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Bussdown · Blueface · Offset
℗ 2019 Cash Money Records, Inc.
Released on: 2019-07-12
Producer: Scum Beatz
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Jaycen Joshua for the Penua Project
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Jacob Richards
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Mike Seaberg
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: DJ Riggins
Composer Lyricist: Earl Johnson
Composer Lyricist: Johnathan Michael Porter
Composer Lyricist: Kiari Kendrell Cephus
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  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis


  • Rais

    Who is listening on the bus?🤨

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee

    Bleed the block in a mini van

  • Sylas Brooks
    Sylas Brooks

    Am I the only one on the bus rn? No just me? Ok

  • Kelly Walker
    Kelly Walker

    Whn u tryna be that one cool nigga on the bis

  • Jeremy Arb
    Jeremy Arb

    u only make 7 in a touchdown if ur kicker is good

  • aiysha chambers
    aiysha chambers

    O ture same i put a hole in a nigga to if my as had a pistol to my niggga😁


    someone white?

  • Crwn


  • Zach Huss
    Zach Huss

    Cole: yo wassup blueface BF: so about that vid Cole: yeah what bout it BF: lemme drive da bus

  • Lee Greenleaf
    Lee Greenleaf

    Did u hear that this kid redface has beef with u

  • jacob white
    jacob white

    Oooh Blueface baby (Blueface baby) Yeah, aight Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Used to ride the bus down (skrr) Now I wear a bussdown (ice) I just made 6 like a touchdown I need it all when I touch down Used to ride the bus down (hey) Now I wear a bussdown (bussdown) I just made 6 like a touchdown (brr) I need it all when I touch down I used to roll in the metro (metro) Rollie bussdown like the metro (bussdown) Million dollar cars off the metro (metro) I used to shop off the let go (let go) Now I go shop just to let go (let go) I ain't never had a school award (never) Spent fifty thousand on a watch (watch) And it came with a appraisal (ooh) Put a hole in a nigga (bang) Now he looking like a bagel (bang) How could I ever go broke (never) If Cash Money is the label? (Weirdo) Bleed the block in a mini van (bleed 'em) Like I came and fixed the cable, man Ain't it a great feeling? Damn Beat the odds now, I get paid for the evening Used to ride the bus down (skrr, woo) Now I wear a bussdown (bussdown) I just made 6 like a touchdown (6) I need it all when I touch down (I need that) Used to ride the bus down (woo) Now I wear a bussdown I just made 6 like a touchdown (brr, brr) I need it all when I touch down (Offset) Bussdown Cuban, fuck it, bust the Uzi Smoking on a cookie and I made the air polluted I can feel the whole hundred racks in the Ksubis (racks) I've been getting money since a young nigga juvie (hey) Look at how I drip, Austin Powers, groovy (look it) 12 get behind me, bust a left, then a U-y (12) Diamonds get to hitting and they splashin' on the Louis (splash) Thick bad bitch on the 'Gram and I flew it (bad) Bussdown a watch, I'ma bust down your thot (woo) Thirty round Glock 'cause a nigga tryna plot Lamborghini drop-top flexing on a opp (flex) I'm a walking zombie when I'm sippin' on the Wock' (Wock') Trapping out the bando (bando) Get the work, make the profit, buy a Range Rover (profit) When I got my first mil' it was game over (game over) Had to go and pop the seal now the pain over (hey) Used to ride the bus down (bus down) Now I wear a bussdown (bussdown) I just made 6 like a touchdown (touchdown) I need it all when I touch down (touch down) Used to ride the bus down (bus down) Now I wear a bussdown (bussdown) I just made 6 like a touchdown (touchdown) I need it all when I touch down (touch down) I need half upfront (right now) The other half when I touch down (touch down) Can't do nothing without the backend (back end) They just want me in the backie (backie) Keep sticks on me like a caddie (ooh) But you will never catch me lacking (never) I pulled up in a big Benz (big Benz) I keep a stick like an old man (old man) Bae just want her a rich man (rich man) I'm in the area like Richmond (Richmond) Always had me a vision But this ain't That's So Raven Bitch I fly like a raven (raven) I'm Baltimore like the Ravens (ravens) Chopper make a nigga breakdance (breakdance) Paint his brain on the pavement Used to ride the bus down (bussdown) Now I wear a bussdown (bussdown) I just made 6 like a touchdown (touchdown) I need it all when I touch down (touchdown) Used to ride the bus down (busdown) Now I wear a bussdown (bussdown) I just made 6 like a touchdown (touchdown) I need it all when I touchdown (touchdown)

    • jacob white
      jacob white

      J tooFxosty the point of your reply?

    • J tooFxosty
      J tooFxosty

      Point of this was ?

  • li Marquez
    li Marquez

    Hi Jonathan Michael

  • Carly Andresen
    Carly Andresen

    i love this song!

  • Matthew Rowe
    Matthew Rowe

    Offset verse fiiireeeeee

  • Blood Strike
    Blood Strike

    Let me drive the bus

  • Ner Ner
    Ner Ner

    No one: Blue face: lemme ride the bus

  • Croaked FN
    Croaked FN

    0:47 best line😂

  • Jazenia Hillsman
    Jazenia Hillsman

    Come pick me up

  • Jazenia Hillsman
    Jazenia Hillsman

    It's called bussdown

  • Jazenia Hillsman
    Jazenia Hillsman

    I got a new bus

    • Jazenia Hillsman
      Jazenia Hillsman

      So i can ride

  • Jazenia Hillsman
    Jazenia Hillsman

    Listen to this everyday

  • KEVO190 2019
    KEVO190 2019


  • Dan Coraci
    Dan Coraci

    That piano fire 🔥

  • Christine Mullins
    Christine Mullins

    offset part go hard

  • Jimmy Mendoza
    Jimmy Mendoza


  • T. Stamp
    T. Stamp

    0:52 That lines gonna come back to Bleed em In the future

  • Finder

    Leave a like to pretend I said something cool and original

  • dooodlerat

    *"Let me drive the bus"* *_VRROOOM_*

  • Beck n Roblox
    Beck n Roblox

    And its funny when he said let Drive the bus

  • Beck n Roblox
    Beck n Roblox

    Pls sub to me im just a kid i love blueface no Homo on that to pls sub were tryna get some money

  • Lil pump
    Lil pump

    The real one back just check

  • Childish Penguino
    Childish Penguino

    i let my friend listen to this, now he got bussdown syndrome

  • Tequalla Swift
    Tequalla Swift

    Can you say me

  • Cindy Leslie
    Cindy Leslie


  • chazy

    Im listening to this on the bus

  • MR Cookae
    MR Cookae

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  • Dsante Ross
    Dsante Ross

    I use to rided the bussdown

  • morria barrett
    morria barrett


  • morria barrett
    morria barrett


  • Henrikay

    Anyone hate self advertising? I make music hehe

  • Espiiig gyut
    Espiiig gyut

    Bluface is the richsest I have sean

  • Frizze Super
    Frizze Super


  • Josef

    When does he say lemme drive the buss

  • Devin Fucking Stupid Hoe
    Devin Fucking Stupid Hoe


  • Wesley Lowe
    Wesley Lowe

    I think blueface drives the bus in fortnite

  • Jontavien Vicks
    Jontavien Vicks

    Offset need to fight you blue face offset with beat you up blue face

  • Jontavien Vicks
    Jontavien Vicks

    I hope you die blue face you kick your mom out your house in diss your mom in your sister

  • deziah Harris
    deziah Harris

    U cant rap

  • Leona Dodd
    Leona Dodd

    You rap horrible and I'm 10 and literally my whole family dont like u

  • GoodNight Robicheaux
    GoodNight Robicheaux

    Bleed da'block in ah mini 🚐 like I came to fix da cable

  • TheSlicingSword

    Bussdown Thotiana... Bussdown.

  • voodoo cuhnt
    voodoo cuhnt

    I wanna like it because of the beat,but the lyrics and the adlibs won't let me

  • freeflight26

    Blueface's verses sound so elementary

  • Isaiah Brunner
    Isaiah Brunner

    I wonder what bluface favorite football team is

    • Dat

      Isaiah Brunner its the Philadelphia eagles

    • Chain Choppa Official
      Chain Choppa Official

      Ouu good question

  • Alvin Jr.
    Alvin Jr.


  • Javon Thomas
    Javon Thomas

    Yo head big as shit. # big ass head ass nigga

  • King Mali
    King Mali

    When u start tha first day of high school🤣🤣

  • Ashton Parker
    Ashton Parker

    Know I wear bussdown

  • snowcone party3
    snowcone party3

    Let me drive the bus to area 61 used to ride the bussdown

  • Chrismarly Bernardin
    Chrismarly Bernardin


  • Pointless Pearl Official
    Pointless Pearl Official

    play the song on 1.1 on custom... *i got the dmv vibes*

  • Mario Ruiz
    Mario Ruiz

    I keep that stick like an old man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Silvia Sanchez
    Silvia Sanchez

    Blue face you should talk with lil pump he wants to hop on your trend

  • Keishana Bertrand
    Keishana Bertrand

    Bitch i boll like a raven

  • Don't Cry HD
    Don't Cry HD

    Nice Music!

  • vari 2x
    vari 2x

    Blueface is gonna drive us to Area 51

  • Money Power187
    Money Power187

    Bruh put philthy rich on the remix 💯🔥Thank Me Later

  • bonita adams
    bonita adams



    6 like a touch down🆒🆚blueface