BTS (방탄소년단) Intro: Persona + 상남자(Boy In Luv) + 작은 것들을 위한 시(Boy With Luv) + 소우주 + Dionysus @ 2019 MMA
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  • Melody Iris
    Melody Iris

    They turn the award show into their concert....daebak!!! 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Clumsy 3207
    Clumsy 3207


  • jannie jen
    jannie jen

    Idk why I think it like BTS concert 😂

  • Madame ISRA
    Madame ISRA


  • Rina Heart
    Rina Heart

    This is BTS everyone. I forgot this is an award show. AMAZING

  • ghais aulia
    ghais aulia

    The best dionysus that i ever seen 😍😍😍

  • Анна Гурова
    Анна Гурова

    Боже это ахуенно даже через чур просто короли 🤘♥️💔✊

  • btsarmy jiminlove
    btsarmy jiminlove

    Lets go 40M subscribers Lets get it!!!

  • uwis art
    uwis art

    They are the best human ever :( i love them so much. I wish this pandemi clear !!!! I want meet them so much

  • D Lee
    D Lee

    This is really why BTS can't/won't have an opening or middle stage at the Grammy's. Who can follow them? They have to close the show.

  • Sand

    9:07 lmaooo yeonjun and soobin so cute while theyre watching their senior's preformance jhdsjhgjsd

  • Keena Laing
    Keena Laing

    Oh lord I'm definitely dead the Grammys the AMA the bbma is definitely not ready for this level of performance I'm a beyonce fan but girl u ain't got ntn on this performance I dont care wat anyone says this is worth anyone's money I swear I'm glad I'm an army 2020 and I definitely don't regret it I'm speechless


    I'm here again... actually I'm here everyday..

    • Silvia


  • Asiah Min
    Asiah Min

    BTS performances are always beyond satisfying😌😊

  • Asiah Min
    Asiah Min

    BTS performances are always beyond satisfying😌😊

  • grace grace
    grace grace

    Woow.. i hear o come o come immanuel instrument just after mikrokosmos end 👍🏻 as expexted of bts performence, jaw drops!

  • azyjeonjk

    di ako magsasawang panaoorin 'to huhu ang lupet

  • Choco Army
    Choco Army

    ôi má mì ơi

  • laki Lakii
    laki Lakii

    Wait....that was 6 MONTHS AGO?????????????????

  • musicalitycrushed

    Let's do our thang ARMY! Focus and Str3am ON (OFFICIAL MV) and BLACK SWAN for awards! Win no matter what, WIn no matter what!

  • 야식젼

    지금 와서 다시 보니까 저거 중간에 N.O 넣은거 스포한 것 같음..

  • kadek wahyuni
    kadek wahyuni


  • Cristina Grat
    Cristina Grat

    Im still watching here ☺💕

  • Serendipity BTS
    Serendipity BTS

    Siempre se lucen, pero esto es mas, siempre superan Las expectativas

  • Luna

    Damn. Mr. Kim Seokjin is so hot!!

  • Joanne_ Kookie
    Joanne_ Kookie

    I asked for a star *but they gave me the whole universe*

  • Gislene Pereira
    Gislene Pereira

    Tava escrito "te amo"

  • Tasha Martinez
    Tasha Martinez

    Just when I think I've seen it bts hits me with amazing preference

  • Mikie Art
    Mikie Art

    always bangtan💗

  • Debora Carlucci
    Debora Carlucci

    This MMA 2019 was so imposing and majestic .. was WOOOWW

  • dini sdiniw
    dini sdiniw

    Duuh gabosen liatnya

  • Amelia Cart
    Amelia Cart

    OMG 😮😮😮❤

  • Ummm


  • WinterFell _
    WinterFell _

    Amazing performence am stunned and also disapointed that I didn't listen and watch BTS before. I started watching their performence on the late night shows and ended up watching almost all their song know all their names and history watched a few of their concert live and got a bias as JK. What an incredible 5 months its been. Officially a fan. This puts western music to a shame.

  • King Seokjin
    King Seokjin

    Who's gonna bet with me that this year they will do the whole damn performance for 1 hours straight 😳

  • Itz Kiya
    Itz Kiya

    Did no one else hear Jimin crack? :

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose


  • farah ayuni
    farah ayuni

    I marathon this performance bcs it is the most dope performance ever!!!!

  • Lada Kim
    Lada Kim

    смотрю и офигеваю.почти 40 минут выспупление одной группы.сколько минут отводится на мама и мма новичкам (к примеру txt),а сколько профи как бтс?

  • Sitora Starr
    Sitora Starr

    They worked sooo hard I love them😍😘😘😘

  • Amber Scarborough
    Amber Scarborough


  • irine onyet
    irine onyet

    34:12 I wanna be the one who hold the paper/feather fan behind, i don't know what it's called :D

  • Sisy Bae
    Sisy Bae

    Senyum-senyum sendiri setiap nonton mereka perform. Bisa-bisanya membuat gue jatuh cinta sekaligus sama mereka secara online :')

  • Ladylace Amandy
    Ladylace Amandy

    I swear I've watched this aired live and I'm watching this over and over again without skipping. This is gddamn addicting. This must've been the reason why Grammys didn't let them perform or nominate them. WHO WOULD WATCH THE NEXT PERFORMANCE AFTER THIS?

    • WinterFell _
      WinterFell _

      As a new BTS fan I can tell this performence would put the western shows to their knees. This was without a doubt one of if not the best performence I ever saw and I have been to concerts before including Adele

  • It's Elisha Agor
    It's Elisha Agor

    Grammy : sorry boys you can't perform here Army's who told everyone : Y'all just jealous because Bts Has talent you they have a Crappy stage Grammy : offended

  • Parkjimin 13
    Parkjimin 13


  • Nanda yu
    Nanda yu


  • yuni derista
    yuni derista

    Only BTS can turn award to THEIR CONCERN. hahha .... Borahaeeee bangtannnnn

  • mercy nat
    mercy nat

    I scream when I saw nakupenda its swahili my home language it means I love you. This performance is an art my boys are incredibly talented

  • Denise Solomon
    Denise Solomon

    Whose watching it during quarantine?

  • Denise Solomon
    Denise Solomon

    Whose watching it during quarantine?

  • XxMoon SkylarXx
    XxMoon SkylarXx

    Jungkook voice never change :>

  • Nikki loves B TEA S
    Nikki loves B TEA S

    In sum: 1) BTS as a group and individually have superb stage presence. 2) Their discography is timeless and flawless. 3) BTS don't deliver half-assed performances. Either go all out or don't go at all. Keep safe everyone 💛💜

  • Valentina Dela
    Valentina Dela


  • free time diary
    free time diary

    19:57 *my heart shaken* !!! wahh--!!! my Taetae so so so so attractive~

  • free time diary
    free time diary

    16:35 i saw that!!! i'm cry owww~~ "ฉันรักคุณ" (i love you in Thai) ///under korean word!!.purple you BTS!! my seven angles😍😍😍😍💓💓👍💜💜

  • Ashlinn

    It’s been six months, and I still can’t believe this happened tbh. 😭

  • Балнур Турсынканова
    Балнур Турсынканова

    Самое крутое выступление

  • melanny 태국ღ
    melanny 태국ღ

  • gingle kitty
    gingle kitty

    BTS took award show as hostage? What about allowing others to perform too? There was nothing new. Dances, songs and clothes are all old news since 2017. If this was to show off special effects, then it should be done during movie awards not music awards. Anyway, a lot of noise, and a big yawn.

  • Mitsalina R
    Mitsalina R

    My best boys in the whole world

  • Mireille Valencia
    Mireille Valencia

    Grammys could never...

  • 서월

    멜뮤 뭐하냐 절 안하고 매년마다 와서 레전드 찍어주는데 나같으면 절하겠다

  • Andrea Firmanes
    Andrea Firmanes

    WHOA just WHOA I'm amazed

  • Rachel Tan
    Rachel Tan

    when the camera zoomed on jungkook's face then eyeball me: OOOO THAT ONE EyEbrOW HaiR ThAT I waNNa PluCk

  • jiminie.

    everyone gangsta until da horses pull up

  • Mario Hashiba
    Mario Hashiba

    I felt shivers in places I didn't even know existed

  • malicyw

    hoseok was having so much fun 😍

  • Lara Rodríguez
    Lara Rodríguez

    almost 17M for this master piece DESERVED

  • Bilasini Majhi
    Bilasini Majhi

    I'm sure one can't take off their eyes from jimin ❤️. He's such a heartthrob 🔥.