BTS Performs "ON" at Grand Central Terminal for The Tonight Show
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Global phenomenon BTS (방탄소년단) delivers an epic performance of "ON" from their album Map of the Soul: 7 when they take over the historic Grand Central Terminal in New York City for The Tonight Show.
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BTS Performs "ON" at Grand Central Terminal for The Tonight Show

  • Chanakan J
    Chanakan J

    They are real performers!!

  • Clarity Patz
    Clarity Patz

    Jimin 💙

  • Cecylia Costania
    Cecylia Costania


  • Sui Zaathang
    Sui Zaathang

    Omg I just realised the place they’re performing at is in critical ops it’s a shooting game lol


    still not over this

  • Marietjie Zietsman
    Marietjie Zietsman

    In case anyone is wondering,I think they are lipsync,here's the reasons: -The dance takes lots of energy -They told them to.

  • Jesica Allbert
    Jesica Allbert


  • Magic Shop
    Magic Shop

    If anyone wants to know the meaning of the song here's the official video. Turn on CC for Eng subs.

  • Shuteen Lemery
    Shuteen Lemery

    I was literally there on February 25 in the same train station at 8:00 pm what is wrong with me?

  • Kylie TANG
    Kylie TANG

    Michal told me in the closet i got some chiken im so sad 3:02

  • 베리문 77 sim
    베리문 77 sim

    bridge part, Jungkook solo high note is on point on this performance

  • Aurora Rodriguez
    Aurora Rodriguez

    La primera ves que iba a ir a un concierto de bts y tuvo que pasar todo esto del coronavirus 😭 why why me?😫 btw army’s acabo de abrir este canal porque planeo hacer videos espero contar con su apoyo y me encantaría si se subscriben a mi canal❣️y si no quieren pues esta bien😂como quiera las amo somos todos una familia!!!! Digo esto porque el otro día me encontré una army y fue porque yo andaba una camisa de bts y ella estaba tan feliz de ver que yo era un army también eso me conmovió 🥺❣️❣️❣️

  • ruth mery chaupe gonzales
    ruth mery chaupe gonzales

    Me encanta las canciones de b.t.s y tae es mi baby hermoso y me sus hermosos ojos

  • coba coba
    coba coba

    Here's the line that I loved from jungkook Michael told me in the closet, they got some chicken I'm so saaaadd, my everything, my blood and tears, go down feel I'm saying over... That's it😂😂 thanks me with subs my channel

  • Ludmila A
    Ludmila A

    2:58 BEST PART.

  • Soffio Michael Maquiling
    Soffio Michael Maquiling


  • min yoongi jjang jjang man boong boong
    min yoongi jjang jjang man boong boong

    Not a fan... But an air conditioner

  • Li Nah Hing
    Li Nah Hing

    24,030,689. 02/04/20 @ 10:57.

  • Mrs Simple
    Mrs Simple

    Imagine BTS performing at Grammy....

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    All my friends are huge army’s honestly I can see why, these guys are amazing. The American dances kinda look like nothing compared to theirs (no hate)

  • Steven Parker
    Steven Parker

    Amazing performance! I was actually in Grand Central that evening! But as of late, this performance and the lyrics are completely haunting.... Look them up. -S.P.

  • Hitomi - Shan
    Hitomi - Shan

    Debo decir esto pero la cosa es que la mayoria de los dislikes son de lo HATHERS

  • Sá Army
    Sá Army


    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      How to make a MV on Live, BTS show you

  • Kaorỉ

    3:02 still can't with that vocals... the bridge is a whole chef's kiss 💜

  • adnan oktaviani
    adnan oktaviani


  • Adonis Gonzales aka Jade
    Adonis Gonzales aka Jade

    3:02 still cant unhear that because i keep hearing *michael told me in the closet i got some chicken im so sad*

  • Johan Cruz
    Johan Cruz


  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez

    I just like that the back dancer's where hyping up bts it hype me to tbh

  • David

    i been a army for two years love you BTS

  • Army Armyy
    Army Armyy

    Taehyungs voice is deeper than the deepest oceans

  • Army Armyy
    Army Armyy

    Jungkook's vocal can tear all kpop industry

  • Army Armyy
    Army Armyy

    No One: The category of this firin' video: Comedy

  • Alfonso gonzales
    Alfonso gonzales

    # #btslames

  • Alfonso gonzales
    Alfonso gonzales

    This is the same as finding someone with a lot of followers on social media to get your name out. This wasn’t on jimmy falons show! Look at every one commenting they are fake with no or little videos & no subscribers. This is all fake! #fake bts #btsfake

    • onefineday

      Alfonso gonzales Am I only one don't understand what you are saying?

  • Alfonso gonzales
    Alfonso gonzales

    This is fake and annoying how Asians are trying this hard to be apart ofAmerica’s culture. This wasn’t on jimmy falons talk show! This was obviously paid for. If was on jimmy falons jimmy would be in his studio with his audience.

    • AzulaBlack

      I wonder what's what you call american culture because obviously you know that America in Not =USA, right?

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green

      @Clara Nyx Thanks.

    • Clara Nyx
      Clara Nyx

      @Jennifer Green thank you so proud to see someone defending them with proofs, details and truth. Love of an ARMY from France 🇫🇷💜

    • No body
      No body

      Lol the fact that you took time out of your day to comment is quite amusing. Your hashtag with btslames? Perhaps you're just racist towards Asians. "Trying to be apart of America's culture?" You're quite discriminating. You sir, are annoying. You are #fake

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green

      BTS have been on his show before. Also, how the hell would they do this song on the stage of his TV show? Did you even pay attention to how many people are involved in the performance? BTS have been on multiple American talk shows as well as performing on awards shows, America's Got Talent, The Voice, they've been part of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve twice and they've been part of the GMA summer concert series. BTS have 4 consecutive #1 albums on Billboard as well as multiple Hot 100 singles and they've done sold-out concerts in the US including stadium concerts. THEY. ARE. POPULAR. BTS have millions of fans all over the world. Count their followers on every social media platform.

  • Liz Campos
    Liz Campos

    The best show ever i been wating for it

  • austria 1
    austria 1

    i miss bts

  • Yuri Castro
    Yuri Castro

    How to make a MV on Live, BTS show you

  • Yuri Castro
    Yuri Castro

    How to make a MV Live wow, BTS IS TRONGEST

  • Jikook Bts
    Jikook Bts

    Jimin era❤❤❤❤

  • ROA11

    0_o I don’t like the song and I don’t like bts But y’all gotta admit bts is good (okay nvm good is an understatement)

    • ROA11

      No body um idk how to respond to that lol Idk how you interpreted me saying I don’t like bts but I meant it As I don’t keep up with bts and they aren’t one of my top kpop groups I’m not saying I hate them lol

    • No body
      No body

      Lol gee why thanks for taking the time out of your day just to comment towards people you don't like. If you don't like them that's fine, click on another video of something you perceive as good and comment there.

  • 훈훈

    와 ㅅㅂ 월클이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Nancy H
    Nancy H

    GRAMMY won’t ever deserve BTS! BTS is art! A BTS performance is better than all Grammy shows added up. Ant can never beat Tiger 😏

  • Belinda

    They are soo cute they didn't have to put in so much work but they really do...God bless

  • Rama Malkawi
    Rama Malkawi

    I'm so proud of them 😭

  • r h
    r h


  • 김루루

    들을수록 좋은 노래

  • Nur Batrisyia
    Nur Batrisyia

    They work they deserve it !!!!!#bts #army #westandyoubts

  • Victoria Martinez
    Victoria Martinez

    Omfg I’m sure everyone agrees that jungkook was SO FUCKING HOT IN HIS SOLO LIKE MMMM🥵🥵🥵🥵😩😩😩

  • Amanda Bentes
    Amanda Bentes

    they’re so good it’s ridiculous!!! ugh, i love them so much

  • Elenita Lising
    Elenita Lising

    When they are perfoming i always notice that chim chim love to hug the host

    • Magic Shop
      Magic Shop

      Ikr! 😅

  • Нельсончик :с
    Нельсончик :с

    Карейцы ебаные маски все у нас с России своровали

  • 지민

    I'm proud of them.

  • Sreeparna Ray
    Sreeparna Ray

    Tbh, this was the kinetic manifesto film with different camera angles and a different background. That's all.

    • Sreeparna Ray
      Sreeparna Ray

      @Clara Nyx of course yes, you are absolutely right But I'm talking about their performance What I meant is that they performed so perfectly, it's looking exactly like the kinetic manifesto film (it shows they're so original), except that the location and camera angles are different.......and by ''that's all", I meant ''that's all I have to say".

    • Clara Nyx
      Clara Nyx

      Well, I don't think "that's all" They performed at Grand Central which is one of the most famous rail station. Performing there is not something usual. Besides, they put everything in their performance even locals recognize it. It's a proof we can really sense their passion.

  • 제이아르

    A 한글을써줘야해 선진국 세계의 중심이 되는 방탄&대한민국 코로나를 세계유일국가 대한민국 👏👏👏대한민국

  • desh

    *jimin hugs jimmy* taehyung: oKaY gO sLeEp WiTh YoUr JiMmY aNd DoN't FiNd Me

  • Libia Callañaupa
    Libia Callañaupa


  • Seerat Zahra
    Seerat Zahra

    Luv u BTS

  • Mariposita ,
    Mariposita ,

    I love you BTS suga j- hope Jungkook RAP MONSTER taehyung jimin Jim

  • Rejani Santhosh
    Rejani Santhosh

    Love u jungkook💞

  • Ananya Chinnu
    Ananya Chinnu

    So I read a comment about Jungkook’s solo part in ON saying “Michael told me in the closet. They got some chicken. I’m so sad.” And now I can’t unhear it at all

  • Ronaldo Campos
    Ronaldo Campos

    Bts 💓💓💓

  • Finding Meaning
    Finding Meaning

    Why do i see a glimse of michael jackson in jungkook here



  • Mohammad Rezai
    Mohammad Rezai

    Map of the soul

  • Jessa Rosadenio
    Jessa Rosadenio

    Is this vid re-uploaded. I swear I already watched this last year.

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green

      That doesn't make any sense since On is a song off of their latest album that just came out in February.

  • Yana Hamid
    Yana Hamid

    Sing, dance, rap, comedy, acting, writing song,fashion, pasion, and attractive. They had it all except my phone number

  • beka _mayara
    beka _mayara


  • Rhea Tumibay
    Rhea Tumibay

    I can't handle Jungkook's hotness, oh! That tank top looks good on him with a jacket on top 🔥🔥🔥

  • Meskerem Tekle
    Meskerem Tekle

    All of army are u alright how is corona