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It’s always Hero Time on the brand new Ben 10 official TR-my channel! Discover funny clips and fun facts about the 10-year-old boy hero and explore trivia about your favourite aliens. There’s lots of laugh out loud moments as Ben gets up to some super-powered mischief and awesome action sequences as he battles bad guys. You can check out gameplay footage and exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Join Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max as they travel the country in the Rustbucket and discover your inner alien superhero by subscribing to the Ben 10 official TR-my channel now for regular updates!

  • lucas cristo
    lucas cristo

    É muito legal esse jogo e eu tenho

  • Adrian Stuart
    Adrian Stuart

    I can’t find this on the App Store

  • MJO MASTER dude
    MJO MASTER dude

    I have this app but tell me how to save our photo in this app

  • فيصل القحطاني
    فيصل القحطاني

    ابي اسم اللعبه تكفون

    • جعفر عدنان الزيادي
      جعفر عدنان الزيادي

      اسمها تحدي بن 10

  • Davi Alves
    Davi Alves

    O menino. Amostrado

  • Adil Hussain
    Adil Hussain

    Is there anyway you can connect this to your TV???

  • jennifer milena
    jennifer milena


  • victor Manuel
    victor Manuel

    Yo lo tengo es huenisimo

  • XDGOSHO 95
    XDGOSHO 95

    Dude im with pocophone and it cant be downloaded

  • V. lakshmi nookabattini
    V. lakshmi nookabattini


  • g.mari appan
    g.mari appan

    I played this game it was so easy and awesome

  • Andrei PlaysYT
    Andrei PlaysYT

    Cool app

    • Nẩu Anh
      Nẩu Anh

      Chơi bên ken

    • Nẩu Anh
      Nẩu Anh

      Andrei Plays trò chơi benzene trò chơi ben s Cho ben hen

  • Enter trainer
    Enter trainer

    This game is not available in play store

    • Manish Vadharakiya
      Manish Vadharakiya

      bang ho gaya me ne bhi abhi download kar liya hai link chiye

  • ابو حسين البصراوي
    ابو حسين البصراوي


  • 1985karatekid

    what is it called

    • ggleo

      Ben 10 challenge

  • 1985karatekid

    what is this app called

    • Rethabile Mado
      Rethabile Mado

      Ben 10 challenge

  • Nanse Amir
    Nanse Amir


  • Ali Alawadi
    Ali Alawadi

    حلوة اللعبه

    • Qwe Zxc
      Qwe Zxc

      ممكن الرابط بتعها

  • Gaming Meister
    Gaming Meister

    App link

  • emran khan
    emran khan

    ben 10 বানাই কি ভাবে


    I have played this game


    the tutorial is very hard

  • Selma Alves Aquino
    Selma Alves Aquino

    BEN BN10

    • Hitesh Sharma
      Hitesh Sharma


    • Sheela Devi
      Sheela Devi


  • Erkan Surgu
    Erkan Surgu

    WOW Mİ SONRA YOU SCHOOL 1 2 3 4 5 6 ?

    • WtWBro p
      WtWBro p

      uhhh sonra?

    • Erkan Surgu
      Erkan Surgu

      Mİ SO WOW HELLO Hİ YOU SCHOOL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 E e Fenerbahçe f


    This is pretty fun 😁😃

    • نواف عبدالله
      نواف عبدالله

      السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته اخواني الاعزاء في هذا الموضوع المفيد حذرُ اولدكم من هذي العبه

    • no subscribers
      no subscribers

      CD Hawkins hyyhup

  • The Jasmine Moore Channel
    The Jasmine Moore Channel

    So cool

  • The Shocker
    The Shocker

    The more stronger alien in this game is wildvine

  • fenix loder
    fenix loder

    Awesome :D

  • Kazoky

    Imagine when you playing this game and ur friend just walked right in be like: “Dude, are you drunk?”

  • Macc Playz
    Macc Playz

    Ben 10 ur the best superhero EVER!! I always watching u in TV 6:45 am to 4:00 pm i love u ur my favorite! and cool omnitrix i gonna watch u in 10am BEN 10 OMNI TRICKED LOVE MARCUS :D