Brewstew - Drivers Ed
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  • Michael Watkins
    Michael Watkins

    Is that a bixby schools logo on that dudes hat or am i a dumbass

  • TheHollowEyed Comrade
    TheHollowEyed Comrade

    I can’t be asked to get myself a Drivers license

  • darth Great
    darth Great

    You see the poster you get a point

  • The Centry
    The Centry

    I just didn’t study until right before the permit test and passed in literally under 5 minutes

  • Charlotte Shanagher
    Charlotte Shanagher

    They are all left handed. The BEST handed

  • Cat Duckie
    Cat Duckie

    Im from Ohio too lol btw cool vids i wanna be a animator as well!!!

  • Andrew Edsall
    Andrew Edsall

    meep meep

  • I’m a meme 3672
    I’m a meme 3672


  • takashi goyard
    takashi goyard

    It’s gonna be like 2050 or 2060 before there are 500 vids on this channel prob 😂

  • Eman The Spartan
    Eman The Spartan

    How dare you put an MSU hat on the dumbass 😂


    the thumbnail says ohio dmv. ohio has a bmv not a dmv.

  • Haramba’s son Le monke
    Haramba’s son Le monke

    “If you even fart to loud I’m gonna fail you on the test and taze ya” -random cop?

  • Dominick Adamavich
    Dominick Adamavich


  • Todd Mushroom
    Todd Mushroom

    Is nobody gonna address the fact that the idiot in the class has the trojan condoms logo in his hat?

  • Spagetti0sJT

    Heh 4:20....

  • Only the Bros
    Only the Bros

    This guy makes my day

  • Carver Gibson
    Carver Gibson

    do u live in ohio

  • Jay Zeluff
    Jay Zeluff

    their is probably a reason the idiot guy is wearing a MSU hat.

  • Chef

    On my drivers test the person testing me wanted to not give me a perfect score. So she said I was not looking both ways at a stop sign. Like yeah ok buddy.

  • shelly and joe Lambert
    shelly and joe Lambert


  • Wendy Shepherd
    Wendy Shepherd

    Also when he says the cop is breathing down his neck I think I heard him say Daddy

  • Wendy Shepherd
    Wendy Shepherd

    Think about it when a fat person jumps off a building they might as well say yeetus diabeetus

  • Da Dank Ramen
    Da Dank Ramen

    MSU shoutout

  • travis konarzewski
    travis konarzewski

    “I’m gonna tase you in the teeth”

  • SkystreakEdits

    Can I call you by your first name *T Y L E R* It just sounds so cool

  • MotoMan BRAAP
    MotoMan BRAAP

    U went to my school cuz everything you talk about in your school related videos are like the fuckin description of my school's

  • annabelle carmona
    annabelle carmona

    This video is 4:20............ because weed and tests are a good mix

  • Microwaved Salad
    Microwaved Salad

    4:20 niiice

  • Playing Doll Productions
    Playing Doll Productions


  • Austin Hay
    Austin Hay

    On the exam, my teacher told the class that if we get more than 24 questions wrong; we will fail the course and redo it again. I got exactly 24 questions wrong on the exam and I passed.

  • Junia’s stuff on YouTube
    Junia’s stuff on YouTube

    I love your voice

  • PaxNinjaYT

    Why is no one talking about 420

  • Judah Naziri
    Judah Naziri

    I live in ohio

  • Smlfan jeffy 357
    Smlfan jeffy 357

    Drive like a furry 😹

  • Dianna Shuster
    Dianna Shuster

    Are you my dad? 🤣

  • Matt Doolin
    Matt Doolin

    Also from ohio. Had to move my dads gun to take the drivers test. State trooper was cool

  • The Flying Phoenix
    The Flying Phoenix

    Are you from somewhere around Portsmouth Ohio due to the schools mascot on the one guys hat


    I’m lucky u guys are still alive

  • Christian Aquilina
    Christian Aquilina

    Dude your vids mirror my life in so many ways, fros the storylines to the low res/quality they are retold.....

  • Dominik Koppler
    Dominik Koppler

    Meanwhile in Austria: literally 1500 questions....

  • Weatheronthe8s

    Well, I guess that class is the reason why Ohio drivers are notoriously bad. I live in West Virginia and we took the written test without anything required before. Then you have to log like 120 hours of drive time or something like that of driving with somebody legal. I basically drove the required time but never logged my hours. We ended up making up hours instead. You can basically cheat the system where I live on that as long as you know how to make it look legal with the restricted hours and everything. This system sounds weird tbh.

  • David Frazier
    David Frazier

    He kinda reminds me of bob menery

  • Collin Henry
    Collin Henry

    Brewstew lives literally 30 minutes away from me. When he did a video he showed where he walked to school on google earth and showed how close the porn shop was I recognized that shit😂👌🏻

  • Owlman gamer nl
    Owlman gamer nl

    3:48 That's me when I see cops

  • may day
    may day

    STOP tailgaiting Nobody benefits!

  • DeadlyJaguar 89
    DeadlyJaguar 89

    He drove into the sunset in his Meep Meep Car

  • Rojus B
    Rojus B

    Its 5am what am i doing

  • GatorMater21

    Nice msu hat

  • Brennan Hearn
    Brennan Hearn

    Wow, my entire driver's ed was taught by off duty cops!

  • Stefan Notchev
    Stefan Notchev

    Finally finished all my drive times like a month late due to shitty circumstances and a dick driving instructor, so I just have to wait to take my road test now. Sure hope I don’t fail this shit

  • Mohab Galal
    Mohab Galal

    I'm on corona break

  • Rice


  • Hi my name is Connor
    Hi my name is Connor

    1:03 why does he sound like Dave from the last of us

    • Hi my name is Connor
      Hi my name is Connor

      quip drup how does it feel that a 14 yr old girl broke ur dads finger

    • quip drup
      quip drup

      Dave's my dad

  • Totally_NotAnOstrich

    Post dammit

  • Jutols

    Is the pooping for poor people still going for publishing no tp in any store

  • Matt From Wii sports
    Matt From Wii sports

    Tyler, if you have ever been to a wresting show, I would like to hear about that

  • mryub

    It's been 3 weeks wtf

  • Cooper Hicks
    Cooper Hicks

    Why do you make Michel's dad a horrible person


    TV-MA L

  • blue collar occultism
    blue collar occultism

    The DMV is worse than going to the dentist,and remember y'all.Eat your cereal

  • Clair Bolthouse
    Clair Bolthouse

    I love how he has the dumbass of the class in a Michigan State hat 0:35 😂 fuck you Ohioans

  • WholesomeBoi 223
    WholesomeBoi 223

    Could you animate a Michels mom story?

  • Avionic7779x

    Lol my friend failed his drivers ed test 3 times. You had to get an 80 to pass in NJ. He got a 79 every time.


    Eat your cereal

  • gamer juice 39
    gamer juice 39

    Do a funny video

  • Ryan mackay
    Ryan mackay


  • Gibbster440

    Eat you cereal

  • Yes 124
    Yes 124

    I woke up early and wanted to go to sleep but I saw this

  • Jon Tron
    Jon Tron

    What are brewlogs

  • Jeremy Fisher
    Jeremy Fisher

    Ssssuuuubbbbbscribed!!! Hekk ya