Build Your Own Tank Battle!!
Team Edge
Hey guys! In this challenge, we build our own tanks and battle them out to see who is the best! We drive through walls, crash through boxes, and race to see who will be the winner! Let us know what you want to see next!
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  • Ren Bennet
    Ren Bennet

    You could have put the Hat on top of your house so you can like Escape

  • Jordan Yuan
    Jordan Yuan


  • Susan Hadjibabai
    Susan Hadjibabai

    I want salad _Bobby 2019

  • Marcus H
    Marcus H

    Brain and joeys tank look like a vaitnam tank sorry if I spelled that wrong

  • ZyTehEpicDood

    that was funny how bobby said home depot: home deppo

  • Creeper Gaming 44
    Creeper Gaming 44

    1:04 homedipo boxes

  • Roblox Sorbet
    Roblox Sorbet

    What happened to Matthias?

  • Hudson Zysk
    Hudson Zysk

    go bobby

  • Kenda Murdock
    Kenda Murdock

    The living garden!!! 😂😂😂

  • The Swichest
    The Swichest

    The tanks for world war 3

  • Red Panda Hannah
    Red Panda Hannah

    They should a used FAKE grass

  • Nick Gaming
    Nick Gaming

    Team Edge has 6.66M subs

  • Aldin Mukeljic
    Aldin Mukeljic

    Who wishes that they were part of team edge

  • khaled almehairbi
    khaled almehairbi

    what happened to joeys hand

  • Carly James
    Carly James

    my name is Jordyn with a y

  • ᗩESTᕼETIᑕ Aятιѕт
    ᗩESTᕼETIᑕ Aятιѕт

    4:44 Joey...what happen to yo hand bro...

  • Logan Shank
    Logan Shank

    Joey tried to cheat but he just ran into the wall

  • Brad Kittinger
    Brad Kittinger

    Say hi Jordan “Hi” awkwardly

  • Ethan Ton
    Ethan Ton

    Not American but German German panzer tank Strong on its front, sides, and back But weakest at the top Japanese "Tank" Strongest at its front and sides Weakest at its front

  • cem kahraman
    cem kahraman

    First build your bunker and this challange appeared in my recommended TR-my knows wwe is coming

  • Yayo_ Games20
    Yayo_ Games20

    Me and the boys training for world war 3

  • Máté Lukács
    Máté Lukács

    i think Joey's and Bryan's tank made for childs

    • Meme searches Bybyfytfttfttftfcftfgfftfy
      Meme searches Bybyfytfttfttftfcftfgfftfy

      Máté Lukács your a child

  • anh thu
    anh thu

    Hey Bobby r u asian?

  • Ethan Samarin
    Ethan Samarin

    For AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

  • Ethan Samarin
    Ethan Samarin


  • Jokester Jc Banana
    Jokester Jc Banana

    7:04 The camera starts zooming in on Bobby’s arm pit LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL🤣😂😹

  • Berenice Acker
    Berenice Acker

    Joey reminds me of Danny from vat19 idk why

  • Wadi 369
    Wadi 369

    Never laught so hard, the "self destructing tank" was hillarious, do feel sorry for brian and j-fred, not really LMAO

  • Bryton Davenport
    Bryton Davenport

    Mid evil torture device

  • Marshall Holmquist
    Marshall Holmquist

    bobby and jordan

  • jasmine negrete
    jasmine negrete

    I fell bad for joey

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor

    wth happened to Matt -.- Havent watched these in like 8 months -.-

  • Liz Anworld
    Liz Anworld

    I'm dying HAHAHSHJAHS🤣🤣🤣 LOVE THEM❤️❤️❤️

  • Renee McGraw
    Renee McGraw

    Joey: I’m gonna crawl thru this thing! Me: HOW?

  • Angel_Aesthetic

    bobby and joey your tank is dirty

  • Carson 90
    Carson 90


  • Carson 90
    Carson 90

    I'm the turtle your the Harry lol I eon

  • Amber Collier-reynolds
    Amber Collier-reynolds

    Joey I'm so cramped me talking from a jurraf

  • Roslan Rassid Anos
    Roslan Rassid Anos

    4:34 who thought the white inside was penny wise?

  • Ali Andrei Alimbzar TV Gaming
    Ali Andrei Alimbzar TV Gaming


  • SixRaven Eight
    SixRaven Eight

    Editing and post make these things so much funnier. And Bobby in a tank top made me happy.

  • whitewolf 644
    whitewolf 644

    Anyone else notice the zoom in on Bobby's armpit?

  • Jeffrey Santos
    Jeffrey Santos

    Im Lj i like you😎

  • Des Hegarty
    Des Hegarty

    come on jordan and bobby

  • Des Hegarty
    Des Hegarty

    what the heck

  • Des Hegarty
    Des Hegarty


  • Brili Lili
    Brili Lili

    5:12 when you are drunk

  • Shirley Smith
    Shirley Smith

    Why drive a moter bike inside

    • Shirley Smith
      Shirley Smith


  • Cameron Allmon
    Cameron Allmon

    I can't believe the lawn tank didn't work after it immediately collapsed after the first strip of sod lol

  • Gilberto Pesqueira
    Gilberto Pesqueira

    Usa wins not the grass

  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez

    Is... Is no one gonna talk about the poor flamingo? No? Okay, fine.

  • Zoomie

    2:08 *Walter White has joined the chat*

  • Nathan Brinkerhoff
    Nathan Brinkerhoff


  • Katy Doss
    Katy Doss

    You have bad names

  • Fire Shark
    Fire Shark

    Aren't tanks supposed to go slow

  • Brenda Mccroskey
    Brenda Mccroskey

    boby is lame

  • keith sweeney
    keith sweeney

    Bryan's new catchphrase should be "Always bet on Bryan"



  • Basic SliceNdice
    Basic SliceNdice

    As a home depot associate i can tell you I'm not surprised the sod fucked up the tank lol

  • Vivian Headley
    Vivian Headley

    jjbb=Joey, Jordan, Brian, Bobby. like if u agree!!!

  • Clark Boys
    Clark Boys

    Bobby and Jordan

  • I am a god Get recked
    I am a god Get recked

    I hate this thing because Joey said shut up 🤐

  • Johanna Morris
    Johanna Morris

    I ❤️ you j fred

  • Destiny Barra
    Destiny Barra

    Bryan being pilot shut up

  • Unknown

    4:42 pause. Looks like a racist joke but ok

  • Gd Bh
    Gd Bh

    J-free Brian

  • Aasif Haque
    Aasif Haque

    This is dangerous, you guys could break your neck/ shoulder bones.

  • Pato Swag
    Pato Swag


  • Abdu Moha
    Abdu Moha

    Bobby is the funniest ..lyk him

  • Sophie Shanley
    Sophie Shanley

    Emoji pepper pig