Bora Bora | Our Private Island Vacation (Christian Guzman & Heidi Somers)
Christian Guzman
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  • Will Vani
    Will Vani

    Christian the kind of guy to label this video, We almost died, because of a sunburn. lol. Love these man, keep em comin

  • Job Cruz
    Job Cruz

    oh christian bro, you need to go to my country philippines mann

  • Passport to the Blue
    Passport to the Blue

    Private island! Geez! We’re new travel vloggers, we’d appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

  • Aidan Campbell
    Aidan Campbell

    Can anyone tell me which island / place they stayed at? I wanna see how much it will cost

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    Thumbnail location ??? Anyone??

  • Caitlyn Elizabeth
    Caitlyn Elizabeth

    Cartier~ expensive!

  • Frekode!

    7:30 man behind them xe

  • J Sand
    J Sand

    I like these "cloverfield" style vlogs

  • C

    Thanks for sharin,how exciting...cute lil bungalows...awesome vlog. Altho she looks nice,im not sure why girls think they always have to show everyone their whole butt .....very tacky....jus sayin

  • leonard young
    leonard young

    MVMT scam yikes-.-

  • Lucho Quique
    Lucho Quique

    very good

  • Michał Horbaczewski
    Michał Horbaczewski

    Bara Bara

  • MK Ultra PUMP
    MK Ultra PUMP

    I jacked it 4 times already, only 9 minutes in so far..

  • Styles Only
    Styles Only

    yo they are so great together


    good ass

  • Gobblerster

    guz u are lucky as f

  • luksch


  • Robu Victor
    Robu Victor

    He looks amazing

  • Peyton Williams
    Peyton Williams


  • Mark Vargas
    Mark Vargas

    Your awesome christian

  • Crowns Gaming
    Crowns Gaming

    He got a special present at night if u know wat I’m saying 👀

  • oCmbat

    How many times he clapped her cheeks during this

  • John Doherty
    John Doherty

    Great attitudes thanks for sharing

  • Yechiel Cohen
    Yechiel Cohen


  • leo leo
    leo leo


  • Ravi Hirani
    Ravi Hirani

    Anyone else know the coincidence of pineapples? 🤔🤔😂😂

  • Colleen Beach
    Colleen Beach

    No hate either but these 2 really love themselves

  • Ned Read
    Ned Read

    Pink shorts - what a fuckwit you are mate

  • Dragon BallZ
    Dragon BallZ

    I love your girl

  • Easyyy Post
    Easyyy Post

    Yo Girl Fine ASF

  • Jesus Lucifer
    Jesus Lucifer

    You guys really came for 19 mind

  • R Λ S T Λ ツ
    R Λ S T Λ ツ

    Bora Bora🌴💗

  • I Am Happy And I Deserve It
    I Am Happy And I Deserve It

    Wait heidi cannot swim?

  • Karma

    Damn he def upgraded

  • gabit saliev
    gabit saliev

    Are they still together?

  • combathotdog

    Clicked for ass, got ass. Perfect.

  • MrANGEL0115

    Probably my favorite video on Christian’s channel. It seems very genuine.

  • xtcvn

    PLEASE bring back the black alphalete hats!!! PLEASE!!

  • Lianne

    What ass do people speak of in the comments? Maybe it’s because I watch people like katya Henry, Annabelle Hayes etc heidi compared to them is an ironing board loool sorry

  • Arjun chamling
    Arjun chamling

    Your blogging presentation and lifestyle, i liked it. Its organic and natural.

  • hltsolo

    heidi is beautiful

  • Katie Coffey
    Katie Coffey

    Heidi! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jack Hatton
    Jack Hatton


  • Kris Lopez
    Kris Lopez

    You guys are so cute!

  • Gary Priest
    Gary Priest

    So note to self bring sunscreen and bug repellent

  • Laurelle Galvan
    Laurelle Galvan

    You sound and laugh like my brother Aldrich we went and he wants to grow up to be like you he is 16 years old

  • Chad Graber
    Chad Graber

    video starts @ 8:56

  • Drake Gould
    Drake Gould

    is it just me or does heidi look way better without makeup on

  • x man
    x man


  • Andie White
    Andie White


  • Lew Evans
    Lew Evans

    Lovely holiday vid peeps

  • Awsomepessoa

    Those are exactly my vacations except the girlfriend and the location #feelsbadman

  • OWnoob

    This is it boys. 19:37

  • cougs4life

    Is this couples retreat?

  • mcappello30

    You know why I clicked on this video

  • Caljkusic1


  • J L
    J L

    Christian is the woman in the relationship lmao hella metro

  • Selena Najar
    Selena Najar

    So Beautiful

  • Godzilla Only sniping fans
    Godzilla Only sniping fans

    U said what o no ur dad still saying what what what

  • Emily Hankins
    Emily Hankins

    Those bracelet's are the most expensive ones I have ever seen. My jaw dropped when i looked at the prices

  • 1OfdaKoldest

    That was a cool trip but my god they are sooo damn corny smh

  • C X
    C X

    Who else clickd on this to see Heidi´s ass?

  • Luxury Doll
    Luxury Doll

    I love 💕

  • Natalieperry8

    18:00 come up here I don’t want to look wo you Heidi: oh wow look at that view, sorry I didn’t mean to 😂😂😂

  • Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl Smith

    Combined IQ of 10.

  • NotoriousAP

    21:29 what’s the song Heidi is playing on the piano?

  • Kidman

    "ignore the villas behind me" LMFAO!

  • Tesla Gaming
    Tesla Gaming

    2 self obsessed people in a relationship is interesting to say the least

  • Stefan Caplat
    Stefan Caplat

    Did you know that Bora, Bora is the Antipode to Jerusalem? At the Antipode of Jerusalem is Also Purgatory Island. AKA Garden of Eden AKA Earthly Paradise. #DantesDivineComedy

  • Evg Laps
    Evg Laps

    Парле ву франсе? А хули же!