Bungie ViDoc - The Moon and Beyond
“We’re here to build something that lives.”
The development team at Bungie discusses Shadowkeep’s impending launch and beyond. In an evolving world, enjoy it for free with New Light and across any platform with Cross Save. Customize your Guardian in new ways with Armor 2.0, Seasonal Artifacts, and all new weapons.
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  • Nathoster

    Anyone know what the soundtrack is at 4:33? I'm guessing it's one that hasn't been released yet

  • SolidSparkle117 Gaming
    SolidSparkle117 Gaming

    Season 11, Bungie I am believing in you. Cause I will admit, there is a lot of tension in Season 10 rn with the dorito ships, but for what is coming in the reset after this one coming up. Please Bungie, deliever it to us

  • Eclipse

    9:04, that Season that we really need to be there for is less than 2 weeks away

  • One-Eyed Mask Oni
    One-Eyed Mask Oni

    “Season 11 is going to come together and you’re gonna want to be there to see it” also “you guys aren’t ready” Me:”Are you sure about that?”

    • The Great Slayer
      The Great Slayer

      UncleRaider yeah that could be why the recent seasons are... Well, not that great at best...

    • One-Eyed Mask Oni
      One-Eyed Mask Oni

      UncleRaider i know i’m just cracking jokes at this point lol

    • UncleRaider

      true, but.... you never know, maybe they actually will do good next season. #StayPositive

  • Seph

    Mtashed said its gonna be amazing

  • Cash money
    Cash money

    hi mtashed fans prepare to be as disappointed as i was when I found out that there isnt a second season of the series im watching

  • Specter Blackshield
    Specter Blackshield

    Bungie.... you sneaky people... tylerdyler you're on something indeed

  • ToxicBehAvior

    Videos that did NOT age well.

  • Void

    9:12 - 9:13 STOP at this moment. There, in the sky you can see 1 pyramid

    • The Great Slayer
      The Great Slayer

      You mean that big dark thing with the red and blue-ish lights, right?

  • Specter _Of _The Stars
    Specter _Of _The Stars

    Nice not dictating stuff huh man. All my armor going to the void, all that grinding and work. Thanks bungie

    • PioneerShark

      your description of sunsetting makes it sound like you don't know what sunsetting is

  • Dusan Kovacevic
    Dusan Kovacevic

    this really hasn't aged well, huh

  • SuPoNa_YT

    Its sad to see that now they are hurting this game more with sunsetting. I've been supporting bungie a lot but now I'm on the last straw. If things don't turn out well I might not get the next expansion no matter how "cool" Luke Smith says it will be.

  • lunar

    why i need 6 players in the garden of salvation for get only a glowing arms or cloak or weapons

  • alimousios

    The irony....

  • EyesOnFire89

    I wish your company would collapse and lose all players, if you were not ashamed of everything that is currently happening in the game, that even normal pvp is full of players using aimbot and 1000 other hacks, you have taken so much money during all these years , how are you sleeping at night??? We don't need the new sessons and new exotics we've already paid for in Destiny 1, and the money you make from selling the game should invest to protect the game from all sorts of cheaters and not simply let people cheat in every way... I'm just angry with myself and the other players that we let you spread so much with the wealth that you have received thanks to us... ONCE AGAIN SHAME ON YOU ,SHAME ON YOU THAT WE WASTED OUR LIFE TIME ON THIS SH1T NO ANTI CHEAT GAME !

    • Slevin Gaius
      Slevin Gaius

      You think too much tbh... Cheaters are everywhere in every games... The public vs a studio... Anti cheat? Get a grip by the time they patch a problem black hats would have found 10 to exploit. Even games like CS:GO struggle. Unless you dont mind a system that scans the system kernel like valorant. Even with those it still has it flaws. Doesnt help that this game has to introduce new concepts for a very hungry crowd its comes with the territory and it has a very old game engine. Im in no way defending bungie for some of its failures and continual failings however when looking from their viewpoint with some research on the topic helps to understand the eternal struggle.

    • Dominus Salt
      Dominus Salt

      The Great Slayer these seasons were in development before COVID sent employees to work from home. They were bound to come out half-baked anyways.

    • The Great Slayer
      The Great Slayer

      EyesOnFire89 chill man, they are working on it. Also you do realize that quarantine is a problem too, right?

  • Viktor Mec
    Viktor Mec

    Watching this during the Season of the worthy is just hilarious. So many unfulfilled promises...

  • Vignesh Krishnamoorthy
    Vignesh Krishnamoorthy


  • SayNoToLoli

    It’s season 10. But man season 11 better deliver “Like no other time in destiny”. Fix trials my man

  • DarthEatsDonuts


  • El Compa Mofle
    El Compa Mofle

    0:45 is that what i think it is?

  • Shad0wSpade

    9:03 - " season 8 is the catalyst, season 9 is where everything starts to build & season 10 is where everything starts to get intense & then season 11 is where everything comes together and your gonna wanna be there cause its gonna be like no other time in Destiny... " y'all better be right about season 11 cause y'all really tripping right now with not just bugs but with trials and these pointless repetitive seasons, then y'all say in another trailer to encourage to bring are friends in the season of undying and future seasons but these seasons are so bad y'all may as well make them free at this point, this ain't fortnite, I'm sorry but your content right now is the complete opposite on what y'all said many are exhausted and so am I and it just ain't worth my time to keep playing something that has no good endgame or point, these " seasons " just sound like unfinished ideas or content that wasn't realised before but with a twist I'm sorry but it seems so true and don't even get me started on how I can see that ) :

    • Shad0wSpade

      @s-ebbyy I honestly hope so too

    • I was Born
      I was Born

      Big Pepe

    • s-ebbyy

      Shad0wSpade I think they mean the story for the pyramids ramping up :) idk if you saw the leak for the fall DLC I won’t say anything here but I tbink it’s true and it lines up with everything happening. Hopefully next season is way better if it’s meant to be the big one as they said

  • lunar

    bungie the new raid is my favorite and the armor but i dont have friends and i want to play this so much

  • Alexander Green
    Alexander Green

    What’s the soundtrack at 4:40?

  • lunar

    bungie do you will resert this armor in the next update

  • The Supreme Deer
    The Supreme Deer

    9:04 season 9 sundial,season 10 Rasputin and season 11 is moon stuff

    • The Supreme Deer
      The Supreme Deer

      @Ontos 8 was black garden, watch the clip, they actually shows the season theme while talking about it

    • Ontos

      The moon was season 8?

  • Myka J
    Myka J

    Wasn't able to unlock vex offensive during the season and now can't unlock due to seasonal quests, ive been playing since D1 and now i can't enjoy a piece of content i paid for? I was hoping they would let the quest stay at least, but no. Hope to maybe see a fix, but not expecting anything sadly. ~ Sincerely a frustrated guardian

    • Ontos

      A fix? Theres nothing to fix it was public knowledge this conent would go away

  • Striker s
    Striker s

    😢I been through so much it's funny how one scene from Eris morn can make you so much stronger

  • Be there or be square
    Be there or be square

    Bring back D1 Soundtracks for the moon and in orbit

  • da cawum
    da cawum

    They did not tease season of the worthy all the way back in thia vidoc with that rasputin shot over talking about season 10

  • micpango

    5 year vision, 2 more years to go till something new?

  • Veria Cordeiro
    Veria Cordeiro

    garbage bungie will nerf weapons dinovo me that no longer spend my money on this garbage game you every day make the game sucks

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin

      I'm sure someone posted this just a few months ago, word for word. Also, English and argument 100

  • Project Zell
    Project Zell

    Wasn’t Destiny 1 the “first step to where we want to get to” Do you guys not have a plan?

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin

      You do realize developers have an end goal, as well as places they want to go before they reach that, right? D1 was the very foundation of the entire vision. D2 continues that. This is the first step of where they want to go in order to reach their final vision, as now they're indie, F2P, and have full control over everything. Foundations don't count as a step, they're what you build the steps on top of.

  • Project Zell
    Project Zell

    “We have heard the fans” Vault space #1 issue for the last game; is now the #1 issue for the second game. You heard the fans? Really?

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin

      @micpango You were right.

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin

      @Project Zell Ah so you dislike the game. That's your problem, makes sense. Why are you here again?

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin

      @Project Zell You created your problem, yes. You seriously saved half a thousand items in hopes that they may one day be amazing, while also saving items currently in your inventory that surely have the exact same rolls and stats. Also, no use in calling me kid or son, but you can if you want. Those who lack understanding always try to seem bigger than they are. Though I have to ask, who here called it perfect? I don't remember doing so, nor does me calling you out on creating a problem you don't know how to manage, imply that I'm saying the game is perfect. That's idiocy, which you continue to spout. Nothing is perfect, yes. Obviously your understanding isn't, your managment isn't, nor your will to take a look at your own items that YOU farmed, got, and DECIDED to save on your own will. From what I'm seeing, you're just horrible at doing all 3. Look, go through your vault and inventory. Look over all items. Decide which ones to keep or not, as out of *500* items, there's bound to be bad rolls, repeats of similar items, and poor managment of space. I already know this, but it's sounding like it's something you never got to learn. And that's not an insult, it's just an observation. Either way, you seem stuck in your ways of, "OMG, I did something in this game over time, so now it's Bungie's time to fix it! Make it 1,000 slots so I can just do it again, then complain again, for the sake of complaining!" I would say grow up, but seeing as you're already young enough to act like calling people, "kid," and, "son," somehow makes you seem wiser, I'd say take the long way around and reach 12 years old first. See? I can do it too, but say something of worth before you begin to.

    • Aorta Vin
      Aorta Vin

      @Project Zell Learning the game enough to determine what's worth keeping and isn't is on your as well. So is learning to know when you have a good 180 HC vs another with the exact same stats and rolls. You're going to keep both? You have 500 slots of space, and you've used them all, hoarding weapons just because you're unsure about their usage. 500 is half a thousand. You can't easily fill that up.

    • Project Zell
      Project Zell

      The argument that I created this problem? No I do not work at bungie. This issue is theirs to fix. Sorry kid, I have found a flaw in your game. Please don’t take your frustrations out on me from some blind sense of it being perfect. Nothing is perfect son.

  • Alba Rossa
    Alba Rossa

    Destiny es la antítesis de esta frase “We’re here to build something that lives.” destiny en sus varias versiones esta muerto sellado en un hoyo negro donde la imaginación humana murió hace infinitos eones . el guardian no tiene pareja en el juego y me refiero a pareja sexual , el jugador no puede desarrollar su base para su clan , el clan no se puede crear desde destiny , no existe ningún sistema para crear armas , armaduras , naves , etc , tampoco en el juego las armas se venden , no existe una economia en el juego de ningún tipo , la grafica de los personajes es pésima en destiny dos , el creador de personajes parece ser de los años 1980 en vez que de los años 2000 ... el destino de destiny fue decidido hace mucho cuando lo castraron de toda forma de vida de toda evolución del personaje sea en los social , romantico , científico , magico , militar , etc . destiny en todas sus versiones esta muerto y por eso destiny es la antítesis de esta frase “We’re here to build something that lives.” De seguro la empresa BUNGIE que no sabe nada de la vida real y menos crear un video juego espacial vivo !!!

  • Alba Rossa
    Alba Rossa

    Destiny basado en un futuro de cientos de años en el futuro borra las relaciones sociales , de amor , las parejas de las vidas de los guardianes pero si tiene un evento para las parejas jajajaja ridículo !! Destiny nunca podrá ser un video juego triple A por la carencia de muchísimos aspectos de la vida real en su juego , la misma empresa le niega al jugador crecer y desarrollar clanes , relaciones sociales , etc lo que castra el jugador y por eso en destiny free hay tan pocos jugadores que en los eventos por los varios planetas del sistema solar no se encuentra nadie con quien jugar . estamos asistiendo a la muerte de un video juego muy mal desarrollado sin contenido y peor aun administrado , destiny free es Pay to Win ese es el unico objetivo de la empresa , no les importa si el jugador se aburre basta que pague y que la empresa gane . A bungie no le importa nada de los jugadores si se divierten o no solo le importa que le lluevan millones de dolares todos los años . Si sigue asi destiny free y sus futuras expansiones van a cerrar muy pronto

  • Alba Rossa
    Alba Rossa

    Hay muchísimos juegos que permiten al jugador crear armas , armaduras y modoficarlas , las modificas que uno puede hacerle a las armas en Destiny son mínimas esta la forja pero eso es como una burla para quienes inician a jugar a destiny . si que a destiny en sus varias versiones desde la 1 hasta este video juego online free no ha cambiado en nada , no hay mejoras , no hay un desarrollo social del juego , no existe la posibilidad de desarrollar los clanes con su base , con areas de desarrollo de tecnologías , naves , armas , armaduras dimensiones nuevas ...ahora con la guerra Temporal que es algo muy complejo de desarrollar creo que es otra burla por como ha sido creada . Por cual motivo una sociedad terrestre que tiene colonias por el espacio en su sistema con la ayuda de un ser digital no tiene colonias en otros sistemas estelares ?? eso por la falta de immaginazione de los creadores de destiny que se nota en todo el aspecto del video juego , destiny esta sellado la historia es esa y se desarrolla en un hoyo negro donde la luz de la imaginación desapareció . Y lo mas absurdo que ahora en este mes de febrero hay un evento para las parejas !?!?!?! jajajaja vaya FAIL , es ridículo que en un juego que no permite ampliar las relaciones sociales , no las desarrolla dentro del juego mismo tenga un evento para las parejas !!! jajajaja . El guardian no tiene pareja en la historia es el mismo siempre solo , el unico camarada de viaje es la guía digital . En fallout 4 , en the witcher III , en otros video juegos las relaciones sociales son muchísimo mas amplias que en este destiny . SI el guardian no tiene ni una pareja ni una puta digital en todo el juego como quieren que se formen parejas para un evento ??? ridículo . Como si en el futuro la humanidad hubiera rechazado al sexo lo social para dedicarse a Hazlo tu mismo !!! jajajaja es absurdo !!

  • Alba Rossa
    Alba Rossa

    hola , he jugado a destiny pero en general desde que nació destiny en todos estos años y versiones no ha cambiado mucho . en los servidores de destiny free ahora no se ven muchos jugadores . por los varios eventos durante el dia pasa lo mismo que pasaba cuando saio destiny 2 free osea el servidor Te BOTA del juego porque dice que el servidor esta lleno , hay aun una serie de bugs en el juego hoyos donde el jugador cae y no han sido arreglados en años ya . La función de salto aun tiene que ser mejorada los mandos de salto son imprecisos y no respetan la dirección de salto que les da el jugador . Haya mas jugadores por la sede de los guardianes que en os eventos por los planetas , no hay muchas personas con las cuales hacer eventos . Le faltan muchísimas cosas a Destiny free y al mismo destiny en general ambas versiones destiny 1 y 2 . Destiny es un video juego espacial y hay escenas cinemáticas donde se muestran batallas espaciales pero el jugador no puede combatir batallas espaciales porque destiny 1 , 2 y free no tienen batallas espaciales . las naves que uno puede comprar son las mismas desde que salio destiny free . No hay nada nuevo , El jugador en las misiones de infiltración espías en las bases enemigas no puede elegir un sistema de armas silencioso como fusiles y pistolas con silenciador , no hay modo para el jugador de ser silencioso en las batallas de destiny . No hay grupos de mercenarios , piratas , hackers , etc que puedan proporcionar al jugador un juego mas amplio . ya que se supone que destiny dos se desarrolla en una tierra con un alto nivel tecnologico en una era de conquista espaciales . Y a guerra se combate en el sistema solar pero sin batallas espaciales es ironico luchar en una era espacial sin batallas espaciales . Por otro lado cuando una nave sube al espacio es simplemente un paso de una animación a otra sin una animación de la nave que sube al espacio . La animación de sato entre planetas es as larga pero al menos existe . Los clanes no se pueden crear desde el juego mismo es imposible si que es un ENORME ERROR de la empresa bungie . otro fallo los clanes no pueden construir su propia base espacial , en la mayoría de los video juegos online los jugadores pueden crear la base para sus clanes , pero para bungie que basa su historia en el espacio no permite desarrollar a los clanes sus bases fortalezas espaciales desde donde dirigir sus operaciones militares contra los enemigos. . Se Nota como la imaginación de los programadores y propietarios de Bungie quedo pequeña ante la inmensidad del Espacio . Y quedo pequeña ante muchísimos juegos online , le falta historia a destiny 2 , le falta vida a destiny . los jugadores no pueden crear su clan desde el juego como en todos los demás juegos online , no pueden crear sus bases para sus clanes , no pueden desarrollar nuevas tecnologías , no se pueden comprar armas en ningún lado del juego , hay que esperar que las armas caigan por decision divina jajajaja

  • Emperor's Champion
    Emperor's Champion

    Sure... you can make an experience that makes players say "I was there when" but if you focus on just that, it gets extremely hollow extremely quickly. I don't even really remember Season of the Undying and it never gave me a reason to care because that content is now gone. The weapons and armor that I grinded my ass off for that season? It sits in my bank, completely useless in Season of Dawn. I've actually started to delete it because I'll never use it again since the season artifact is gone, so that armor is gutted and frankly, the weapons weren't any better than anything else you can get in the game and are pointless if you've already got your hands on pinnacles. Which means that everything I'm doing this season is ringing hollow. The build I'm using will be gone next season, regardless of how much fun I'm having with it, the specific artifact mods that it requires will vanish. The Sundial weapons are meh compared to pinnacles and exotics, so why bother? The armor will be stripped for materials if the mods disappear. So what is the point? So I can tell new players "I was there when..." but they'll have no idea what the hell I'm talking about because that content doesn't exist anymore and they'll have no context for it except "it was a crappier version of Minagerie." Minagerie. Blind Well. Escalation Protocol. Whatever the hell it was called during Undying (see, it was that forgettable). Sundial. How many more mindless horde modes that we repeat ad nauseam are you going to shovel at us? With the exception of Minagerie, it's all forgettable. You don't make memories doing that shit, except maybe for how tedious it's gotten. You know what I do remember? Running Nightfalls with friends with the difficulty cranked up. Running Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy. Raiding. Exotic quests. Why? Because that was when I got to meaningfully upgrade my gear. That was when I got good weapons actually worth using. So I get to do that stuff once a week, usually done in the first two days of the week, the rest is boring and mindless grinding to get fractaline to toss at whatever we're building towards in the Crucible menu. Rumor has it that it's trials, but frankly cruicible is a frustrating mess filled with unbalanced rapidly repeatable OHKs that requires no skill, so why should we care? That's the bottom line isn't it? Your Fear Of Missing Out model sucks because the stuff I'd "miss out on" is all trash anyway.

  • Aaron

    I realy hate the seasons destiny 1 had better seasons

    • Russ C
      Russ C

      Destiny 1 didn't have seasons at all, it had content droughts for months... D2 is in significantly better shape even if you don't care for the seasons.

  • Sasha Desjardins
    Sasha Desjardins

    Just realized at 0:46 they spoiled Osiris lantern from season of dawn

    • Solsticecaller

      Just saw that also

  • Messly

    Whats the music in the beginning?

  • Loner


  • Tony Grind
    Tony Grind

    You guys suuuuuuuuuuuck What happened to old bungie that created Halo Reach ?

  • Kiwi friend
    Kiwi friend


  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson

    We gonna get another raid


    So is destiny getting no more big dlc's?

  • Joseph

    I feel D2 needs environment damage, imagine the destruction they could put in the game. For example just imagine a titan slam super creating actual craters and shockwaves and the ground coming up or the same with a rocket launcher and objects around beying destroyed or blowing up. I feel like if they did that it would be the biggest hit ever and yall know that would be fun af.

  • Jan Wójtowicz
    Jan Wójtowicz

    9:11 - 9:15 - you can see lights on the surface of the hellmouth, that means there will be pyramid ships.

    • Charles Lewis
      Charles Lewis

      Imagine if all of the activities show up at once. The obelisks, the vex invasions, and whatever is in season 10. That would be awesome

    • Bepis and Nuggs
      Bepis and Nuggs

      TruePinecone oh yeah. You can also see what appears to be either saint 14 or just someone wearing the helm of saint 14 (which is from season 9). You can also see black garden vex just like what the ones from season 8. They said in season 11 everything could come together, and this is showing almost everything from the seasons that have happened in year 3. The only thing that is missing is season 10, which I’m pretty sure will focus on rasputin

  • Tim

    How can a game developer mess up so bad with balancing a game. Other than sniper-headshots, there should not be one hit kill weapons.

  • MR.Phlomp _
    MR.Phlomp _

    Bungie you probably won’t see this but PLEASE consider making a destiny movie. It would be so badass

  • gameloft dj
    gameloft dj

    Destiny 2 is crazy!!!!

  • The Game
    The Game

    Developer you piece of shit what the fuck you banned me buy me a steam account son of a bitch

  • Nairobi

    3:32 Season of dawn sneek peak 3 month early.

  • Jake of All Trades
    Jake of All Trades

    Anyone know the music that starts at 4:33?

  • Rouge Shark
    Rouge Shark

    Your games waste too much time, I would rather pay $60-100 for more quality content every year.or just play other games. I guess destiny is for the "hardcore fans" thin market place your going for... sure you don't need activision? DOOM RULES

  • ABG King
    ABG King

    Can you please put fov on console

  • Tairren Daly
    Tairren Daly

    December 2019. So far so good Bungie.

    • Tairren Daly
      Tairren Daly

      @Xplosives any idea what that season in March will be?

    • Xplosives

      Tairren Daly can’t wait for season of dawn, looks to be one of the best seasons considering it has basically the same amount of content opulence had besides the raid, and we should be getting one in March when the next season starts

  • steady scopes
    steady scopes

    Like the logic in it is wtf. I just completed my thorn bounty and it said escalation protocol is the fastest with finishing it. But I literally spent 15 minutes plus getting only 5...and hen in crucible complete the entire quest in one fuckig match. Like 50 titans in one game

    • steady scopes
      steady scopes


  • steady scopes
    steady scopes

    Fix our game. And have people who care about it make and crat the content. Hre people who care about the franchise.

  • 丕 刀卜己卜人丨廿卜己卜口卜
    丕 刀卜己卜人丨廿卜己卜口卜

    tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-lzTHR0pfL9k.html&feature=emb_logoYou can't play this game.

  • Samuel Thomas
    Samuel Thomas

    Pls go back to halo

  • First Last
    First Last


  • Skaater

    3:04 I see snow 👀👀

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak

    Happy belated 5th

  • NaturesNinja

    Just a thought for the next season of Dawn - please fix shards of galanor in mayhem. It 100% ruins every game I play when there’s one or more hunters spamming blade barrage, please, plEASE fix it!

    • Amon

      I totally agree

  • Blablabla

    buff your servers

  • Aza Rootz
    Aza Rootz

    Battle pass a waste time and money

  • Aza Rootz
    Aza Rootz

    Shadowkeep very lazy dlc and battle is a waste of time and money as well... bungie the new EA

  • CurseBreaker -6
    CurseBreaker -6

    Recluse nerf !!!!! Why bungie why why why 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Jacob Lucas Niguidula
    Jacob Lucas Niguidula

    Pls make a destiny mobile