Billy Currington - People Are Crazy (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Billy Currington performing People Are Crazy. (C) 2009 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • fastman69001

    What brings you to Ohio? As an Ohioan, I would really like to know this too.

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang

    captain america

  • J B
    J B

    This song came out when I was in the Navy (18-24 years old). Reminds me of my old Navy buddies and all the beer we drank and engines we worked on (land and sea).

  • Michael Segovia
    Michael Segovia

    almost feel like I can relate to this song yet life is good and people are crazy LOL 2020

  • robert hoeppner
    robert hoeppner

    My dads favorite song I really miss you dad cant beleave it's been 2 years today

  • Derek Sivula
    Derek Sivula

    I go to the bar every day at 3 to talk to an older man! He ended being my best friend and there and 39 years age difference! Being nice can simply take ur life in a different direction!

  • Nancy Dugger
    Nancy Dugger

    We need more people that sings like this he does good with this song

  • John Poulios
    John Poulios

    Billy Currington is one of the best Country singers today and has had so many Number 1 songs but never receives any awards

  • DrKlown

    I'm also crazy about smoking pot and masturbating

  • David Brenton
    David Brenton

    so true of people of today

  • Jeffrey JeffreyBurlas
    Jeffrey JeffreyBurlas

    ADP6-22PHILIPPINES GOd IS with us.. I'm back!!! Change the world

  • mr lowrider
    mr lowrider

    I’m Mexican but I’m country

  • Nancy Duncan
    Nancy Duncan

    I must have at least 5 CD's yours and they are great songs especially People are Crazy

  • Kathy randall Randall
    Kathy randall Randall

    PS I can't be touched by men I can't be touched by anyone

  • Kathy randall Randall
    Kathy randall Randall

    I will give you scripture from The Book of Job chapter 38 Jesus speaks

  • Ritchie Goodchild
    Ritchie Goodchild

    Stunning song! Beautiful lyrics and storyline👌🏻👍🏻

  • Dilani Cassity
    Dilani Cassity

    My Uncle Bobby wrote this song. One of his greatest songs everyone can relate too.

  • Laura Taylor Osborne
    Laura Taylor Osborne

    Looks just like him

  • Laura Taylor Osborne
    Laura Taylor Osborne

    Remind me exactly of my step dad, miss his bless him R.I.P.

  • G. Starnes
    G. Starnes

    God is great beer is good and I love Sara like crazy

  • Brianna Moore
    Brianna Moore

    I wish people won’t crazy with me special people that are mean to me just because I have a Disability this song makes me think that I’m not a good person I really with i had people to talk to. And people are really crazy right now for covid 19

  • Danny Hiess
    Danny Hiess

    What are the two hot chicks names and Billy Currington videos people people are crazy

  • Shannon Van Duyn
    Shannon Van Duyn

    I was sitting in Frickers one night and there was an older biker at the bar. He was alone. I kept thinking that He could have been God looking for someone to talk to. I regret not talking to him but since I kept thinking about it maybe I was. Or maybe God was there with him and I was witnessing it. Either way thank you God for that experience. I had a similar experience in Daytona not long ago. It leaves me here with so many questions but I feel a lil at peace because it means maybe things are gonna turn around.

    • James Morris
      James Morris

      Lovely thought there, Shannon ☺️ Moral of the story... just talk 🤗 Had a similar experience in London, with an ‘old’ lady - she worked at the National Gallery in London. It’s been closed now, for months - due to COVID We can learn so much from our elders, and they need us just as much ❣️ See you one day soon, Elsa X

  • victoria brooks
    victoria brooks

    my mom played this on repeat and for years i thought it was bears instead of beer

  • Simon Getachew
    Simon Getachew

    2020 who’s here ?


    Truly one of the most underrated artists ever known to country music

  • Mountaindew

    That is America. We love you USA! Happy 4th...!

  • Herb Jimon
    Herb Jimon

    I think that old man might have been gay.

    • James Morris
      James Morris

      Maybe that’s how he could dance with the young woman without latching on her, and the main guy didn’t mind... Great theory! 🎉

    • Mountaindew

      That is America. We love you USA! Happy 4th...!

  • Sheri Kinneyman
    Sheri Kinneyman


  • Rick Widlund
    Rick Widlund

    This one fantastic song, with a lot of feeling behind it.

    • Mountaindew

      That is America. We love you USA! Happy 4th...!

  • A. B
    A. B

    I wonder which stranger actually experienced a story such as this.. lucky ..☘☘

  • Chris Conger
    Chris Conger

    Love this song I wonder if this was true to him

  • maxroman2010

    Amazing song... loved it for years

    • Mountaindew

      That is America. We love you USA! Happy 4th...!

  • Gabbie Logan
    Gabbie Logan

    When I was younger, I called this the "baby tune song" cuz the beat and tune and stuff. So I would always tell them to play the baby tune song😊❤️😂

  • Brock Watkins
    Brock Watkins

    Im still listening 2020🤙👍

  • Jullie Volk
    Jullie Volk

    Miss you so much all of you

  • KaleTDGgaminG !
    KaleTDGgaminG !

    This song came out when I was in second grade and now that’s I’ve graduated I can’t help but cry and think of memories I’ve had throughout school most people would be glad to finally get out of school but I want to go back to the good times I had with friends and yes even with teachers

  • bayebaa

    Not really a country fan but I love this song...and he's cute too!

  • Jay Bouthot
    Jay Bouthot

    “He lit a cigarette, said these damn things will kill me yet” felt that

    • Randy Johnson
      Randy Johnson

      Yeah shit man. I gotta quit this things.

  • neil branded man
    neil branded man

    I learned this song 5 years ago like good country never gets old.....still crazy if not sanity kicks in

  • ariana Walker
    ariana Walker

    I use this song to help my sister sleep lol

  • Donna Collins
    Donna Collins


  • margaret clifford
    margaret clifford

    listen everyday to this song...yes, it is American , no riots and taking statues down.

    • James Morris
      James Morris

      ... no shooting dead innocent people. This is the dream of future America X

  • Patricia Krueger
    Patricia Krueger

    end of ...Michaela~~~oops!

  • Patricia Krueger
    Patricia Krueger

    Then the priests read each trouble that would come to the ppl if they disobeyed GOD>. And the ppl o mt, Ebal shouted "AMEN" ! to the words of GOD'S LAW the Isra. meant .>>>"LET IT BE SO !" wHAT A WONDERFUL MEETING IT WAS AFTER THE WORDS OF THE law WERE READ OUT LOUD THEY WERE WRITTEN ON THE STONES OF THE ALTER FOR EVeryone to read. At evening the Isra. returned to their camp at Gilgal to cont share Michaela~~~smiling~~~

  • Ike

    The guy who put God and beer in the same lineup is accusing other people of being crazy.

  • Faith Foxx
    Faith Foxx

    God is great all the time !!!!!!!! . People are really crazy out there be.

  • sahiral mohamad
    sahiral mohamad


  • Kronos Senpai
    Kronos Senpai

    Strangers leaving an everlasting impression is probably the best thing that happens.

    • dsetHardin

      To those that met the coolest fuckers at the bar. Then parted ways. 🤙

  • Katie Dieujuste
    Katie Dieujuste

    That was filmed in the Bahamas 🤩🤩🤩🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸

  • Jen Sumers-Donnelly
    Jen Sumers-Donnelly

    Lol.. Wow.. Billy knew.. God is Great ... Beer is Good ... People are Crazy..

  • Thomas Hawkins Hibbs
    Thomas Hawkins Hibbs

    Hi.. just came here to say howdy to you all

  • Savana Dick
    Savana Dick

    Listening to this while looking at the People are Crazy sticker my mom gave on my wall

  • Mason Finch
    Mason Finch

    2020, and still the best song ever!

  • Joseph Mcallister
    Joseph Mcallister

    What brand of beer are they drinking? Sure looks good.

  • 8 ball pool Billiards
    8 ball pool Billiards

    Trump 2020

  • Ben Pauwels T3DP
    Ben Pauwels T3DP

    God is green, beer is goo and people are crazy

  • CodeName Rocket9
    CodeName Rocket9

    2020 and still going strong 💪

  • Belinda Casillas
    Belinda Casillas

    Miss u DAD.

  • Leanna Beale
    Leanna Beale

    My Dad loved this song.

  • Rhonda Boncutter
    Rhonda Boncutter

    I live in Ohio, and have loved this when first came out! I can relate! Love this!

  • jesus C. rodriguez
    jesus C. rodriguez


  • Tammy Aldridge
    Tammy Aldridge

    I will!!

  • J Flew
    J Flew

    I've been there done that and yes.... People are crazy

  • Jesse Dickens
    Jesse Dickens


  • Florin Groasa
    Florin Groasa

    Salve italia 2020

  • tamala1122

    This song....very fitting for the crazy ass world we live in right now. This song soothes me....and somehow restores my faith in humanity. Love it and will never tire of hearing it or seeing this video. Billy C. are one gorgeous man!!!!

  • Cynthia B
    Cynthia B

    I lovvve this song!!! I refer to it mainly because of the line”people are crazy”!!!! Cause it is the truth, so help me God!!!

  • Devin Partin
    Devin Partin

    People are lazy!

  • Drake Cheng-Fitzpatrick
    Drake Cheng-Fitzpatrick

    you are great at singing