Best Christian Songs Of Don Moen Collection - Unforgetable Greatest Hits Of Don Moen Playlist
Christian Songs
Best Christian Songs Of Don Moen Collection - Unforgetable Greatest Hits Of Don Moen Playlist
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  • Papaike Jacshie
    Papaike Jacshie

    Heal the World O Almighty God❤️🙏Amen

  • Papaike Jacshie
    Papaike Jacshie

    Thank you Lord God For Forgiveness For Our Sins and Protect Me and My Family Always..❤️🙏Amen

  • dennis dennis
    dennis dennis

    Dear lord you are everyones savior🥰😇🥰😇🥰😇🥰😇🥰😇🥰😇🥰😇😇😇🥰😇🥰😇🥰😇🥰🥰😇

  • Micheline Belando
    Micheline Belando

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ I Am bless.

  • Akugizibwe Douglas
    Akugizibwe Douglas


  • J Reed
    J Reed

    Thank you Lord! You are amazing. I have been sick since Monday, confined to the hospital. Lots of tests I did. Finally I'm getting better! ♥️♥️♥️ Praying for my fast recovery. Praying that baby and I are fine! ♥️♥️♥️💪

  • War Wire
    War Wire

    Sweet song

  • Denise Darcel Aquino
    Denise Darcel Aquino

    Thank you Lord for making a way for our lives to be blessed with your loving hands. Thank you Father for hearing our prayers that we may honor you in holiness in worship and praise.

  • Lalitha Perera
    Lalitha Perera

    Wow!!! Amazing worship song!!!!👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • Lalitha Perera
    Lalitha Perera

    Thank you jesus Amen Amen Amen

  • Leny Clarino
    Leny Clarino

    Dear Lord..heal our land against Covid 19.

  • Oris Abai
    Oris Abai

    Mo dupe lowo Oluwa Olorun fun gbogbo oore re ninu aye mi

  • Sybil.s Jagtiani
    Sybil.s Jagtiani

    Give thanks on behalf of my family thank u lord

  • Maritess Vistal
    Maritess Vistal

    We thanks God all the time.

    • Christian Songs
      Christian Songs

      - Today is a special day. Wish everyone to listen to music and pray the best. God bless you.......

  • Najat Hasan
    Najat Hasan

    Amen 🙏

    • Christian Songs
      Christian Songs

      Amen 🙏

  • Ernesto. E Barrio
    Ernesto. E Barrio

    I'm going through a separation right now in my life separation that I don't want but it's out of my control I wake up every morning thanking God as hard as it is to know that I'm not waking up next to my wife and son I don't know what you have for me Lord but it's hard to do this for me to say that I trust you.... do your thing, give me more faith and let me trust you with all my heart without a doubt because I know that you are a great !!!if you parted the Red Sea then part the obstacles that are obstructing my marriage.neverthe less not my will but your will be done..give me crazy mad strength faith and Love me Father

  • Reynel Luib
    Reynel Luib

    Nice musical amen

  • Beatrice Insaidoo
    Beatrice Insaidoo

    I just want to thank God for everything he is doing for me. May his name be praised. Thank you Lord

  • Caring Bautista
    Caring Bautista


  • Praveenlata Sonwane
    Praveenlata Sonwane

    Thank you God about Don Moen

  • Dodette Flores
    Dodette Flores

    Thank you Lord God For all the blessings,lesson,strenght and trials

  • Che Fasoy
    Che Fasoy

    So refreshing and comforting to my soul..

  • Amy Francia
    Amy Francia

    LORD thank you for your unconditional love

  • Airene Requirme
    Airene Requirme

    Thank you Lord for everything even though I'd been through a lot but still you give me hope love and sthrenght... to carry on

  • Liya James
    Liya James

    His name Mel - chizedak

  • Liya James
    Liya James

    Praise the Lord Pr. Don Moen my son is one christian singer. but no helper. His name Mel-chizek James. He study Bachehler Degree in Christian Music. two week before one South Indian Kerala Sis. Pr.Doen Moen Kanada Address give. Pr. one request help my son. His father one Pastor in Orissa. His name Israel James.

  • adlafleure djikson
    adlafleure djikson

    Whoever is reading this while listening to these powerful songs of praise, I pray that In all your trials and tribulations, just remember that God is good and that in due season, He will see you through. Keep praying and keep believing in the goodness and power of God.

  • Eva Inugay
    Eva Inugay

    Gracias Don por ayudarme a alabar y cantar a Nuestro Padre ABBA! Haleluya!!!

  • Pastor Patrick Idemudia
    Pastor Patrick Idemudia

  • hesty astuti
    hesty astuti

    Thanks you am like song

  • angelita foronda
    angelita foronda

    Yes, lord isurrender my life to you🙏

  • Emie Balboa Nabajo
    Emie Balboa Nabajo

    Thank you Lord.....for everything....especially my life....I love you Lord....

  • Arle Valin Lasala
    Arle Valin Lasala

    Praise God for the songs created for the Glory of God. God Almighty have mercy on us and heal our land from this tremendous disease, covid -19......

  • kyut Blesz
    kyut Blesz

    Nakaka kilabot tindig palahibo pag nakaka rininig ako ng mga hillsong ..slamat lord the earth 🙏. #worshiplover

  • Neth Garcia
    Neth Garcia

    Thank you LORD for everything...

  • Yvonne Samoya
    Yvonne Samoya

    The song is very nice l love u lord

  • Happy Henry
    Happy Henry

    Hi Mr Don Moen. Kindly, receive my warmest regards to you and your entire team. I've just subscribed to your channel. You're most welcome to visit Kenya again. We will always love your gift of worship as we have enjoyed it for many years; my regards to your family. May all the glory return the Lord.

  • Joann Casis
    Joann Casis

    Everyday i listen to this music, it give me more and more closer to God... plus reading all the comments here is a blessing..💙

  • englengwee

    Your songs have enriched our worship.

  • englengwee

    As much as I’m so blessed by your songs, I pray for God’s blessings to be upon you and family. For good health and protection. Thank you for your heart to share with us during this time.

  • jhb's_ video
    jhb's_ video

    Oohhh praise the lorddddd👆👆💜💜💜💜 god is gooodddddddddd all the timeeee ohhhh💜💜

  • suzette pastidio
    suzette pastidio

    Thanks for your songs. I love God.

  • Prameela Devi
    Prameela Devi

    Thank you Lord Almighty for all the help blessings you give to the people who believe in you

  • Pedrito Alacaba
    Pedrito Alacaba

    Thank your Lord the the gift of life, Your great love, mercy & grace coz they are new every morning... Thank You for the favors and blessings you showered upon me, family, relatives, neighbors and our brethren in Christ who believe & trust in YOU! 🙏🙏🙏💝💝💝💖💖💖

  • lilia geneblazo
    lilia geneblazo

    Always give thanks to the Lord our God , he's love ,his mercy and compassion , his graciousness , love ghe6 Lord our God always.

  • Anna Gojetia
    Anna Gojetia

    Thank you lord🙏❤

  • Nonoy Cyril
    Nonoy Cyril

    I love you Lord.thank you Lord for everything.😘😍

  • Md Naek Siddiqui
    Md Naek Siddiqui


  • Nova Angelie Santos
    Nova Angelie Santos

    This gives me comfort in this quarantine period.

  • Kelvin Kaitjindi
    Kelvin Kaitjindi

    The king of praise

  • Kawinde Thabaweta
    Kawinde Thabaweta

    Praise the lord of jesus

  • Margilyn Paderes
    Margilyn Paderes

    I feel so blessed as I listen to Don Mowen's christian songs , his voice so cool and uplifting , I love listening to his songs , God bless !!!

  • Alice please ooo i can wait again ooo Ugbem
    Alice please ooo i can wait again ooo Ugbem

    Thank you Jesus 🙏 amen amen thank you Jesus 🙏

  • Momshei thess Evangelista
    Momshei thess Evangelista

    Ohhh Our Lord our Land,heal our land,God is our Healer Nd protector..thank you for protecting my family and to me.thank you Lord.U are the Healer.Amen.😍😍

  • Leny Nadera
    Leny Nadera

    Thank you Lord God..for save my family...every day and all the time thanks God ilove you Lord God in Jesus we pray amen...

  • Remedios Ordono or reme apilado es the same person
    Remedios Ordono or reme apilado es the same person

    Ineed god en my Life amen

  • GSTPers TV Channel
    GSTPers TV Channel

    God Bless Everyone! #SharingIsCaring

  • Chee Fatt
    Chee Fatt


  • Sheila Dcruz
    Sheila Dcruz

    Yes my Lord,heal us.heal the broken world.forgive us our sons and pour out mercy upon the world.Amen

  • Soloman Gomes
    Soloman Gomes


  • Ehna Chan
    Ehna Chan

  • JC Channel
    JC Channel

    Godbless mylove jepjep.

  • JC Channel
    JC Channel

    Hello.good evening

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ


  • Jenn Męrçaral
    Jenn Męrçaral


  • Jenn Męrçaral
    Jenn Męrçaral

    Salamat Lord Jesus

  • Fina Yohana
    Fina Yohana

    Thakyou for loving me JESUS 💜

  • ricky diola
    ricky diola

    Thanks jesus of your love

  • Montesino Lea
    Montesino Lea

    Thank you lord you always make away for my family I love you lord amen

  • evelyn Rivera
    evelyn Rivera

    God is good all the time. Thank you lord for everything ❤️