BORA BORA | Again !
Tammy Hembrow
A vlog from our latest trip to Bora Bora. Enjoy my loves x
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  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell

    That guy left that Babe ??? Wow

  • Александр Песков
    Александр Песков

    what music 2:58 ??? Please

    • Joy Konkel
      Joy Konkel

      just shazom it

  • Pageanteen

    I miss them 😭😭😭😭

  • Faous JZ
    Faous JZ

    Supa supa supa?

  • Faous JZ
    Faous JZ

    Where are your kids? O well they come second, let me show my bum first, that's more important . What do your kids say when you show everything? Are they gonna copy you when they grow up?

    • Joy Konkel
      Joy Konkel

      this came out about a month before they announced their breakup, I think this trip was the last-ditch effort to save their relationship. Tammy is a great mom so just stop.

  • EasyTonganSniper

    1:16 Nek minnit 🤣

  • Crystal Santiago
    Crystal Santiago

    Everyone’s so annoying saying how they think Tammy’s not genuine PEOPLE CAN be bubbly and happy even if you aren’t. they were together for YEARS couples have bad days you don’t know ANYTHING. So stop giving your input when you have no proof of anything

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell

    Wow what a babe. And that guy left that ? Someone gets to do that . Lucky

  • TheLady

    2:08-2:14 was the red flag.

    • TheLady

      Jessie Kali indeed

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      He was very clearly over the camera being shoved in his face.

  • Steve Parker
    Steve Parker

    Gorgeous girl 😘

  • Makeup by April Dawn
    Makeup by April Dawn

    She was banging tyga during this video. Why? Because she was listening to tyga on replay! Hahaha. Cheater!!

    • Makeup by April Dawn
      Makeup by April Dawn

      Marta Lesko because she was banging him right after they broke up. She followed him to LA. Duh.

    • Marta Lesko
      Marta Lesko

      How does that make her a cheater??? People enjoy his music 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Jay r V
    Jay r V

    Tammy I love how u looked in that white outfit. Sexy af.

  • Helmi Hiday Murpa
    Helmi Hiday Murpa

    This vlog make me so sad cause I realize no matter how hard u trying to give ur best to someone u love if they don’t appreciate then. it looks like how tammy want to show love to reece but he doesn’t really appreciate it. Until she is give up and wanted to end relationship. might she find someone in future will give her all she want and make her feel complete 💖

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      This is so untrue. He was probably sick of her shoving the camera in his face and trying to video or photograph every moment. It’s insincere. It’s staged. I don’t blame him at all for being fed up with it. She can “show love” to him off the camera and in private. He clearly wasn’t feeling it here.

  • _Serenity

    Videos like this are just a reminder as to how he probably treated her most of the time. Moody, unenthusiastic, and most likely tired of the filming. Yet now that they're over he wants to build his TR-my following and vlog all the time with his new girlfriend. Seems like a egotistical, jealous, hypocritical ass to me.

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      _Serenity and he’s blogging with London because EVERYONE has asked him to!

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      _Serenity it’s not about privacy it’s about doing things on your terms. He didn’t want the camera on his face constantly!!! If he wants to vlog with London who cares. He doesn’t care about her success. I don’t know if you’ve forgotten but he has a business of his own that he promotes in all of his videos. I don’t think it has anything to do with wanting to compete with Tammy. Besides, realistically he probably couldn’t compete with her anyway. I’m sure he knows that. He’s doing his own thing without anything to do with her so I don’t know why you’re so adamant on thi king he’s trying to compete or compare lives. It’s stupid.

    • _Serenity

      @Jessie Kali He's literally doing the same now with his girlfriend on YT. He was probably jealous of Tammy's success because he wanted to be the successful one, why else would he start vlogging with the gf? If he wanted privacy then he would continue to live life that way instead of show off. He wanted to be the initiator so bad and now he gets to be with a less relevant girl.

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      as if you wouldn’t be moody and unenthusiastic when someone is putting a camera in your face all of the time. Everything is for show with her. Is anything even genuine?? Stop blaming him because she is just as bad.

    • Noemi Chavez
      Noemi Chavez

      You have absolutely no idea what happened behind the camera. Why put the blame on Reece?

  • Shafira Rainny
    Shafira Rainny

    😭😭 I miss them

  • Passport to the Blue
    Passport to the Blue

    Making me miss the Maldives! Found you guys cause we just got back from Bora Bora and was trying to compare the 2. We’re new travel vloggers, we subbed to get notified of your next adventures, hope we can stay connected and we welcome any feedback on our vlogs as well!

  • Queen 45
    Queen 45

    Did they broke up???😳

    • iako vashakmadze
      iako vashakmadze

      Queen 45 No . They were engaged

    • Queen 45
      Queen 45

      iako vashakmadze he was her husband ?

    • iako vashakmadze
      iako vashakmadze

      Queen 45 Unfortunately Yes . 1 years ago

  • Jackie Perez
    Jackie Perez

    There’s a big difference in their relationship from the other bora bora video to this one, is so sad. I’m sure they did what was best for them, but it’s always sad when things change.


    omg he is so beautiful

  • Mousumi Bandyopadhaya
    Mousumi Bandyopadhaya


  • Dark_Angel_of_Death

    What's the song at 15:25?

  • Maryam Salih
    Maryam Salih

    تامي العشق😘😘❤


    if your bf dont love u anymore im actually single baby

  • Scarlet Ammmy
    Scarlet Ammmy

    And 2 months later they break up 🤔. He is 🔥

  • Ohio State fan 2015 Championship w
    Ohio State fan 2015 Championship w



    So nice place Bora Bora guys I welcome u to my channel I show you beautiful PLACES in FALLS in Philippines now

  • Senu Aris
    Senu Aris

    Bali Indonesia

  • Анита Илиева
    Анита Илиева

    Дъвче дъвка като кон!!!:-)Иначе клипа е интересен

  • IM.MI. NISAR s
    IM.MI. NISAR s

    Vire Vire Vire great😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • أَِلَِمُِطَِيٍَريُ •
    أَِلَِمُِطَِيٍَريُ •

    مافهمت شي

  • Bronwyn Rossouw
    Bronwyn Rossouw

    Tammy acts alot for camera instead of just being natural and chill and maybe reece is just annoyed by it. I would be too.

    • Jessie Kali
      Jessie Kali

      Bronwyn Rossouw this is exactly what I am thinking. She does everything for show and he clearly is over it. I’d be the exact same too!

  • Lae X
    Lae X

    13:42 at first i thought he was naked

  • Amadiah Yehudah
    Amadiah Yehudah

    Miss them

  • Les Lieb
    Les Lieb

    Reece reminds me of that loser democrat Beto O’rorke, but with more disgusting tattoos.

  • RapidDecisions

    how much sex did you have?

  • Lulu R
    Lulu R

    Had I known ten years ago that to get to a place like bora bora all I would have to do is take pics of my life for a living and live as a influencer whatever that fucking means, I would have never gone to school rack up a crazy amount of debt have endless hours of studying in pursuit of my degree as a RN I’m green with envy



  • Lorraine Mwashita
    Lorraine Mwashita

    her accent sounds like she's saying BOA BOA ... It's cute though

  • gacha 123
    gacha 123

    I wanna go to Bora Bora SO TAKE ME NEXT TIME!!!

  • George Kafantaris
    George Kafantaris


  • reee •
    reee •

    Well im going to kill myself

  • Todd S.
    Todd S.

    Oh what a surprise. A gorgeous woman dating a tatted-up douchebag.

  • Tina K
    Tina K

    What shade of red lipstick is that ?

  • Blue Lively
    Blue Lively

    How do I remove the ads that display horror, I have an extreme phobia to stuff like that

  • Samirah Jansui
    Samirah Jansui

    Amy’s hair ugh I need

  • Beldar de Franco
    Beldar de Franco

    You have good talk for a black girl.

  • Hugo Barata
    Hugo Barata

    Comiate toda

  • Shahin Kerimzade
    Shahin Kerimzade

    how old are you?

  • Rdizzle B
    Rdizzle B

    Don't bother with Bora Bora. There are much more beautiful places to visit. In better airlines too :/

  • roy Yung
    roy Yung

    Stop that noise you call music!! Its soooooooo annoying and way to loud. Learn to edit!

  • Silvias geschichten
    Silvias geschichten

    Omg ,how much was this ? Lg aus germany

  • Sandipa Lama
    Sandipa Lama

    Gr8 u guyz r enjoying Life...... Superb

  • Fat

    5:52 ooooh my gooosh she is flat, where is her tits??

  • Fat

    that cute couple

  • Cb bee
    Cb bee

    What a body wow

  • Fahim Hussain Apu
    Fahim Hussain Apu

    so hot & SO Beautiful

  • Shri G
    Shri G

    Ur friend skinny curve zero size.. Is intense... I pray I get a massage from u both at bora bora.. Holloway..

  • Shri G
    Shri G

    Wish I have a baby.. With u...

  • Shri G
    Shri G

    Wow u both make dazzling couple... Chicken and pizza..

  • Isam Isam
    Isam Isam

    Amazing how chikch act around money they come super cool

  • Tatulek33

    Biografia Leonard Tatulek33 w YT:

  • _koshay _
    _koshay _

    I liked her sister more. she felt more real to me

  • Костя

    в скадовск приезжаите)

  • mac daddy
    mac daddy

    Why is she with a gay looking dude?

  • dirp birp
    dirp birp

    What a grotesque, shallow bitch. And what a sweet pretty boy. So glad he got away from her

  • Vladimir Trump
    Vladimir Trump

    If you weren’t born looking fit you would be working in KFC making my food

  • Wojtek Tatis
    Wojtek Tatis

    Ale dojebana dupa

  • Jarrett Mazza
    Jarrett Mazza

    So basically...the purpose of your Vlog is to do what, to show the world how beautiful and spectacular your life is, how much money you hot you are? I know. I know. Why am I watching? Stumbled across it, but that the reason? Am I missing something?

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  • Mon Nguyen
    Mon Nguyen

    She got cosmetic surgery done on her face lol

    • Mrs flauschig
      Mrs flauschig

      Mon Nguyen she‘s very pretty anyway