Binging with Babish: Egg Sandwich from Birds of Prey
Binging with Babish
Margot Robbie continues her streak as Americaustralia's national treasure in her second turn as the delightfully unhinged Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey, a movie I have admittedly not yet seen. From what I hear though, she sheds bitter tears as her lover falls to the pavement in a fateful chase through the Gotham City streets. No, I'm not talking about the the tatted-up, purring, emo-glam Joker - I'm talking about the perfect egg sandwich.
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish

    For anyone who watched last week's Being episode about cancer, we raised over $50,000 for Felix Garnett's college fund! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, shared, liked, watched!!

    • Ian Garnett
      Ian Garnett

      Good on you, nice last name too.

    • Ben Hyland
      Ben Hyland

      just a FYI what you could do for bread to help it proof you could boil a pot of water and put the dough covered in an oven with the pot of water and let sit with the oven off to proof.

    • Garen Varujan DABANYAN
      Garen Varujan DABANYAN

      DANKIEonWEEDin420p ben seni

    • Garen Varujan DABANYAN
      Garen Varujan DABANYAN

      Çok gü

    • Kry LonWon
      Kry LonWon

      Why are your hands shaking so much in this video? If you're going through upper withdrawal, I can hit you up w/ sum addy if you're in Brooklyn

  • HIGH Life
    HIGH Life

    LMAOO she went crazy for a baconeggncheese

  • Rogue 9
    Rogue 9

    He forgot to blow his own glass bowl

  • Vicious Goldfish
    Vicious Goldfish

    Who is downvoting this???

  • Speedy

    Good sandwich Bad movie

  • F.J. Z
    F.J. Z

    What the 🦆 is the difference?

  • Mina Monet
    Mina Monet

    You went all out. You don't fuck around.

  • Trzn

    I hope the sandwich is better than the movie. Very disappointing.

  • Red Tow
    Red Tow

    Is this your home kitchen? Cause I really appreciate you wear an apron, are you a chef? I agree about duck eggs, more intense flavor, so is the bird vs chicken, I'd say a more aquatic flavor. I would rather have duck all the time but chicken is just so much more readily available. I appreciate your videos, you give me ideas for creating my own edible experiments. Thank you for what you do. Although others may not express it, your work is appreciated

  • Wild Introvert
    Wild Introvert

    Trash,nothing is comparable to Sal’s.

  • Bruce Moyle
    Bruce Moyle

    The cheese wasn't six months off you cheating bastard

  • mysticknight48433

    Duck to me tastes like more intensely flavored chicken. So it makes sense to me that Duck eggs tastes like more intense chicken eggs.

  • Oscar Yanez
    Oscar Yanez

    Bacon is a great food.

  • Blackpink Is The Revolution
    Blackpink Is The Revolution

    Why is this guy so funny

  • Random Productions
    Random Productions

    *"i wanna taste the cheese"*

  • Payel Ghosh
    Payel Ghosh

    I'm still kinda sad that pewdiepie was like very angry at you 😳

  • Declan O'Cuidighthigh
    Declan O'Cuidighthigh

    Hands down worst movie I’ve ever seen.

  • better late than never
    better late than never

    At least one good thing came out of the film..

  • some_random_guy_with_1000_ subscribers
    some_random_guy_with_1000_ subscribers

    No one The word thing Babish: I'll take your entire stock

  • DevilPoroNnj

    Too bad the film sucks

  • Mikey Lee
    Mikey Lee

    Movie sucked but I'm sure the sandwich aint bad.

  • tony cee
    tony cee

    I have been waiting for this!!!!

  • Yuon Flemming
    Yuon Flemming

    In New York we call it a Baconeggandcheese, all one word, aka Life

  • Daughter-Of -Loki
    Daughter-Of -Loki

    This sandwich, unlike the movie, is actually good.

  • Ecliptia

    How do people ever decide to make this from scratch ? Like, ‘oh yeah this will be a great breakfast in three days’

    • Ecliptia

      David Hong Foodies aren’t sane

    • David Hong
      David Hong

      That's why people watch Babish. No sane person is going to create these things from scratch using so many fancy kitchen things.

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    But is it that cheese supposed to be 10 months old

  • Alax Mrcir • 69 years ago
    Alax Mrcir • 69 years ago

    What kind of crazy person would like a sandwich with eggs?

  • Sarah Trevisan
    Sarah Trevisan

    So random but what kind of plastic wrap is that and where can I get it?

  • redonesmakemefly

    You were suppose to butter the bread not soak it in bacon grease...someone needs to watch the movie smh

  • Flix Surez Buckner
    Flix Surez Buckner

    I found something that me and my mom love and will always want to watch together over quarantine. This and other TR-my channels have been making me really happy recently. Keep up the FANTASTIC work, Babish!

  • spehizle

    "So this week we're going to make Garfield's lasagna. But rather than using store-bought pasta, we're going to create our own universe from scratch." "So the first thing we want to do is undergo ascendant apotheosis, transcending material reality and creating a pocket reality over which we rill rule as a cosmic dictator. The first step is to travel to the ruins of Uruk after becoming fluent in Ancient Sumerian. At the heart of the city you must ingest the most powerful hallucinogens known to time, and walk the Path of Gilgamesh as a psychonaught, ending with ego-death and psychic ascension. You should find yourself floating in a void of pure chaotic potential, where all that exists is you." "With this done, you will need to form a landmass approximating earth from your mind and will. Coaxing along the development of material reality, nuclear physics, and the governing dynamics of reality before you can move to stellar lifecycles. Just keep detonating stars until you can form a protoplanetary disk within the Goldilocks Zone, then for a second planet to intercept the first to form both a satellite (ensuring tidal shift; critical for mechanical abiogenesis), and increasing the iron mass of the planet's core." "Now you need to allow for an atmosphere to arise naturally from a late-heavy bombardment and shifting tectonic plates. With the appropriate atmosphere, now you can wait for liquid water to condense into seas and oceans, kept in cycle from our satellite's gravitational pull. From here, simple microscopic structures will form into a primordial soup due to natural mechanical forces of chemistry and physics, until abiogenesis arises. The good news is that the hard part is done, now it's time to roll the RNG of evolution." "Just keep letting life breed, diversity, and arise. If you don't have the right conditions for plant and animal life, hit em with a global cataclysm and keep trying until you get relatively self-aware life and the proper plantlife we need. Now it's just a hop skip and a jump into agrarian communities and domesticated livestock, but now you need Garfield." "Coax causality to give rise to hallucinogenic plants your new humanoids will ingest, until you can send them vivid hallucinations of Jim Davis and his snarky chubby feline. With luck, early cave painting will begin to approximate Garfield comic strips, and an ambrosia-like food known as 'lasagna.' If they accidentally start worshiping Garfield and try to summon his eldritch form across realities, send a plague to wipe this civilization out and start over. Try sending pilgrims into the ruined cities of the dead, marked by the fell statues and cyclopian artworks of Garfield as inspiration to save time. After a few cycles, you will eventually reach both a society and a species capable of creating lasagna." "Now all you need to do is incarnate into a physical form, transubstantiation into the body of a local cook with access to both farm and livestock, and we can really get cooking."

    • Una Puella
      Una Puella

      spehizle brooooo how long did it take you to write all that 😂

  • ForeverWog

    Junkfood Cinema, one of my favorite podcasts, reviewed Birds of Prey, and chose the egg sandwich as their junkfood pairing. Looks legit to me!

  • lyka0518

    I was hoping you were gonna make it with expired cheese lmfaooo


    She didn't even eat though...🙁🙁🙁

  • Jaden’s Shoes
    Jaden’s Shoes

    I have a question babish DID YOU TASTE THE CHEESE?

  • ΩZero

    Any chance you can do some of the dishes from Fire Emblem: Three Houses??

  • Ashok 078
    Ashok 078

    Who has bacon fat laying around

  • kc undercover
    kc undercover

    1:31 mood everyone does this 😂

  • Denver Munene
    Denver Munene

    I feel like babish would have a hard time at Hell's Kitchen

  • R.J. Lucier
    R.J. Lucier

    "once you have your thing all dry, just shove it in the thing and make sure that the thing is tight"

  • Shyho Gaming
    Shyho Gaming


  • Boba Tea Princess
    Boba Tea Princess

    Ah, but you forgot one thing Babby... Sal's cheese slices are six months expired

  • RetroUser X
    RetroUser X

    I think he flips the eggs in the movie

  • Sam Parkinson
    Sam Parkinson

    Babish, that's not gonna do anything??!!?!

  • realafan888

    You know Margot's longing in the movie scene? My stomache right now

  • Spider-Man

    Finally a recipe that I can make.

  • The cod player 987
    The cod player 987

    When I saw that clip in omniplex. I have wanted to eat that for soooooooo long.

  • Dark Mask
    Dark Mask

    In honor of Steven Universe ending, can you do Fire Salt Donuts from Joking Victim? I would love to see your make sweet donut shop style donuts and then adding a salty and spicy element on top ... maybe chili pepper infused sea salt?

  • Raj Kittur
    Raj Kittur

    The way HARLEY QUINN expresses her love for EGG SANDWICH in the movie, makes me want to eat it Everytime.

  • Bryt- tney
    Bryt- tney

    Your egg sandwich looks waaaaaaaayyy better than nerdy nummies channel egg sandwich.

  • ItsKenth

    Babish, Sal flips the sunny side up eggs over then adds the cheese the hot sauce and places it on top of the bacon in the movie, therefore you made it wrong.

  • NiceToMeetMew

    Babish really did just pull the "here's one I prepared earlier" huh?

  • Soggypancakes

    Ok check out the episode “lets eat italian food” of part 4 in jojos bizarre adventure you will get some good ideas

  • Mini Wolfsbane
    Mini Wolfsbane

    Must vegetarianize when we can leave our houses again. This looks freakishly delicious, even if I usually make b-fast burritos.

  • Bur-Khan Al-Din Ibrahim
    Bur-Khan Al-Din Ibrahim

    The movie sucked balls but the sandwich is pretty good.

  • Slrp

    Dude, what kind of magic plastic wrap do you use???

  • Nehemiah Blanco_
    Nehemiah Blanco_

    So simple why!

  • Sherry Sink
    Sherry Sink

    "Festooning..." Great word, Babish. I love it.

  • Xhian Dizon
    Xhian Dizon

    now im hungry thanks hands for clicking this video now im gonna starve to death now

  • Kyle Oris
    Kyle Oris

    Here in the Philippines, we eat mostly duck eggs not chicken eggs

  • JMAN 2.7 jman
    JMAN 2.7 jman

    You made it wrong You’re supposed to flip it before put the cheese and hot sauce on

  • Some random guy On the internet
    Some random guy On the internet

    Where do you get your red devil hot sauce we get it from Arizona and we live in Washington

  • Syed Mustafa Hashmi
    Syed Mustafa Hashmi

    I swear to god... Imma get so rich ill open my own bakery and bake breads for me and the homeless... Cuz I can t get over how fun and tasty diff breads look

  • Vincent van Elburg
    Vincent van Elburg

    In the movie the eggs were not sunny side up. They have to be flipped so the egg white is on top.

    • Gael Gonzalez Robles
      Gael Gonzalez Robles

      Did u watch the clip cause theye are sunny side up

  • LordVader1094

    The only good thing to come from that movie, lol.

  • Marcos Garcia
    Marcos Garcia

    why does he shake whatever he's eating after taking a bite

    • Leanne Chambers
      Leanne Chambers

      I think he’s said that he does that involuntarily when he eats something good, like a tell in poker.

  • Rob Bert
    Rob Bert

    Skip to 3:39 if you ain't got 26 hrs to make breakfast and have bread in the freezer.

  • Russ is a wasteman battyboy
    Russ is a wasteman battyboy

    This guy is the only guy i know who can make an baconeggandcheese with hot sauce and make it the most soothing thing ever

  • PenguinTek 25
    PenguinTek 25

    You should do fried worms, from How To Eat Fried Worms

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller

    Make Ghost Pirate Stew from Scooby Doo