BORA BORA | Again !
Tammy Hembrow
A vlog from our latest trip to Bora Bora. Enjoy my loves x
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  • بتول homshoms
    بتول homshoms

    خافو الله يا جماعة

  • Ema Cafuli
    Ema Cafuli

    video editing wasn't good

  • mohammed Rizwan
    mohammed Rizwan

    Eveh pudi ni nakhreh karni

  • Jma. 82
    Jma. 82

    Beautiful place, keep up the good work, if you not see this yet check out through this website my instagram, tik tok and more photography you my like 👇

  • mandeep kaur
    mandeep kaur

    imagine being rich

  • Shafira r
    Shafira r


  • Khaled Eldahshan
    Khaled Eldahshan


  • Ganna Karim
    Ganna Karim

    And me

  • Endang Endel
    Endang Endel


  • xavier zambrano
    xavier zambrano

    Fuera bueno que vinieran con sub titulos en español😕

  • Tuhiata Buchin
    Tuhiata Buchin

    Take a iaorana il from in Tahiti because il love bora bora ❤️😍

  • Freya_h124

    I would love to go to Bora Bora btw as anyone been to rarotonga...I have 😁

  • Jessica Meredith
    Jessica Meredith

    Omg just rewatched this! The ending when saskia was soooo happy to see you 😍😍😍😍

  • Nine None
    Nine None

    This was only two years ago ! Get him back tammy

  • Linn Haslinger
    Linn Haslinger

    "I think I got some sort of virus of something"... Didn't even intend to make a joke about it but come on😂

  • Nicole Bilder
    Nicole Bilder

    reece looks so pissed

  • Maileny Rondón
    Maileny Rondón

  • Luz Galan
    Luz Galan

    I really want to go to bora Bora🥺, I want to know how much was it

  • MichaelJacksonBeLIEve

    Am i the only one who actually thinks that this vlog is very embarassing ? I'm used to Watch some vlogs but bro this girl .. is so much embarassing.

    • stephyyy

      explain how she’s embarrassing

  • Cozum

    How do they have the money?

  • Sabnur Seq
    Sabnur Seq

    Sssssss Sssssss

  • Bella Adriana
    Bella Adriana

    wow it all makes sense. Reece is so brutal in this video. so mean.

  • Emily S
    Emily S


  • King

    This guy just needs to come out of the closet! No one will care

  • John Groth
    John Groth


  • Chloe Litherland
    Chloe Litherland

    I so wish you guys were still together :( I’ve followed you since before you got pregnant with wolf x

  • Ansu Yaday
    Ansu Yaday

    Xsxs xx Hindi mein Bihar

  • Ольга Мак
    Ольга Мак

    Günahdı eləməyin

  • Mike Sev
    Mike Sev

    This woman will never walk out of the house with out putting her mask on! Can only imagine how ordinary she is without the mask😂 Annoying as fuck she is! She has that many tickets on herself it’s sickening😂

  • Nina Callaghan TU06b
    Nina Callaghan TU06b

    I thought he was naked @13.38

  • Helin Cilgin
    Helin Cilgin

    Tammy what’s your red lipstick brand and color? I swear is the best red lipstick I’ve ever seen and it suits you sooo well like WOW! 😍😍😍

  • Maci Heath
    Maci Heath

    There so lucky 😕😥

  • Maci Heath
    Maci Heath

    Look at my skinn her : lookin so pretty

  • its boka Moka
    its boka Moka

    I wish I was there with you guys

  • Kevin Van Der Veer
    Kevin Van Der Veer

    When you are single girl lets meet damm you are perfect girl

  • David Todd
    David Todd

    Botox much?

  • بنت الأكابر
    بنت الأكابر

    ٠مؤكءكيئمئمزئظمئمحء ويوتيوب وكمئط

  • Jean Luc Underwood
    Jean Luc Underwood

    I love you 😍😍😍😍

  • カレー大好き

    正直、男の映像はいらんねんけどな。我々男性としてはビキニ姿を時間まで見たいのが本音。 だから男の映像は余計。

  • Mahadevapa Jamadar
    Mahadevapa Jamadar


  • Hamad AlQamra
    Hamad AlQamra

    What’s the resort name

  • Hamad AlQamra
    Hamad AlQamra

    Kris Jenner slept in the same villa

  • Solespire Gaming
    Solespire Gaming

    You can live in Bora Bora on this private island!

  • Leslie Dominguez
    Leslie Dominguez

    Reece said “you’re the highlight of everyday of my life” miss them 🥺

  • RobertoCaires_official

    This girl is so fucking boooooring. ... luckily she is hot and always got atencion

  • Sergio Maro
    Sergio Maro

    poco cerebro y mucho orto !!!

  • Gene Kelly
    Gene Kelly

    Looks boring..I'd rather go to Warsaw, Indiana.Beer and pork rinds!

  • Ayomide Areelu
    Ayomide Areelu

    Hi I am new to your TR-my channel so can you tell me who you are and all your other friends are 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Cerys Stevo
    Cerys Stevo

    I kinda get why he was just not bothered

  • verya still
    verya still

    Reece didn't seem romantic or sweet and liked to tease you too much byeeee

  • MillsnOrtizZe YT
    MillsnOrtizZe YT

    I'm going for my birthday!!! Can't wait

  • Jess Schoen
    Jess Schoen

    Her butt looks like implants or Brazilian butt lift and then did workouts after but the way it’s shaped isn’t natural

  • Claire Debbie
    Claire Debbie

    Ugly looking girl

    • __

      Claire Debbie by the looks of you, you definitely shouldnt be the one saying that 😂

  • Lorenys Rodriguezzz
    Lorenys Rodriguezzz

    He does not look in love 😌

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Tammy Hembrow, you make me think of an exercise called sex

  • M Tee
    M Tee

    I misssss them ☹️

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell

    That guy left that Babe ??? Wow

  • Александр Песков
    Александр Песков

    what music 2:58 ??? Please

    • Joy Konkel
      Joy Konkel

      just shazom it

  • Pageanteen

    I miss them 😭😭😭😭

  • Faous JZ
    Faous JZ

    Supa supa supa?

  • Faous JZ
    Faous JZ

    Where are your kids? O well they come second, let me show my bum first, that's more important . What do your kids say when you show everything? Are they gonna copy you when they grow up?

    • Tshegofatso Mosito
      Tshegofatso Mosito

      You sound crazy

    • Joy Konkel
      Joy Konkel

      this came out about a month before they announced their breakup, I think this trip was the last-ditch effort to save their relationship. Tammy is a great mom so just stop.

  • easy money
    easy money

    1:16 Nek minnit 🤣

  • Crystal Santiago
    Crystal Santiago

    Everyone’s so annoying saying how they think Tammy’s not genuine PEOPLE CAN be bubbly and happy even if you aren’t. they were together for YEARS couples have bad days you don’t know ANYTHING. So stop giving your input when you have no proof of anything

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell

    Wow what a babe. And that guy left that ? Someone gets to do that . Lucky

    • - anne
      - anne

      Mark Mitchell she left him

  • LusciousLady

    2:08-2:14 was the red flag.

    • LusciousLady

      Jessie Kali indeed

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      He was very clearly over the camera being shoved in his face.

  • Steve Parker
    Steve Parker

    Gorgeous girl 😘

  • Makeup by April Dawn
    Makeup by April Dawn

    She was banging tyga during this video. Why? Because she was listening to tyga on replay! Hahaha. Cheater!!

    • Nine None
      Nine None

      @Makeup by April Dawn you sound stupid lol get a grip

    • Makeup by April Dawn
      Makeup by April Dawn

      Marta Lesko because she was banging him right after they broke up. She followed him to LA. Duh.

    • Marta Lesko
      Marta Lesko

      How does that make her a cheater??? People enjoy his music 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Redneck

    Tammy I love how u looked in that white outfit. Sexy af.

  • Helmi Hiday Murpa
    Helmi Hiday Murpa

    This vlog make me so sad cause I realize no matter how hard u trying to give ur best to someone u love if they don’t appreciate then. it looks like how tammy want to show love to reece but he doesn’t really appreciate it. Until she is give up and wanted to end relationship. might she find someone in future will give her all she want and make her feel complete 💖

    • Tshegofatso Mosito
      Tshegofatso Mosito

      Jessie Kali it’s not like he was forced ya know

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      This is so untrue. He was probably sick of her shoving the camera in his face and trying to video or photograph every moment. It’s insincere. It’s staged. I don’t blame him at all for being fed up with it. She can “show love” to him off the camera and in private. He clearly wasn’t feeling it here.

  • _Serenity

    Videos like this are just a reminder as to how he probably treated her most of the time. Moody, unenthusiastic, and most likely tired of the filming. Yet now that they're over he wants to build his TR-my following and vlog all the time with his new girlfriend. Seems like a egotistical, jealous, hypocritical ass to me.

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      _Serenity and he’s blogging with London because EVERYONE has asked him to!

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      _Serenity it’s not about privacy it’s about doing things on your terms. He didn’t want the camera on his face constantly!!! If he wants to vlog with London who cares. He doesn’t care about her success. I don’t know if you’ve forgotten but he has a business of his own that he promotes in all of his videos. I don’t think it has anything to do with wanting to compete with Tammy. Besides, realistically he probably couldn’t compete with her anyway. I’m sure he knows that. He’s doing his own thing without anything to do with her so I don’t know why you’re so adamant on thi king he’s trying to compete or compare lives. It’s stupid.

    • _Serenity

      @Jessie Kali He's literally doing the same now with his girlfriend on YT. He was probably jealous of Tammy's success because he wanted to be the successful one, why else would he start vlogging with the gf? If he wanted privacy then he would continue to live life that way instead of show off. He wanted to be the initiator so bad and now he gets to be with a less relevant girl.

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      as if you wouldn’t be moody and unenthusiastic when someone is putting a camera in your face all of the time. Everything is for show with her. Is anything even genuine?? Stop blaming him because she is just as bad.

    • Noemi Chavez
      Noemi Chavez

      You have absolutely no idea what happened behind the camera. Why put the blame on Reece?