Best Friend Trap! (Spending 24 hours Solving Clues in Escape room) Found Book of Secrets in Library
The Real Game Master
Matt and Rebecca Zamolo help rescue the cane and found the book of secrets from the Game master Incorporated.
After Rebecca Zamolo created Tinder In Real Life Dating Game To Find New crush with Best Friend GMI Agent Missing, Matt and Rebecca uploaded Is Alice's Dad the Hackers Leader, Spending 24 Hours Searching for Missing GMI Agent, the Game Master incorporated made Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge in Disguise! (Spending 24 Hours Solving Tricks and Hacks) Rescue, they now need to escape the room and find the book of secrets. Alice reveals her disguise and traps everyone in a mirror room in real life. Rebecca discovers an abandoned tunnel that leads her to another room. What's inside is a secret passageway and the hidden book of secrets inside a safe. Matt and Agent S hide Rebecca's secret location by saying she fell asleep. Now each person needs to take a turn to go in. Once everyone is inside they try to find the secret mysterious code to unlock the safe. Will they get it open in time before Rebecca's best friend Alice found them?
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Rebecca Zamolo -Tinder In Real Life Dating Game To Find New CRUSH! (Best Friend GMI Agent Missing)
Matt and Rebecca - Is Alice's Dad the Hackers Leader?! (Spending 24 Hours Searching for Missing GMI Agent) EXTREME Clue
Lucas and Marcus -Pranking My Twin Brother 100 TIMES In The SAME DAY!!!
Game Master Incorporated - Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge in Disguise! (Spending 24 Hours Solving Tricks and Hacks) Rescue

Many of you have asked if we are Project Zorgo or if we are affiliated with PZ9. No, we partnered with him one time but he betrayed us and he is now considered a rival.

  • The Real Game Master
    The Real Game Master

    Why is Alice doing this to us? Did you see how we got here on the GMI Channel?

    • jordan elliott
      jordan elliott

      Amelia e

    • jordan elliott
      jordan elliott

      I love you

    • Saymi Escobar
      Saymi Escobar

      Hi. it. Melany Leon

    • Loren Adkins
      Loren Adkins

      She is a really bad person I don’t like her you should not like her either❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

    • Alandra King
      Alandra King

      @amelia fermin Oklahoma city police officer arrested you 5AM

  • gaby conde
    gaby conde

    Why do you keep calling Alice rocks best friend you just call her Alice

  • Amelia Mcclure
    Amelia Mcclure

    yes you will

  • Paresh Gohil
    Paresh Gohil

    Do you know when Matt went with Kurt Rebecca is in the same room where the locks are

  • Caitlin Malone
    Caitlin Malone

    Alice please let him go please come on that my brother

  • Caitlin Malone
    Caitlin Malone

    Angent R And Angent S save them

  • Justin Law
    Justin Law

    When rebecca was looking in the drawers she said there was no paper but there was one??????????

  • Joanne Saunders
    Joanne Saunders

    The game master is Alice uncle

  • Tulu Thapa
    Tulu Thapa

    I didn't like her in her in the beging

  • Jessie Singh
    Jessie Singh

    Pls Don t trust Alice she betray you

  • madison feavyer
    madison feavyer

    alice is a betraider

  • Snake Gamer
    Snake Gamer

    I don't trust mr. X

  • Beckie Mclinn
    Beckie Mclinn

    Where is Daniel

  • Jennifer Cawson
    Jennifer Cawson

    Who thinks Alice is an idiot

  • Ary Ashari
    Ary Ashari

    Mr.X is alice dad and alice

  • Lina Sanders
    Lina Sanders

    Alice should never be here friend tell Rebecca that if she won't to be here friend don't be here friend

  • Moises & Meribeth
    Moises & Meribeth

    I think it stand for bos

  • Robo BotBotBotBotBotBotBotBotBotYes
    Robo BotBotBotBotBotBotBotBotBotYes

    She is Mr X's due

  • Alaina Lewis
    Alaina Lewis

    I love your video’s 😍

  • Buckinghamshire Centre Chairman
    Buckinghamshire Centre Chairman

    There was a pese of paper in the draw

  • Ruby Stevens
    Ruby Stevens


    • Ruby Stevens
      Ruby Stevens


  • Mahamed Abuukar
    Mahamed Abuukar

    game master go and help rebecca and matt and GMI ok

  • Maria Rivera
    Maria Rivera

    I love the new intro😂😘💗

  • Lisa Lampkin
    Lisa Lampkin

    I don't know maybe she's jealous

  • Lisa Lampkin
    Lisa Lampkin


  • Martha Valdez
    Martha Valdez

    It is Rebecca is not Steven

  • Rence Villanueva
    Rence Villanueva


  • Mars Chan
    Mars Chan

    2020 people where you at!! ⬇

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    I think the book of secrets has something to do with you in it and I don't think you're allowed to know whatever is in there I'm think the planning in the book I think they're planning to catch Daniel, Rebecca or even you

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    B.o.s totally stands for the book of secrets and you need to hurry up cos I think Mr x knocked or it could have been Alice the game master or could have definitely been the red hood

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    Or Mr x could have it did you know soon Maddie is going to Australia and did you know that Mr x is Alice's dad and the game masters brother

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    I technically think the book of secrets is in none of them but I think Alice has it

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    I think it holds the book of secrets

  • Dollie and albie Kearney
    Dollie and albie Kearney

    I totally think the book of secrets is in there

  • jimenez cruz
    jimenez cruz

    Rebecca the work has the longest you should TR-my channel and you can see on twin toys

  • Ernestine Nfornah
    Ernestine Nfornah


  • Ernestine Nfornah
    Ernestine Nfornah


  • DeArnita Herron
    DeArnita Herron

    The number is 4236117

  • mihaibirton

    I don't know but I am Rebbeca Zommolo's fan

  • Veronica Fabian
    Veronica Fabian

    I just got a new one for me today and I have been in a long time and I’m not even going to say it I will let you know I don’t think you can be there for a while fine you know what I do I just got to go see you guys I 🤬

  • Ariana huezo
    Ariana huezo

    I think agent s and agent r are brothers like this comment of you agree

  • Queen of all
    Queen of all


  • Hursit hussein
    Hursit hussein

    Alice traped them

  • Donna Kelly
    Donna Kelly

    Rewind original!

  • Makenna Schmidt
    Makenna Schmidt

    The page that was missing that page was in the box the game master gave you

  • Isabels gymnastics world
    Isabels gymnastics world

    Ms x is Alice dad

  • Eamon Brady
    Eamon Brady

    Why is maddie going away

  • Lizett Chirino
    Lizett Chirino

    Why is Alice dressed up as a quadrant

  • Johanah Rhyner
    Johanah Rhyner

    replace Alice

  • Brooklyn Family
    Brooklyn Family


  • Marley Speer
    Marley Speer


  • Jordyn TwoHearts
    Jordyn TwoHearts

    The numbers are from the rewind music video

  • Tracy Cassells
    Tracy Cassells

    There was a paper in the drawer

  • Cienna Shaffer
    Cienna Shaffer


  • Cienna Shaffer
    Cienna Shaffer

    Mr.X is Alice's dad

  • Cienna Shaffer
    Cienna Shaffer

    Rebecca was trapped in the Red mansion with the Red hood that is where she is

  • Ellie Delgado
    Ellie Delgado

    That is soooo true m

  • Ellie Delgado
    Ellie Delgado

    I am part of the gmn and I spy on "Alice" for them

  • Aubrie Casias
    Aubrie Casias

    Agent s has the missing page of the book of secrets

  • Holly Johnston
    Holly Johnston

    ThErE iS nO vEnTiLaTiOn iN heRe

  • Sophia Howze
    Sophia Howze


  • Dayana Fernandez
    Dayana Fernandez


  • zoe Laverne
    zoe Laverne

    I have a picture of agent A and agent s showing their face

  • Hailey Short
    Hailey Short

    Where is the new video?! It's been a week!

  • Zainab Hanif
    Zainab Hanif

    Alice is a liar

  • Jag Singh
    Jag Singh

    Musical numbers

  • Juang Andi P
    Juang Andi P

    Alice is a bad best friend 👎

  • Apaula Ruta Peteru
    Apaula Ruta Peteru

    If Mr x is alices dad then that means that the gm is her uncle

  • Vienna Knab
    Vienna Knab

    I feel like Matt always makes it about him

  • Susana Cruz
    Susana Cruz