Binging with Babish: Imaginary Pie from Hook
Binging with Babish
The Neverland feast from Hook holds a special place in all our hearts, memories, and "You're a 90s Kid If..." lists on Buzzfeed. I've been resisting making the neon-colored pies, despite their being hotly requested, for some time - namely because I think they're just pie shells filled with whipped cream. But this week, more than most weeks, we're using our imaginations!
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish

    6:23 if you're over it

    • Lard Lover
      Lard Lover


    • Amateur Hour
      Amateur Hour

      Watched Hook multiple times this week while working from home. Enjoyed every second of this.

    • Do Not Scan Me Senpai
      Do Not Scan Me Senpai

      I was about to scroll down and then I read this comment I threw up my coffee HAHAHA damn't

    • SnowyGrl11

      Noooooo! You didn’t save this for the real Ruffio to bake with you. He’s on TR-my and friends with the Just Kidding News people. You could have had him there and even asked him what the movie pie tasted like.

    • Josiah Kraft
      Josiah Kraft

      Nah... You could say im "hooked"

  • Kenji

    Only fools cannot see the food. ARE YOU A FOOL?

  • Lemon Smakr
    Lemon Smakr

    Its funny because you could just follow the first tutorial and if you just pay close attention to what he says, you could actually make the pie like that

  • meredyth with a y
    meredyth with a y

    It took me half of the video to even notice what was happening.

  • Aj Mariano
    Aj Mariano

    No bake cheese cake? More like bake no cheese cake

  • Nic K
    Nic K

    I really appreciate the mime genius that is Babish, but is this really a no-bake cheesecake?

  • flamsephiroth

    We don’t deserve the amount of effort this beautiful man puts into his work. Not only is he immensely entertaining, he also makes a huge attempt to make these recipes accessible. He is truly one of the best channels out there


    My pie didn't come out like yours I think I missed a step 😭

  • Gasa Lion
    Gasa Lion

    i actually saw the ingredients for a second... ... quarantine hits different now

  • Vivian Hymer
    Vivian Hymer

    This absolutely made my day. ❤

  • Rena Soar
    Rena Soar

    Why the fuck did I continue to watch this after the first minute because it was funny seeing absolutely nothing while hearing things that sound great

  • Janet Lewis
    Janet Lewis

    😂 crazy but why is it I can picture the pies in my head in the first 5 minutes ..imagination to the fullest 👌

  • Chase Carrella
    Chase Carrella

    First part was the easiest video you’ve ever made

  • Nia Imani Deniege Mc Connell
    Nia Imani Deniege Mc Connell

    Binging with Babish Can you make the peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich from the loud house please?

  • Rinita Paul
    Rinita Paul

    This is amazing. Why is this so amazing 😍😍😍😍

  • Mr.DirtyDan

    Hey man what the hell you girlfriend is pretty as hell

  • TheGreyEevee *
    TheGreyEevee *

    I believe, I believe in fairies!

  • Jeremy Medlock
    Jeremy Medlock

    why is this content the absolute best?!!!! lmbo!!!

  • Wicked The Mad Hatter
    Wicked The Mad Hatter

    "If there's one thing you dont want after a day of wacking its shrinkage"

  • ??????

    I think he lost his mind in the first half not gonna lie XD

  • Rhido Curup
    Rhido Curup

    The doe is too small

  • Cameron, Resident Soap Queen
    Cameron, Resident Soap Queen

    idk what i was expecting but it wasnt this --

  • Abby Wilhelm
    Abby Wilhelm

    this is amazing

  • Gray Padro
    Gray Padro

    aight this made my day thx

  • it_wasn't_me

    Can you imagine how weird it would be to walk in on him silently making a pie with his imagination

  • it_wasn't_me


  • EvanOwl 3201
    EvanOwl 3201

    I was sitting here thinking “why can’t I see the flour? Is he using some type of technique?” But no he was just joking around 🤣

  • Knit Fine
    Knit Fine

    This was such a good episode!

  • Eva F.
    Eva F.

    It took me a full minute and thirty seconds to realize what this man had done.

    • Minecraft Bro
      Minecraft Bro

      I'll be honest, it took me about 3 minutes. I just thought the mixture was clear.

  • D Robords
    D Robords

    The lowest budget episode to date


    can u still see it if your imagination is overactive no matter what cause im wierd

  • Corbin Brandt
    Corbin Brandt

    When you're tired its a lot easier to imagine his process

  • shreks_swamp

    yo i KNOW i’m not the only one who was hella confused at first

  • Meme Review
    Meme Review

    I looked away from the video at the beginning and looked back at 5:38 and was very confused

  • FlyingPenguins

    Bruh you really released this one day before April fools

  • Mary Elizabeth Minns
    Mary Elizabeth Minns

    My blind self thinking that I legit just can’t see the ingre

  • mily

    I literally thought my computer broke

  • Pineapple Lasagna
    Pineapple Lasagna

    Can I use agar agar instead of gelatin?(I’m a vegetarian)

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser

    Would have actually made for a great challenge, post the mime vid, then have people who try it (as an instagram challenge) post their results, then release the real vid a day later (fck it can buy you extra time if you dont wanna run to the shops for ingredients?)

  • Braelyn Norris
    Braelyn Norris

    this was not what i was expecting

  • Lancelot

    For a good minute there I was convinced I was losing my mind

  • Khan Harrison
    Khan Harrison

    You honestly have an amazing sense of humor lol

  • Random Rubbish
    Random Rubbish

    even wackage. im dead

  • Verna Hassenfeldt
    Verna Hassenfeldt

    My childhood is SCREAMING. I’m beyond happy

  • M. Lawlor
    M. Lawlor


  • Sana- Zurarara
    Sana- Zurarara

    Missing textures

  • Allysa Zingore
    Allysa Zingore

    Has there ever been an episode where he doesn’t use kosher salt?

  • Bratt Rox
    Bratt Rox

    I legitimately watched the first part not even realizing there would be a second part with the actual footage of making the pie and decided to watch the second part and compare XD

  • Jay Gardner
    Jay Gardner

    *Seeing the blender and mixer being used with the food in it* GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLEASE

  • James Robert Steiner
    James Robert Steiner

    Babish, so thankful for this recipe. Hook is one of the first movies I remember from when I was a child. I will let you know when I make this.

  • Ashley Seider
    Ashley Seider

    This is hilarious

  • Bull_M4nia

    He should of done this a day later 😤

  • Aiden Raines
    Aiden Raines

    Who else thought that he was actually just gonna do no ingredients

  • Joe Palermo
    Joe Palermo

    I'm hoping to see an episode about the perfectly preserved pie from fallout one day.

  • MRL1002

    I feel Babish had way to much fun with this recipe

  • Matthew Paul Michaelis
    Matthew Paul Michaelis

    What brand of gelatin do you use? I’ve made this pie twice and when I go to incorporate the cooled gelatin-cream mixture, I always end up with small lumps that certain members of my family find rather unpleasant.

  • Andrew Shuster
    Andrew Shuster

    that end was adorable

  • NG1 N3
    NG1 N3

    The cold cure worked, no?

  • Galileo

    One of my favorite movies growing up. Thanks for keeping Neverland alive

  • Alexa M
    Alexa M

    I really hate you sometimes 💀

  • Seal Boi
    Seal Boi

    Hey where did the pie go?

  • Mediterranean Chicken
    Mediterranean Chicken

    What I wanna know is how those kids survived off imagination 😂

  • GG

    Can we just appreciate the fact that he has made so many pies that I could believe that he was in fact making an invisible pie

  • Eleanor Bernard
    Eleanor Bernard

    This is so much fun

  • Jessica Hodges
    Jessica Hodges

    i also just noticed the colors are duller in the "pretend" one. hahaha

  • Isaac

    That movie was my child hood🤣🤣

  • Giraffe FlavoredCondoms
    Giraffe FlavoredCondoms

    My only complaint: Why did you cut off the movie clip right before they panned down to actually show the pie?

  • Victoria Sparks
    Victoria Sparks

    This is one of my favourite cooking tutorials.

  • Sabastian Sanderson
    Sabastian Sanderson

    I watched this while completely baked and I was so confused

  • Jo Greer
    Jo Greer

    Jess is adorable.