Billy Currington - People Are Crazy (Official Video)
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Music video by Billy Currington performing People Are Crazy. (C) 2009 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Blaze -
    Blaze -

    Goddamn this song reminds me of my dad.

  • Christine Orth
    Christine Orth

    What happened to all the nice people we once knew...?

  • lone wolf 308
    lone wolf 308

    Anybody still listening in 3019 ?

    • Tiffanay Simpson
      Tiffanay Simpson


  • jack feauai
    jack feauai

    Nice song bitch😎

  • Don Morris
    Don Morris

    A cool song about the Truth... God is Great Beer is Good and People are Crazy. Wish someone would leave me a Million Dollars.

  • Mauricio da Costa
    Mauricio da Costa

    I'd say: God is great, beer is good and woman are crazy!

  • Dindina Chenkual
    Dindina Chenkual


  • Martin Paula
    Martin Paula

    *The older i get the more i understand this song 🙏🏾*

  • jocelvane leite lobo
    jocelvane leite lobo

    Ele canta e encanta também lindo ele

  • Leticia Scott
    Leticia Scott


  • Sherminator 73
    Sherminator 73

    November 2019, still there...and you ?? God is great, Beer is good...right ?

  • Showsy

    I love experiences like this. Hole in the wall bar. Sharing drinks with an old patron just swapping stories and talking life. Makes you appreciate the little things.

  • C.V. V
    C.V. V

    Only reason I dislike this video is the crowd.. No diversity whatsoever.. Blacks, Asians, Latinos, etc like country music too!

  • Jennifer Delay
    Jennifer Delay

    Dude u dead along time ago

  • landon levengood
    landon levengood

    Is this after a true story?

  • Aspire Nationz
    Aspire Nationz

    Reminds me of my grandpa

  • Daaner436

    So wait, God is great, and beer is good? Ugh people are crazy🤣

  • Bill habansky
    Bill habansky

    Palm Trees, Kalik Beer, but then: What brought you to Ohio? I like the song though....VIDEO TAPED IN OHIO, BAHAMAS!

  • Rain Storrrm
    Rain Storrrm

    My God this song is garbage

  • Kurt Keller
    Kurt Keller

    I heard this song on K105 the other day in the shop. I had to stop what I was doing, sit, close my eyes and think...Think that if all of us could simply listen to our elders, How totally impressed we would be. As it closes in on Veteran's Day November 11th, Please stop what you are doing, sit, close your eyes and listen to the wisdom coming from Billy Currington's voice...and thank a Veteran!




    My child hood is back

  • Elisabeth Amado Gonzalez
    Elisabeth Amado Gonzalez

    2019 listen! Billy. Ok

  • loren sowle
    loren sowle

    God is Great Beer is Good and People are Crazy and I do believe it Amen

  • kimberly brooks
    kimberly brooks

    The old man left his fortune to billy didn’t he?

    • mc nugget
      mc nugget


  • Nolan Daniel-Bergman
    Nolan Daniel-Bergman

    I believe God is good. Beer is also good. Certainly, people are crazy.

  • Danny Hiess
    Danny Hiess

    Love this song who are the girls in this video there hot what there names they are beautiful again love this song

  • Maria Wright
    Maria Wright

    the old man looks like my dead uncle


    i clicked because people are crazy

  • Fahmid Mahmud
    Fahmid Mahmud

    I love this song...❤

  • Pranav Subedi
    Pranav Subedi

    God is great beer is good and people are crazy

  • MJ Khidir
    MJ Khidir

    I used to like every song of Billy currington before the song started

  • Luther Halstensgard
    Luther Halstensgard

    and There ya go

  • Bo Nga Hiam Lu
    Bo Nga Hiam Lu

    Hi Billy you very good sing so nice sing thank you very much

  • Timothy Green
    Timothy Green

    It’s always better to have a good amount of rules than way to few,.... just ask Mexico. The reason America is so great is because its so good. But you don’t want to restrict good and let evil have a free reign . Enter Husain Obama. , HELLO

  • جامد البريقي
    جامد البريقي

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  • William Strickland
    William Strickland

    GOD is great

  • grimm mixa
    grimm mixa

    I will listen to this 500 time's a day and will never stop just fffffucking amazing xxx

  • Ninja Streamer
    Ninja Streamer

    Thanks Billy Currington love you

    • dodger dog
      dodger dog


  • dustin stanaitis
    dustin stanaitis

    Me and my family

  • Diego Andy
    Diego Andy

    what a beautiful song

  • englishcat19

    Wonderful tune

  • charlene Villers
    charlene Villers

    Hi love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 so much ❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 like you are 😍❤️💕

  • Ray Rodriguez
    Ray Rodriguez

    One of the best deinkin song's ever

  • Wyatt Roberts420
    Wyatt Roberts420

    6 years after this song was uploaded my father passed away. We played this song at his viewing

  • harun muange
    harun muange

    God is great bear is good and people are crazy.

  • Joann Pflug
    Joann Pflug

    god is great beer aint good but yes people are crazy

  • Jonathon Macfeat
    Jonathon Macfeat

    My grandpa passed away from drinking two years ago he always singed this song when he was drunk but I still sing it just for him

  • Ralph Mahon
    Ralph Mahon

    Just found out, "The man that played the old man part [in the 'People are Crazy' video], Larry Day, passed away March 16, 2011," Ironic, but very sad.

  • David R. Davidson
    David R. Davidson

    Afternoon Mr. Billy Currington! For the longest I've had you and Dierks Bentley confused especially with this classic country song, LOL! TR-my was kind enough to straighten out the mix up. Good stuff. Thank you much.

  • Eibee Cue
    Eibee Cue


  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson

    PEOPLE R CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SpaceRaider TF7
    SpaceRaider TF7

    I’ve been listening to this song for the past 10 years and just today I realized what it meant and how sad it kind of is

  • Brock Bennings
    Brock Bennings

    Mike Fenter

  • Timothy Linville
    Timothy Linville

    I love this song

  • Rebel Rock
    Rebel Rock

    yo many ads.

  • Gaming with stormie And other videos
    Gaming with stormie And other videos

    me even if i am 2019s

    • Gaming with stormie And other videos
      Gaming with stormie And other videos

      Rhonda Boncutter I was born in 2010 and I am nine years old

    • Rhonda Boncutter
      Rhonda Boncutter

      When were you born?

  • arnie nelson
    arnie nelson

    One heck of an artist!

  • Charles Hernandez
    Charles Hernandez

    24k it happened to them

  • Larry Thomas
    Larry Thomas

    Meeeee 10-4 awesome song

  • Shem Myers
    Shem Myers

    God is great,beer is good and people are crazy.

  • Todd Henderson
    Todd Henderson

    Nothing wrong with being crazy, make a friend, just say hello and enjoy

  • Lan DeNunzio
    Lan DeNunzio

    Gary and Joe will kick their alcoholism. Billy

  • Doc's Channel
    Doc's Channel

    He ended up deploying overseas. He came back to an empty house with a limp and no one who cares. Now he is alone and angry and can't get a job because people hate the cane. It is too common to be sad. No one cares. Beer won't hate you but whiskey will love you. No one else will. You will just stay drunk and sad while everyone you served with kills themselves. Who will be last one left? We compete to see who the last one to bury the next to last one from the platoon. Then we can finally end it for ourselves. Alone and unloved... but hopefully drunk.

  • robert Becker
    robert Becker

    Watching it still in October 2019

  • Margie Keller
    Margie Keller

    Love this song. Will listen to it forever,

  • 7CORSA

    GOD is GREAT !!!!!

  • Andy man
    Andy man

    I love you Kristie Fry something like this is the best regards to your account and I will be available. gost baby I'm sorry to hear about it Bettie I love you too babe

  • Eric Eric
    Eric Eric

    I just turned 21 I’m on my 4th bottle of Jim bean in 3 days... life’s tough.

  • Timotheus Massey
    Timotheus Massey

    This a real ass song...