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      MuhammadGhazi Alhuda

      Im roblox boy too my age 9 years old

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      Νίκος Σκουλούδης

      Ok boomer

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      Cat Ninja

      Freememeskids ok boomer

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      Josefina Gonzalez

      i saw the thing that said comment baby yoda 5:43

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    Leonel Santiago-Roque

    5:17 is funny

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    gitte samonte

    0:14 killed me

  • Edgar

    Ok boomer

  • Edgar

    Baby yoda

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    Jake Luton

    nice memes

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    Everyone freememeskids is my cousin😎 no joke he is jelly😎

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    RoBLOX ;-; ‘-‘

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    JackRabbitPlayz The Gacha Boi

    From this point on you will now be known as: Sharkbait! The other fish: Sharkbait hooLALA

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    chris andre haugen

    baby yoda

  • JackRabbitPlayz The Gacha Boi
    JackRabbitPlayz The Gacha Boi

    5:42 BaBY YoDA

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    Cloud Dreams


  • Vivo Mizbert
    Vivo Mizbert

    baby yoda i saw tgat subtitle barnie

  • young atlas
    young atlas

    5:15 wtf

  • Lucy Prospero
    Lucy Prospero

    UwU 0:19

  • adam hannan
    adam hannan

    0:55 when u realize that this shirt was made in china

  • ㄥU下下ㄚツ

    2:17 Brum 2:20;_;

  • Walter Clements
    Walter Clements

    6:50 ahhh Perry the platypus

  • vitinho gamer
    vitinho gamer

    5:12 G.Y MICKEI

  • Yahya Mekael
    Yahya Mekael

    5.16 is the funnisest

  • 9lol

    5:44 please tell what is this music

  • Ryuu Himayashi [Lazy,Cute]
    Ryuu Himayashi [Lazy,Cute]


  • Sevim Yücel
    Sevim Yücel

    My life 5:35

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    Mastient 890

    Baby yoda

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    Ok boomer

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    Baby yoda

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  • ThanosTheWeeb2

    Im so love youtube

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    Alan García Deming

    5:05 SONG?

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    GD Meldy

    3:15 i love this video

  • 9lol

    5:44 what is this music boy I like it

  • redunicorn

    6:40 i actually took of my headphones

  • Tik Tok Tok Tok 777
    Tik Tok Tok Tok 777

    New video -

  • DeMars 18
    DeMars 18

    Doctor: ballO' bama isn't real. He can't hurt you ballO' bama: 1:37

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    Gabriel romeo Flo

    Baby yoda

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    Sara Payne

    Baby Yoda Did.....did i do it right?

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    Klaus Hoxha


  • Maksim Milin
    Maksim Milin

    Burger king at 8:46 just make me laugh like im sick 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 and it's best meme in this video

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    Unknownymous Biatch

    Dont mind me 3:18

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    Que gracioso el minuto 5:13

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    Muito engraçado😅

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    What the

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    Aleksandar Stoykov

    I like 3:23 the most

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    Daniel Ovidiu Rus

    baby yoda

  • Daniel Ovidiu Rus
    Daniel Ovidiu Rus


  • Trauncles

    What song is at 1:02

  • Axl Pablo dog YT
    Axl Pablo dog YT

    The last one tho

  • Axl Pablo dog YT
    Axl Pablo dog YT

    2:56 people who don’t do it: turn off your phone and look

  • Squid5464 Yeet
    Squid5464 Yeet

    You should’ve made the joker become a bowling ball

  • Carrot Boi
    Carrot Boi

    baby yoda

  • chubi

    baby yoda


    He He ccx s bseave f

  • Renae blake
    Renae blake


  • Jason S.
    Jason S.

    5:10 is... that.. QUAGMIRE!!!??!!

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  • Julian Condic
    Julian Condic

    ok boomer

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    Александр Кравченко

    Good mems

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    ed ed

    6:10 lol

  • ed ed
    ed ed

    Ok boomer

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    stefanus Ben

    Her:watching comments While in the back:5:13

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    Chris Brown

    Okay Boomer

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    Ian Velazquez

    9:30 song name please

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    raajirao citisquare

    5:16 Mickey Mouse is gonna go to JAIL for that

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    Kendarius Tucker

    5:45 song please

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    Who else watch’s at 2am

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    Iron Niro

    5:07 my secret super power

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      Iron Niro

      Whot is yours?

  • Iron Niro
    Iron Niro

    0:36 so funny 😂

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    øLîvër X

    Baby yoda