Lindsay Small-Butera ...... Penny
Olivia Craighead ...............Billie
Tim Batt ............................Tim
Chris Fleming....................Cesare
SungWon Cho...................Doctor
Ayo Edebiri........................Frances
Alex Small-Butera.............Conrad
ISOLATED BACKGROUND AUDIO(for dubbing, if people want to!):

  • Lord Destrustor
    Lord Destrustor

    I love how the zomburger menu includes an item simply called "odor" Like they make you pay for the privilege of simply smelling their "food"

  • Scotty draws K
    Scotty draws K

    if this aired on fox or adult swim that would be cool

  • Mrinmoy Chakraborty
    Mrinmoy Chakraborty

    Okay you're one of my favourite animators now

  • James Silver
    James Silver

    is this 3d or drawn

  • Wearing Mask to protect me from viruses
    Wearing Mask to protect me from viruses

    *Top 10 Stupidly Overpowered anime Characters*

  • Jak Rivers
    Jak Rivers

    I love this video so much. I have a group of friend who with me are like zomburger alot! It's so fun to watch again and again. Can't wait for the next vid!

  • Moon Bun
    Moon Bun

    “Banana cage, BiLbO?!”

  • Sam Guynes
    Sam Guynes

    marilyn manson attempts to kill insane clown posse

  • Sidereum Cantor
    Sidereum Cantor

    Cesare and Steve have divorced couple energy

  • Grc Undercover
    Grc Undercover

    Pretty dope little youtube mini show you got goin on here keep it up

  • e m i l y e m o r y
    e m i l y e m o r y

    We need more. THE PEOPLE NEED MORE.

  • Eduardo Henriquez
    Eduardo Henriquez

    Where's the petition or link I need to sign/ donate to get this series going!!!! 😩

  • Mr. Medic man
    Mr. Medic man

    0:29 "BILBO!!"

  • Talon Furgus
    Talon Furgus

    this shit really fucking good

  • Grape Leaf
    Grape Leaf

    I've grown emotionally attached to these episodes and I rewatch them way too much 🤣

  • Alek Burman
    Alek Burman

    This show is hysterical

  • Böses Bröselchen
    Böses Bröselchen

    Aahhiiiiii Love it, but I'm not surprised bout that

  • Davis Keaton
    Davis Keaton

    Think I need help, I have a crush on Penny and don't want people to know.

  • kidneptune

    20 seasons and a movie

  • wiliam karyose
    wiliam karyose

    Moreeeee my god so cuteee wkwkwkwk

  • Kevin Costner
    Kevin Costner

    More Zomburgers please!

  • funStastick

    I have no idea why i am watching this but no complaints

  • Julian Millen
    Julian Millen

    Just realized that guys name is Tim Batt not Tim Butt

  • Blaze21st

    Oh you WOULD pull some horsepiss like this

  • the doom slayer
    the doom slayer

    this is the best anime I've seen in ages

  • dnE eM
    dnE eM

    So he just cuts a truck in half and it's normal? *O K I G U E S S*

  • malcolm jones
    malcolm jones

    This makes you really re-evaluate how strong that elk was

  • Ryan Gainey
    Ryan Gainey

    That's genius actually. Theme restaurant with inedible food just to be edgy. Also loving the gothic aesthetic.

  • Keshia Sawyer
    Keshia Sawyer

    I FREAKIN LOVE THIS ANIMATION STYLE!! I’m seriously contemplating cosplaying Penny. XD

  • TheDoglover23456

    This is trigger made in America and I love it.

  • Johann König
    Johann König

    If this was on [adult swim] I would watch it every night

  • hellfire33100

    If I could like this again I would a hundred times

  • G_Boy

    im addicted to this show pls help

  • Jason Adjiwanou
    Jason Adjiwanou

    I wanna see an entire show of this! 😂 😂 😂 You created it on Blender?!? Please teach me your ways.

  • Catna Wang
    Catna Wang

    Nice little boba moment at the beginning for Chris Fleming

  • Michael Ince
    Michael Ince

    This is very good

  • linh Lê
    linh Lê

    Quality circus 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Freya Swiftrunner
    Freya Swiftrunner

    What song is that for the into and outro

  • Jeremy Nickel
    Jeremy Nickel

    This may be my favorite episode

  • Overloaded

    Too perfect

  • WYD28

    I've watched this a million times but I keep hitting replay. It's perfect

  • JonnesTT

    I love how the artstile itself gives you something to think about by itself XD

  • KoreaFace

    Are we going to ignore that they got only comedians to to voice act for zombie burger?

  • IceColdNinja03

    The music is badass to

  • IceColdNinja03

    Im not entirely sure what I just watched, but this deserves a bajillion more views

  • Matt Ooi
    Matt Ooi

    Is a team making these or is it just some guy and a few people? I'm kinda blown away how good it is and not viral

  • Zavi- chan
    Zavi- chan

    I dont think anything in this world has made me so childishly excited in so long other then this short animated series

  • An Average Arsonist
    An Average Arsonist

    _" I knew you were gonna do this when I got out of bed this morning. Typical steve, I'm not surprised."_ Cesare, charcoal salesman.

  • gorillazbitch

    Cesare and Steve are divorced husbands change my mind

  • MetricPolygon

    I love Penny's voice acting, she often sounds like she's giggling through her delivery, but in a good way

  • Robbe De Vent
    Robbe De Vent

    Steve is a God of could kill god

  • TankNation 65
    TankNation 65

    I like this music

  • Ligma Enigma
    Ligma Enigma

    Wheres the forth it's been 3 weeks ;_;

  • 31randomdude

    We've seen a bit of the Bigtop Burger menu, here's the Zomburger menu: Zomburger Odor Zomburger+ Mystery Fish Old Jerky Human Poison

  • Hellomynameisnevermind

    More, I need MORE


    when is this going to be a 10 season series with 50 episodes each season on adult swim and soon become a movie that gains millions of dollars in the box office?

  • Xeno

    Why is this not adult swim, this is good--

  • King Rhythmo
    King Rhythmo

    I love how all the zomburger names are just extremely edgy "emo x-game kid" names. Like c'mon Frances Conrad Caesar d-... Doctor.. Yeah I mean c'mon

  • Jimena Pereira
    Jimena Pereira

    0:18 isn't that jake munro?

  • Penelope Lanse
    Penelope Lanse

    it's got a fooly feel to it.

  • Señor Muzik
    Señor Muzik

    The fact that only 296 people have disliked and over 100k have liked TELLLLLLLSSSSSS YOUUUUU about the QUALITY of this video

  • Skyline

    I love it!

  • gregadactyl

    "Oh, you WOULD pull some HORSE PISS like this."

  • happy potato
    happy potato

    Steve is like Saitama but on every kind of drug possible

  • Tony

    I want more!

  • Zachariah Lewis
    Zachariah Lewis

    Why is doctor just... Liquid Snake?

  • Tati Bot
    Tati Bot

    I love this that god I found it on TikTok oro would have never found this it’s so funny!

  • bitchlet

    im dying for the theme song to get on spotify. shits bumping


    I like how steve can use the truck as a skateboard

  • Siengran

    Conrad i feel the same way. "CRAP, CRAP, CRAP."