I'd hire you

  • Miri Bixby
    Miri Bixby

    Omg I love how she put a seat belt around the coffee😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Kathleen Gallagher
    Kathleen Gallagher

    you should totally do Remi