Best Friend Lie Detector Test on Real Brother Agent S! (Memory Loss Reveal Secret Information)
Game Master Incorporated
After Rebecca Zamolo posted "Rebecca Turned Her Stairs into a Giant Slide for 24 Hours! ($10,000 Challenge to Win Tiny House)", then Matt and Rebecca uploaded “DIY Survival Fort Challenge in Our Empty New House! (Matt and Rebecca Vs. Agents Surprising Results),” then The Real Game Master created “Lie Detector Test on Agents to Find the Truth! (New Clues Create Mystery in Real Life)”, finally Game Master Incorporated made “He's Not My Real Brother! (Which Game Master Inc. Agent Can We Trust? Good Vs. Bad)!.” Now they have the real agent S back Agent R wants to do a lie detector test to free up his memory. Matt and Rebecca kind of prank him by tricking Agent R to drink the lie detector mixture as well. What they found was a secret conversation with RZ twin about a new piece of the device hidden in the vents at Matt and Rebecca's House. Can we trust this information to be true or is he a liar? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo

    Do u guys trust Agent S?

    • Tori Dang
      Tori Dang

      not realllyy

    • Jorge Martinez
      Jorge Martinez


    • MR. Hacker
      MR. Hacker

      @Game Master Incorporated not sure but this your video

    • amanda benson
      amanda benson

      Game Master Incorporated your the worst

    • Nicoleen Lockem
      Nicoleen Lockem

      Is the gamemeste reli

  • Jackie Chen
    Jackie Chen

    Don't trust the agents

  • Jackie Chen
    Jackie Chen


  • Alfie Howarth
    Alfie Howarth

    Rebecca your the beast

  • Lilly Shields
    Lilly Shields

    Rebecca the real agent s is the one that got a shock bracelet on them

  • Stefanie Esposito
    Stefanie Esposito

    this is cringey but good

  • Little Kaity Minecraft
    Little Kaity Minecraft

    I like Diet Coke and I don’t trust agent s🤣🤣🤣 🥰 I trust Matt and Rebecca 🥰😍😘I love videos of Matt and Rebecca videos on the channels

  • Elianny Paula
    Elianny Paula

    Not good

  • Elrhic jay Dimayuga
    Elrhic jay Dimayuga

    Don't trust agent s couse he just change in his clone while You and rebeca is Talking

  • Fabian Mendoza
    Fabian Mendoza

    the face reevel of the shinig when he said he weres a uit is his clone

  • Fabian Mendoza
    Fabian Mendoza

    i love fanta to

  • Fabian Mendoza
    Fabian Mendoza

    i love diet coke

  • Mikey Bartlett
    Mikey Bartlett

    Love it

  • tanusha ganesan
    tanusha ganesan


  • Kristie Khaler
    Kristie Khaler

    love it

  • sammyjo fletcher
    sammyjo fletcher

    I love Diet Coke

  • sammyjo fletcher
    sammyjo fletcher

    No redeca

  • Sjody Jody
    Sjody Jody

    That Agent S suspicius.

  • sarahs vlogs And music And more
    sarahs vlogs And music And more


  • Kairi Paul-Moyer
    Kairi Paul-Moyer

    I would like to join the GMI

  • Pravinkumar Murugan
    Pravinkumar Murugan

    No i do not trust agent s

  • Andrea Parkins
    Andrea Parkins


  • Selina Kajtazi
    Selina Kajtazi

    no i dont like diet coke.

  • Krissie Johnson
    Krissie Johnson


  • Emily yt Ella
    Emily yt Ella


  • Winchester Family
    Winchester Family

    I trust agent r

  • Winchester Family
    Winchester Family

    I dont trust agent s

  • Serene Darkwa
    Serene Darkwa

    Is everyone just here to steal info from the agents and figure out what happened for Rebecca and Matt? Cz I am

  • Gianna Gutierrez
    Gianna Gutierrez

    I trust agent as an agent are because they’re really nice and agent are likes Maddie so yeah but I don’t trust Maddie

  • S M
    S M

    Matt:What's Your Favourite Drink? Agent R:Oh Yano Faunta?! Me:Uhhhhhhhh Faunta...............

  • tania lopez
    tania lopez

    I hate game master inc they are poop

  • Lizzie Sanges
    Lizzie Sanges

    good luck gmi agent trust together again never mind control

  • Fernando Evans
    Fernando Evans

    i love to be yorr fan

  • Marita Habibi
    Marita Habibi


  • Thea Rodriguez
    Thea Rodriguez

    Matt and Rebbeca that is the bad agent s he reactivate the good one

  • Ileana Segundo
    Ileana Segundo

    I don,t trust agent s

  • Linda Leemoi3101
    Linda Leemoi3101


  • ana Pergjini
    ana Pergjini

    Hi gmI

    • ana Pergjini
      ana Pergjini


  • Venus Mello
    Venus Mello

    to win the date game

  • Venus Mello
    Venus Mello

    in the date game agent sreactivater the fake game master

  • Venus Mello
    Venus Mello


  • Lily Chicas
    Lily Chicas


  • Sylvia Santiago
    Sylvia Santiago

    Does agent s have a girlfriend

  • Esther Van Sui Chin
    Esther Van Sui Chin

    I don’t trust the agent s

  • Eloise Thompson
    Eloise Thompson


  • Malaika Sana
    Malaika Sana


  • Sharmaarke omar
    Sharmaarke omar

    You suck agents

  • Teau Derek
    Teau Derek

    Agent s is bad becuse one of there video Agent s said he is going to do someting with daniel😮😮😮😮

  • kool montejo
    kool montejo


  • Icy Johnson
    Icy Johnson

    I don’t like diet coke

  • Megan LeBlanc
    Megan LeBlanc


  • Kenny Raye 09
    Kenny Raye 09

    gmi is this the beas

  • Kenny Raye 09
    Kenny Raye 09


  • Guimond Lilija
    Guimond Lilija

    ok i have a questone for rebeca matt and the agent S and agent R, do every wone hase a twine like my name is lilija guimond so do i have a lg twin? omg this is so crypy! but if i have a lg twin O-M-GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Guimond Lilija
    Guimond Lilija

    ok i am NOT an AGENT buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE dite coke

    • Bibek Kharel
      Bibek Kharel

      Guimond Lilija I like coke

  • LaDondra Murphy
    LaDondra Murphy


  • Gymnastics louisa Eade
    Gymnastics louisa Eade

    I love diet cke Agent S

  • Tori Dang
    Tori Dang

    hmhmhmhmm what if the agents turn their back on rebecca

  • Tori Dang
    Tori Dang

    I want to be an agent but I dont want to be on Mr.X side

  • Porsha Taylor
    Porsha Taylor

    Agent r that is the clone of agent s

  • Jeymi Oliva alvarado
    Jeymi Oliva alvarado


  • kazipanna ahmed
    kazipanna ahmed

    I subscribe to you for spying

  • Agnieszka BW
    Agnieszka BW

    agent R can't spell his crash

  • Avalie House
    Avalie House


  • Rommel Molano
    Rommel Molano

    does agent R and S have a mother it would be funny bc they have to make there room🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Natalie Young
    Natalie Young

    Agent is wired when he’s not in your back yard

  • Tanissa Lorona
    Tanissa Lorona

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  • Tanissa Lorona
    Tanissa Lorona

    Plz say hi ciara plzzz i am 10 and i love your chanel

  • Lacey Waite
    Lacey Waite

    no way

  • Julia Meizer
    Julia Meizer

    No I don’t trust him